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Sexy Belly.

The Ms. Belly Pagent (inflation)
by CT36
Permission granted by eighteen and voluptuous

          The backstage of the Ms. American Lady pagent was busy with activity. Slim 18 and 19 year olds running around in their underwear, looking for their dresses. Some of them were falling out of their bras, because they were pushing their small tits together to look good on TV. Most of them were late, because at the meal, the caterer had prepared something special for them.
          The caterer was a person no one knew, but was cheap. After the girls had eaten, they were to go to the arena to prepare for the shpw. It was being carried live on TV all over the world. Little did they know, this was a night they would forget.
          As they put on their dresses, they were so tight so they could show their slim bodies for the judges. Most of the ladies didn't have an ounce of fat on them. As they got ready, some of them felt their stomachs digesting the meal. It was bubbling around, but it didn't bother them. They just thought it was nerves.
          "Love from the Grettown center, it's the Ms. American Lady pagent!" As the announcer was blaring the intro to the show, the girls strutted out onto stage. They were singing their song, that they had learned for the show. Most of the audience was asleep, they thought that this pagent was boring.

          Well, the pagent went on as most do. Singing, dancing and talent being shown. Only 10 of the 50 contestants survived to the final round. Those 10 remained on stage, while the other returned to backstage. As some of them were leaving, they were gripping their stomachs. The final 10 contestants did their thing and only one could be picked. The winner was finally announced, and the winner had to be crowned by the reigning Ms. American Lady. She hadn't been seen in months, ever since she had been involved with a genetic experiment. Anyway, she was nowhere to be found. They were ready to crown her, when all of a sudden, they felt the ground shake. The audience gasped as they saw a figure enter through the back of the stage.

          It was her. She looked fine, except she looked like she was carrying triplets who were 4 years old. Her huge belly bounced around as she walked down stage. She was wearing a bra and thong panties. "Ah ha, I am back." "I have a suprise for all of America. All of these women have been slim most of their lives, and people have given fat people the cold shoulder. Especially pregnant women. Well, America, here's your new pagent. A belly pagent!" All of the contestants were back on stage to see this specticale. She rubbed her huge belly and chanted some words in Latin. All of the women, clutched their bellies and fell to the ground. Then, they started to grow. One by one, their dresses ripped as their bulging bellies grew at a fantasic rate. Their backs arched and they moaned in estascy as belly after belly grew. Most of them looked like normal pregnant women. but, the new champ continued to grow, and grow, and grow. When she was done, her belly was bigger than the former Ms. American Lady's one. All 50 women were on stage, their bellies swollen with life. Then the new Ms. American Lady spoke. "I will make sure every pregnant woman in this world will be seen as beautiful. No longer will slim anorexic girls be best desired. With our big, smooth bellies we shall be the sex objects of the 21st century." With that, all the girls began to rub their bellies and appreciate their new figures. From then on, the Ms. American Lady pagent was known as the Ms. Belly pagent and the bellies got bigger each year.



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