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From the archives of Big Tit Sex Episodes.-

Hannah got on her knees and unzipped his shorts. His penis head immediately popped from his shorts, hitting her gently on the chin. She smiled, then enveloped his lubricated cock with her soft mouth. It was going to be a hell of a mouth fuck. He could feel her tonsils tickle the tip of his dick. It felt delicious and he had to repress the desire to blast-off down her warm throat. She turned her head in a quarter circle every time she submerged her mouth on him. An insane throat cock. She'd learned this trick from an older girlfriend who'd eaten an awful lot of oral sex cum. Chuck thought it was delightful!

He pulled her up toward him, kissed her lips, then dove for her massive tits. He took as much as he could get of each big, warm breast into his mouth, making sure he paid equal attention to each one.atina-090.jpg anal fuck He teased the underside of her set with the tip of his tongue, then pinched and medium-gently bit each of her erect nipples. As Hannah groaned, Chuck had a feeling of invincibility that went directly to his dick. It stiffened further, and her moist muff was an inch away from his tip. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed down until he felt her slowly impale herself on his rigid rod. It slid all-the-way-- in, he was balls-deep and thrusting for more! Speaking of stimulate shaft! Hannah's head hung back loose and heavily as she relished the tingly sensation that shot through her lovely body. It was as if her every pore was spread wide-open and oozing sex. She could feel each thrust of his steely staff as it pounded and pulsated deep inside the depths of her girlhood.

Her uterus felt on fire and it seemed as if his dick filled her entire birth canal. She was in love with dick, and she wanted to ride this one forever! Suddenly, she felt a weird tingling and her thighs began to twitch. She was going to cum, and this wasn't the kind of orgasm that she enjoyed when she used her vibrator on lonely nights. Orsolya11.jpg ass fuckedThis was coming from someplace deep. She felt like she might die from pleasure, but what a way to go! She could feel a gust of cool air blast it's way into her lungs as she inhaled, she knew her next breath would be the most memorable of her young life. Chuck could feel her body begin to tremble as she rode and he thrusted. Her thighs trembled against his. He knew she was close, but he didn't expect the sudden passionate surge that escaped her. He was momentarily stunned when her heard her lungs gasping for air all in one inhale. Then she exhaled with a loud and gravelly "oh yeaaahfuuckme!", shortly followed by a shorter breathless "fuck" as the last fraction of air came out of her. Then her hips began to pump, instinctively trying to draw the cum, using his dick like a straw, out of his balls. Chuck could feel it working, but again he willed his cock to stop it's contractions. This was a true hardcore fuck and this beautiful girl was like an amusement park, and he wanted to make sure his randy penis got to try out all the rides before he went to the 'shooting gallery'.

shelila-320.jpg fuck my assHannah was still gasping for air, but she was smiling broadly, so he figured she wasn't going to die on him. He slid his wood, which was absolutely dripping in sweet, girl-sap out of her tight snatch, then moved behind her. He nudged her into a doggie position, with her flawless, young ass in the air. Anal fuck was all over the air. Or would this be her first ass to mouth? Whatever it was, it would be a helluva ass fucking for sure. He took a moment to look at her wet cunt and noticed it was still trembling and constricting. She was still enjoying the lusty after-shocks of a glorious climax! Again he plunged his dick deep into her nether regions, emitting another short "fuck" to escape her lips. "Fuck me" she repeated in the same dark, desperate tone. Never one to turn down a lady's request, he went right to work plowing her hot pussy.

Chuck wanted to see if Hannah was in the right frame of mind to take it up her ass. It was tight, pink, perfect and staring at him as he helped himself to her vagina. He slipped a pinkie into her puckering butthole. She trembled a little bit, then said "yeah, fuck my ass...fuck me in the ass!" He slipped his index finger all the way into her pucker, "YEAH" she said still louder. Chuck withdrew his finger, then, stirring with his pecker, gathered up a generous portion of her natural sauce inside her dripping pussy.

He pulled out, wiped pussy juice on her slightly gaping ass, and plunged his dick in all the way to the hasp. "Ugggnnn-Yeah" Hannah grunted through her teeth, then hissed like she
was possessed ..."FUCK MY ASS!" And the ass pounding got started... The sensation of screwing this girl
in the ass was nearly all that Chuck could handle.trixie-150.jpg gaping ass Her asshole licking was quite obviously pristene, previously un-touched. Nothing and no one had ever been up there before! But there was no mistaking Hannah's total enjoyment of the filthy butt sex. She occasionally let out a little hiss or a high-pitched gleeful sound, but mostly her blonde hair just flew everywhere as she jerked her head around. He studied her sexy tan lines, which formed a perfect skin-toned string bikini against her sumptuous body. He longed to leave a pool of his cum in each of the cute little dimples on the small of her back. He loved the tiny, barely noticeable blonde hairs that covered the smooth, perfect buttcheeks he'd previously only seen in a bikini. Most of all he admired the sight of his big cock sliding in and out of this young, hot girl's asshole!

Hannah could feel her body tense-up again. Could it be that she could cum from Chuck fucking her in the ass? She was a relative anal virgin, having only stuck a pinkie up there during masturbation sessions before. But Chuck was doing such a good job and she'd never cum like she did that first time when she was sitting on his lap and fucking him. She didn't want to let this "anal opportunity" pass by! If there was a possibility that she could climax from being fucked in the ass, she wanted it!

She slipped a finger between her thighs and started to run the tip of her finger against her large hooded clit. Oh yeah, that was what she needed! Immediately, she felt the rush of lust coming. It was something primal that she'd only been able to experience a few moments earlier, but she knew it would happen again if she concentrated. Yes, there it was, she could feel the swelling again, like a wave at the beach, only inside her tummy and radiating down through her vagina.

trixie-161.jpg asshole licking
"Oh holy cri..." Chuck heard her murmur, as her neck turned beet red, looking as if the blood vessels could explode. He could feel her breathing cease and her body gyrate spastically. At the same time, he could feel something tightening and loosening around his dick. Her asshole was contracting wildly on the base of his ramrod and the feeling was sensational! This time there would be no holding back, he was going to cum right along with her.

And, what's more, he was going to bust his nut up her hot little asshole! Chuck felt the tide rise from the base of his scrotum and his own contracting reflex begin. Once, twice three times he felt his torrent of raging, piping-hot spoo coating the inside of Hannah's dreamgirl ass! Four times, then a half fifth spurt drained his tightened balls. Every lusty drop, up her naughty, puckered-tight two-hole.

Drained, they both collapsed in a pool of their own juices. Immediately, wordlessly, they both passed out, drifting off into the comatose sleep of the sexually, blissfully satisfied.

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