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Thursday, June 18, 2009

If you are into hot asses check out our latest story "one hottest little asshole" just published. A hell of an anal fuck that will stir your balls. If you are too lazy to read (story has nice sex links!) then, this picture will do. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You are a lesbian woman in all your rights. You managed to tell the world how you like girls, how you lick them and how you fight over your lovers. But have you really crossed the Rubicon? Have you stretched your sexual fantasies to the limit with reality? A friend of mine sent me this story worth reading. Short and to the orgasmic point. Not to be tried at the store near you!

When customer service is everything

I was at the mall the other day, looking for a new pair of panties -my favorite pair had just been destroyed by some raunchy late night fun on a golf course -when I noticed a hot, young sales attendant working at the sales counter. She was half Chinese and half European, with golden tan skin and almond shaped blue eyes -a diamond in the rough of the shopping mall!

Her white button down shirt was too tight and her breasts were popping out of her push up bra -the same one I had on!

I strolled on over to her casually and asked if she could help me pick out the right size thong. She said that she would have to find out what size I wore. I told her that I never wear underwear, but that I want to try something new. She laughed and began to pass the lovely lace panties over my soft skin.

She suggested that I try some of them on. I asked her if that was against store policy, to try on panties. And she looked at me and said that rules are made to broken.

So we went into the empty dressing room and she got on her knees and slid the panties up my thighs, underneath my miniskirt. She then began to finger me right there in the dressing room! I was so turned on I came in a violent shudder. She told me to keep the panties, as a preferred customer gift. Every time I wear them I remember by Asian temptress!

Pictures courtesy of pink is beautiful

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Picking up lesbians

Leeann sat at the bar, forehead in her palm, staring at her almost empty glass of wine. Despair ran through her body like her own blood. She brushed back her red hair and closed her eyes tightly to keep from crying. The job was no high flyer, but she didn't want to go back to waiting tables. She clenched her teeth. Damn it, damn it, damn it. She heard someone sit down and felt a presence beside her. She knew better. She didn't want to go home with any old dick just for some quickie to take her mind off her troubles. No, Leeann knew that it could only lead to more problems.

"You want a refill on that, sister?"

Leeann hesitated for a moment. It was a woman's voice asking her, not some stud trying to get her on the rebound. Oh she could use that drink and a little girl talk. "Yes, please," Leeann replied. She opened her eyes and looked over. The woman who sat there looked vaguely familiar. Her name was ?

"Shauna," the woman said with a smile. He teeth were white and even.

She was a woman with large breasts: tall even sitting on the bar stool, sporting what could only be described as a long, thick, brown, mane of hair.

It was as if she had read Leeann's mind.

"I noticed you sitting here. You worked at the store too, right? seasonal and household goods?"

"Yes, that's right. I knew you looked familiar.

"I think we mostly worked opposite shifts."

The bartender put a second glass of wine in front of Leeann.
She took a sip. "This isn't usually my scene, you know, in the bar after a bad day, but I got it from both sides today."

"You got your pink slip?"

"Yeah, and when I got home I found out that my man had traded me in for a naughty cheerleader."

"Awe, Darlin' that hurts." Shauna draped her arm across Leeann's shoulders. "Don't worry, we'll sit here and have a few drinks and a few laughs and put it all behind us."

Leeann drank and they talked about the store. She felt the warm glow of wine as their conversion became more personal. "He was good in bed," she confessed. "And he was excellent with his tongue." Leeann put her hand over her mouth, and then giggled. "Oh, I can't believe I just said that!" She took another gulp of wine.

Shauna smirked, "He was that good, huh."
"You couldn't even begin to imagine."
Shauna leaned closer. "I don't know about that. I've gotten some good head in my time."

"Really? You're the first woman I've met in a long time who thought her man was even competent at giving head." Leeann giggled again. "I swear, I am so not like this, talking about my sex life." She slapped her hand on the bar and leaned closer to Shauna. "Was there something your man did that just made you wild?"

Shauna put her hand gently on Leeann's. "I never said it was a man."
Leeann froze, then slowly looked at Shauna.

"Look, all I can say is that never a man was born that could lick pussy the way a woman can lick a pussy. A man just can't know."

Leeann found herself aroused at the thought of having another woman's soft, knowing mouth guiding her to orgasm. She felt her cheeks get hot and her pussy tingle.

Shauna leaned in close, putting her mouth close to Leeann's ear. "Darlin' I only even mentioned it because you look so down. I thought a real expert licking would a real 'pick-me-up' for you." She gave Leeann's hand a little squeeze. "I didn't mean to offend you, and I won't be offended if you say no."

Leeann looked back at Shauna. Being with a woman wasn't something that she'd ever thought much about except in her most intimate fantasies. She realized the generosity and selflessness with which Shauna made the offer. She knew it was just what she needed. Leeann pulled her hand out from under Shauna's and placed it on top, giving her hand a little squeeze.

Shauna met Leeann's gaze. They locked eyes for a moment, both sensing what was about to happen. "Please," Leeann said. "I could really use a good friend with a good tongue."

Shauna smiled and nodded. She tossed some money on the bar to cover the tab. "Stop in the ladies room."

Leeann did as she was told and went right to the ladies room with Shauna following close behind. Inside, Shauna cocked an ear, listening for anyone else. Determining that it was empty, Shauna motioned to the last stall. "In there," she said.

Leeann entered with Shauna right behind. Shauna locked the stall and gently put her big strong arms around Leeann. "It's going to be okay Darlin'. Everything is going to turn out all right. Just relax and let those job blues wash away; let me lick them off you." She caressed Leeann, holding her close with one arm and with her free hand rubbing her breasts and thighs and ass. She kissed Leeann's throat gently and then with a little tongue swirl. She kissed her way from the base of her throat to her ear where she began nibbling.

Leeann could not help but reacting. Shauna knew how to make a girl feel wanted and loved. She hugged Shauna tightly and began kissing her soft, powerful throat. A small gasp left Shauna's mouth, letting Leeann know that she was on the right track.

Without speaking, they began kissing. Quietly, softly, gently, lips exploring the mouth of the other. Tongues reached out, flicked, licked, retreated and advanced again.

Shauna let her hands roam freely over Leeann's body. She placed one hand wide across her back to keep her close. The other hand she used to unbutton her shirt. Within a moment she had Leeann's bare breasts popped out of her shirt and bra. Her breasts were large and pale; her nipples were dainty, pink and erect.

Shauna cupped one breast in her hand and rubbed her nipple with her thumbnail. Leeann inhaled sharply, briefly wincing, then slowly relaxing. "Oh, it feels so good." Shauna bent her head down and put her mouth to the redhead's breast, sucking her nipple.

As she sucked, Shauna gathered up Leeann's skirt and pulled it up around her hips. She put her hand on Leeann's pussy and could feel raw heat. "I want to lick you now," Shauna whispered. She pulled Leeann's panties down to her ankles and had her step out of them. She put her hand on Leeann's pussy. "Oh Darlin', you're SO wet." Shauna maneuvered Leeann so that her back was against the wall. She squatted in front of her, then gently guided Leeann's thigh up and over her own shoulder. She smelled Leeann's pussy musk and began with soft kisses on her inner thighs while gently caressing her ass.

Leeann whimpered and trembled. She had never even imagined something like this.

Shauna pushed her face into Leeann's wet, red curls; they tickled her nose. She gently spread her new friend's labia and then started with gentle flicks of the tongue against her engorged clit. Slowly, she licked all the way from her clit down deep, digging with her tongue. It was a phenomenal tonguing experience. Her nose was deep in Leeann's cunt when she used her powerful neck to shake her head back and forth.

Leeann moaned and pressed her crotch into Shauna's mouth. Every flick, every movement of her tongue was perfect. Shauna picked up the pace of her tongue thrusts, enjoying her excursion into Leeann's velvety cunt.

Leeann's whole body began to quiver with excitement and orgasmic anticipation. Her thighs quivered, her breasts jiggled, and deep inside, low, behind her pubes she felt a rising tension, a intensifying heat. She placed her hands on the back of Shauna's head and pulled her face harder to her lesbian pussy. "Oh yes," she whined. Shauna's tongue was heavenly. It kept going and going and then Leeann could hold out no longer. She let out a long, low, loud moan; and another and another. Her ass muscles were cramping. Her pussy was convulsing and she felt like she would end up as a puddle on the floor if this crazy woman didn't stop licking her. She moaned loudly again and gushed. There was nothing she could do but let the sweet orgasmic release rip though her body like a tidal wave over a village.

Shauna paused her licking, knowing that Leeann was satisfied. But she couldn't help herself. Shauna indulged in one more lick causing Leeann to grunt sharply. Leeann pulled at Shauna's thick mane, trying to get that wonderful loving mouth out of her cunt while she recovered.

Shauna stood up.

Leeann give her a deep lesbian kiss on the mouth, deeply. A tear ran from the corner of Leeann's eye. "Thank you, oh, thank you. I needed that so much tonight." Leeann kissed her again and again. "What do you want? Please, tell me," Leeann begged. "I will do anything for you."

Shauna grinned. "Don't you worry. I have some ideas. She unlocked the door of the stall and walked out. "We can talk about them on the way to my place."

Leeann put her breasts back in her shirt, her panties in her pocketbook, and followed Shauna out the door.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

BAR HONEY - A night of lesbian pleasure

"You need to get out and have some fun Sarah." I just shrugged my shoulders. Greg was right; I did need to get out. All I've done for the past forever is work and come home. I haven't had a 'significant other' since me and Mandy broke up. I admit it; I tried to hide it all in my work. He patted my back, "I'm making you go to the club tonight and there's nothing you can say or do to avoid it." That's my roommate, a busty blonde always looking out for me. I sighed and asked what time I was being kidnapped. He chuckled, "Alright Sarah, if it's by force then that's the way it has to be. I want to leave here in about an hour, so go get ready."

I shuffled to my room and cracked open my closet. I haven't been out in so long, I don't remember what I used to wear to go clubbing. As I shifted through my clothes, Greg came in. "You need some help?" "I just don't feel like going so I don't know what to wear." I'd basically given up the fact that I might get out of this and let him rummage through my wardrobe. "Ah ha!" He said in triumph. He pulled out the outfit and held it up to me. It was Mandy's favorite. Tight black mini skirt and matching black one-armed blouse that was cut low across my chest. "Alright Greg, you win."

As I showered I thought more and more about getting out again. Out of nowhere I felt butterflies in my tummy. I don't even know how to club anymore I bet. The water flowed down my slender body as I lathered the raspberry soap. What the hell. The worse that can happen is nothing. I toweled off and dried my long red hair.

As we made our way to the club, Grinders, I felt the butterflies return. "Are you sure I have to do this, Greg?" He just laughed and looked at me. We pulled into the parking lot and found a spot in the middle of nowhere.

After we paid the doorman he opened the door for us. Right in front of us there was a wall full of lesbian sex pictures. The music spilled out onto the street and the flashing lights pierced into the dark parking lot. I could feel the bass in my chest and before I knew it I was bobbing to the beat. "See I told you this was a good idea, Sarah." We made our way to the bar and just as I has expected Greg left me to my own devices. I ordered a white Russian and sat back in my chair watching the sex fest in front of me. How in the world could anyone expect to meet someone here? Just as I thought that, I went to return my attention to the bar when I caught a glimpse of a sexy lesbian girl staring at me. At least I thought she was. My heart leapt. I could feel my cheeks redden as she got up from her seat and walked over. The whole scene was making me hot and I could already feel it in my slowly dripping juices. It was the first time I got attracted to a woman and the thought of being with a lesbian girl was making me even more excited.

"Hey there." She said in a thick southern draw. "I'm Melissa and you look lonely darlin." I chuckled. It had been a while since I've heard a pick up line. What the hell, right? I followed her lead and introduced myself. We sat and made idle chit chat as we sipped our drinks. In the middle of talking about what we did for a living I felt her hand touch my thigh. I about jumped out of my seat. She quickly recoiled and I apologized, explaining that I hadn't been with anyone in about six months. She smiled and returned her hand. This put me at ease but also made my pussy wet. I mean, more wet. I was afraid that she could see how horny I was, so I cross my legs trying to cover any pussy scent that may flow into the air. For what seemed an eternity she stared into my eyes. I didn't know whether or not to lean forward for a girl kiss so I just stared back. Her hand traveled up my thigh to my waist as she bent forward and pressed her soft lips against mine. My head started to spin as I began kissing her and let my tongue slip from between my lips and into her mouth. This mouth to mouth action was getting me out of control. I couldn't believe what I was doing, and how good it felt. She broke off our kiss and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere quieter and where we could be alone. I nodded my head. I told her I needed to find my roommate and tell him.

Once I notified Greg and got his approval Melissa and I were off to her place. On the way there I couldn't help but think wild and crazy things, everything from her being a crazy axe murderer to my soul mate. Evidently, she touched a cord and I could feel it in my swollen clit. It was just so exciting. I thought about her kiss and felt myself grow wet again. I looked over at her and blushed. "We'll be there in a couple of minutes, my apartment is just around the corner from Grinders.

As we entered her apartment, I hear her lock the door. The next thing I knew she was pulling me against her and firmly kissing me again but this time she started rubbing me. As her hands wandered my body she walked me backwards. Almost with every step another article of clothing had been removed. I was down to my bra and panties by the time we reached her bedroom. Our bare bodies in close contact and I could see our nude lesbian figures in front of the mirror across her room.

She pushed me backwards onto her bed. "Damn girl, yery hot." With that she removed the rest of her clothing and climbed up onto my body. Her silky smooth skin felt so good against mine. Her warm moist breath made goose bumps appear along my skin. She slid a hand between my thighs and pressed against the crotch of my cotton panties. "Oh my, someone is awfully excited," she exclaimed. She tugged off my panties and tossed them aside. Her face was within inches of my shaved pussy. She peered up at me with her sexy green eyes and I couldn't resist. I pressed my hips upwards as she brought her face closer. As she let her hands wander my body she lightly blew across my wet pussy lips causing me to moan and squirm. Hearing my moans urging her on, she slipped her hot tongue in between my wet lips and found my firm clit. Her tongue sent shivers of ecstasy up my spine while she was spreading my labia.

As she quickened the pace my hips began to grind against her face. My moans grew louder as she sent me closer and closer to the edge. I could feel my climax building from deep inside of me and as if she knew it, she slipped a finger into my tight ass. Fingering me was such joyful I virtually fuck her face with my vagina. I instinctively squeezed tightly around her finger. I slid my hand down to her head and laced my fingers through her hair. My moans were coming with almost every breath as her tongue stroked against my throbbing clit. "Come on baby, I wanna hear you cum for me." That was it; her sexy voice pushed me over the edge. I felt my body tighten as my climax peaked; I held my breath for a second then let loose with moans that filled her entire apartment. I will never forget such lesbian orgasm. I pressed against the back of her head as my fingers gripped her hair. My hips began to slow their grind as my climax subsided. Her pace matched mine and she slowly helped me down from my climax.

Once she was sure I was completely finished she slid up my body. She pressed her lips against mine again, letting me taste myself this time. Our tongues mingled in our mouths and my sweetness filled my taste buds. She rolled over to my side panting. We laid there for a bit catching our breath, and then it would be her turn. But that's another story.

Source pics: The lesbian collection

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Special Delivery

I knew my package would be arriving today. I was so excited. I ordered one of those jackrabbit toys my friend had told me about and was ready to have the time of my life. I waited by the door in my robe. Why even get dressed, I was just going open the box and hop into bed. I'd been drooling about this since I ordered it online. It had everything from rotating, to vibrating, to heat and you could set the ears to your preference. I shivered just thinking about it. I know it sounds silly, me sitting at my dining room table, in my robe, completely wet thinking about a toy. But it had been ages since I'd had sex and I could not finger my pussy any longer.

The doorbell rang and I rushed to the door. As I opened it I saw the delivery girl, dressed in all brown. Her uniform was tight fitting and hugged her curves. "Special Delivery." She said. I thought quickly and invited her in. She agreed, this was her last stop for the day and wasn't in a hurry. "Well good, you can stay and see what you've brought me." I know my smile was a bit mischievous cause she blushed.

I got a knife and cut open the box. I pulled the flaps apart to reveal a ton of shipping peanuts. She shifted through them and found another box. She pulled it out and held it up. "Ultra Jackrabbit" she said. What it was dawned on her and she blushed again. I giggled as I opened the box. She took the instructions and starting reading, telling me how to change the settings and how to use it.

I had a bright idea. "Hey, why don't you show me how to use it?" Her face went completely red. "Me? But I don't know how to use that. I've never used on before." "You've got the instructions right there." I retaliated. She knew she'd lost that battle. I invited her to my bedroom where I promptly dropped my robe to the floor. Her gasp startled me and I turned to face her. "Am I offending you in any way?" I asked. She shook her head, "No, quite the opposite. I'm quite turned on." With that said she removed her brown outfit and made for the bed with instructions in her hand.

As she read the instructions, I tried to follow them. I just couldn't concentrate with her sexy body next to me and her sultry voice filling my ears. I turned on the rabbit and managed to get it to just vibrate. As she read the instructions to me I ran the rabbit along her shaven pussy. She jerked slightly as the rabbit hummed along her wet pussy lips. She looked over at me and smiled. I took that as a 'go ahead'. So I did. I pushed it a little harder against her lips so the tip passed her lips and touched her clit. The moan that escaped her lips filled the room.

She began to squirm on the bed as I moved the vibrating little rabbit around her pussy. How do I make it rotate? She quickly found where the instructions pointed out the button and repeated it to me. I giggled and kept rubbing her clit with the humming fake cock. As she let her guard down I slipped the rabbit deep into her wetness. Her gasps quickly changed to a low moan as I changed the setting from vibrate to rotate. The little rabbit filled her completely. I found the button to make the ears vibrate along her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She loved this. I did too. I was so wet.

She writhed around on the bed as I worked the jackrabbit slowly in and out of her tight hole. I reached up with one hand and gently squeezed her big tits, helping her build up her climax. As the rabbit rotated inside her, it hit her g-spot over and over again. She began to rock her hips; her moans grew louder and more frequent. I climbed up her body, placing kisses on her soft skin. We were just two kissing girls. Her scent filled my nose as I worked the rabbit deeper into her sweetness. As I slipped my tongue from my mouth and flicked it across her erect nipples her hand found my ass and squeezed tightly. I gently sucked her nipples into my mouth and rolled my tongue around them.

I felt her body begin to tremble as I kissed my way up her neck. Our tongues met and danced outside of our mouths until she lifted her head and shoved her tongue into my mouth. With that she moaned loudly, her body tensed and she wrapped her arms tightly around me. Her climax was consuming her. Her moans were making my entire lesbian body tingle.

As her climax began to subside she slid her hands down my body and found my wet pussy. Her fingers worked nimbly around my pink clit. The waves of pleasure they sent over my body made me shudder. She wrapped her other hand around mine that help the rabbit, and with a flick of her wrist the rotating stopped and the rabbit was free of her tight pussy. She brought her other hand up to my breast and began to knead it like dough. She rolled over on top of me and quickly had the rabbit rubbing against my clit. She turned it on and soon the light humming filled the room again.

My moans blended in with the rabbit's constant humming. My clit ached for release as she teased me with the fake cock, letting it lightly touch me then taking it away. I whimpered every time she pulled it away. With one smooth motion she plunged the rabbit deep into my hole and hit the rotate button. I was in shear heaven. Her lips met mine again as she moved the toy in and out of my pussy, always deep kissing me. The ears rubbed against my clit, sending shivers up my spine.

It didn't take long for me to cum. Making her peak and hearing her moans had gotten me pretty fucking horny. As her hand continued to roam my body and the little cock spun around in my hole I came. I closed my eyes tightly and arched my back as the pleasure from her sent me over the edge. My moans drowning out the hum of the good little rabbit. After a few moments my climax began to subside and she pulled the 'cock' from my pussy. She brought it up to our faces and licked one side of it like a Popsicle. Both of our juices covered the rabbit entirely. I joined my sapphic lesbian friends. Our scents filled my nose as I tasted us.

After we cleaned the toy she kissed me firmly again and smiled as she looked for her clothes. I lie there on the bed still trying to regain my senses. As she pulled on her shirt she asked if she could come over tomorrow after her shift to help me test the rabbit again. I laughed and agreed. Special Delivery indeed!

Credit to where it belongs: the top lesbian site

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Secrets Of A Horny Housewife - Part I

In a recent interview, porn legend Vicky Vette exposed what it means to be a mature sex symbol. Her late beginnings have surprised more than a few who 'have seen this, done that'. In just a few years, Vicky went from an unkown bypasser to the epitome of a truly sexy housewife. Taking into account her husband manages her career, Vicky is no desperate housewife :) Below, find a brief excerpt of this fabulous interview where she claims among other things "...I even wear something called a cleavage-minimizing bra, but it doesn't matter."

Yes, we agree! Wholeheartedly. Who in the world invented anything but a cleavage-minimizing bra? Now you know why some states do enforce capital punishment.

40SOMETHING: Okay, youíre conservative on the construction site. What about if youíre in the mall or the supermarket. What are you wearing there?
VICKY: I love shopping. I get picked up in the grocery store all the time.
40SOMETHING: So, what do you wear there?
VICKY: Short little skirts, little tops. I hardly ever wear a bra, even for grocery shopping. The clothes now are really tight with little, thin spaghetti straps, so I barely need a bra or panties, because I donít want panty lines, either. I like to feel free and natural. And I always wear high heels. I just think a womanís legs look better in heels, and there are so many that are so comfortable now. I like wedgies, probably with a good four-inch heel, which makes my calves look great. Add four inches to my 5í6Ē and Iím pretty tall!
40SOMETHING: Do guys follow you around the store?
VICKY: Yeah, even couples. Just the other week, this couple invited me to their barbeque.
40SOMETHING: A young couple?
VICKY: In their twenties. I was actually on my way out of town and I said no, then I went and found my husband in another aisle and told him.
Read more
Citation: Do Housewives and 40somethingmag
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Female Masturbation

My name is Susan. I'm a senior at a major university. I've been seeing my boyfriend Jerry for several years and we have been having sex for almost as long. Recently Jerry has been talking about marrying me after college. I'm not so certain. I'm not certain if I'm in love with him. I hear about feeling rockets going off but I don't feel it. I've never felt it. Jerry thinks he's a great lover and he makes all the motions and certainly tries. I never want to make him feel bad so I always make him think it's wonderful.

I was telling this to my roommate and best friend Sara. She looked at me with a curious expression and said "Susan, have you ever had an orgasm?" I didn't know what to say. "I don't know if I've ever had an orgasm," I told her. "That means you haven't had one yet because I assure you if you did you would know it. Have you ever masturbated?" she asked. "No, I've never done that." I blushed. I had always been shy, having sex with the lights off and NEVER talked about sex. "Then I'm going to teach you. We're going to have a Masturbation 101 class and it will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Let's get undressed."

I watched her as she shed her clothes in front of me. Her body was perfect and my mind started to wander. I watched as her bra fell to the carpet, revealing her perfect breasts. I just stared at her. "Come on babe, get those clothes off!" I slowly started to undress but kept my eyes totally on her. She pulled her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. She had a trimmed mound. Very sexy! She looked at me and started helping me remove my shirt. She tossed it aside and wrapped her arms around me, with a flick of her wrist the clasps of my bra were undone, and my big breasts were released. She slid her hands up my body and lightly cupped my big tits in her hands, gently rolling my large nipples in between her nimble fingers.

She giggled lightly and went to her dresser. She pulled something out of a drawer and grabbed the small mirror off the top of her dresser.

. Sara sat down and handed me the mirror. We were naked together on the bed. "What am I supposed to do with this?" I asked. "Spread your legs and put the mirror under your pussy so you can see what you're doing" she told me. I put the mirror under my pussy and saw myself in a new way. I never looked at my blonde pussy before. "You need to get to love eating pussy. I am going to show you how. Do everything I do. Take your index finger and rub it around your outer lips in a circle and with each pass go a little deeper into your pussy. I want you to touch every part of your pussy."

I did as she told me. Looking at my pussy in the mirror I circled it with my finger. "Move slowly, you need to get to know your pussy and know where it feels good. When you know where it feels good you can tell who ever you are with where it feels good." I moved slowly into the lips of my pussy and it began to feel good. Warm and a little bit wet. Then I continued circling and I came to my clit. I knew it was there but I had never found it before. Sara watched me intently as my fingers circled around my clit. "Try rubbing it, how does it feel?" Sara said. I rubbed it and suddenly waves of pleasure began to run through my body. "It feels good. I can feel it. I can feel it!" I told Sara.

"Good! Now try this vibrator. Put it in slowly and work it around the way I'm doing it." I watched Sara intently, not completely concentration on how she was doing it, but more wondering what it would be like if she were doing it to me. I told her I didn't know if I could and would prefer it if she would try it on me first. She raised her eyebrow up at me and before I knew it she had slipped the vibrator in. I was so wet that the vibrator easily penetrated deep into my tight pussy. I was overcome by the warm sexy sensations. For the first time I felt I understood what sex and sensuality meant. Sara sped up the vibrator and her pumping; my rocking hips followed her lead. My hard nipples were becoming very erect. "Try playing with your nipples" Sara said. This is what sapphic lesbians do. As I rolled my nipples between my fingers I could feel that my pussy was dripping wet all over the slick vibrator.

All of a sudden I started feeling shock waves of pleasures and I started panting. My body tightened up completely as my orgasm washed over my tiny body. My very first climax had consumed me totally and I lost all self-control, my moans were more like screams. I trembled out of control as she continued to pump the vibrator in and out of my tight pussy. She ever so slightly changed her speed slower and slower until she was sure my climax had subsided. But hearing my female ejaculation and watching my reaction definitely turned her on. I quickly brought the vibrator to her rubbing clit. I made slow steady strokes around her clit, just as I had seen her do before. Good thing I'm a quick learner, cause I had her writhing on the bed, her chest heaving as her body was wracked with pleasure! As I slid the vibrator deep into her wetness I let my fingers from my free hand dance over her clit, randomly touching the spots she was earlier. "Oh my God, don't stop babe, don't stop!" Sara's moans replaced mine as she came. Her thick juices coated my fingers and the vibrator as I brought her down from her climax.

We both lay on the bed catching our breath. There was nothing but girls kissing. After a few moments she rolled over and kissed me deeply. At first I was shocked, but she sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and I was quickly becoming horny again. I was hoping for another sapphica lesson soon.

Photos by sapphic erotica.

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