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mercredi 14 juillet 2004

Julie's back to ask whether a special 'Bastille Day' entry is planned.
Well, no.
I referred to its 'Diverse Distractions' last year and nothing has changed, except that I'm obviously back at the Factory and Google has again proved through two-timing July 14 banner cowardice that Franco-US relations are no better.
Oh, and soldiers appeared outside the Factory in full dress uniform with funny hats simply to prove that Napoleon's armies are alive and well and looking better now than they did when they got back from Russia.
In between, there's been the Michael Moore phenomenon, but he doesn't get a special mention from this part of the country where packed cinemas are merely preaching to the converted. I can't be bothered to see the film, since MM apparently preaches in person, incapable of simply letting his propaganda do the job for him.
This worries others less. Barry J argues that MM has merely resurrected the fine old tradition of pamphleteering. In short, ask me how I feel in 12 months' time if that damned regime is still in the White House.
Meanwhile, I'm accidentally a belated convert to 'The West Wing' (TV Without Pity), since somebody sent me three episodes of Season 2 as a gift DVD with a recent order. Even such intelligent writing and fast-moving wit isn't going to persuade me to acquire a telly.

Now Julie's a confirmed Mac OS X convert, it's time for a quick link to my favourite blog-reader and writing tool. At the MacDevCenter, Giles Turnbull last month compared NetNewsWire with relative newcomers like Shrook and PulpFiction, in "RSS: the Next Generation." This is recommended reading before trying or buying, not forgetting that a NetNewsWire 2.0 is in the pipeline and will be a free upgrade.
Brent is still working on it (, once he's done with talking about memory).

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