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Vicky Vette - A sexy mature woman interview.


Barely two years after she first shed her clothes professionally, the "Viking Vixen" Vicky Vette was in contention for one of porn's most coveted prizes, the "Starlet of the Year" statuette from the Adult Video News Awards. The 40-year-old newcomer lost in that category to another sexy starlet, but won another very important honor–the title of "Best Tease." Born in Norway, raised in Canada and now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Vicky Vette is quickly becoming a porn legend. After years of living a double life–accountant by day, swinging slut wife by night–Vicky, with the enthusiastic encouragement of her husband Frank, jumped into the adult entertainment business at the age when most porn stars begin to think about retiring. But her natural Nordic beauty and almost superwoman love of sex got her past ageism barriers, and once porn professionals– and fans–got a taste of her, there was no holding her back. Of course, we jumped at the chance to photograph and interview this bewitching vamp. Vicky is an intoxicating mix of mature wisdom and unbridled, youthful vigor. And, of course, she never stops teasing in a most delicious way!

40SOMETHING: Did you run into some obstacles in the adult entertainment industry because of your age?
VICKY VETTE: I was just not going to take no for an answer, even at my age. I kept sending pictures to people until I got a job. My first job was a pantyhose fetish shoot. I started working with a lot of fine-art photographers, nudes and stuff. I did some bikini and lingerie, but I was always comfortable nude. And once I put a couple of nudes up on the Internet, I got a lot of offers.
40SOMETHING: How quickly after did you start doing films?
VICKY: Pretty quickly. When I went to L.A. the first time to shoot for magazines, I got a lot of offers and my husband, Frank, and I talked about it. We were already swinging, so it wasn't much of a stretch.
40SOMETHING: Were you comfortable doing films right off the bat?
VICKY VETTE: Oh, yeah. My very first scene was a DP (double penetration). I was totally comfortable–not nervous, but excited with nervous anticipation.
40SOMETHING: You're used to having people look at you. After all, you live in a nudist resort. How long have you lived there?
VICKY: About two years, before I started doing porn. Frank and I have been frequenting nudist clubs for about 15 years. We'd even go out on our motorcycle in the nude.
40SOMETHING: Were you always so beautiful?
VICKY: No way! I was a real ugly duckling as a kid. It's only recently that I feel pretty. The older I get, the more comfortable I get with my body. The more sex stories I have :)
40SOMETHING: Among other things, you're known for your anal scenes. How old were you when you did anal for the first time?
VICKY: By myself or with someone?
40SOMETHING: When you say by yourself, do you mean using fingers and dildos?
VICKY: Yes, both. I always liked anal as far back as I can remember, and I always felt bad about it. I thought I was a pervert and I was going to fry in hell! Even in my brief, first marriage, I'd find things in the house, different stuff that was the right size and shape, to use. But I'd feel so bad. I'd have these huge orgasms from having something up my ass and playing with my clit at the same time, but I couldn't sleep. I thought I was fucked up. I even rented some anal movies and I'd watch them and play with myself. When I met my present husband, he asked if I like anal and I said, "No!" I thought it was bad.
40SOMETHING: You never had anal sex with a guy, only with toys?
VICKY: Only with toys until this husband. I told him I thought it was disgusting. But when we were fooling around, he'd put his finger there and he'd feel me shiver as soon as his finger got near. I'd say, "No, don't do that." And he'd say, "You like it," but I'd insist, "I don't! I'll give you 15 minutes to stop!" He really brought it out in me and encouraged me. He encourages me to experience everything. Like, we'd watch movies together and I'd see the girl girl scenes in the movies, and it just looked so sensual and so soft.
40SOMETHING: Men like that, too.
VICKY: My husband would ask if I wanted to be with a woman, and I'd say no. But he said he'd arrange it for me.
40SOMETHING: He made you feel like you weren't a pervert.
VICKY: Well, he says I am a pervert, but that it's a good thing.
40SOMETHING: What's the difference between a cock in your ass and a cock in your pussy?
VICKY: It's two completely different animals. It depends on the position, too. When a cock is in your pussy, if the guy's on top and he's got a good motion, he's rubbing your clit at the same time on his pelvic bone. You're getting the cock hitting your G-spot on the inside, and your clit is getting hit on the outside, so the orgasm you'll have is a good, deep orgasm, but not too intense. But when you have an orgasm anally, it wakes up every nerve ending in your body. When you cum, it's so intense that your toes curl and you might get cramps because you're whole body is twitching uncontrollably. It's so intense that you almost can't stand it–except that you can.
40SOMETHING: Have you ever had a bad session of anal sex?
VICKY: No. Not unless the guy is too rough. That's happened, but not often. You have to work up to the pounding; you can't start out like that. You start out slow, then at the end, well, the hornier you are and more lubricated you are, you stretch.
40SOMETHING: Are most of the scenes you do now anal?
VICKY: It's probably half and half.
40SOMETHING: And have you ever done double anal penetration?
VICKY: No. I don't want to try that. It's too complicated. It's just not my thing.
40SOMETHING: What is your favorite thing to do on screen?
VICKY: I really like threesomes with me and another girl ganging up on a guy. It's like a sex smorgasbord where you can get a little bit of everything. I love to pull a dick out of a pussy, suck it, then put it back in. Hmmm…smells like pussy, looks like cock, but tastes like pussy. Yum!
40SOMETHING: Are you finding that you're getting even more free as you get older?
VICKY: Yes. Absolutely.
40SOMETHING: In what ways?
VICKY: Practice makes perfect. I'm more experienced and less hung-up. By the time you hit your thirties, you get over most of that. And it's kind of a shame because young people, they have the bodies but they don't know what to do with them.
40SOMETHING: They say that youth is wasted on the young.
VICKY: Exactly. It's the same thing with nudism. The general population in the nudist resorts is 35 and up, and it's a shame because we want more young people there, but they don't want to take their clothes off. They're shy. It's only by the time you're around 40 that you have the guts to do it.
40SOMETHING: Do you think you could have done this when you were 22?
VICKY: The porn? I think it's a pretty tough lifestyle and it's pretty hard on relationships. It's too much money too fast for very young people. I know I sound like an old lady but, honestly, I know girls who have gone from working at a fast-food place as a part-time job to being a porn star and making $1,000 a day. And they can't handle it. I'm sure the same thing would have happened to me. I think it's better for you to be a grown-up already and be prepared to make the decision. When you're 18, you haven't even lived alone. I know they hate me for saying that, and I know when I was 18 I thought I knew it all, too. I thought I was completely indestructible. But it's just too young. You don't know what's going to happen. You could do two movies and decide that it's not for you and then you quit and then, for the rest of your life, you have to hide those two movies from everyone, your husband, your kids.
40SOMETHING: So, you didn't get into this for the money?
VICKY: No. I got into it for the love of sex.
40SOMETHING: What about fucking younger men?
VICKY: I was always attracted to older men, but I find as I get older, I get hot over men as young as 18 or 19. I get off on seducing them–and my husband gets off on watching me.
40SOMETHING: Is your husband always on the set watching you?
VICKY: Pretty much, unless he has other stuff to do.
40SOMETHING: Has it become part of your sex life with him?
VICKY: Not really. It's a team effort. It takes two people to manage a horny housewife career. I get so much email, so many offers, it's tough to weed through them. He does a lot of that. Plus, we have a building business together and he runs that, too. We took a year off from that while I worked, but we went back to it.
40SOMETHING: That means you're around a lot of construction guys. That must be a scene.
VICKY: I wear really baggy jeans, baggy T-shirts, no makeup. They have no idea what I do and I will never let them know. I would get no respect.
40SOMETHING: No booty shorts on the construction site?
VICKY: No. Even wearing the crappy clothes that I wear, when I walk up a ladder, there's five of them under me trying to look up. I even wear something called a cleavage-minimizing bra, but it doesn't matter.
40SOMETHING: Okay, you're conservative on the construction site. What about if you're in the mall or the supermarket. What are you wearing there?
VICKY: I love shopping. I get picked up in the grocery store all the time.
40SOMETHING: So, what do you wear there?
VICKY: Short little skirts, little tops. I hardly ever wear a bra, even for grocery shopping. The clothes now are really tight with little, thin spaghetti straps, so I barely need a bra or panties, because I don't want panty lines, either. I like to feel free and natural. And I always wear high heels. I just think a woman's legs look better in heels, and there are so many that are so comfortable now. I like wedgies, probably with a good four-inch heel, which makes my calves look great. Add four inches to my 5'6" and I'm pretty tall!
40SOMETHING: Do guys follow you around the store?
VICKY: Yeah, even couples. Just the other week, this couple invited me to their barbeque.
40SOMETHING: A young couple?
VICKY: In their twenties. I was actually on my way out of town and I said no, then I went and found my husband in another aisle and told him.
40SOMETHING: When you're walking around the store and men and couples are following you around, do you ever purposely put on a little show?
VICKY: Of course. I do it all the time. My husband loves it when I try and turn people on.
40SOMETHING: What do you do?
VICKY: I'll just hike my skirt up a little bit–and you know, I told you that I don't wear underwear.
40SOMETHING: So, you're an exhibitionist professionally and in private?
VICKY: Totally. If I'm in a restaurant, I'll cross and uncross my legs so another table can see that I'm not wearing any panties. You can tell when they've noticed, because they'll all start whispering and pretend they're not staring.
40SOMETHING: Do you like that?
VICKY: Oh, yeah. And my husband likes it too; it really turns him on. He'll usually get a hard-on under the table and then we'll go out to the car and I'll blow him, then go back into the restaurant for dessert.
40SOMETHING: Let's talk about you being dubbed "The Queen of Tease."
VICKY: I was shocked when I got my first nomination for teasing. I didn't know I was teasing anyone. I just thought that was what you do.
40SOMETHING: You're a natural! Tell us how you do it.
VICKY: I don't know. I'll have to show you. Like this…
40SOMETHING: (For the record, Vicky Vette is undulating for us and slowly taking off her robe in a very seductive manner.) That's very dominant of you. Do you have dominant leanings?
VICKY: I'd say I'm fairly aggressive. I like to initiate sex. But I personally don't want someone who is very submissive. I want an equal, if not a little more dominant than me, because for me, I can play off that better. If the other person is too submissive, it gets a little boring for me. But I definitely have a little dominant streak. I like being in charge!
Credits : Do Housewives wants to thank 40 something magazine

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