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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Health Tech New York Conference at the Borough of Manhattan Community College

Peter Kongstvedt, MD of Capgemini was the keynote speaker at yesterday's conference. His slide shows the trend of health care spending (bars) vs. Gross Domestic Product. (The last bar in the series appears to be 100%, but actually this maximum is 16%.) He mentioned that some pundits have predicted doom and gloom if health care spending should reach 20% of GDP, and he wasn't similarly convinced.

Interestingly, he said that the adoption of an national Electronic Health Record would not result in a savings but could provide more efficiency. Unlike in the UK, our system will not be centralized but probably based on a peer-to-peer model.

I was disappointed not to hear much about handhelds for clinical use, but I did attend some sessions on HIPAA and found out about some good resources. I'm particulary interested how privacy concerns related to the use of phonecams, and I'll see if I can come up with a consensus from various experts. This I'll post on my Web site.

Another worthwhile breakout session was about EHRs for private practices. A representive from WebMD was talking about their turnkey system. There was some discussion about the use of wireless networks with tablets and PDAs.

Kudos to Rodney Alexander for an informative and well-run conference.

7:07:06 AM    

A Quick Lunchbreak with Jeff Jarvis

Tuesday, I was coming out of Coliseum Books when I thought I saw someone who looked familiar fly past me and disappear into one of the sandwich shops there on 42nd Street. When I realized that it was Cosi, a shop that Jeff says he frequents in one of his blog posts, I was convinced that this must be him. In typical pushy New Yorker fashion, I introduced myself and we sat down at a table.

I asked him a flurry of questions about using blogs and Web sites for selling advertising. He gave me a good overview of the topic including differentiating between the Calacanis and Denton business models. (I didn't ask permission to blog this conversation so I'll wait until he responds to my e-mail before I go into detail. Maybe I'm hypersensitivity about privacy because of the HIPAA session I attended yesterday [see above]) We also talked about the Treo 650, which I had just picked up that day.

As we left, and Jeff sped off toward Times Square he said to himself, "A blogger!"


6:46:23 AM    

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