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jeudi 6 novembre 2003

I've got it and will install it tomorrow.
After I've completely wiped my hard disk and repartitioned it.

decidedlySo this is the moment for the Wildcat's bouquet.
It will need a little deciphering, darling, but does come direct from Losserand St.

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The past few days have been hectic.
Hence so few posts. Not because it's my quiet time of month, on the contrary.
flupmoonSince Monday, I've been taken up with medical matters and meetings, important but mainly dull. The outcome is that I've told people at the Factory that I'll be back at work on Monday, December 1.
A week ahead of the full moon after next.

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She's ailing, the Wildcat.
The joys of the season, aches, pains and horrible headaches. In France, this is the time when the chemists put Oscillococcinum -- a homeopathic product from Boiron -- very prominently on display. Many pharmacists and some doctors I know swear by this expensive remedy, which comes in tubes of six.
I find that it works, especially if you take it at the onset of flu-like or heavy cold symptoms. Few other homeopathic remedies I've tried for a range of minor complaints have had much effect.
The Wildcat has asked me to post her some, since it's hard to come by where she is.

But could I be wrong? Could this be yet another case of "it's all in the head", a big swindle extracted from the heart and liver tissues of ducks? In this instance, Anas Barbariae.
The Boiron labs in August claimed, probably correctly in my limited experience, that "12 percent of general practitioners use homeopathic remedies regularly".
Ducks, for their part, could play an even more important role in transmitting the flu virus (Nature, June 2003) itself than hitherto suspected.
Also in summer, Dutch retired mathematician and scholar Jan Willem Nienhuys published an article at Homeowatch, dismissing Oscillococcinum as an "energetically advertised nonsense product".
Homeowatch is a subsidiary of Quackwatch run by US retired Pennsylvania psychiatrist Stephen Barrett.
I've had occasion to visit Quackwatch before and find it a useful cautionary read.
But in this instance?
The Oscillococcinum conundrum is one I know too little about to make up my mind.

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