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Pregnant Sex

Pregnant! An Erotic Story.

"I feel like a beached whale, a total bbw sex!" she moaned, struggling to get comfortable in the bed. The hard lump in her belly decided to jump around and play, anytime she lay back, interrupting her rest. "I look like a beached whale, too!"

"Nonsense." The man reached over and draped his arm across the disgruntled woman, giving her a sleepy hug. "You've never been more beautiful."

"Oh, bullshit." She grabbed his pillow away from him, stuffing it under her belly as she rolled on her side. For a moment, that was comfortable. "If I'm so beautiful, how come you never look at me anymore?"

"Look at you?" He opened a sleepy eye, peering over at her. "I look at you all the time. You're face is glowing, your hair is so luxurious, and your eyes, oh Honey, your eyes SHINE. And, of course, I love how pretty your natural boobs are. All big and swollen." He waggled his eyebrows lasciviously. "I have never seen you any lovelier. Being pregnant is a wonderful thing."

"Hmmph!" He knew right away he'd said something wrong.

"Then how come you've not touched my huge tits in a month?" she cried. "You don't find me attractive anymore! You used to like the leg sex thing a lot, not anymore!"

"Oh yes I do!" He squirmed closer, nuzzling her neck. "I was just trying to be considerate. I didn't think you wanted to be touched. I mean, you didn't even want me to rub cocoa butter on your stomach anymore, so I thought...."

I didn't want you to rub cocoa butter on my stomach, because the smell bothered me," she answered. "I ALWAYS want you to touch my blonde sex, that is my shaved pussy..."

Smiling, he rolled back the covers, revealing her swollen body. In one month, their child would be ready to leave, ready to join them in this world. He watched her stomach move as his son (He was just sure it was a son, though he wouldn't love a daughter any less.) kicked and punched his confining home. None of her night clothes fit anymore, so she wore an old flannel shirt of his, buttoned down only three buttons, her belly too big for the shirt to close around it. He reached up to unbutton the shirt, kissing the quivering mound that was her stomach.

The shirt fell away, baring her beautiful breasts. Here again, her pregnancy had only improved on something already wonderful. The softness he loved so was now swollen heavy with milk, the nipples dark and extended, extra large. Long ago, he'd told her he would be the kind of husband who would want to share their child's breakfast... and now he fastened his lips over one of the swollen buds, thrilling at how her body jumped at his touch. His cock was hard as a rock, throbbing, and the dribble of milk that came into his mouth only excited him more.

She was moaning now, her nipples hypersensitive, his sucking nearly sending her over the edge. But then, she had always had very sensitive nipples, and he had always loved playing with them like this, just like he used to do in his teen fucking time with his buddies.

His mouth trailed down her belly; his tongue pressed flat against her skin. He was rewarded with a punch from the baby; obviously upset that Dad was interrupting his play time. His tongue dipped into the deep well that was her navel, already smelling the delightful muskiness of her sex. He let his fingers wander ahead of him, finding her pussy already wet and warm, just waiting for him. Well, he'd waste no time.... Two fingers slid deep into her, slipping easily in her juices.

His tongue trailed down her belly, sliding down the slope to find her clit already hard and swollen. Tasting her was sheer heaven, having denied himself so long. And looking up, he could see her belly, looming over him. If he wasn't careful, he'd find himself shooting his cum across the bed, and not where he wanted it to go.

"Oh, my little baby, you really where hot, weren't you?" He teased, feeling her pussy clutch at his fingers as her body quivered through an orgasm. If she had been wonderful to watch before, seeing her orgasm with her belly so full was magnificent! The way her breasts shook, the nipples blood red. Her stomach so heavy she couldn't arch her back, the baby disliking Mom's sudden movement, shifting her stomach in the opposite direction. "You are beautiful. You should be pregnant all the time."

"No way," she managed, raising herself to her elbows. "YOU be pregnant. See how you like it."

"I wish I could be," he replied wistfully, rubbing his hands across her belly. Her foot rubbed against the underside of his cock, a wicked smile on her face. "You ever gonna get around to using this, Daddy?" she asked.

"Yes Ma'am." He folded the blankets up, sliding them under her hips, raising her off the bed. Now he could kneel on the bed; sliding his cock into her waiting pussy without pressing down on her stomach. Which he did, watching the lust in her face as he entered her.

"This is the best," he said, his cock buried deep inside her; his hands free to roam her stomach, her breasts. Each stroke made her gasp; her breasts heaving, the walls of her pussy trying to pull his cock deeper inside. Crying out her name, he sent a load of cum up to her womb, to his son or daughter.

What delightful torture, forcing himself to keep pumping in and out of her before he lost his erection. The feeling of her climaxing around his semi-erect cock almost sent him into unconsciousness.

Together they lay on the bed, spent. She smiled softly. "I guess that does prove you love me," she murmured.

"Good." He smiled back. Her belly lunged out at him. "And I love you too, sprout," he said, rubbing the hard lump. Laughing, they drifted off into sleep. They didn't have to spend time on ifriends this time.

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