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Voluptuous Vixens

By Sex Stories

 For months I'd been looking forward to my vacation in Europe. I was determined to avoid the usual tourist traps and explore the exotic. Little did I realize how exotic it would turn out to be.Scoreland Boob Models

     I decided to travel through the wild mountains of Transylvania and look into the local vampire legends. If nothing else I figured it would be a good story to tell everybody back home. I rented a car in Vienna and drove east until I reached the land of the undead. Driving through the dark and gloomy mountains, my car suddenly broke down. Cursing, I began walking down the deserted dirt road.

     It was almost dark when I finally came to an old castle that sat in a misty valley. Stumbling down a steep hill, I finally reached the castle and knocked at the big iron gate. A stunning blonde sex tits in a red nightgown answered and looked at me curiously. I told her my situation and she invited me in. It was a spooky old place. Spiderwebs cluttered the corners of the dark room and water dripped down from the stone walls.

     The blonde xxx turned to me and smiled. Her big hooters strained against the low cut gown. "Wait here," she said. "I'll get the Mistress of the house. Maybe she'll know how to help you."Scoreland Boob Models

     She disappeared down a dark hallway and I was left alone in the creepy old castle. A Few minutes later the sexy blonde was back followed by a raven haired beauty dressed in a long flowing black robe. Her waist length hair was parted in the middle and her skin was as white as a ghost. Her blood red lips parted slightly as she looked at me with a blank stare.
  "I am Mistress Rhiannon"she said. "Tina says you are a traveler whose car has broken down."
     "That's right. Can I use your phone to call a mechanic?"
     "We have no phone here," she said. "And the nearest village is 20 miles away."
     "Well, looks like I'll be walking all night,"I said.
     "Oh, no, that won't be necessary," she said, clutching my arm tightly. "I will send a messenger to the village. She will return tomorrow with a mechanic."

      I thanked the strange but erotic looking creature and she led me into the dining room.
     "Please have dinner with me," she said. "Then I will show you your room for the night."
     We sat at a long banquet table and Tina, the blonde, served the food. It was Scoreland Boob Modelssteak cooked very rare and I gobbled every last bite of it.
     "You seem very happy," Mistress Rhiannon said, smiling for the first time.
     "I'm starved. I haven't eaten since this morning."
     "Yes, I am very hungry, too," she said without touching her food.
     "You are?" I asked. "Then how come you're not eating?"
     "My hunger is not satisfied by food," she said, getting up from the table.
     "No? How are you satisfied?"

     She gave me a leering smile, her black eyes glowing like hot coals in the dim room. Suddenly she pulled open her robe and I saw the abundant charms she had been concealing. falling from the opened robe were the biggest tits I'd ever seen – monster tits that spilled to her belly and covered her arms.

The giant nipples and areolae were blood red and stood erect and aroused against her chalky white skin. My jaw dropped as I stared at those massive melons.

     "Do you like what you see?" she asked in a deep, erotic whisper. 
"Are those puppies for real?" I asked, still staring at them. She laughed and walked over to me. I was hypnotized by those huge boobs. They bounced and jiggled as she came closer. She reached up and pulled my head down into an ocean of tits. Eagerly I began licking and sucking as her long fingernails dug greedily into my skull. Suddenly, she lifted up my head and looked me in the eye.

"Come, it is time you earned your keep," she said. She took me by the hand and led me to a spectacular giant-sized bedroom. In the middle was a huge bed the size of a trampoline. She smiled at me with her glowing black eyes.
 "Take your clothes off, my little sweet," she said seductively.
     Dazed, I slowly removed all my clothes and stood nude before her. She looked down at my rock hard cock and took it in her hand.
     "You'll do just fine," she said with a cackling laugh that sent chills down my spine.
     Dragging me to the bed by my dick, she pulled me down on Scoreland Boob Modelstop of her tits. I was ecstatic. She wanted me to tit fuck the biggest jugs I'd ever seen. Sliding my schlong between her milky white melons I was stunned to see them slam together tightly around my cock. all on their own, her huge hooters began moving back and forth against my grateful cock.
She laughed at my surprise. "We have certain powers beyond those of mere mortals," she said.
     Confused but happy, I began fucking the incredible moving melons that had a mind of their own. The more I fucked, the tighter those titanic torpedoes squeezed my dick. Grabbing them with both hands I felt them pulsating and pumping, the blood racing through the blue veins. Eagerly, I pumped away, the twitching and tingling tits adding toy pleasure.
  "My breasts have a mind of their own," Mistress Rhiannon said with a leering grin.
  "I like what they're thinking!" I said with a big laugh.
 Soon, her tits loosened their vise-like grip on my Dick and the long, cone-Scoreland Boob Modelsshaped tops wiggled around my hips and wrapped themselves around my pumping ass. It was an incredible feeling! Her tits were so big that they completely surrounded my Dick and all of my ass.

The entire middle half of my body was being squeezed and smothered by tit meat! Her nipples pressed like fingers against my ass and before long I felt the juices building in my balls and racing to my Dick Suddenly, I exploded in the orgasm of my life, sending long blasts of cum shot deep into her heaving cleavage.

She tensed and groaned with pleasure, eager that every drop of my juices penetrated her bountiful breasts.
     When we were done, I looked up and was stunned to see the bed was surrounded by a dozen busty babes in long flowing robes.

     "May I have his life juices next, Mistress Rhiannon?" asked Tina the blonde.
Mistress Rhiannon climbed out of bed and looked down at her cum covered melons. "He may not have any left," she said laughing.
 "Oh, all I need is a drop or two," Tina said. Quickly she dropped her head to my glistening cock. She sucked me like
a vacuum cleaner, eager to drain every last drop. Her tongue twisted and twirled around my Dick, her mouth taking in more of my cock with every thrust.

Suddenly she had all of me in her and my body rocked with the pleasure of my entire Dick Scoreland Boob Modelsbeing sucked off. But Tina wasn't finished yet. As her lips slammed against the base of my cock, her long, lavish tongue slipped out of her mouth and darted against y quivering balls. Each time her nose brushed against the base of my prick, I felt that twirling tongue lash out against my grateful nuts.

My Dick was at full mast now and Tina pulled away and smiled down at a job well done.
     Slowly, the rest of the women disrobed and moved closer. All 12 of them climbed into the giant bed with me. Soon, I was surrounded by a dozen salivating big tit sex monsters. Fangs sprouted from the sides of their mouths and suddenly I realized the truth. I was being ravished by a gang of voluptuous vampires!
 A gorgeous redhead named Wendy cradled my head in her abundant chest. "I want to watch your face while we ravish you," she said. A dark skinned beauty named Celine slithered next to my back and licked my ear. "I'll watch from this side,"she sighed. The rest of the vampires hovered at my feet and between my legs. They decided they'd take turns tit fucking and sucking my tired but still eager cock. 

A chubby woman named Anna was first. Her tits were huge, almost as big as Mistress Rhiannon's, and she surrounded my cock with her heavy melons. As she began fucking, Wendy and Celine watched my face with interest.Scoreland Boob Models
     "Do you like getting gang fucked, my big dicked little slut?" asked a sneering Wendy.
     "Of course he does,"said Celine. "Mistress Rhiannon knows how to pick them.
     "Pick them?" I asked wondering what they meant.
     "The girls both laughed. "Of course, my hung little honey,"said Wendy. "Mistress Rhiannon sensed your approach. Her highly erotic mind knew you were the perfect one to serve us."
     "But my car just happened to break down,"I said.
     The girls laughed again. "Mistress Rhiannon did that," said Celine. "Her powers know no bounds."
     Now I knew the full story. It was no accident I was now being gang banged by a dozen sex-crazed vampires.

When I had gotten near the castle Mistress Rhiannon had picked up my scent and read my mind. She knew I was the one who could satisfy her and all the other vampires' lusty desires.
Glancing down at Anna, I saw drops of cum drip on to her fat tits. Quickly, she rubbed the jizz deep into her breasts. Immediately taking her place was a long-Scoreland Boob Modelslegged black vampire with big brown bazoongas.
     "Okay, sugar hips, now it's my turn,"she said.
     Hungrily she dropped her head to my dripping dick and sucked a drop or two of my cum. Greedily the luscious vampires pushed her aside, all anxious to have me next. The winner as the hottest babe of all. She was a stunning green-eyed blonde that moved like a cat. Instantly I got rock hard at her touch.

She squealed with delight and sank her latin pussy down on my Dick The other girls watched jealously as we fucked until we both came in a long, shattering orgasm. Quickly, two more vampires pulled her off of me and both of them dropped their heads to suck my dripping juices. They passed my cock between them, grunting and groaning with pleasure as they hungrily devoured my cum.

     One by one the sex crazed creatures of the night had their way with me. Scoreland Boob ModelsFrantically they slapped and sucked my dick until I gave forth the life sustaining juices they so desperately craved. They swallowed it, rubbed it in their tits, smeared it on their legs–anywhere and everywhere just so long as some cum entered their porous skin or hungry mouths.
  I laid there motionless, clutched tightly by Celine and Wendy. Finally, after ten of the big titted monsters had passed me around, it was their turn. Celine slipped down to my Dick and took it between her ruby red lips. Suddenly her mouth began vibrating, sending jolts of pleasure racing through my body.

     Mistress Rhiannon stood by the bed and laughed. "Celine has special powers of her own," she said. "I love to watch her work."
     That made two of us. I watched the vibrating Celine suck my suddenly aroused cock.

Her tongue lashed out wildly, licking and twirling like a well-oiled machine, her lips twitching and teasing. Soon, Wendy joined her and the two of them took Scoreland Boob Modelsturns sucking me off. Then, together they licked and sucked me, lips and tongues covering my cock with their lusty caresses. I felt myself ready to explode and the girls got ready for the big shoot. Both of them jerked my dick faster and faster, their open mouths poised above me, eager to drink my juices. Suddenly I erupted in orgasm and sent long blasts of jism flying towards the gorgeous vampires. They steered my cock back and forth so that each of them received loads of cum into their hungry mouths.

They grunted and snorted with animalistic glee, like pigs at a feeding trough. Never in my life had I seen women so desperate to devour dick. For them it went beyond mere pleasure. For them it was a matter of life and death. They needed my juices, craved for it and would do anything to savor even one little drop. 

After I finished shooting my load, Wendy and Celine lowered their heads and fought each other for the pleasure of sucking the cum off the tip of my dick.
They compromised and both of them lathered the head of my cock with their twitching
Scoreland Boob Models tongues. After being satisfied that they had gobbled up every last drop, they withdrew and left me laying there exhausted–fucked and sucked completely dry. The vampires' faces leered above me, their fangs salivating and demanding more.

     Mistress Rhiannon stood there and laughed. "I'm afraid he's drained completely, my cum sucking sisters," she said. "You'll have to let him rest."
     Reluctantly the dozen devils of lust pulled back their fangs and crawled out of bed. They drifted back into the shadows and Mistress Rhiannon and I were left alone once again.

     She looked down at me with an evil smile. "You performed well, my little slut," she said. "I'll have to keep you around for awhile."
     "Keep me around?"
     Her evil laugh echoed across the dark room. "You don't think we'll let Scoreland Boob Modelsyou go now, do you?"
     "But my car!" I said protesting.
     "Forget your car!" she said angrily. "Forget everything. You are here to serve us and here you will stay."
     "But I don't understand," I said staring at her basketball sized tits.
     "It's simple," she said. "We are vampires. But, instead of blood we prefer cum. It's more exciting and just as satisfying."
     "You mean you can live off my cum?"
     "That's right, my sweet little slut," Mistress Kelly said. "as long as you continue to satisfy us no harm will come to you."
     "What happens if I get so exhausted that I can't satisfy all of you any longer?"
     "Then we will be forced to drink your blood," she said, looking at me with narrowed blazing eyes.

     Suddenly it all dawned on me. If I couldn't keep it up they'd drain my veins instead of my dick.
     "I'll satisfy all of you as much as I can," I said quickly.Scoreland Boob Models
     "I know you will, my little sweet," she said, mounting me. "I see you're about ready for more. Good, because I suddenly feel very hungry again."

     She sank down on my half-hard cock and stuffed it into her greedy cunt. Slowly she began bouncing up and down, her towers of tits slapping against my face. I felt myself grow rock hard again and we fucked long into the night.

     Since then I have served my lusty vampires with pride and pleasure. We sleep all day and fuck all night. It's a good life, a lusty life, a life that might go on forever–just so long as my dick holds up!

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