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 Friday, November 07, 2003

Nice summary / introduction to blogs in education... these could do with being collated sometime! [links by Jim Flowers: Blogs and Education & Bill Brandon: eLearning Entrepreneur]

2:01:39 PM    

Jenny gives a real cool rundown on Liz's presentation: "Beyond Blogging: Where Next with Blogs and Blogging."

Fave quote:

"How many of you with you could Google your office? I can Google my brain (via her blog)."

Fave idea:

"Liz is on a campaign to stop using the word "blog" because she thinks it's an ugly word... "The term "weblog" will become meaningless because the software can be used so differently and for different purposes. Just because something is called a "book" doesn't mean it's like every other book. We need to start thinking of this as a medium.""

1:54:15 PM    

 Thursday, October 30, 2003

Anne points to a good article overviewing the use of blogs by some Purdue instructors.

Very interesting as have been Anne's accounts of weblog use and development by the groups she's working with. If you're not already, RSS Edublog Insights and keep up with the story... here's the feed.

2:37:10 PM    

Manila: Password-protected RSS feeds. [Scripting News]

Hey cool! Maybe Manila 'aint about to croak out just yet!

2:18:25 PM    

 Wednesday, October 29, 2003

"Hillel Cooperman, while demonstrating the new "glass" interface of the new UI (code-named Aero) asked the audience "who will be the first to blog about this?" Someone in the audience yelled "Scoble."

Well, that's quite an honor.

He was showing a new sidebar part in Longhorn that displays RSS feeds in real time." [The Scobleizer Weblog]

Hey, guess Microsoft could be making me happy for once :OP Wonder if this really is IM RSS, if so, COOL!

9:28:37 PM    

 Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Just had the strangest late reaction to Greg's comments that RSS and blogging are separate... strange because it's about 6 months since the event!

Greg said that RSS and weblogging are separate beings and shouldn't be confused... what just came to me is that really blogging without rss is lost and vica verca.

Or we're just back to email newsletters, no?

3:02:59 PM    

Alan's doing some funky things with RSS feeds and sidebars realted to my blogrolling post.

Woof woof :o)

2:41:16 PM    

Great Breeze presentation of connecting learning objects with RSS, trackback and weblogs. Alan Levine, Brain Lamb & D'Arcy Norman kick off!

This is just as interesting for the presentation as it is for the content... pay a visit! [via carvingCode]

2:20:46 PM    

 Friday, October 24, 2003

So, I'm with some major players for a major CMS right now and I'd like to send out a "Does anyone have any questions they want to me to ask?" post but because blogging doesn't have that IM capacity (rss is v. asynchronous, isn't it?) it's pointless really.

Somebody build an RSS IM device, please, then I can IM my subscribers for stuff like this... even better collaboration / sharing methinks!

10:37:32 AM    

 Thursday, October 23, 2003

Thought this morning... "Bloody hell, better update my blogroll... I've got 82 off sites in my aggregator and about 30 on my roll".

Then thought "Um, so I'm basically doing that out of respect / courtesy to the people who write all the great stuff I read... that's a pretty cool kinda-karma system isn't it"

Then "But I reckon it's missing something, I mean, I get so many google hits (well, a few ;o)  and so many people visit this blog and see the list and it's, well, just a list of names... doesn't help people explore very well and not exactly a whole amount of respect from me either... here's your link... hey, I might catagorise it if you're lucky!"

"When I visit a blog I'm interested in, like KnowProse who I just picked up on Trackback, I really can't be arsed to click on every link and wander around... well, sometimes I can, sometimes that's great actually, but, y'know where I'm coming from... I want to know what it's about, what that blogger thinks of it, hey, I wouldn't even mind a 'rating'!"

So... here's the plan:

-Update blogroll to reflect the blogs that I've really got into and value
-Review them and somehow (floating text?) incorporate this into my frontpage view without any extra clicking... yikes...

Wonder if this is something I could use Flash for? Wonder if I should use Flash?

Any thoughts?

11:50:27 AM    

 Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ahhh, nothing better than using terrible French!

More to le point :o) Have just published my third (and last) bit on the potential of personal publishing in education over at Xplana...

Basic Summary: It's the pedagogy, stupid ;o)

It might seem glaringly obvious but it's an understanding that I've come to fairly slowly, but I do reckon I'm right!

I guess what PP really needs is for someone to subversilvely incorporate it into the mainstream... win them over from within... heh, that could be fun ;o)

Here are the three articles:

The Potential of Personal Publishing in Education I: What’s doing & who’s doing it?
The Potential of Personal Publishing in Education II: How’s it going & what’s working?
The Potential of Personal Publishing in Education III: Where to now?

I've learnt a hellofa lot along the way, thanks for all the thoughts!

4:20:08 PM    

Mmmmm... check this out!.. Stanford using wikis and weblogs "Several classes at Stanford have started relying on multimedia-intensive collaborative websites. A quick browse through the gallery and you will find classes that either rely on blogging or run entirely "wiki style" [Metafilter via Dale Pike]

11:34:36 AM    

Tom Hoffman says of Frontier/Manila:

"Sure, people like David Carter-Tod and others are doing good work on extending Frontier, but it is a dying platform. Regular weblog tools aren't designed for the kind of enterprise integration and complex roles needed for large scale deployments in schools"

and adds that:

"Now that Atsushi Shibata has ended the drought by writing COREBlog, it is a little easier to make the case for Zope as a large-scale weblogging platform. "

Which is interesting, not so much because I know 'owt about how Zope could work here but because you can't help but get the feeling that there's something about Frontier / Manila which, while making total sense to the initiated and weblogthoughtful, doesn't seem to catch the first time user... there's a logic behind it which works really really really well but that logic seems to need to be learned rather than building on the majority of peoples pre-existing logic on how a web-content / blogging tool could be used.

'Owever, Dan Mitchell (who does has a heck of a lot more experience regarding Manila) says"

"it is fairly easy to customize Frontier/Manila installations, yet allow the users easy control over their content. It is also very scalable: new users can do useful work with a minimum of training"

Which is interesting... apparently code for such developments such as Weblogs at Harvard is on the way soon (Yay! Thanks Dave :o) is on the way soon but I'd really like to be able to flex some of the underlying logic of Manila to make it, well, as simple as Radio. Perhaps a Manila 'light' radio-esque type of approach? [tanks to Weblogg-ed News for popping these together :o]

11:20:45 AM