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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
I sometimes watch pornos with my girlfriend. Lately, I'm noticing that she seems to be getting turned on more and more during the lesbian scenes. Do you think I should suggest we add another girl if she wants to try it?—Tri-curious in Wilmington, Virginia

Dear Tri,
You'd better be sure your read on her lezzie proclivity is correct, because if you bring it up and she's only interested in the fantasy and not the reality, she may get really pissed off. If I were you, I'd get a straight lesbo video and see if she says anything about it. You might tell her that you've been noticing how wet she's been getting during lesbian scenes as of late, so you wanted to give her a treat.

One thing to remember: Even if she is curious about adding another girl to the mix, don't be the one to suggest who that would be. If you start picking out friends of hers you want to bang, that's a surefire recipe for disaster. Let me know how it goes. And take some pictures if you can.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
Stephanie is 18, and a complete virgin?and I mean to everything. The most she?d ever done before she met me was "French kiss". She had never even been felt up before I touched her in my car one night. She?s let me touch her a little more since: hands under the bra and in her panties. It?s been slow going, but she?s a real cutie, so I don?t mind. Here?s what I need to ask you about. Stephanie is willing to rub my cock through my shorts, but so far, she?s not gotten comfortable enough to touch my dick. Any ideas on how I might move her along a little? I?m getting tired of jerking off after dates like I was back in high school again.?Doug R., Novi, Michigan

Dear Doug,
Wow, has this girl been sheltered or what? Where?d she go to school, a convent? Here?s what I would do. The next time Stephanie is over at your place and you two are getting touchy-feely, get behind her. Rub your dick against her ass with your shorts on while you play with her tits and finger her. When you know she?s good and lubed up, put her hand inside your shorts and see how she reacts. Since she?ll be excited, and a little preoccupied and since you won?t be face-to-face, she might not be embarrassed and just go with it. If you bring her along gradually, believe me, she?s going to want to see what she?s been touching soon enough.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
I need help with a wonderful girlfriend. Samantha is 18 and I'm 32. Two years ago, Sam was in a horrible family car crash that broke many of her bones and slashed her body into ribbons. She'll be graduating from high school in June and wants to go to graphic design school in the fall. We've been dating for five months now -three exclusively- so I've already seen her body. It's like a jigsaw puzzle of scars, but still very sexy. She is an amazing petite, at 5'3" tall and 106 pounds. Sam says she's ready for some clit sex with me in the worst way, but she doesn't want me to see her body. I suggested keeping the lights off, but she still doesn't think that's going to be enough.

They say to put a bag over an ugly girl's head before you fuck her, but Sam is in no way ugly. Rather, she has a very pretty face and a ravaged but still beautiful body. Furthermore, she gives me plenty of indication she can be as good in bed as any "dirty girl". And I say this in a good way, with no direspect to females...

We've talked for hours on end about this but can't seem to find a way past her fear. I'm the first man she'll have ever been with, so it's very important to her since she is a virgin. How can I make her feel at ease and make mad, passionate love to this incredible girl? I love her to death and hope that one day we'll marry. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.-Jigsawman, Toledo, Ohio

Dear Jigsawman,
Talk about a bad spot! High school girls dating older guys usually have enough confidence problems without having to deal with actual scars and some self-esteem worries. However, my patient friend, I do have some advice. Ordinarily, adding lingerie to the mix with young, innocent girls can dent the fantasy, but this might solve your girlfriend's woes. Try a body stocking. They're sheer, come in nude so that you can see a lot, but it will mute the areas where she has scarring. In essence, you will be having some pantyhose sex, which should help to make her a lot more comfortable and keep you from having to worry about keeping the lights out all night. Also, there are body stockings that come crotchless, which means that she doesn't necessarily have to remove it for you two to get it on. You should search the Internet and catalogs like Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood to pick something out. You may also find crotchless and cut-outs, which would allow you access to those delicious 18-year-old nipples. Finally, you may also consider some oral action instead. Inquire to see if she is ready for her first facial. This may make the transition from virgin to experienced somewhat smoother. Good luck, and have fun!

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Monday, December 05, 2005


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
I know I’ll regret this in a few months, but for right now, I have a problem. Lauren, who was up until very recently a virgin, now can’t get enough sex. I love fucking her, but I still like to go out once in a while, and we never do anymore. The minute Lauren gets to my place, it’s either right to the couch or into the bed. I know that part of it is the fact that she’s young—she just turned 18 only about six weeks ago— but I want us to do more than fuck and 69 when we’re together. Got any suggestions on how I should handle this, Johnny?—Homersim from

Dear Homersim,
Just wait it out. It’s a phase, just like suddenly finding a new, favorite food and it’s all you want to eat. In a month or so, she’ll probably calm down some, and leaving the house will seem cool to her again. Right now, she’s found something new and exciting, which makes her feel awesome, so she just can’t get enough. Remember the first time you jacked off? That’s exactly the kind of thrill she’s experiencing now. If she’s still a little nympho after another month, then you might want to sit her down and talk to her about it (if she’s not too preoccupied sucking your dick, that is)!

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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
My girlfriend thinks that I have a tits fetish. She's always complaining that I can't keep my hands off her when we're together or, when we're fooling around, my mouth. Truth is, STC, she's right. She has almost perfectly flat boobs, not the kind you see at the Scoreland site -those aren't small tits-. Hers are really tiny and I just go crazy over them because I'm afraid that she'll start to lose them any day. Her mother has at least C-cups, so it's not like Ellie is going to stay flat forever. How can I convince Ellie that I'm not just some boob freak? Am I the only boob lover here who enjoys beautiful tits? —Jerry D., Hamilton, New York

Dear Jerry,
Your boob fascination with Ellie is understandable, but you might want to simply try to pay more attention to all of her tiny, teenage parts and give her nipples a little bit of a break. Girl boobs take time to develop... Chances are that she's not upset that you like or not her tiny titties, but rather she's concerned that you might not like the rest of her. I'd advise you not to totally ignore what's in her nearly empty bra because that would be suspicious. Instead, each time you go out, or fool around with her, pick a different area to pay more attention to than usual. One night, make her nice ass your focus; on another, go down on her until she cums a few times before even trying to get her shirt off. I guarantee you'll still be able to enjoy her straining A-cups, but she'll be a lot more receptive to you for appreciating all of her underdeveloped frame.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bra off, panties on - Shirt on, panties off. A never ending tale... 


Dear Sex Tip Counselor,
Amy, the girl I’m seeing, absolutely will not let me get her naked. Get this: She’s okay with me getting her top and bra off and sucking on her nipples, but no way will she let me get her shorts and panties off. I have to reach in and finger her to make her cum. If she lets me eat her pussy, I get to work her shorts and panties down to her ankles, but no way will her shirt and bra come off. Johnny, what’s with this girl? It’s not like I haven’t seen all of her in parts. Why won’t she let me see the total package?—Blueman2, via email

Dear Blueman,
The most likely reason for the hide-and-seek behavior of your teen girlfriend is insecurity. Your young sex partner is probably very insecure, which is why she has a problem with being totally naked in front of you, even though you’ve seen all there is to see. Don’t press her on it, especially since you already know that you can do just about everything you want to do with her. Just do it in stages. My thought is that she’ll slowly get comfortable enough to do more and more with you at once, and that will eventually leave her without a stitch on when you’re fooling around. Just give her a little time. I think that’s all she needs. Stay tuned for more and better advice on do teens


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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Dear Sex Tip Counselor
This girl I’m dating is from Russia and came over here to the U.S. only about a year ago. Her English is okay and getting a little better, but she still has this really heavy accent. Here’s the thing. I love it when Sasha talks to me when we’re fooling around. Her accent gets me hard even when she calls me up on the phone to talk about classes. Whenever I hear her, my cock jumps to attention. The negative? I can’t get Sasha to say anything dirty to me when we have sex. She gets really shy in bed, and hardly says anything at all. I know she knows the words—I’ve heard her say them before—but she doesn’t want to say them when we’re alone together. What do you make of that?—Ruskie Lover, Modesto, California

Dear Kruschev,
Methinks Sasha might know the words, but is embarrassed to sing the melody, if you know what I mean. The way I see it, she’s not yet comfortable with the language and talking dirty. That’s going to be tough for her. However, there are things you can do to help her along. Rent a porno flick to watch with her with a lot of hot, dirty talk in it. Let her know exactly how hearing her say similar things to you drives you crazy. See if there are things that she likes you to say to her that turn her on, and go from there. The other thing that I would suggest is to rent out some tapes where there are a lot of foreign girls talking. Since Sasha is Russian, you might want to grab a copy of any of the three volumes of Teen Amateurs: Russian Holiday, which you can order right here in 18eighteen (see page 98 to order). There are also some good titles you can find at your local video store, like Spring Break in Bucharest in which some Eastern Euro Lesbians with some pretty brittle English skills get down and dirty and let their accents all hang out. I think if you share some of this sexy, stunted-English fare with your teen czarina, she’ll warm up to your desire without any fear of the language barrier. Good luck.

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