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  It was dark in the alleyway, and the tinted windows meant she couldn't see me sitting in the driver's seat. She leaned forward, staring at her reflection in the windshield, as she carefully fixed her lipstick. The further she leaned, the tighter her blouse hugged to the contours of her impressive breasts. I sat there enchanted by her full-bosomed loveliness, gazing down the three-inch cleavage crack made visible by her decision to leave the two top buttons of her blouse undone.

     It's weird how the mind works, but what with her cleavage out on display and her very short skirt, I quickly sensed from her outfit that, you know, tonight was the night when she and her lover were finally going to make out together. He was a tall, burly hulk of a guy, standing to the side, watching her make herself beautiful. I looked across at him and followed his eye line, which seemed to be fixed upon the same two mounds of succulent flesh that were proving so enchanting to me. He obviously had good taste in women.
     The girl leaned even further forward, then took out a powder puff and added some extra color to her cheeks. As she moved up closer, the three-inch cleavage crack gained another couple of inches, allowing me to make out the lace trim that formed the outer hem of her low-cut bra.
     Immediately, I was transported back 20 years to math class, where Miss Lopez, a young blonde lesbian Puerto Rican trainee teacher would perch on the edge of her desk, lean forward and talk calculus. Her body defied all mathematical possibilities. Back then, I sat in the front row, which meant that I always got a peachy look at teacher's jugs. Miss Lopez was young and stacked, and she always wore those scoop-necked sweaters that left a tantalizing glimpse of her bra showing, drawing the eyes to the bountiful cleavage that it held within its clutches. I'm sure she knew I was looking at her. Otherwise, why would she have dressed so much more provocatively than any other teacher in the school, and why did her sweaters get lower and lower as the year went on? And, I must say, I was always suspicious that year when my father volunteered to go to parent-teacher conference night. That wasn't the kind of thing he'd ever done before.

     The memory of Miss Lopez was dancing around my mind as I leaned forward and pressed my face right up close to windshield. This girl had a Puerto Rican look about her. Her skin was light brown, and her hair was a mass of brunette curls. Best of all, she had the hourglass curves of a true Latina beauty, except she was bustier than any Latina I'd ever seen…except Miss Lopez, of course. She took her powder puff and dabbed it across the top of her jugs. As she did, she leaned even closer towards me. I got a look at the full kit and caboodle and immediately sized them up as something like FF-cups. Or was it my imagination playing tricks on me?
     I took a deep breath, lost in lust and admiration. Her gorgeous busty boobs were just what I needed to brighten what had been a miserable night for me. My wife had kicked me out, again, after finding a pile of big-tit jack mags hidden inside my closet. Voluptuous. SCORELAND. XL Girls. They were all there, which drove her wild because she wasn't big-breasted at all. Why I married her in the first place I'll never know, but you know how these things go: It's always better to be the thrower-outer than the thrower-outee. Maybe my ego was hurt.

     I'd driven for hours before parking in the alleyway and eventually falling asleep. If it hadn't been for the sound of the Latina babe giggling, I might not have woken till morning. But I heard her laugh, so I opened my eyes. My watch said it was just after midnight, so I figured that the couple had just left a club and was heading back home for some action.
     “This is such a sexy car,” I heard her say as she leaned over the Mercedes and fixed her makeup.
     “You're sexy, too,” her lover said. Then he moved up close to her and kissed her neck.
     I watched him. He didn't kiss her with his eyes shut, like most people kiss. Instead, his eyes were staring right down the girl's blouse, and I could just imagine the view he had of her gorgeous mammaries. You know, like I do, how great, and how much bigger, breasts look when viewed from the top. She said something about them waiting till they got back to her place, but the guy didn't seem too happy about that. He suggested it might be more fun to fool around on the hood of the “sexy” car. My sexy car. I was all for that.

     The girl looked around for a moment, making sure no one was nearby. Satisfied that she and her man were totally alone, she climbed onto the hood of my Mercedes, right in front of me. Her body was extremely voluptuous, but her stomach was pleasingly flat. Her breasts arched away from her ribcage, defining them and delineating them almost as something separate from the rest of her torso.
     Slowly, she began to unbutton her blouse, uncovering her voluptuous tits. I saw white marks on her light-brown skin where the cups of her bra were digging into her voluptuousness. It was a clear sign that her bulging tits were straining to break free of the bra. The sight of her nipples hardening reinforced my sense of her breasts' desire to escape from the bra. They were forming into two sharp-pointed bullets, which seemed to be right on the verge of bursting through the bra cups. I watched them, fixated by the sight of them enlarging, fleshing out the bra cup and adding a pleasing tip to the girl's mounds.
I thought of Miss Lopez teaching math with her juicy nips poking right through her scoop-necked sweater. In class, my tongue would be dangling right out of my mouth as I thought about taking a lick at those nips and then swallowing the rest of teacher's tits up whole. It was all I thought about in class that year.
     The car shook as the guy climbed onto the hood and moved up close behind the girl, wrapping his arms around her body. She looked up over her shoulder and kissed him while he cupped his fingers around her jugs. I could see her nipples poking out through the gap between two of his fingers. He seemed to be squeezing them, which made them grow even more erect. I pressed my face up close to the glass and watched as the guy made a grab for the girl's shoulders and pushed her bra straps down her arms. The cups of the bra came flopping forward till they were being held in place only by the erect points of the girl's nipples. The guy then undid the rear clasp of the bra, and it fell into his lover's lap. Despite losing the support offered by the bra, the girl's tits barely fell an inch down her body. They were that firm.

     No sooner were her breasts uncovered than the girl was getting up on all fours and moving into a doggie position. She pressed her jugs right up to the windshield while the guy lifted up her skirt and then undid his fly. He reached around her body and forced his fingers between her jugs and the glass. Her ample curves provided all the leverage that he needed to allow him to penetrate the girl from behind.
     At times, I didn't know where to look: at the contorted look of ecstasy on the girl's face or at the massive boobs that were threatening to smash through my windshield. The guy pumped his prick in and out of the girl's pussy, but I sensed from her groans and her facial contortions that the real pleasure she was experiencing came from the way the guy was titillating her cleavage. She urged him on.

     He had a mass of mammary in each hand, and he pushed her breasts up until her nipples were poking dead ahead. His fingers tightened around the girl's nips, which he twisted and turned like he was tuning the dial on a transistor radio. His fingertips had caused a mass of small bumps to rise all over the girl's areolae. I leaned in close, pressing my tongue against the tip of her right nipple, then imagined that I was swirling it right around and across those delicate bumps.
     My prick grew stiff in an instant, so I undid my fly and began to jerk off. Part of me was just getting off on the show in front of me, but another part of me was seeing those jugs as Miss Lopez's jugs, and the areolae that ringed the girl's prominent tips seemed to turn her breasts into some kind of targets: the light-brown outer ring, big and plump and easy to hit; then the darker circle of the areolae; and then the rock-hard nipple standing upright for the bull's-eye.
     I zeroed in on that beautiful bull's-eye, imagining it between my lips, then I heard the girl scream as her lover hit the bull's-eye with a nasty tweak. He shoved his cock inside of her, and his thrusts quickened as the girl spurred him on with her ever-louder responses to the stimulation of her nipples. I gazed up and down, from her jugs to her face, linking up her groans of pleasure with the pinches that her nipples took. I was sure it was that, more than the prick in her pussy, that was causing her to squeal.

     My theory seemed to be proven right when the man took his hands away from the girl's jugs and began to squeeze her thighs. He was fucking her hard, right on top of my car, with long thrusts of his prick, and he was kneeling in an upright position to allow him to thrust as deep as possible. But the girl seemed less concerned by the thrusts than with the non-stop stimulation of her tits.
     She placed one hand on the top of the windshield to keep her balance and the other around her left breast. Her tits were so big, she was able to lift a nipple up to her mouth and take a deep suck. My cock began to spasm as she took a bite at her own chunky nipple. Drool dripped from her lips and all over her areola, and a red lipstick mark appeared on her flesh.
     The guy continued to pump his prick in and out of the girl's pussy, but the girl seemed barely aware of his existence. Her only concern was for the jug in her mouth. She gripped her fingers hard into her curvaceous flesh as she kept the nipple pressed between her lips. But she couldn't hold it in place for long, and soon it was back pressing up against the windshield, her fingers laced around its lower curve, brushing the bumps on her areolae. She was in ecstasy.

     I focused hard on the Miss Lopez lookalike as she got off on her own voluptuousness. By pressing my face right up to the windshield, I could feel the vibrations shooting through her flesh. The force of the fucking was making her mammaries tremor against the glass. I wondered if there was some possible way she knew I was there. Was the tinting that dark?
     As the fucking became more energetic, each forward thrust of the guy's erection made the girl's tits press up so tightly to the windshield that her jugs were squashing out into two flat, fat circles of boob, with her bullet-like nipples reverting back into the heart of her bosom, forced back on themselves by the immovable glass windshield. Undulations shot through her flesh, the reverberations echoing right through the glass to me. In fact, at times, it seemed as though I was actually touching Miss Lopez's breasts.
     A feeling of warmth and safety pervaded my body. In my mind, I was suckling at the chest of my Latina dream girl, chewing on her tasty nips like a puppy dog feeding on its mother's flesh. As the speed of the screw intensified, the girl leaned forward and rested both her hands on the top of the windshield. Suddenly, her tits were dangling down slightly away from the glass, with nothing to stop them from shaking furiously. I fixed my eyes on the most tantalizing point of all: that line of flesh in the depths of the girl's precipitous cleavage crack. Her glorious mounds rose up around that line, and I thought of my face disappearing between the mounds towards the center of her bosom.

     Instinctively, my tongue came out of my mouth as I felt myself burrowing deeper and deeper between the girl's curves. I felt breathless as I sensed her flesh closing in around my face, bringing me warmth and passion, but suffocating me. Slowly, inexorably, the cleavage crack was swallowing me up. The line of flesh at the base of the curves was drawing me in and eating me up.
     A spasm in my cock-head told me that I had made it to the center of the girl's bosom, or was it Miss Lopez's bosom? My mind was fucked. A jet of spunk flew out of my knob-end and splattered against the inside of the windshield. Just then, I heard the girl scream as her body also gave way to orgasm. My spunk had hit her curves and dripped down her cleavage crack, smearing all over her nipples. Or at least that's how it looked. The concurrence of our orgasms made it clear she had felt my cum hitting her jugs; that she had been overwhelmed by my obvious lust for her sexy tits.
     I sat still for a few moments, sweating and sticky, as my cock continued to spit out spunk. I wondered what she would do next. This was one of the rare moments when I had already cum and still wanted more.
     “Cum over my jugs,” the girl shouted to her lover, although a part of me knew that she was talking to me.
     The guy withdrew from the girl's pussy then watched as she spun around to face him. For one brief moment, I caught her profile. I saw the crease of flesh on her torso that delineated the lower curve of her beautiful jugs. I saw the protruding curves, arcing out and away from her upper body, like two over-inflated balloons.

     Slowly, the girl stretched out on my hood, lying flat on her back, her head against the windshield. She pulled her breasts a little bit apart, then waited for the guy to straddle her body. He rested his thighs on both sides of her stomach, sitting on her perfect abs, as he slotted his erection between her jugs.
     Then he started to fuck them. The lucky bastard had started to fuck them! Eased along by the pussy juice that had wet his prick while he'd been screwing the girl, his erection slid in and out of her jugs, which she was squeezing together to make an orifice for him.
     I spat in my hands and placed them on either side of my prick, trying to get a feel of what the lucky bastard was going through. To me, it felt even more beautiful than fucking a genuine pussy, as I stared at the girl and imagined my prick sliding in and out of her gigantic breasts. Her lover had a massive prick, maybe nine inches or more, and I could see it shooting right through her cleavage. He'd pull it back, so that it was surrounded by jug, then thrust it right through till it was right out the other side. He was big enough, so that when he thrust it right through, his prick was actually touching the girl's lips. She'd flick her tongue against his slit and then groan as he pulled his meat back into the center of her bosom.
Oh, man, she was shuddering like mad! And the white marks on her Latina skin, where she was clasping her tits tight to make sure that it made a proper orifice! And the sight of her lying flat out on my hood with her two awesome mammaries! There are so many well-stacked girls who go flat the minute they lie on their backs. Not this girl, though. She had all the extra bulk that a girl needs to look huge, even when she was lying down.
     I felt my prick get hard again as I fucked my hands, while in my mind I was imagining that I was fucking the girl's breasts, or was it Miss Lopez's breasts? The million wet dreams where I'd pictured myself playing trampoline with my teacher's pillows were finally coming true right in front of me. A nine-inch prick was fucking a pair of tits and ass, just as if those jugs were a pussy. That meaty erection darted in and out of those massive curves, then, all at once, the knob-end throbbed and spilled its seed all over the girl's expansive balcony. I felt like it was my seed spilling onto her.
     My fantasies continued to drift. I imagined myself photographing her and her guy in the Voluptuous studio, producing Voluptuous Xtra pictorials and videos and then taking over the fucking and cuming when he got tired and needed a break...
     Back to reality! You should have heard her squealing! As soon as the cum splattered over her tits, she began to massage it into her flesh. Her chocolate-brown nipples got smeared milky-white as she rubbed the guy's sticky cream all over her mounds. I ejaculated, right away, then we all paused, sat still for maybe 10 minutes or more, like some kind of perverted erotic tableau. All three of us were exhausted and breathless, overwhelmed by the extent of the orgasms that we had shared.

     My prick had grown flaccid, as had they guy's, but the girl's inspiring bust stood proud and perky, beautiful to behold. She was ready for more, but, unfortunately, he wasn't.
     Although not that unfortunate. She laid down on the hood and pushed her breasts together with her arms. She tweaked both nipples, then sat up and lifted one of her breasts to her mouth. I couldn't believe what she did next: She sucked on one nipple, then picked the other breast up to her mouth and sucked on the other, then took both nipples into her mouth and sucked on them both while her hands-both hands-moved down to her pussy and started frigging her wet cunt. I imagined Miss Lopez doing the same thing, except on top of her desk in the classroom, and I was sure that the woman would feel the rocking of the car caused by my furious jacking. Or was she too lost in her own ecstasy to realize it?
     It was a sad moment for me when the girl sat upright and reached for her bra. She sheathed her weapons, then tugged on her blouse. The guy did his fly up, then they climbed off my hood.
    I was still feeling tired and I wanted to sleep, but I had to let the couple know that I had shared the moment with them. They were just turning out of the alleyway when I started the engine and then hit the gas. They stopped dead in their tracks as I motored on by them.
     The startled looks on their faces still lingers strongly in my mind, but brighter still burns the memory of the hot tits of the girl who reminded me of pretty Miss Lopez and her sexy scoop-necked sweaters. Still, I wonder whether this couple was aware that I had been there all along and was simply startled by my boldness, just as I'm sure Miss Lopez must have felt my lust-filled glares. Most people, even young teachers, are exhibitionists at heart. And I love to watch.

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