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 Article By JOHNNY GARRET - Courtesy of

The first time it happened to me I was, quite frankly, amazed. My boss had invited me over one Saturday to try out his new hot tub. His wife, Lydia, greeted me at the door. She looked dynamite in her sky-blue tiny bikini model. Lydia has a wide mouth, and she was wearing an innocent pink lipstick. Her eyes are such a light brown that they seem like two golden pools. Her hair is midnight black, and Lydia has high, perky breasts. They aren't gigantic, but they're nicely shaped pears. She has long legs  that end at a shapely set of hips and a tight butt. Her bikini bottom, riding into the crack of her ass, revealed the twin melons. They flexed and clenched invitingly as she walked led me into the backyard where her husband Mac, my boss, was already lounging in the hot
      "Climb in," he called.-
      I joined him, then Lydia daintily stepped into the hot tub, too, bringing us glasses and a bottle of burgundy.
      Like a kid showing off a new toy, Mac showed me all the features of his new hot tub.
      In the meantime, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Lydia, even if she was my boss's wife. Mac noticed my eyes drifting over Lydia's voluptuous boobs.
      I turned red with embarrassment when Mac caught me gazing at his wife's luscious body, but he just laughed and slapped me on the back.
      "Don't get embarrassed, buddy. Lydia is a beautiful woman, isn't she?"
      I nodded.
      "Lydia, Johnny here has been eyeballing your tits ever since we got in the hot tub. Maybe you should give him a better look."
      With a small smirk on her succulent lips, Lydia reached behind her neck and undid the top of her bikini. I was dumb-founded when the two blue triangles of her top fell away, revealing two of the most luscious knockers I've ever seen, in the flesh. She obviously sunbathed in the nude, for her mams were flawlessly golden.
      I could feel my heart pounding as her juggs swayed on the water. Lydia lifted water in the cup of her hand and let it dribble over her titties.
      I heard Mac speak again. "Johnny needs a close-up view, so he can really examine them, Lydia. Why don't you give him a close-up, honey?"
      Lydia came up close to me. Teasingly, her big nipples grazed mine.
      "See how they get nice and hard, Johnny," my boss told me, grinning.
      Her hard nipples were stiffening and thrusting out as she continued to graze them with mine. Lydia closed her eyes, savoring the sensation. A small moan escaped her lips.
      "I think she likes it, Johnny," Mac whispered. "How about you? Do you like it?"
      I nodded.
      "Maybe you'd like to feel them."
      Eagerly, I nodded a second time.
      "Go ahead."
      I let my fingers glide over her smooth, silky huge tits. She purred like a happy kitten.
      "Stroke her. Toy with her nipples a little. It gets her all hot and nasty."
      I tenderly squeezed each cinnamon-colored nipple. The cutie whimpered with pleasure, pushing her mounds into my hands.
      "And she's got the cutest pussy, too–all shaved," her husband said. "Lydia, darling, why don't you show our guest that sweet purely ass of yours?"
      A moment later, the bottom part of the bikini was floating on the bubbly water. Lydia sat up on the deck of deck of the hot tub. Water dripped from her bare pubes. From between the petals of her pussy, her clit peeked out, dark brown and glistening.
      "It tastes as good as it looks," Mac declared, a man who obviously knew what he was talking about.
      It seemed like an invitation, so I leaned forward and gave a tentative lick of Lydia's love slot. She closed her eyes, purring some more. With one hand she fondled her tit; with the other she held wide and open her teen pussy labia. I slipped my tongue along her pink trough, tasting the pungent cream that scoreland.comglistened on her clit.
      "You probably have something else besides your tongue that you'd like to put there," said my boss.
      I quickly pulled down my trunks, freeing my aching hard-on. Facing me, Lydia wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist. I lowered the beautiful woman onto my throbbing erection. She enveloped me with her satiny smooth cunt.
      She cried out when I enteredher. I gripped her muscular ass, bouncing her on my cock. With each thrust she gasped. The jets of water massaged my balls as I plunged into Lydia.
      All the while, Mac watched me fuck his wife, stroking his meat as he watched the live porn show. He erupted about the same time I did.

  The next day I was still astonished at the memory of Mac watching me fuck his wife so energetically in the hot tub. Little did I realize, at the time, that this isn't nearly as uncommon as you might
      Depending upon which survey you read, somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 percent of all husbands fantasize about watching their wives make it with another guy. The next you're at work, look around and think about that statistic–about half the guys you're looking at wouldn't mind you banging their wives and, of the women you see, half of their husbands are thinking the same thing. And if you're married and want your wife to get it on with another guy, you should realize that you're not abnormal at all. In fact, you are very typical.
      In a recent magazine article, a wife of 15 years recounted the story of how she spent the weekend servicing her husband and his two best friends.
      "I just got done making love–no, make that, sucking and fucking three men for an entire weekend," she starts off. "And I'm still astounded at how I turned into a horny slut."
      She goes on, "I never cheated on my husband, so when he suggested that he would like to see another man make love to me, I was suitably shocked. Inside, I had to admit that I was a little intrigued. The idea of having more than one cock to satisfy me was, to say the least, thrilling.
      "The next weekend Ed invited his two best friends over to watch a ball game. Although he didn't say anything, I knew exactly what my husband had in mind.
      "The three guys took turns dancing with me. When Ed put on some soft music, the guys, after a glance at my hubby, started to dry hump me. I got real horny, and before too long, there I was on knees, going from one cock to another, giving blowjobs. Then Bruce fucked me doggy-style, while I jerked off Jerry. "We spent the entire weekend sucking and fucking. I woke Saturday morning with a strange but pleasantly thick pecker in my cunt, and I went to sleep with a pecker in my mouth and cum on my lips. Strangely, the more cock I got, the more I wanted. I think I must have a streak of nympho in me. Each of the guys must have fucked me eight times at least during that weekend. I was their sex toy. They'd watch a game on television, have a couple of beers, go swimming, then they would come into the bedroom and fuck me. There I'd be, my legs spread wide, using the vibrator, cum dripping from my cunt.
      "The funny thing was, after Ed's two friends left, Ed wanted even more. He fucked me so long and hard that I came for an hour. We were like a couple of wild animals the rest of the week fucking every chance we got.
      "That weekend did so much for our love life that we're thinking of advertising in the local swingers magazines for some horny guys. I don't think we'll have any problem, do you?"
      This story illustrates at important fact about wife-sharing. Practically every single couple who gets involved in wife-sharing finds that it enhances, or re-kindles, their love life considerably.
      Kimberly H., a beautician, reports, "I used to be lucky if my husband screwed me once a month. Now, ever since he invited Ben, his friend, to fuck me, he can't get enough. Sometimes, he and Ben will come to the shop where I work, and the three of us will go behind a curtain. My husband will pull scoreland.comup my short uniform and invite Ben to have a piece of ass. Suddenly I find myself bending over, leaning against the wall, looking over my shoulder as Ben plunges his cock into me. After he cums and pulls out his dripping rod, my husband is right there to take his place. Between the two of them pounding away at my pussy, I almost fall over when I climax.
      "Afterward, my husband will hang around for a while and watch me fix some lady's hair. I know he is thinking about the sperm from his and his best friend's cock which is dribbling down my inner thigh.
      "Sometimes, when I get home, my husband is waiting there with his pecker out. ‘What did you think of this afternoon?' he asks. ‘I was dripping for hours, and I'm hornier than hell,' I tell him. He lays back on the couch, his pecker standing up like a totem pole, and I'm already throwing off my clothes and straddling him."
      There are some couples where the husband likes to see the wife gang-banged. Again, this is far more ordinary than most sexologists admit.
      Susan, a real estate agent and a statuesque blonde with long, scarlet fingernails and glossy lips, said, "At first I thought the guys would think I'm a slut, just because I was willing to fuck all 13 of them, but they were really very sweet to me."
      How did it happen?
      "Danny, my husband, belongs to an all male softball team. They were out in a park having some pizza and beer, and I came to pick Danny up. Danny has never been real jealous of me, so when the guys started to tease me about how they would like to get me alone, Danny just encouraged them. It was kind of dark, and they had a bonfire going. They talked me into doing a dance for them. After a few beers I was more than ready. There was something real erotic about dancing for all those men. Then somebody shouted ‘strip!' and they took up a chant, ‘strip, strip, strip.' One glance at my husband with his grin told me that he was eager to see how far I would go

   "I danced around in a circle of firelight. All eyes were glued on my body. I went from guy to guy, swaying and undulating and gyrating.
      "Finally, laughing, one of the guys grabbed my wrist and kissed me, or rather I kissed him. Then all the guys insisted I kiss each one of them.
      "Then one of the guys squeezed my tit, another tweaked my nipple, and before you knew it, I was on the blanket, taking guy after guy in my pussy. They couldn't fuck me fast enough. Iwas jacking one off, while at the same time, I was on top of one, when I felt a second guy nudging his cock into my asshole. Then another went in my mouth. Suddenly, I had a guy up each of my holes, one in my hand, one in my mouth…everywhere!
      "I was cumming now in steady powerful waves. I didn't care who was fucking me, as long as I had a cock in my cunt and mouth or between my tits."
      She laughed playfully. "Little ole me exhausted that whole team. When we got home, my husband spent an hour licking out my cunt as I shuddered through a couple more orgasms.
      "From then on the team invited me to every one of their games. They treat me like a lady in public, but oo-ee those after-the-game parties are wild!"
      More common, however, than gang-bangs are the occurrences of a friend joining a husband and wife.
      Myron, the husband in this example, explains it this way. "Al and I had been buddies since college He was the best man at Lisa's and my wedding. I knew he always had the hots for Lisa, but I also scoreland.comknew he wouldn't do anything about it.
      "I was glad when Al married and surprised when a year later he was getting a divorce. He was pretty devastated. For a couple of weeks he stayed with us.
      "For whatever reason, I found it exciting to think of my best friend between my wife's thighs. In our bedroom, I talked with Lisa about it.
      "‘I find it exciting too,' she admitted. She was sitting on the bed in a very sexy white teddy.
      "‘Should I talk with him?'
      "I could see her nipples perk up at the thought, and she nodded.
      "I went out into the living room where Al was sleeping on the couch. It didn't take much to convince him to join us in the bedroom.
      "When I opened the door, the light was off, and Lisa was lying in the middle of the bed. I climbed in on one side, and Al climbed in on the other.
      "We took turns kissing my wife. I kissed her mouth, while Al nuzzled her neck. Then Al kissed her, while I blew in her ear. He dragged his tongue around her full lips, thrusting a tongue between her lips.
      "I sucked on one breast while Al savored the other. I showed him how to lash Lisa's big, dark nipples with his tongue; how it got her hotter than hell.
      "I took Al on a tour of my wife's body. I showed him her tits, her rounded ass, her beautiful, fluffy cunt. I took his hand and put it on her clit. My wife was quivering and moaning under the dual stimulation.

      "‘Mmmm," my wife murmured, squeezing my best friend's cock.
      "Al needed to fuck her real bad, and he was our house guest, so I let him go first. I continued to kiss and caress my wife while my best friend mounted her.
      "She gasped, biting my lip, when he entered her. Putting her ankles over his shoulder, he banged away hard, fast and furious. She was panting, loving it. I kissed Lisa, tonguing her nipples, caressing her clitoris as my best friend screwed her silly. I looked into her big blue eyes as she was being fucked. She had that far-away gaze that said she had entered that blissful euphoria just prior to climaxing.
      "She was perspiring, letting out little yelps of pleasure. Suddenly, she gasped, arching her ass. Her nipples were incredibly stiff as she came in jerks, quivers and twitches.
      "Al lifted his head to the sky, and I could see he was spewing a thick load of cream in my wife's twat.
      "When he fell away, exhausted with pleasure, I immediately took his place. Just floating down from a climax, my wife's eyes got big, feeling my rock-hard cock plunge into her sticky cunt. In about 15 seconds, she was furiously fucking my brains out.
      "When she came the second time, the very bottom of her cunt was shivering and quivering with scoreland.comdelight. She climaxed so hard I could sear, she even fainted for a second.
      "When Al's cock was stiff again, he was right back at it, taking his place between her sweaty thigh, plowing into her sticky trench once again.
      "That's the way the whole night went. One big fuck-fest.
      "When we finally drifted off to sleep, by the dawn's early light I could see a contented smile on both Lisa and Al, As for me, Iwas grinning like the cat that ate two canaries. "
      And that is exactly what many couples say about wife-sharing! You might want to give it a try yourself.

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