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Muscle Girls

Muscle Girl by David Heinke

Jenny racked the weight with a crash. She sat up, and sweat drenched her body, causing her white t-shirt to hug her powerfully muscled back. Jenny seemed to be in a bad mood and I didn't feel it was the right time to ask her what was up. I could see the headline now "Enraged Female Weight-Lifter Drops Bar On Hus-band," I'd wait until after my set.
We took some weight off and I got under the bar. Jenny gave me a liftoff and I struggled for a few more reps. She helped me rack it and I got up and watched her towel off. I hadn't seen Jenny for a week, and just watching her wipe the sweat off her magnificent physique was really turning me on. Watching those muscles roll and ripple under her soft, tanned skin was making me lose my concentration.

"It's no use" she said. "I just can't get into it. I think I'll just hit the showers. Meet you out front." I nodded and watched her head for the showers. "No use," I thought, shaking my head. Hell, that workout would've buried anyone. I was having a hard time keeping up with Jenny and I'd only been there an hour. She'd already had an intense morning session in addition to her personal training clients. I headed for the showers.
Later, I met Jenny out front and we walked to my car. It still amazed me how big she was. Outside of the gym she tried to hide her massive muscles in dresses and baggy clothes, but in the gym, where she didn't mind the attention, her size was often displayed in daring skintight outfits that were more than enough to make jaws drop. We had both started lifting at the same time, but she rapidly outpaced me. Of course my erratic schedule and her working at the gym did give her an advantage, but not that much. No, what really did it for Jenny was genetics. She was made for big things.

Jenny's body responded to training like it was born to lift weights. All she had to do was look at a barbell and she gained weight. It was astounding watching her body grow bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. She caused quite an uproar when she first hit the competitive scene. Of course it isn't hard when you're 5'11" and 180 pounds. She did well at some local shows, but when she got to the national level the judges didn't know what to do with her. She was just too damn big. When Jen asked them what she could do to place higher they told her she'd have to lose 10 or 20 pounds. Well that was too much for her. She had weighed that much even before she be-gan training. Jenny said to hell with them and continued training. Her body continued to respond as well. The fact that Jenny doesn't have to diet for contests is an added bonus. Her weight's well over 210 pounds now, and, let me tell you, even without the dieting there's still not much fat on her, just enough to give her a healthy look, not the ready-to-die look so many competitors have.

All female muscle isn't a turn-off to me. Even when I fantasize of gym babes that fuck their toned bodies. In fact, as I've said, it's just the opposite. The rest of Jenny's not too shabby either. She has long black hair, a gorgeous face with big, brown eyes and a small, tight waist. Believe me, while the rest of her figure is thickly muscled, it was not masculine-just a whole lot curvier and firmer than your average girl. I won't deny that she is big-her arms and legs are bigger than most men's-but if you stand her next to a male bodybuilder her height, she's nowhere near his size. And the panther-like grace with which she moves is simply intoxicating. Without a doubt, Jenny's an all nude woman.

She was quiet all the way home. I tried to make small talk during the commute, but I wound up doing most of the talking. I told her about the business trip and asked her a few harmless questions. The only conversation I got was your cliched yes, no or maybe. Yes, Jenny sure was pissed off. Once we''d gotten there and settled on the couch I asked Jen what was bothering her. "I wasted $1,000," she answered shyly looking down at her hands. Hard to believe, but she looked almost childlike when she did that.

Wondering what she could have possibly spent that much money on, she answered my unspoken question. "Breast enlargement cream."
I was floored. I didn't know what to say. Taking my silence for anger, she explained. "I met my friend Anna just before you left. I hadn't seen her since high school. She'd been flat-chested then and now she was pretty big. Hell she was huge. I asked if she got implants and she told me about the cream. She even helped me get it." Jenny was looking at me now. I could see the eagerness in her big brown eyes. "I've always been flat-chested and, while bodybuilding gave me some cleavage, I still don't have any breasts. I've seen the way you look at girls with big breasts, and I just wanted some for myself."
She had me there. I loved her and her big muscular body, but a nice pair always turned my head. At times I thought Jenny would twist my head off when she caught me staring at a luscious pair of tits.

"Look Jen, it's okay. I love you and the way you look. If you want to go for implants I'll help pay for them," I replied. I'd always thought of implants for Jenny, so that her tits could catch up to the rest of her, but I just never brought the subject up. Jenny's eyes sparkled. I kissed her full lips and she answered with a long, hard and hungry wet one of her own. I'd been getting horny all this time trying to imagine what she would look like with some first-class D-cups, and, believe me, I've got one hell of an imagination. I started to slide my hand into her shorts when Jenny shook her head and told me to stand up.

She then pulled down my sweatpants. I was already hard as a rock, and my dick sprung up to attention immediately. I massaged her powerful shoulders as she took me in her mouth. Jenny didn't just suck dick… she worshipped it. Her talented tongue sent shivers up my spine as she ran it around my rod. After massaging my prick with her tongue, she took it all in her mouth and began to alternately suck and lick my tool. With other women it would take me forever to drop a load, but with Jenny that was never the case. My knees shook, and I grabbed her shoulders as I filled her mouth with cum. Jenny held me up as she sucked the last of my seed, cleaning my glans to a glistening purple.
Never one to shy away from a high-protein drink, Jenny swallowed with a smile as I pulled out of her mouth. She started to get up, when Igrabbed her hand to let her know what I had in mind-"Now it's my turn!"

Kneeling down, I pulled off her shorts and marveled at her shaved pussy. Every time I saw Jenny's cleanly shaven and meaty pussy, God seemed closer to reality. Using my tongue I traced the ridges of her abdominals following them down to her naked love box. Her pussy glistened with juices. I started first on her labia which had swollen with her growing excitment, and then I slowly licked the area around her swollen clit. She rolled her hips against my face, trying to get me to lick her clit. I teased her some more, rimming the base of her clit, while spreading and massaging her pussy.

"Come on baby, come on!" she moaned, softly.

When I finally turned my attention to Jenny's angry clit, her soft moan turned to a guttural roar of pleasure and satisfaction.
Stroking the inside of her powerful thighs, I looked up Jenny's rippling abdominalss and saw her arms overhead. Her swollen nipples were straining through her t-shirt. Staring at her beautiful body something seemed different. Jenny's t-shirt looked tighter than usual and her breasts looked like a pair of oranges…big ones! Sensing that my attention was on something other than making her come, Jenny looked down and saw what I was staring at. Her puzzled look turned to one of pure joy. "It worked!" she practically shouted as she cupped her new-found friends. "I can't believe it! You have to see these…I actually have tits!"

"No! Wait until I can join you up there." You see, when Jenny comes, she really comes. Some women just pant and grunt…not Jenny. She treats it like a Baptist revival meeting, and I love being her preacher. I tried not to hurry too much as I licked and flicked her clit, but, damn, I wanted to get up there and get a load of those nice tits. As I paused for air I saw her stroking her nipples. Her breasts were even larger than before, clearly twice their previous size. That t-shirt was definitely too small now. After a few more minutes of nuzzling and licking, Jenny started to shake, moan and groan, as I took her over the edge. She grabbed my head with one hand and pushed my mouth into her pussy, grinding her hips and burying me so deep I couldn't see a thing. Her moans now turned to screams, but there was another sound this time…tearing cloth. I couldn't see shit because Jenny had me in a scissor lock and was turning me like a blender on high, but I knew what she was doing.
Thankfully, Jenny's orgasm subsided, and she gradually loosened her thighs. Most men would look for the Advil or an oxygen mask, but I had titties on my mind.
"Fuck! They've gotten bigger!" I said, and I wasn't hallucinating. Jenny's breasts were now the size of cantalopes-swelling and bursting with each post-orgasmic breath.
As I reached to grab one of her new-found treasures, Jenny pushed me back onto the thick carpet and eased my erection into her slick warmth. Her boobs hung appetizingly before my eyes-areolae easily two inches across and dugs as thick as my fingertip. I hesitated, thought a silent prayer and squeezed my newfound friends.
Jenny moaned. Not your normal moan, mind you. A hardcore moan. This was something else-a pleasure sound I'd only heard in porno films. I squeezed again.
Same reaction, but this time, something else happened as well. Jenny's cunt muscles were surprisingly strong, and each time I touched her breasts she squeezed her muscles around my prick, almost lifting me off the floor.
Jenny was now pumping me like she hadn't had any in a year. Quivering and shaking her head, she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into her cleavage.
With one hand on her hips and the other on her engorged left tit, I opened wide and engulfed her entire areolae, sucking her tit hard. I slid my tongue around her protruding nipple, then nibbled on it with my teeth.

"Oh, God, ohhhh, agaaaiiiin!" she squealed, as she bounced in my lap. Her cunt muscles tightened with each stroke, sucking my cock into her and pulling with each bounce.
Moving from tit to tit, Jenny continued coming with screams and obscenities. Now, I'm no porno star, but the magic was working for me and it certainly had a hold of Jenny. There was something else going on here, and when I stopped sucking on her tits and leaned back for a breath of fresh air, I noticed something truly amazing. Her breasts were still growing!
It was unbelievable. Her breasts were getting so big it was getting hard to breath. Jenny had screamed about thirty "Oh God's!" by now and I was more than ready to come.
Grabbing a hold of her ass and burying my face in her cleavage, I came with the force of a jackhammer. Jenny was now totally out of control. I couldn't breathe too well because her tits were smothering me, but who was I to complain. Jenny wanted them! I wanted them! We had it all, except for some much needed oxygen. As my cock emptied into her box, I felt a strange lightness, and then everything faded to darkness.

When I came to I saw Jenny posing before a full-length mirror. She'd put on a pair of tight shorts which followed the curve of her glutes with devastating accuracy.
"Are you okay?" she asked me, with a twinkle in her eye. Okay?My wife has tits-really huge ones! Who cared if I had just passed out. Joining her as she checked out her new additions I marvelled at her size. And this time it wasn't only her muscles. Each breast was as big as her fucking head! Her head! Perfectly formed, gravity-defying melons and all those muscles. I don't know who was happier, me or Jenny. "Looks like it worked," I said as I moved to her side. In profile they were even more impressive, jutting out from her thick pectorals which were almost hidden beneath their huge mass. Every flex of her pecs would thrust her big breasts out even further.
"I'll say," Jenny giggled. Her posing had gotten a major rise out of me, and this didn't go unnoticed. Taking my dick in her strong hand, she led me to the bedroom. Watching her tits bounce and sway made me so hard, she could have used me to jack up a car by the time we reached the bed.
We kissed and fondled each other, like most old married couples do. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like making love, nor did I want to have sex…I wanted to do some tit-fucking. The only problem was, I'd never done it before and Jenny certainly hadn't either. How do you ask your wife if you can fuck her tits for the first time?

I didn't know how, so I figured that my foray into this brave new world of sexual pleasure would have to wait. I continued to fondle her amazing bounty. Each was too much for one hand and lord were they heavy. I felt her thumb-sized nipples stiffen at my touch. Damn I wanted to fuck them!

Jenny stood up and quickly peeled off her shorts.
"Shit!" I thought. What the hell, Jenny still had one of the best pussies around. I climbed between her legs and thrust my aching hardness into her tight pussy. When I could, I'd suck and lick her tasty nipples. I felt her nipples swell and her areolae puff up at my touch.
After a few minutes of this Jenny breathlessly asked me to stop. "What's the matter?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing… I just thought you might like to try it up here for a while," she replied holding her twin peaks close together.
"God damn!," I yelled in my best Confederate imitation, "Thought you'd never ask, darling!"
I quickly moved up and began thrusting into her cavernous cleavage. It was amazing. My prick completely disappeared, as Jenny drooled some of her saliva into the cavern to keep things moving at light speed. I'd never felt anything like it before.

I grabbed her tits, holding them tightly around my slick rod, allowing Jenny to move her hands down to her blonde pussy. It didn't take her long to come-after a few minutes of feverish masturbating, Jenny was hooting and screaming like a banshee. She was strong enough to lift me clear off the bed, and her bucking made me feel like a cowboy riding a prized bull.
She had both hands in her pussy now, as I continued to pump her cleavage and play with her turgid dugs. Her cleavage was soft and pliable. When she brought her sopping wet fingers to my cock and lathered me up with pussy juice, the scent hit me like a stiff wind. I could have died right there and they would have never been able to close the coffin. I continued to pound the crevice of her swollen breasts, feeling the smooth firmness clasping on my prick as I slid back and forth. It wasn't long before I felt that swelling in my loins, and, with one powerful thrust, Jenny's chest, neck and chin were covered with cum.

We took a shower together and I didn't think it could happen again, but it did. Jenny had turned around so that I could wash her back, and I found myself getting excited soaping her powerfully muscled back. When she turned around, the soap and water cascading down her glorious globes brought an immediate response. I felt my spent tool rise once more. With the bar of soap in one hand, I lathered each breast, then massaged and squeezed them to a sparkling clean.
The moans started again, but, even though I was now sporting quite a boner, I was dead fucking tired. Perhaps Jenny sensed this, or maybe she was just horny because she now had tits, but she reached around, grabbed my ass and lifted me up.

I knew Jenny was strong, but shit, this was something else. Her aggressiveness was exciting, though. It was the first time she'd ever done anything like that. I felt the cum churning in my prick as she rammed me into her tight box. Her stiff nipples pressed and rubbed against my chest. I felt her orgasm moments after my own explosion left me breathless.
I was so spent from my last orgasm that I barely made it to the bed after drying myself off. When Jenny came in I checked to see if the astounding growth had continued. It hadn't. Apparently the creams potency was exhausted during our first bout of lovemaking. I guess it needed the sex to trigger the growth.
Needless to say we both slept well that night and we cancelled everything we had planned for the rest of the weekend, as we continued to explore her amazing bounty. Saturday morning I practically attacked Jenny as I watched her go through her wardrobe trying to find something that fit over her mountainous mammaries.
Jenny got an unexpected bonus from her new profile. Her bench press went up considerably thanks to the fact that she didn't have to lower the bar as far as before. It was nearly a week before I could spot for her again. It took that long before I was able to stare at her chest without getting an instant hard-on. Today, Jenny went out shopping for some new tops. Boy, if she thought people stared at her before she and they ain't seen nothing yet.

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