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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nude dancers UNITE

If you are a "historian" of stripping like me (or just someone interested by all aspects of the business) you have probably seen "Live Nude Girls Unite" the documentary about the strippers of the San Francisco club "Lusty Lady" who fight to unionize. And you then know that San Francisco has a strong tradition of "private dancing" in secluded rooms in clubs as well as peep shows in private booths. And right now that tradition is under attack by the city legislature.

Law makers are concerned that illicit sex acts (prostitution is NOT legal in San Francisco) are being performed in these rooms. But the dancers contend that the rooms are much safer than working in clients' homes. "It's my opportunity to be in a safe place," said Karina Stewart, a dancer at Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre told law makers in a recent hearing, according to the Associated Press.
The dancers also argue that they depend on the booths for their livelihoods and if they are removed they will be far more likely to dance in private homes and hotel rooms, where the real danger is.

On August 18th over 300 people protested the proposed ordinance in front of city hall. The protest had a party atmosphere as scantily clad dancers swayed to the music provided by DJs. There were also clowns handing out free ice cream. While no one is denying that occasionally things do go awry in the private rooms and booths, they are far more safer than dancing away from a club, far away from the gaze of the bouncers that protect the girls.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If you say it quickly several times you might guess it. Try it. Faster, faster...

Hehe. What a difference two letters make. Not much difference to the owner of a restaurant located in Anaheim, CA that is known as 'Thai Porn'. That's the real name of the food joint. Yes, they serve FOOD! And no, nobody will do any stripping, you won't get lapdanced and noone will belly-dance your brains while you eat.

This is a true story. The word porn, pronounced as 'pawn' in thai means blessing. Whether there is a deep connection between them we will never know but we can safely guess that their millenary history knows better. About the only suspicious element in this tale is that at the center of it all there is a woman named Pornpan, the owner of Thai Porn. Was she blessed when she was born?

For those interested in checking them out we hear that it's all about their big sausages.
Source: avn

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love internet.

Love the world wide web. I especially like the fact that I can look up for anything I want -save cp- on my time, on my terms and on my own way. This is how every now and then I discover such jewels... It may take months, even years, for someone to dig deep, look closer and analyze further before being able to shout left and right an EUREKA of joy in the purest 'Archimedian' fashion, as spam becomes pervasive.

I will change metal-detecting gold rings on a beach for finding internet gems any day of the week.

Very *very* (very) -did I say very- erotic content ahead. You've been forwarned.


source: The kid from Brooklyn

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In case you haven't heard the term before, there is a citation on a recent article on music video director Zach Wolfe, who is another vivid example of crossbordering between mainstream and porn. Mr Wolfe, who directed videos for insanely famous bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and Alice and Chains, will be filming adult oriented material for American Hardcore. In a recent interview he stated "I have been a fan of porn and its role in disposable pop culture, as a result, it has always fascinated me".

And we thought the only disposable thing in life were condoms and Burger King utensils. Life can be unfair at times!

Information at info / @ /

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Continuing our public service of informing the toy-minded community, we recently learned that Penthouse has just introduced their own version of what extreme play is supposed to be. No, not satisfying your most obscure desires or riding a sybian cock, but extreme size folks. Check this out. "The Variations Vibrating Radical Cock model has penetrating dimensions of 11.5 by two inches.  Featuring multi-speed vibrations, the Vibrating Radical Cock has what the company calls ?Virtual Touch? texture. Virtual Touch is designed to be soft on the outside and functionally firm inside."

So when you thought it was going to be soft, it wasn't. Kind of the opposite of an armadillo, firm in the outside and soft inside. Now, question is, why firm has to be in the inside? Do engineers expect users to peel dildos as if bananas to get to the core firm essence?

"The Variations Gonzo Cock is designed to please what the company calls "the biggest needs."  The Gonzo Cock model is sized at 12 inches by two and a half inches. Last, the "Variations Majestic Double Cock" model has staggering dimensions of 18 inches by two inches for shared pleasures. The Majestic Double Cock is bendable to hold any position desired."

Well... that explains the T-shirts sporting signs of 'Majestic Double Wins All" I spotted on my way to a gay bar in the south beach area last night. At least one mystery solved.-

News here

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Just a quick lusty note to let our readers know that Adam & Eve is sponsoring a writing contest at the The prize is a gift card worth $500! Winner to be announced in May. "Lusty Library is primarily focused toward a female audience, so what better way is there to say thank you than offering a $500 prize from a market leader like Adam & Eve?"

And for those who can't wait stay tuned. We will update our sensual stories with fresh new links shortly.


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Sex machines are everywhere

Last fall, Timothy Archibald's published a book on these unusual erotic inventions. A small group of "sex machines inventors" gathered at Portland for the signing of Timothy's book. It was somewhat of an event since all inventors could exchange notes. For the most part, they shared the same common feeling that they had invented the ultrawired metal pieces to please someone else.

Comments such as 'it saved my marriage' or "I've rediscovered sex' were heard in more than one ocassion. The book not only goes into detail about the machinery but also into the lives of the different artists/creators/inventors and their own not-so-hidden motivations. One of them, Allen Stein, invented the Thrillhammer Sex Chair, now on display at the New York Sex Museum.

Honestly, when we first read about it we could only picture an apparatus in the backroom of a Iraqui prison. The fact that Paul Gaertner created his devices transforming an old pasta machine did not make us feel any better. It freezed our sperm and made our balls flat. C'mn Paul, what were you thinking, for scraps' sake? Amassing dicks on white flour like ravioli? Pass me some prego, please...

Garage inventors and the like all gathered at the ceremony looking for clues. Most of the machines discussed in the book as well as those that were *studied* at the signing consisted on mechanical phalluses sticking out.

Yes, it is still very hard to replicate the gentle touch of a loving tongue... fortunately!
Link: avn

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Similar to the annual Fan Fair held in Las Vegas every Labor Day, GlamourCon and Erotica L.A., the bi-annual AdultCon ( is another consumer-driven convention where guys and gals can go to gawk, talk, stalk and hawk stuff from a selection of adult entertainment folks. The attendees are primarily a local crowd. A common friend recently visited the latest AdultCon expo held in Los Angeles International Airport for one day (1pm to 7pm). DVDs, Polaroid pictures, autographs, T-shirts, toys and more were available to buy. Tickets for guys were $30 and $15 for girls. It's always a smart move to give the ladies a discount.

Still and video cameras are actually allowed but fans still require direct permission to take their own pictures of any of the porn girls. This convention mainly attracts the L.A.-based porn stars and models who can easily drive over for the day without the preparation an out-of-town show requires. Caught on film for Boob Beat were Lori Pleasure (SCORE Xtra #10, (at right in blue) February '04 SCORE), Alexis Amore (SCORE Xtra #8, August '02 SCORE), Taylor Wane (December '99 SCORE) (always doll-like in pink, at right), our close pal Tanya Danielle (Boobs Ahoy!, Busty Auditions #2) and Lisa Sparxxx (Holiday '03 SCORE Xtra, Voluptuous Xtra #7).

There were also a few male porn stars around (like the ubiquitous Ron Jeremy, now starring on WB's "The Surreal Life" reality-TV show) and several R-rated models were in attendance including the famous Hollywood body double Shelly Michelle. It's difficult to predict if a version of AdultCon would be successful in Las Vegas. While there's a sizable contingent of big-boobed stars, strippers, web-cam girls and porn stars living in Vegas, few of them have bought tables at Fan Fair over the last three years. Check it out!

6:01:32 PM    

Real people having real sex

Today, Ultimate Entertainment Group will host some preliminary casting for their 'ultimate sex championship'. You've seen the ultimate
fighting championship, fear factor, the iron chef and the american idol TV shows. We can bet our large porn video library -treasured more than anytin' in this world- that you have never seen these nookies before. We refer to the action that will be displayed behind the doors of suite 100 at 14553 Delano St. in Van Nuys once the *judges* start opening the envelopes containing the amateur video submissions that will compete for a formidable $100,000 prize.

You can bet some of these videos are possibly the best pornography ever filmed. As per the release from AVN this morning, judges will not see "professional pornstars meeting by chance at their local Target" but an inordinary amount of real sex as well as a display of genuine affection between performers. Simply put, humans enjoying one of the few things we can freely (most of us, that is) enjoy which makes life worth it (add eating and defecating to make it a divine trifecta).

The public release also stated that "For potential contestants in need of a co-star, LA Ultimate can help expedite the search process". Local newspapers and radio shows were reporting very long lines of single men fighting for a spot in the queues, at the time of this writing. We knew of some men in need but never suspected it got this bad... 

Read the entire story here
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A new line of vibrators just hit the market - To rabbit or not to rabbit

Not what you are thinking bozo. This is a line of sex toys for gay men. We are painfully aware of how fast the internet evolves. Today's world wide web can hardly be compared to what it was at the peak of the bubble and it probably pales compared to what it will be months down the road... But this morning we also realized we have been on the bench for any new techno sexual gadget being pushed to the market, most of which are a must-know just for keeping up with your social milieu -read: "the guys/gals you fuck with". The below news -whether you are or are not a twink- is a final proof that if your are not wired, you are not in the loop. Stop spending time perfecting your masturbation habits and smoothing out the palm of your hand. Plug in for THOR's sake!

- The Screaming O/Bushman Products has announced the launch of the O Boy disposable vibrating quickie kit for the gay marketplace. The O Boy Quickie Kit contains one specially designed black disposable vibrating ring, one ID Glide lube pack and one name brand lubricated condom. The product will be debuted at The Screaming O booth at the upcoming AVN show in January.

"Disposable vibrating rings have been such a hot trend for couples in the heterosexual marketplace that we have had an incredible demand from retailers for a similar product for the gay marketplace, it's just a natural fit," said Screaming O Vice President Keith Caggiano. The O Boy promotes safe sex with vibrating fun and is packaged in a convenient, small "on the go" package.

Pics from a top gay site

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Friday, December 16, 2005

These are no booby-traps, but boobie traps, which makes a world of difference...

Sucking on some beautiful tits of a lactating woman could be an alternative to dangerous drugs as a painkiller. Plus it's a hell of a lot more fun. "We started the study because we suspected that babies fell into a deep sleep after drinking their mother's milk, not just because their stomachs were filled, but also because lactoferrin -a multifunctional protein that is found in milk- was affecting their brains", said Etsumori Harada, a Tottori University professor. Lactoferrin is believed to be effective in fighting bacteria and viruses, as well as being an anti-cancer agent, which is why it is suspected that breast-fed babies often do not come down with as many infant illness as non-breast fed babies. "Just based on animal experiments, lactoferrin's effects outstrip morphine and have no side-effects," Harada said. "Minute doses of lactoferrin could probably allow struggling patients to get by with morphine doses 1,000 times less than their current levels."

What the study didn't mention was that it is yet to be determined who were the animals involved. Rumors say that before the study began long lines of human beings had been spotted in unruly behaviour gathering around the lab, some spurting a foamy substance from their mouths in a clear sign of barbaric "milk starvation"...

In an interesting twist, the study revealed that "...these results suggest that BLF causes hypotension via an endothelium-dependent vasodilation that is strongly mediated by NO production..." We couldn't agree more. We are all for tits sucking. The lactoferrin discovery has sparked interest in several new studies that are presently being conducted by labs around the nation trying to determine if tip-tongue kissing may also lead to a tranquilizing, hipnotic effect.

Resistance is futile!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Teens and oral sex.
The good, the bad, the real.

A recently released study by the federal government showed that oral sex among young teenagers seems to be far more common than originally thought. The study revealed that more than half of the universe of 15 through 19 years old girls interviewed have practiced oral sex on equal terms as boys, that is, both giving and receiving.

Some of the conclusions brought about by the study were quite revealing in that it presented facts that contradicted prior knowledge. Wheareas before boys were depicted as the hunters, the study presents girls hunting as much as them. What lies beneath this systematic change of sexual behaviour is the apparent notion among them that "oral sex is not really sex" and that by engaging in oral sex the risk of pregnancy is minimized.

But the true motivations weren't as clear. Some sources cited that girls had to compete for the popularity by providing oral sex while other sources explained the change in terms of a general social acceptance for such acts. The truly surprising note came from a study conducted 9 months before, based on the same survey, that showed that slightly more girls than boys have intercourse before they turn 20. In addition, other national data indicate that the proportion of high school girls who have one-night stands, as well as nonromantic sexual relationships, equals boys.

Viva Le Liberté!

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


In The Complete A**holes Guide To Handling Chicks (2003), SCORE magazine interviewed writers Dan Indante and Karl Marks, two a*holes who decided to share their philosophy with the world in the book The Complete Asshole's Guide To Handling Chicks. Some have called this the funniest book ever written. "The guys who wrote this book have a tremendous amount of insight, knowledge and humor," wrote one reviewer. Others were not so generous in their praise, especially those with vaginas.

What's happened since the score interview to these two? "Life is pretty good," Dan tells Boob Beat. "We've sold over 15,000 copies of the book and we just sold the TV rights to Twentieth Century Fox TV. We're trying to put together a sitcom. I figure we'll bust our ass for a year and then they'll tell us to go fuck ourselves. Kind of like my marriage."

God, what an "A". A TV show based on this book would make Married With Children look like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The half-hour sitcom is being written by Rob Cohen (Just Shoot Me, Jamie Kennedy Experiment), who will also be the executive producer. The show will be a buddy comedy, with a lead "asshole" tutoring a younger man in the ways to get ahead with women and life in general. Charlie Sheen would have been perfect as the lead asshole but he's already starring in NBC's Two and a Half Men. There's been no announcement whether or not the word asshole will be used in the title. Anyway, if you are going to check out this book pay special attention to the chapter: "Fifty tips on being a better asshole", keep it next to your bed and don't forget your nightly prayer before turning off the lights.

Current SCORE commentaries can be read in their latest issue.

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