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Reality Porn Vs Virtual Porn

BOOB Con by Dan Thomas -
Source:, leader in the big tits market since 1991.

Andy reached for the enchanting orbs, palming their firm, erotic bulk.
He was nude, sitting on the edge of his hotel room bed, with Minka at his feet, her plush, 50FF-equipped body wedged between his wide-spread thighs. His cock was fattening, horning at 90 degrees.
The man's hands toyed with the heavy hanging lust bags, knocking them together so that they rebounded like big Nerf balls.
"You like these, don't you," the blonde boobs lady whispered hotly to him.
"Yes," he gasped, totally enthralled by the woman's perfect tits. He thumbed their hard, pink nipples, hungered to kiss and lick their smooth, hairless skin.
Andy's cock pulsed.
Minka pried his legs wider, opening him to her lewd advances. She touched the tip of her pink tongue to his aching scrotum.
Moaning, he kissed the crown of her golden head and said, "That feels good, but you know what I really want, Minka."
"You'll have to tell me," she said coyly. "I really don't know."
The woman's tongue slithered up his shaft.
"Damn!" he gasped.
Now the tongue flicked at his bloated, ruby cockhead.
"Jeeze," Andy wheezed. "You know-your tits!"
"Oh, these," she said, hefting her mams in the palms of her hands. "Say please," she said coyly.
"Please!" he whined.
Giggling, she pinched her right areolae. The nipple budded erect. Then she teasingly poked his ball sack with her rubbery dug.
"Do you feel that?" she asked. "Uh-huh." He was panting now.

The blonde sex stroked the nipple up along his rod, at the ridge of the big vein. Andy shuddered.
Her nipple rimmed his foreskin and then his glans.
The man's chest heaved.
Suddenly she enveloped his erection between her mammoth cleavage, smothering his throbbing dick in a brutal tit fuck
Enough! Andy whipped the virtual reality goggles off his face.
This was fucking ridiculous. How many times could he do this? Make love to a woman who was nothing more than megabytes of memory? Whose tits and ass were nothing more than pixels on a binocular field, liquid LED screen.
Yeah, but she had seemed so real.
Of course she was so real. It was one kick-ass program-and he had written it!
Off came the wired mittens. He tenderly slipped the electro ring off his bloated cock.
At least he hadn't ejaculated this time, which usually meant the necessity of having to wipe his portable simstim deck of cum. That was the big problem with enjoying these erotic virtual reality programs-keeping your hardware clean.

He popped the unlabeled (some would have said "pirated") CD-ROM disk out of his deck and slipped it back in the lining of his sport coat. Then he showered (beating his cock off into submission), shaved and dressed. Finally he drew back the hotel room's curtains and pressed his nose to the glass.
Down below the exhibit hall was already a hive of activity, as exhibitors (and a couple hundred topless models) noshed on complimentary bagels (courtesy of the nationwide chain of Jugs strip cabarets) and put the final touches to their display booths. BOOBCON 2001 was predicted to be the biggest ever-bigger than BOOBCON 1998, which had broken all attendance records.
Andy's chest hardened and cooled. Somewhere down below was his lost love, Minka
By two p.m. Andy had a sharp tension headache cooking. He was weary of the jangle of noise, of standing on the concrete floor, of trying to lure buyers to his booth, of failure. He was even weary of seeing all the bare knockers, most of them quite beautiful and well endowed (the smallest being some fine specimens in the C-cup range). It got so all the curvy flesh jiggling by just gave him a painful case of the blue balls. In particular, there were some big asian tits ladies he couldn't kept his eyes off.

Yeah, the Safe Sex trade show circuit was a real grind, and he was at the ass end of it, occupying a cramped booth at the far end of the show, where the lighting-and the prospects- were poor to say the least. Andy's Bustco Productions table was tucked between Madam Suzanne's Fashions and Dr. Mammary's Miracle Bust Developer booths.
Andy had shared many an exhibit hall with Madam Suzanne and Dr. Mammary. Suzanne had been smart enough to sell her ownership in a Reno whorehouse (six months before prostitution was declared illegal in Nevada) and start her own lingerie line for "today's well endowed lady." Trouble is, her designs looked almost as tired as the sleazy looking women she hired to model them.
Dr. Mammary, on the other hand, was a real world beater, hustling a cup device that attached to a shower head with a hose. The framas slipped over my lady's bosom and was supposed to enlarge it through "hydro power."
Hell, Andy's setup was no better: a line of geeky, interactive CD-ROM programs that ran on the antiquated joy stick (the busty babes who "starred" in them were right out of Cartooning 101); and if that weren't lowball enough, he pitched big tits playing cards and calendars.
"Andy, you want some more coffee?" Suzanne asked him.
"Sure, but I'll make the run," he replied. "It's my turn anyway. With creamer, right?"
The 50ish woman with glow-in-the-dark pasties on the nipples of her immense plasti-tits smiled and winked, "Lots of cream."
Andy asked the good doctor if he wanted some coffee, but Dr. Mammary only shook his head and said, "Not unless you can spike it with a quart of good bourbon."
"Sorry," Andy said, grinning. "Watch my computer?"
"Sure," the doc said.
Andy headed on down the aisle towards the concession stand. There he plunked down five bucks for two cups of coffee in Styrofoam cups molded in the shape of a pair of 44 DDs (what a rip-off).
It was while he was pouring gobs of creamer into Suzanne's cup that he heard the announcement over the loud speaker system that made his hands tremble and his wang quiver.
"She is arriving!" the MC droned. "Ms. Minka-now appearing at the Realities booth!"
Andy slapped plastic lids on the cups (the coffee was hotter than hell) and wondered if he dare do it.
His brain and his dick wrestled the decision between them, and finally Andy's cock won.
Okay, just one peek.

The Realities booth looked more like the epicenter of a whirlwind Hollywood premier than a trade show exhibit. Holding the cups up, Andy elbowed his way past a swarm of merchandisers, fans and photographers. As close as he could get was 30 feet, which was just as well, since he wanted to remain incognito.
The Realties setup actually took up four regular-sized booths and was half stage and half demonstration area (where buyers could jack off into a refrigerator sized simstim deck and experience Realities' latest virtual reality programs starring who else but Miss Minka).
A phalanx of nasty looking bodyguards escorted a woman wearing dark glasses, fedora hat pulled down and trench coat through the crowd. The woman click-clicked onto the stage and a hush fell over the audience. There was a sting of hot music, and the woman removed her hat and coat with a dramatic flourish to reveal her nude tits and dreamland stacked body.
Andy's cock bucked and tried to dig its way out of his pants. "Minka and her twin fifty double Fs!"
Pink laser beams splashed off Minka's big nipples as she wriggled her body, whipping her soft tits. The crowd started to drool.
The MC announced that tomorrow at two p.m. Realities would premier its talked about new release, Teen Tits, in the convention center auditorium, which would be followed by a touchie-feelie autograph session with Minka in the flesh!

Andy could make out Troy Gatoris snaking about in the shadows behind the stage. Troy used to be Andy's best friend and was now his worst enemy. Yeah, Troy was pulling all the strings now, the millionaire behind Realties International. He owned a private jet, a couple of Rolls Royces, a mansion in Beverly Hills. And he also owned Minka, withou a doubt his most prized possession.
As for Andy, he owned squat.
Minka began to dance to a throbbing disco track with a bronzed, well hung male model by her side. She teased the stud's oiled erection with her fingernails, butt and mouth. Then she went to her knees before the Adonis and snared his 10 inches between her beautiful tits.
The model's eyes rolled as he began to pump his hips, snow ball fucking Minka's world class cleavage.
The audience yelled out their excitement with catcalls, wolf whistles and frenzied clapping. An anxious photographer swung his camera up, slamming his elbow into Andy. One of the coffee lids popped off, and Andy was drenched with steaming coffee.
"Fuck!" he cried out.
Andy looked up and for an instant he made eye contact with Minka Her eyes were flat, like a doll's.
Later that night, in the hotel lounge, Andy nursed his hurt feelings with Scotch-on-the-rocks doubles.
He was on his third drink when a celebrity retinue of bodyguards, ass kissers and Russian buyers swarmed into the bar, all of them there as guests of Troy Gatoris and Minka The party seized four tables at the far end of the room.

Champagne flowed. Andy could hear Troy bray about how Teen Tits was going to gobble up a gargantuan sized piece of the virtual reality market. Troy had his arm locked around Minka, the diamond studded pinkie ring and wrist watch glinting on the hand he used to possessively clutch the girl's right tit. He poured bubbly on the woman's bazooms (Minka uttering a low squeal) and licked it off, voraciously suckling at the nip. Then he glared up in Andy's direction, Troy's predatory eyes saying, "I got all the toys. I won, asshole."
Andy reviewed his tab on the small screen before him, keyed in a tip and signed for it with his thumb print. He vacated the lounge, strolled out the revolving lobby doors and went in search of a new watering hole.
Eventually he found a smokey bar where the drinks weren't watered down and the women all looked well used but real.
He stumbled back to his room shortly before midnight.
A message blinked urgently at him on the vidphone's screen:
Meet me at the Space Shuttle Motel, Cabin #21. ASAP. The boob cruise tit queen Andy hesitantly brought his lips to the pink aureole, flickering his tongue. It encountered the silky hardness of aroused large nipples.
Yes, completely real.
This was no program. As yet no program could simulate the tactile perceptions of the human tongue or lips (by comparison, smell-even taste-were pieces of cake). Minka laughed and said, "Go for it, Andrew."
Their bodies pitched onto the hydrofloat bed (really just a jazzed up water bed) and bounced in what the motel advertised as "weightless relaxation." On the room's walls were photographs of old time rockets and space capsules, in keeping with the motel's space-age "motif."
Minka's breasts pitched and yawed before his eyes, then reconfigured themselves to their normal state of piled high loveliness. He sucked on the left nip and the right, spittle trailing from his mouth. He buried his nose between the warm cleavage, his brain reeling from her perfume while he felt the beat of the woman's heart.

"Here, let me take over for awhile," she said, and rolled him on his back. She kissed his chest and nipples. His woody bobbed obscenely, begged for her attention. She kissed its mushroom cap and slithered her ballooning tits up and down his thighs.
"Do you remember?" she asked.
He grinned. "I remember."
"Do you remember this?"
With that she lifted his swollen cock and balls with her left hand, and tickled the underside of his scrotum with a ripe nipple.
Andy moaned in ecstasy. "Yeah, I remember that."
His right hand landed on her plush bottom, the middle finger slipping aside the elastic band of her g-string and locating her slit.
The nipple teased up his steely dick as he inserted his forefinger up her warm pussy. The cunt clutched at his finger and he thrust in another. Both digits were sucked in up to the knuckle. He thumbed the clit from its fleshy hood and tenderly taunted the nub of sex flesh.
"Yes," Minka panted. "Yes."
The busty blonde planted her red painted mouth on his glans and slowly worked her lips down his veined rod. He was overcome by the sensations of her warmth and wetness. As she performed fellatio on him, she continued to tickle his aching nuts with her large nipples.
Andy's chest heaved. He stammered, "Do you…do you do this for him? For Troy?"
He winced from the sharpness of her teeth.
"I thought we weren't going to mention his name," she scolded him.
"Okay. Okay."
The woman deepthroated him, swirled her lips back up his bloated, glistening erection.
Andy curled his toes, cinched his dick muscle, fought the urge to come. He thrust his hand in and out of her, finger fucking her cunny.
Suddenly she snapped his penis from her mouth and said, "There is one thing I won't do for Troy any more, and that's let him fuck me. Would you fuck me, Andrew?"
That's all the invitation he needed to nudge her onto her back and peel the g-string down her voluptuous thighs. He spread her wide, lavished his tongue on her clitoris and pouty labia. He drank deeply of her lube.
"Fuck me," she purred, and pinched the nipples of her big breasts. The tits became sharp mountains flecked with delicate blue veins.
He hooked her ankles at his shoulders and rolled her bottom up. The vagina gaped open, revealing its wet, inner pink to him. Teasing her now, he rimmed the quim lips with his cockhead, already leaking droplets of pre-cum.
Minka snarled, "Fuck me!"
The glans parted the lips and dove in, the cunt stretching to receive him. Immediately he felt her fluttering tightness.
Deep, then shallow, deep again, his buttocks flexing like a drumskin.
Ms. B.'s mammaries rock 'n rolled.
Andy rolled her over on all fours, kissed her backbone and reached forward to palm her heavy hanging jugs while he spiked into her doggie style.
Her blonde pussy was hungry, flexing a tight grip on Andy's jamming meat. His balls repeatedly slapped wetly against her vulva.
The cramped motel room filled with the scent of their screwing. The bed became a roller coaster, a wild platform for their humping.

Minka cried out and he felt her vagina convulse out of control. His jaw dropped. He jammed even deeper and held. He grunted and gave her a jet-stream of his cum.
"Oh, yesssss!" she wailed.
He withdrew halfway and pounded into her again. His dick spasmed and gave her the rest of his hot load.
Their bodies remained locked, floating for what seemed an eternity.
Andy had almost blacked out. Man, his heart was slamming in his ears. His face was on fire.
The man's soppy cock slipped out of her with a gushy sound. Gently he pressed the raw lips together between his fingers, watched his own jism cooze out of her steamy box.
Andy kissed the pussy and Minka flinched, her vagina sensitive from all their fucking.
They basked in the warmth of their coupling, hovering on the bed. Andy toyed with her internationally acclaimed tits. Yes, they were marvelous-even better than he remembered, with not an atom of plastic.
"These have opened a lot of doors for you, haven't they," he observed.
"And one that I wish they hadn't. Why didn't you ever work on another program? You're an absolute genius at virtual reality."
He removed his hand from her damp mature big tits and said, "No inspiration, I guess."
Their conversation made him recall the old days, when he, Minka and Troy called themselves the Three Musketeers of High Tech. Andy and Troy were right out of college-Andy the cyberpunk programmer and Troy the genius of marketing. Andy found Minka first (the dancer had been the headliner at a big tit show palace), fell in love with her first, and used her persona (and body) to create an over-the-top virtual reality program.
Then Troy stole the program, made millions-and Minka. "Why did you go with him?" Andy asked her.
Minka shrugged. "Nothing too original, I guess. He had drive and ambition, promised to pamper me with wealth and luxury." She rolled into Andy, her big tits slung pendulously. She said, "What if you found inspiration again? Could you write another program?"
"I guess so," he said flatly. "But I would have to be really inspired."
Minka wedged her left arm beneath her tits and lifted them like twin offerings on a plate.
"Would these inspire you?"
He smiled. "Yes, but Troy owns them, at least he contractually owns the image of them worldwide, in all the software markets. And right now, Realities is on top, a juggernaut."
"What if that image of me was unmarketable, at least in the minds of the merchandisers and their buyers?"
"Then I might have a shot. I'd work out of Mexico, where the climate is good, corporate taxes are zilch and they don't ask a lot of questions."
"Your computer have a modem?"
Minka drifted away from him, off the bed, and went to the chair where she'd thrown her greasy mechanic's overalls (her disguise for evading legions of fans-and Troy's bodyguards). From a pocket she took a slip of paper that she handed off to him. It read: TITSRULE.
"What's this?" he asked.
She smiled wickedly. "The password that will let you jack into Troy's simstim deck."
Grinning, he drew her back to the hydrofloat bed. Impishly he whopped his dick against her perky boobs.
In minutes he was hard enough to tit fuck her silly!
The next day, at 2 p.m., the much anticipated highlight of BOOBCON 2001 came when nearly two hundred software buyers from throughout the planet gathered in the convention center auditorium. Each of their seats were equipped with virtual reality goggles, mittens and electro cock rings (electro dildoes for the female buyers). They eagerly slipped on the gear to preview Teen Tits for its merchandising potential-and get their rocks off!
For the next half hour they would be jacked into Realities' simstim deck. Troy Gatoris would control the horizontal, the vertical.
Promptly at 2:04 p.m. a roar of laughter erupted from the auditorium, as the buyers were introduced to the "new and improved" Minka, her tits as flat as cold flapjacks.

By then Andy and the old Minka were on a plane halfway to Cancun.


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