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04 December 2003

Moving to  - So much easier to manage and post to. Radio seems to need something fixed or tweaked everytime I go near it.

Bye, dB.

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20 November 2003

UWB Standards Efforts Break Down The two groups developing ultrawideband (UWB) technology failed to come to agreement on a single solution: As a result, the IEEE group responsible for finalizing the standard didn't get the votes required to move onto the next stage of the standardization process. That means ultimately the two groups, the Multiband-OFDM Alliance on one side and Motorola, which recently announced intentions to acquire Xtreme Spectrum, on the other, may develop separate standards. Analysts are concerned that a splintered vendor market may prohibit UWB from success, and rightly so. Even worse, the two groups might push incompatible products into the marketplace, leaving the consumer to make the choice with the wasted money and non-upgradable hardware that comes from that process....
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19 November 2003

BBC News on the XDA II

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12 November 2003

Motorola buys assets of UWB vendor 9:27:47 AM     comment []

11 November 2003

Weakness in Passphrase Choice in WPA Interface 8:48:49 PM     comment []

Motorola Unveils a Two-in-One Transistor 8:44:16 PM     comment []

I'm contemplating a new laptop and thought I might try a Powerbook. Since then there's been tales of buggy OS upgrades (just like Windows then!) and spotty screens (New Powerbook is a bit spotty). And they aren't cheap, but still looking. 8:43:01 PM     comment []

10 November 2003

Guide to securing your Win 2k/XP Wi-Fi 3:57:46 PM     comment []

Plone 1:09:32 PM     comment []

21 October 2003

HP's GSM/GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth Pocket PC 8:34:07 PM     comment []

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