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Big Juggs

      By Simon Tyrone --
Scoreland reprint.-

     Walter's boot heel hit a patch of loose gravel. His left foot went out from under him, then his right, and he nearly fell on his ass. The only thing that stopped him was a low-riding tree branch that happened to catch the strap of his backpack.A
     "Damn! I almost broke my neck!" he mumbled to himself.
     Walter Roth craved excitement­any kind of excitement. His mundane, sexless, nine-to-five existence as an accountant demanded it. He had a choice: stay at home and beat off while surfing the Web or get his lily-white ass out into the world and maybe, just maybe, get a chance at something more than what his
AccuJac promised. That's why he went on these hiking vacations every chance he got. There was something about trudging through strange, possibly dangerous, woods over rugged terrain that set his heart pounding and his blood racing. And this particular trip promised even more adventure than usual.
     Walter ran his fingers through his sweaty, curly but thinning brown hair. "Thirty-eight-years old, and I can count the times I've gotten laid on the fingers of one hand," he said out loud. "What the hell am I doing here?" He hopped over an incline and landed in a shallow stream. Walter stared ahead as the stream ran its way through a gorge. Could this be the river the old geezer back in town had gone on about?
     "Go east five miles over Pihoney Ridge," the man had said. "Down the other side, you'll see the river, one big sonofabitch. Follow it 'bout a mile and you'll see their cabin. Can't miss it."
     The old man's breath reeked of Thunderbird, and he wheezed with every syllable.
     "But I'm tellin' ya," he added. "Leave those gals alone! Ain't no one ever come back who set out after them Sherwood Sisters!"

 But this river barely came up to Walter's ankles. Maybe the story about the sisters was just as shallow. Still, he had come too far. The tale of the Sherwood Sisters had been legend in these West Virginia backwoods for over a hundred years but had been confined as a local yarn told in bars and roadhouses. The sisters, as the story went, were either girl-children abandoned in the woods to be raised by bears, a pair of man-hating lesbians who had turned their backs on the outside world or a pair of sadistic maniacs who waited for unwary travelers to fall into their trap. Sometimes they were described as the female version of mountain men, sometimes as fat, ugly and shotgun-totin' mean, or sometimes as two forest nymphs who became man-eaters when they snared their prey. It all depended on how much Jack Daniels had gone down that night.
     Walter was ready for a stiff slug of Jack as he trudged through the water, which was fast approaching his knees. He didn't give a flying fuck about the legend. He just wanted to get back to his condo, park himself in front of his custom-made PC and hit the porn sites while chowing down on a Domino's Extravanganzza with all the fixins' and a plate of Buffalo Chicken Kickers.

Then he heard the giggling through the trees. The hair on his forearms bristled. He made his way along an outcrop of rock and peered over the edge. Every hair on his balls stood straight up. Two totally nude women, gorgeous babes with huge boobs the size of beach balls were splashing one another in a crystal pond. Walter couldn't believe it. The women must have been in their late 20s with hourglass figures and knockers swaying in the breeze. His cock swelled to bursting. Walter had never seen tits that big, except in tit movies. What were they, double-Gs, maybe? He was no expert, but he knew he'd found something just as special as the legend pretended to be. Unfortunately, the gals were way downstream, so he could hardly see them. When they turned their backs, he scooted around the rocks to hunker down in a grove to get a better look.

One girl had long, jet-black hair. Her bazooms were crowned with coral-colored hard nipples. Her counterpart sported a blonde shag cut, and her jugs were capped with bright-pink stubs. They could have been sisters, though Walter noticed the brunette was heftier around the middle, butt and thighs. Perhaps big boob lesbians? The longer they frolicked, the wilder their glistening jugs vibrated. Walter freed his rapidly rising cock from his khakis. He was ready to whack. If these were the evil, murderous, ugly, shotgun-totin' Sher-wood Sisters, he was Shaquille O'Neal. And he sure as hell wasn't Shaq. But who else could they be? He didn't care. Neither did his fat dick.
     The top-heavy
BBW honies waded to the center of the pond, embraced each other and kissed passionately. So the unexpected. Hot girls kissing. Walter's twitching prick fired a glob of precum onto the grass. Sisters or not, these buxom wenches were hot enough to set the woods on fire, and Walter knew he had to find a way to get closer.
     He stepped forward. His left foot hit something sticking out of the ground. Suddenly, something coarse coiled around his ankle and yanked his feet out from under him. In a flash, everything was upside down, and Walter was swinging in slow, gradually decreasing circles. He cursed at his stupidity. By the time he came to a stop, he was gawking at an upside-down version of what could only be the infamous Sherwood Sisters.
     "Lordy, Sophie, look what we caught ourselves!" one bellowed.
Walter was suddenly so dizzy, he couldn't tell for sure, but this one looked a lot like the
blonde lesbian, or so the stubby nipples poking through the red halter top that was just inches from his face made him believe.
     "He's a snooper, Mona," another voice said. "A dirty snooper come up here to spy on us!"
     Walter was still twirling slowly, and he came nose to nose with the source of the other voice, another pair of giant boobs barely covered by the almost- transparent remains of a workshirt knotted under her thrusting cleavage. Probably the brunette, he thought, as he realized his stiff prick was poking out of his khakis.
     "No, no, I promise I didn't," he pleaded as he considered they might just slice his wiener off and roast it for lunch. "I-I was just passing through."
     "Liar," Mona said as she ran a finger along his erection.
     Sophie yanked Walter's balls out of his shorts and gripped them as she snarled, "How about we gut him and skin him now, sister?"
     Walter felt a cold sweat covering his body. He wanted to scream but knew no one would hear. The old geezer hadn't been kidding. These were the Sherwood Sisters, and the reality was far more frightening than the myth.
     "Hmm...not yet, sister," purred Mona as she played with his tumescent shaft. "He's got a real nice dingle." Her soft warm hand wrapped itself around Walter's penis. Another drop of precum escaped. "Let's take him home and ride his rooster!"

Then everything went black for Walter. They blindfolded him, cut him down and dragged him by the heels through the forest. This was going to be a woman fucking man story. All the time, his knob waved in the chilly forest breeze. When he woke up, he was in a house and tied spreadeagled to four bed posts. The blindfold came off, and he watched his captors prance in front of him. Their enormous tits swayed, and their round bottoms shimmied through their thin denim cutoffs. They sauntered out for a moment, and Walter tried to devise a means of escape. But that seemed unlikely. They had knotted his arms and legs firmly to the solid posts of the antique brass bed. He tested his bonds. Useless. He scanned the tiny rustic bedroom. No weapon, no object that could help him. But the longer he looked around, the more interesting things he discovered.


 The Sisters returned, bare-ass naked this time. Their magnificent, voluptuous boobs and pendulous breasts glistened in the fading light. Each one held a monstrous, saw-toothed, bear- hunting knife whose blades gleamed, and they smiled like the man-eating predators they were said to be. A toast for all voluptuous women.
     "Alright, sweetmeat," said Sophie, the heavily hootered brunette. "Time for dinner."
     "Ready to fuck and die?" said Mona, the busty blonde.
     "Nope!" Walter said calmly. "Not today! Not any time soon."
     The well-endowed duo was suddenly speechless. Their sinister scowls were replaced by confused stares. "Don't get funny on us, snooper!" Sophie sputtered.
     "Yeah, " Mona persisted. "We're the Sherwood Sisters, and we've butchered the fools who dared to trespass here!"
     "Bullshit!" Walter barked.
     "What?" the girls said in unison.
     "You're not butchering anybody! You're not the Sherwoods. In fact, I doubt you've even related."
     The women stared at each other in amazement. "He knows, Mona," the brunette said dejectedly.
     "Impossible, Sophie," the blonde said. "How could he?"
     "To begin with," Walter explained in in his best TV detective voice, "there's a makeup case on the dresser. The cell phone sticking out of that designer purse in the corner. The copy of Cosmo lying on top of the CD player by the door. Not to mention the brand-new Lexus SUV I could see through the window inside the garage. You're not hillbilly maneaters. You're city bitches playing some sick game."
     The two women dropped their hunting knifes to the floor.
     "Now, if you untie me, maybe, just maybe, the judge'll be lenient with you and you'll get off easy."
     The girls trembled as they untied him. "We're sorry, mister," Sophie said. "We really didn't mean any harm."
     "We sure didn't," Mona said. "You're right, we're not related. We just come out here on weekends 'cause we like the solitude. We want to enjoy some
lesbian love. Whenever the townspeople come around, we usually scare 'em off. To be honest, you're the first person we've actually ever captured." Having untied him, the lovely sexpots hung their heads with shame, though their perfect tits still jutted proudly. "Please don't have us arrested, mister," they begged.
     Grinning slyly, Walter sat up on the bed. His prick was still poking up in the air. He realized he had the upper hand and knew exactly how he was going to wield his newfound power.
     "Well, ladies, let's get to know each other," he said. "My name's Walter, and I think we can work out a deal." He chuckled as he removed his shirt and dropped his drawers.
     "What kind of deal?"
     "Same as yours. Except no one gets killed. Just fucked. Interested?"

The lusty ladies were on the bed in a flash. Walter had just enough time to wrap his arms around them before their massive juggs slammed into his ribcage. Sophie planted her wet, pliable lips on his, eagerly sliding her tongue past his waiting lips, while Mona grabbed his cock and nibbled on his earlobe. Walter returned Sophie's smooch and then laid a passionate liplock on the statuesque Mona. Then he alternated between their heaving racks as his hands played a sex symphony on their willing flesh. Walter was in lost in these mega boobs paradise. He loved big boobs, and their lovebundles were astounding. Mona's were more like mangos, elliptical, chewy yet firm, but Sophie's were downy and had greater buoyancy with a delicate network of blue veins running beneath the delicate, translucent, alabaster skin. Then there were those lovely big nipples to consider. Mona's resembled blazing pink erasers and were extremely sensitive. When Walter's fingers tweaked her pliant endcaps, the golden-haired harlot moaned loudly, humped her belly into his hip and reached down to fondle his testicles. But it was Sophie's inch-long, dusky nubs that he wanted to taste. And she wanted him to taste them, too, which was obvious as she pushed his face into her cavernous cleavage. He thought he was going to lose consciousness as walls of tender tit pushed against his cheeks and nose. He heard a muffled giggle, and, suddenly, the second set of hooters had wrapped themselves around his neck. Walter was buried in creamy mammary glands. The only thing he could do was lick his way out. He flicked his tongue and then swept his hungry mouth across the arc of one of Sophie's succulent jugs, scraped his front teeth across the curved top and managed to capture her left nipple and Mona's right between his flapping lips.
     "Yes! Yessss!" Sophie sighed, as her jello-like jugs wiggled. "We've got a real man, here, sweetcakes!"
     "You said it, lover," Mona replied. "Mmmm! Walter! That feels incredible!" The big blonde reached out for her girlfriend. "Kiss me, Sophie! Eat my pussy! Lick me!"
     Walter's eyes grew wide, and his cock grew another inch. But, with one rubbery nip jutting into his maw from one side and another poking the other side, he couldn't see much of anything. Tightening his bear hug on the chesty cherubs, he lustfully nursed on their nasty knockers until both babes were whimpering softly and trembling with excitement. Mona squirmed out of his tight grasp.
     "Oh, damn, I have to suck that cock!" she said.
     "Me too!" Sophie said. "Let's doubleteam his dick."
     Walter fell back onto the bed. Mona laid down beside him, slapped her
Persian kitty honkers onto his hairy thigh and lapped his greasy knob while her dark-haired gal pal straddled his waist so she could lean down to orally attack his raging balls. When his beefsteak was sucked into Mona's mouth, Walter almost came. He felt as if he were a male pornstar in the middle of an adult film shooting busty movies. Only her viselike grip on the base of his rod held him back.
     Not only was he eating succulent
blonde pussy, sniffing a musky pucker and practically drowning in cunt juice, his pecker was getting a hell of a workout, too. Mona was deep-throating his nine-incher at a steady pace, leaving her saucy friend to nibble on his rumbling nuts and grind her wet cunt into his face. Their wobbling cantaloupes were wrapped so tightly around his privates he could hardly move. Licking furiously at Sophie's twat, Walter didn't think life could get any better than this.


    "Oh God, I'm on fire! I need to cum bad!" Mona screamed. Walter felt exactly the same way. The urge to launch his seed was almost unbearable. At that moment , Sophia released his throbbing monster. "Don't worry, baby!" she said to Mona. "I'll take care of you!" Then she crouched between the blonde's splayed legs and licked her moist puffy netherlips slowly and deliberately, bringing Mona closer and closer to orgasm.
     "Oh, yes!" Mona trilled as she grabbed the top of Sophia's dark silky head. "Eat me baby! Eat my pussy!"


     Mona gyrated uncontrollably. "Fuck her hard, Walter! She's licking my pussy so good! BustyFuck her, baby!" Walter went into high gear, churned his hips faster, gripped Sophia's thighs and pounded her chubby cooze with all his strength. The room was filled with the sounds of sex, the slap of flesh banging flesh, and the ornery creaking of rusty bedsprings. Then Sophia screamed, "I'm cumming! Don't stop! Don't stop fucking me, Walter!" Her spasming honeypot was milking his manhood. He was about to fill her steamy hole with a foamy batch of mansplooge when she jumped off his engorged shaft.
     "Shit!" Walter snapped, peering down at his juice-drenched prong jutting uselessly out from his groin.
     "Hold on, stud!" Sophia cooed. The sultry brunette grabbed Mona's ankles, squatted over her flushed face and yanked her spread legs in the air. Mona's pussy was fully exposed to Walter's hungry eyes. He didn't hesitate. Bracing his shoulders against Mona's calves, he crammed his beefsteak up her gaping gash and steamed into her like a runaway locomotive.Sophia let out a whoop, and the rubenesque brunette wedged her companion's quaking baby feeders up under the slight overhang of her jiggling tummy and lurched her pubes at Mona's darting tongue. Walter felt he was going to explode if he didn't ejaculate. The smothering heat of Mona's luscious lovetunnel wasn't making it easy for him to hold back. Sophia's mammoth mountains bouncing boobs in front of him only amplified his excitement. Letting out a high-pitched howl, the blonde undulated as she clawed Sophie's supple flanks and impaled her cunt on Walter's pulsating poker. She reached her peak and filled the room with her screams of ecstasy.
     Sophie was right behind her. "Eat my fucking cunt, honey! Eat me, you sonuvabitch! Eat my lesbian pussy out! Oh Walter! Oh fuck! Oh! Bite my big titties! Yes! Bite 'em! Oh, you bastard! I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cumming!"
     For a moment, as Sophie flailed about in her multiple orgasms, Walter was more relieved than excited. He hadn't been murdered. But he'd come damn close. Now, at least, he was going to get his chance to cum.
     Suddenly, Mona crawled closer. "Sophie, we've been terrible hosts," she said. Her eyes were like those of a panther ready to strike. She kneeled on top of Walter and pinned him.
     "We certainly have," Sophie said as she held Walter's shoulders down and allowed her floppers to flap in his face. Walter struggled for a moment, but to no avail. He peered at his cock, stiff as a steel flagpole. And he wouldn't even get one last cumblast. He sighed and sank back into the bed as Mona wrapped her giant gazongas around his prong.
     "Want a tit job, snooper?" Mona crooned, pressing the sides of her sacks around his dong. As if he had a choice.
     "Sure he does want some
real tits, no?," Sophie said, flopping her whoppers on top of Mona's cushy cushions. Walter gawked in amazement as his dick was completely submerged under an avalanche of boobmeat. Mona rolled her compressed melons along his staff, urging him on. Sophia jacked her bountiful bazooms in the opposite direction. Their mamhills collided, and Walter launched a mighty missile of guygoo towards the ceiling, knowing it might be his last.
     "Yeah, baby!" Mona howled. "Screw our titties! Screw our titties!"
     "Do us, Walter!" screamed Sophie as she kneaded her knockers on his spurting schlong. Walter didn't need any more urging. He skewered his joystick through their jug sandwich at top speed, spraying his man-goop all over their outrageous orbs. The girls opened their mouths to catch what didn't land on their heaving bazooms, flicking their tongues at his prick tip.
     That did it. Walter sent one more geyser of semen soaring into the air. The hunks of pearl jam glistened and dribbled down onto the girls' stomachs as, lips shiny with fresh jizz, they licked and sucked Walter's peehole for every last cum drop, making Walter thrash on the bed. His dick spurted jets of cum until his man-glaze covered the horny mountain maidens.
     Exhausted, Walter collapsed on the bed, his head spinning after an insane cum fiesta, as Sophie and Mona released his satisfied stalk. They kissed it tenderly, then set about to scooping up long, stringy cum gobs off their battered casabas and feeding them to each other like horny, cum-hungry kittens.
     "Wooo!" Walter wheezed. "You chicks are something else!"
     "Glad we caught you, snooper?" Mona said.
     "Damn straight! And don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."
     "Oh, we're not worried," Sophie said. "'Cause we're gonna keep you here 'til morning!"
     Spending the night getting fucked by two big-titted babes didn't sound like a bad fate at all to Walter. He glanced out the window and saw it was pitch black outside. Oh, well, he thought, when you were at the mercy of two deranged sisters in an isolated backwoods cabin, it was better to co-operate. He just hoped he'd have enough stamina to cooperate with them all night long.

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