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Thursday, June 18, 2009

If you are into hot asses check out our latest story "one hottest little asshole" just published. A hell of an anal fuck that will stir your balls. If you are too lazy to read (story has nice sex links!) then, this picture will do. Enjoy.

Go to the story...
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love internet.

Love the world wide web. I especially like the fact that I can look up for anything I want -save cp- on my time, on my terms and on my own way. This is how every now and then I discover such jewels... It may take months, even years, for someone to dig deep, look closer and analyze further before being able to shout left and right an EUREKA of joy in the purest 'Archimedian' fashion, as spam becomes pervasive.

I will change metal-detecting gold rings on a beach for finding internet gems any day of the week.

Very *very* (very) -did I say very- erotic content ahead. You've been forwarned.


source: The kid from Brooklyn

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Carmen Hayes

Featured model

Yes, these are THE big naturals, if you haven't noticed it yet. A tremendous pair of big black tits.

And if you haven't, shame on you. On time, -perhaps while your nutbuster brain reads these lines- you will receive your quota of divine chastisement. A vengeful, retributory punishment for your absolute lack of appreciation upon the sight of TITSOLUTELY perfect breasts. The wrath of her monster tits will crush you alive -you wish-.

Carmen Hayes -who is only 5'8- is an authentic boobed beast that has never let anyone -and anybody's cock- down. Never a disappointment, never a dick untouched. In all her 3 hardcore videos Carmen stands out almost as much as her giant tits, if that is actually possible. Her natural aggresiveness and hungry-sex behaviour is a must and a bust for her companions at the set. This natural 34F phenomenon performs as a stripper in the LA area on the side.

If you are around and dare to withstand her nipple attack during a lap dance, come back to this blog and tell us about such unfortunate event. Sexy tits Carmen, in spite of the clamor from the boob populace, has decided to take on Registered Nursing. We love your tits, we celebrate your brain! Good luck to you, Carmen.

By Busty sites.
Other links to Carmen Hayes: http://carmenhayes.hugetit.us/

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bored with your present life? Same ole rutine, same ole in/out?

You may want to rethink how you approach your sex game strategically. Remember, it's all a matter of conquering space, gaining territory in the vast bushy flatlands. And yes, you may also want to visit the gym more often. No, not to lose weight. Not to gain muscle. Just to avoid straining yourself when trying squatting sex postures. Check aussie possies for more than 255 samples of sex positions and stop bragging about your same 12 ole boringly-to-death missionary variations.

The site has a members area and a few annoying banners but you can get rid of them by clicking the proper links on the page. I found out that you can also peek into hundreds of sex positions just by navigating the free area. For those who join (we haven't) there may be some more interesting information: test your fuckabulary! (In the same way as a person's VOCABULARY determines his ability and creativeness in being VOCAL, a person's FUCKABULARY determines their skills and creativity in the numerous ways of fucking, and associated ways of having sex..).

Source: sexpositions.com.au

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The never-ending debate. Do women prefer younger dudes or sugar daddies? Following, we present a 4 part discussion formatted as 'top ten reasons why and why nots' that we hope will add a few wrinkles and some white hair on that hot skull of yours.

Older guys:

1. They know how to romance a girl. They send flowers and open doors. Is this not number one on every girl's list? That's something we saw happen for our hot moms. It's traditional and nostalgic and makes me feel very adult, but pampered and taken care of as well. Older men should be experts at it. If they're not, they should pretend to be experts.

Nude Teen Pics2. They have wrinkles. Girls admire them, not the burnt-to-a-crisp-from-overtanning wrinkles but the natural ones that look so completely rugged and real. And usually they have that special quality that displays the maturity and definition of a man who has been to places and will take us there.

3. They wear suits. Not the polyester-blue kind, just the blue or black ones, maybe with pinstripes. My tummy's done flip-flops more than once at the sight of this. On any man, young or mature, suits rule. But older men wear them so much better. It's like a perfect frame for a perfect picture.

4. They're worldly. Every girl agreed that this quality in a man could do no wrong, except if they laugh at us for not knowing what they're talking about. We're not stupid, we're just young. So men, use your life experience to your advantage and teach us things not found in books. Nude Teen Pics

5. They don't have eight arms. In other words, mature men have learned something that's very valuable-control. And when it comes to young girls, this is a major plus 'cause we're just discovering sex. No woman-of any age-enjoys being poked everytime a guy gets an urge. So be gentle and take your time.

6. They know what the tongue is for. Wait a minute, this should be number one. Oh well, let me just reiterate that we're still discovering sex, so we adore a man who isn't all talk. Older men can have a special hold on a girl if they have the proper technique.

Nude Teen Pics7. They have money. This is not to say that we girls are greedy. This is to say that women's liberation skips generations. And most of us aren't ready to get married yet, unless your loaded, so don't worry. Basically, we usually don't have that much money so a man who pays for dinner or buys us a little gift doesn't have to work that hard to win our affections.

8. They're like daddy without all the rules. We know, it screams "Father Figure." But we aren't that far away from when Dad watched our every move. Not that we necessarily enjoyed that part of it. However, it was nice to know that dad would always be there to protect you. So, to have an older man around is comforting to say the least. Nude Teen Pics

9. They have a house to play in. If men look at us like we're dolls that's because we are. Playing house in a real one makes us not feel so bad about having to give up our Barbie dolls. And no guy our age is gonna have a house.

10. They have gray hair. Now that's hot. This one man I knew had hair that was almost all gray. He was ashamed of it, always asking if he should dye it. I, of course, scolded him for such an awful thought.

Gray hair shows strength
, the roots of a man who knows what to do. Please don't be insecure about it and don't dye it.


www.18eighteen.com; Scoreland.
For women that are into lesbianism please visit Lesbian Mpegs
Preview more young naked women here or peek at some sex pictures.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

An insanely real story of anal sex. Enjoy it at your own risk :)

Hannah got on her knees and unzipped his shorts. His penis head immediately popped from his shorts, hitting her gently on the chin. She smiled, then enveloped his lubricated cock with her soft mouth. It was going to be a hell of a mouth sex. He could feel her tonsils tickle the tip of his dick. It felt delicious and he had to repress the desire to blast-off down her warm throat. She turned her head in a quarter circle every time she submerged her mouth on him. An insane deep throat...

By erotic anals.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Obsessed with male masturbation.
Editor Dan Ross - Story courtesy of
SCORELAND.COM - #1 Tittie site for over a decade.

How did I "come" to proclaim the Road Warrior Wacker as a superior man-meat stimulator?

The Jack Report was getting desperate. What had started as a place where readers could go for an honest discussion of masturbation and reviews of products to help them jack better was turning into a place where products went to die. Were all of the gadgets on the market overpriced crap that made promises they couldn't keep?

Sure was looking that way, based on feedback from SCORE Group staff who selflessly jerked off with various products, all in the name of research. It was starting to look as if my best advice to readers was gonna be to either stick to your hand, or complement your hand with a tube of your favorite lube and you favorite Kerry Marie nude pictorial. Armed with hope, I whipped out the California Exotics Novelties catalog (www.calexotics.com) and found the products I was looking for on page 116:"Road Warrior Whacker. Ideal companion for that guy on the go." Then,"Hooded Wonder. Latex hood with multi-speed vibration." And, finally, the most promising item: "Jac-Off. Super-stretchy textured silicone pad."

Like a jacking glove, I thought. Skeptically because my co-workers were starting to put me off using anything I asked California Exotics to bring 'em on. The products arrived, and I hoped for the best. First up, the Hooded Wonder (about $12). I didn't have a lot of confidence in the Wonder. If you're like me, then you don't only stroke the head of your
cock when you're jacking, and you don't like for a woman to just suck on the head and get no shaft during a blow job. The idea of a latex sleeve covering my cock head and a little more while a latex-enclosed bullet vibrated on top of my cock head didn't sound very appealing. Well, it wasn't satisfying at all. After five minutes of unstimulating vibration, I gave up and finished myself off the old-fashioned way, Sarenna Lee photos included. Next. I had high hopes for Jac-Off (about $9) because it seemed like the perfect hand-helper.

Jac-Off, which feels like a gel pad, fit into the palm of my hand. I applied some lubricant, turned on a SCORE video and jacked away. The first time, I used too much lubricant and caused a mess. The pad kept slipping out of my hand. The second time, I used the right amount of lubricant and found the experience to be somewhat satisfying, but not really worth the trouble or the clean-up time. If this thing really was a glove, and not a pad, then I'd have had something worth writing about. But I don't.

And so, a few days later, with my skepticism and jacking frustration at an all-time high, I tried out the Road Warrior Whacker. Failure seemed imminent. First of all, there was the product's ridiculous name. There used to be a pro wrestling tag team from Australia or New Zealand called the Road Warriors. The wrestlers' names were Hawk and Animal, and they had huge, muscular bodies and wore spiked leather clothing. Similar
thoughts came from remembering the other Road Warrior, Mel Gibson's film about a postatomic war and the weird, threatening gangs which survived it. That's why, when I heard "Road Warrior Whacker," I was thinking about some gigantic pro wrestler or mutant thug coming after my hard-on with spikes. Not a stimulating thought. And then there was the product itself. I opened the box and pulled out a plastic bag containing a flimsy, ribbed latex sleeve.

The sleeve measured only five-and-a-half inches long and two-and-a-quarter inches wide when lying flat, and the openings at each end about an inch-and-a-half in diameter seemed too tiny to accommodate even my smallest hard-on. No way this works, I thought. So, I placed a towel on my couch and popped the Boobcage 3 video, starring Minka (right) and Linsey Dawn Mckenzie  into my VCR. I brought out my tube of WET lubricant (the Whacker comes with a one-jack's-supply of California Exotics lubricant, but I prefer WET), sat down, fast-forwarded to Minka 's scene and quickly worked up a hard-on. I looked down, and my skepticism grew. There was no way my cock was going to fit into this sleeve. But I forged on. I squeezed some lubricant onto my cock, then poured some inside the sleeve, and was amazed by what happened next: The damn thing slid right over my hard-on and down the shaft, as if it was a living, breathing pussy, and gripped around my cock-head. You know how dry pussy looks impenetrable? You're thinking, There's no way
I'm going to be able to get inside this! But then the pussy gets wet and your cock slides right in? Well, it was the same thing with the Road Warrior Whacker.

But the experience got better. The sleeve is small for a reason: so that it will stretch over your cock and hold it tight. There's only one way I can describe the sensation when my cock was snugly inside the Whacker: I felt like I was inside a real pussy. It gripped like a real pussy. If I had closed my eyes, I would've sworn I was inside a real pussy. I sat back, grabbed my hard-on, working it up and down, up and down (the sleeve doesn't move much, which makes the feeling even better; after all, it's your cock, not the woman's pussy, that moves when you're fucking) while, onscreen, a cock worked its way in and out of Elizabeth's pussy. Liz rubbed the balls and stroked the shaft as it plowed in and out (no porn star gives a sleazier on-camera fuck than Liz). I felt like she was rubbing my shaft.

I really felt like I was fucking her! Well, to make a long story short, this jacking session didn't last very long. When I came within minutes, I felt like I was cumming into a real pussy, because the harder I gripped, the tighter the Whacker became. I didn't feel the ribs, but I did feel the friction.

But the best was yet to come, post-cum. Every adult hetero male is familiar with the excruciatingly sensitive
feeling when he quickly pulls out of a woman's pussy after cumming. Well, that's exactly how I felt when I slid the Whacker off of my cock. For the record, I've tried the Whacker a few more times since that first experience, and each jack was better than the last. If not for the cleanup time involved in using the sleeve, I'd use it all the time. At this point, you're probably thinking, "This thing must cost a fortune." No.

Road Warrior Whacker costs only $7.50 at most on-line sex toy stores or at your local jack supply boutique. One final note: the name "Road Warrior Whacker" and the verbage on the box imply that it can be used while driving. I didn't give it a road test for a simple reason: Although I'm a proponent of the car jack, I'm not a proponent of pulling out a latex sleeve and a tube of lube, fitting it over your cock and jacking while driving.

Seems unsafe to me. And what if you had an accident or got yourself a traffic ticket? Wait until you get home. Then enjoy the next-best-thing to pussy. Join Voluptuous.com to day, get the whacker going and oila!

Story courtesy of Scoreland.com - Look for The Jack Report Section.

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