Monday, August 01, 2005

Considering A New Church?

Don't Forget about Love, Servanthood and Relationships!

Sometimes people feel unhappy about their church and wonder if they should leave. Here's some wise counsel from a fellow believer (Don Francisco) whose life appears to confirm his consistent and serious walk with Christ.

As long as you attend a fellowship, be servant-hearted. Never criticize, complain or spread gossip. Don't try to change your church or "rise to leadership" or climb any ladders. Serve. Appreciate the effort that has gone into organizing what is there.

Try not to have a "FEED ME" attitude. Invest in your own relationship to God. If you are not spending personal time with God, then your thinking may be distorted.

The enemy wants to destroy relationships by focusing attention on sin... ours and each others'. Don't look at people in the flesh. See people as God sees people.

If you are thinking of leaving a church, be honest. Ask yourself if you are just huffy over something relatively unimportant and yielding to your pride. If that is the case, you'll just take your troubles to the next church - and the next....

If you have trouble with the people in your church, guess what you'll find in another church-- more people! It's much easier to forgive people, to say "sorry for my attitude" and stay where you are.

There are some valid reasons to find a new church. Take the matter to God and be at peace with His direction. Even if you leave, never never split a church. Don't undermine relationships. Remember that love doesn't blab... it covers a multitude of sin.

Have integrity. Make peace. If the Body of Jesus cannot strive for and find success in relationships, then people who are seeking the truth will pass right on by. There is a world to win and that's what it is all about.

Taken From Don Francisco (He's Alive) /  Rocky Mountain Ministries.


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