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When you want to know more
about the story
but don't know where to look.

IANAL. I am a paralegal, so if you have a legal problem
and want advice, this isn't the place. Hire an attorney
instead. Research is, however, what paras do, so here
I am sharing things I have found in my research.

SCO Financials


SCO Financials

List of SCO Insider Trades

SCOX Daily Report on Yahoo Finance

Institutional Buy-Sell Requests

SCO SEC Filings

SCO Group SEC 2003
Caldera 2003 filings
SEC Search Page
SCO Registration Statement on Form S-3 July 8, 2003
SCO's Quarterly Report April 30, 2003
Caldera International Proxy Statement, April 2003
Caldera 10K, January 29, 2003
Caldera 10Q, April 30, 2001
Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation of Caldera International, Inc. May 3, 2001
Caldera 425 in 2000
Caldera 8K, May 14, 2001
Caldera's Proxy Statement/14A for 4/24/03
Caldera's 10Q for April 30, 2001
Caldera's 10Q for January 31, 2001
Caldera Search Results 2001-2003 on Edgar, includes insider trades
Caldera-Canopy Group Security Agreement 1998


What SCO Really Wants
Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much What SCO knew in January
SCO Comments on Insider Trading
Vultus Buy
Caldera financial situation Aug. 2000when it bought SCO and UNIX
Article on financials in 2001
HP, IBM and SCO financials compared
Filing to Sell 300,000+ shares

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