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WELL BUILT - Story by Nick D. Zyre

Once she began to roll out of bed, Susan Montgomery was unable to stop. The relentless pull of gravity took over as soon as her huge breasts were over the edge of the mattress. The dainty horny housewife fell, jugs first, to the floor. Luckily, the pile of pillows Jeff had placed next to her side of the bed protected her from injury.
"Shit!" Unhurt-but vaguely embarrassed-Susan struggled to her knees, resting her 57MM bosom on the mattress. She pushed a lock of short brown hair out of her eyes. Grimacing, she noticed the hole in the sling-type bra she'd recently been wearing to bed. Last week it was loose-fitting; today it burst a seam! Alarmed, Susan grabbed the phone and dialed a familiar number.
A cheerful voice answered. "Doctor Allen's office."
"This is Mrs. Montgomery. I have to make another appointment with the doctor."
Completing her call, Susan carefully stood up and faced the full-length mirror. She had to admit she liked what she saw, though it was hard to believe the woman in the looking glass was really her.
Susan had once been a cute, modestly-endowed 32B-21-33. Though she was still cute, and the 21" waist and 33" hips remained, the 32B bust was history.
Six weeks ago, she and Jeff returned from a visit to his parents. The next morning, Susan noticed her faithful old nightgown felt a bit snug. Figuring it had shrunk in the wash, she bought a new one. It didn't fit either.

There were other odd signs. Though she'd always enjoyed sex, Susan found herself feeling aroused more frequently. Her breasts seemed more sensitive and swollen. By the time she realized they were growing and measured herself, she'd gained three inches! Pleased at first, she became increasingly concerned as her bustline continued to blossom. Visits to her gynecologist and other specialists provided no reason-or remedy-for her condition.
Susan glanced at the wall clock; almost 90 minutes until her appointment. Plenty of time to get ready.
Wrapped in an oversized beach towel, Susan walked slowly into the bathroom. If she moved too quickly she would jiggle. If she jiggled, she would become sexually aroused. And if she became sexually aroused, she'd have to engage in another frantic masturbation session-which was what had caused her to fall out of bed in the first place!

Easing herself into the shower stall, the busty lesbian brunette removed her towel and twisted the faucets. While warm water splashed on her lush body, she remembered with a smile her 'wake-up call' for Jeff that morning. She simply leaned over and said "I'm horny!" into his ear and began fondling his bare nuts. Being a dutiful and understanding husband, he groggily em-braced her. Soon, Susan was riding her half-asleep hubby's hog leg.
Recalling the passionate pre-dawn lovemaking caused Susan to hug herself tightly. The water gushed across her stiff nipples. She rubbed them with the loofah sponge in her hand, wiped off all the suds, then rubbed some more. Thoughts of Jeff's explosive climax, as well as her own, ran through her mind as the bar of soap in her other hand slithered down her belly.

She tried to focus her thoughts on what she was doing; taking a shower, nothing more. Still, the soap suds clinging to her furry beaver did look like cum…Jeff's cum.
Susan heaved a deep sigh and glanced around her. Either the shower stall had shrunk or her tits had grown in the last few minutes.
Her trembling legs, burstingly full breasts, and the embers smoldering deep in her pussy provided the clues. An electric shock from her tits to her pussy and back again, followed by a sudden, uncontrollable gasping for breath, provided the answer.
She was now feverishly masturbating unconsciously.
Susan Montgomery was 10 minutes late for her appointment.

Doc Allen sat on the corner of her desk, pondering the tape measure in her hand. Her thumb rested on the 59-inch mark. Though only five years older than her 24-year-old patient, the gynecologist tried to be as motherly as possible. "I can see for myself you've grown substantially since last week." Susan opened her mouth to speak. Doc Allen ignored her. "However, it doesn't change what I told you then; there is simply no medical explanation for what is happening to your body. All of the lab results are normal. In fact, you're as healthy as a horse!"
The doctor gently took Susan's elbow and steered her toward the door. "When you finish growing we'll see about possible reduction surgery. In the meantime, go about your usual activities. Do you play any sports?"
"I used to jog, but not anymore. I don't like bouncing tits."
"Oh. Why not try swimming?"

Susan shrugged. Until her swelling boobs burst her bathing suit, she'd often floated around in the backyard pool, but didn't consider that 'swimming.' With a frown, she said goodbye and walked to the parking lot. She decided to buy a new swimsuit. This time it was going to be a sexy bikini- one that really showed off her sexy boobs. Jeff would enjoy that!
She drove to an outlet mall outside of town. While buying a couple of new, bigger sling bras at the "Large n' Lovely" store, she inquired about swimwear. The clerk recognized Susan from her increasingly frequent visits. "We don't sell them, but I can recommend another store nearby."
Susan pulled into a space in front of the other store, named "In The Swim." Upon entering, she was pleased to see the saleswoman-a pretty blonde who, though a bit heavier than herself, was almost as big busted.
The shorter woman smiled brightly. "How can I help you?"
"I'd like to try on some bikinis. Do you think you can fit me?"
"Sure can! I started this business for gals like us. I'm Adrienne." She pointed to the name tag on her sweater. It was obscured by the swell of her own well-filled blouse.
Susan introduced herself and followed Adrienne down an aisle. She pointed to several racks filled with bikini bras on individual hangers. "Once we find you a good-fitting top, we'll match it to a bottom. Okay?"
Susan nodded agreeably.
Adrienne motioned toward a doorway. "Let's go into the fitting room and get your measurements."
"No need! I'm 59-21-33-but I need, um, some room to grow."
The saleswoman raised an eyebrow. "I understand. I have some one-piece suits with underwire bras built-in for extra support. Interested?"
Susan shook her head. "I want know like my... sexy breast."
"You want to 'show it off,' huh?"
"For my husband, yeah."
The two women picked out a few items for Susan to try on. Since Adrienne was running the store alone, she locked the front door and ushered Susan into one of the fitting rooms in the back. Once inside, she helped the buxom customer disrobe.
First, Susan donned an orange and yellow floral-patterned bra. Adrienne tied the string for her. The gentle touch of another woman made Susan flush with warmth. She sighed softly.
"Are you okay, Susan?"
"Yes! Sorry. Could you hand me the orange bottom, please."
Susan stepped into the tiny bikini bottom and slid it on, over her plain white panties. She looked at herself in the mirror. The bra cups, though huge, barely covered her pink areolae. The bottom was almost invisible!
Adrienne's eyes were reflected in the glass. "You'll knock him dead in this outfit, but don't wear it in public-unless, of course, you want to get arrested or mobbed by guys!"

The tiny cubicle filled with giggles from both women. Susan continued to try on several combinations of tops and bottoms. Stuffing her sensitive breasts into different bras was making the busty buyer fidgety, but Adrienne patiently attended to her.
Finally, Susan said, "None of the stuff I've tried seems quite right. Do you have any ideas that might work?"
Adrienne scratched her chin, then snapped her fingers. "Ah-hah! Wait here!" She returned a minute later, carrying what looked like a blue strap. "Here, try this one on!"
Only after Susan unfolded the tiny piece of fabric did she realize what it was. "A thong? You want me to jam all this flesh into a 'shoelace'?"
"There's no harm in trying! Go ahead-and take off your panties so we can get a good look at you!"
Emboldened by Adrienne's urging, Susan dropped her undies to the floor. "I'm not sure how to do this!"
Adrienne arranged the straps between Susan's legs and pulled them up. Susan noticed the blonde was breathing deeply. When the straps were nestled in the customer's ample cleavage, Adrienne's hands softly grazed Susan's puffed-up dugs as she stretched the fabric over each huge nipple. The straps weren't nearly wide enough to cover the pebbly pink circles surrounding them.

Susan faced the mirror and gasped-not only because of what she saw, but what she felt. Adrienne was standing behind her, gently cradling Susan's breasts! The chesty shopper tried to stay calm, though her excitement was also growing. "Well, what do you think?"
"What do I think?" the store owner repeated softly. "I think you're incredibly attractive! I think you've got sex appeal shooting out your ears! I think that if I don't make love to that unbelievable body of yours, I'll kill myself!"
Susan spun around. She placed her hands on her hips and stuck out her chest. The overburdened thong straps popped off her tits. "Don't kill yourself until you've had THESE!" The horny housewife shoved her soft tits into Adrienne's face.
The horny shopkeeper shucked off her own clothing while furtively massaging Susan's breasts with her tongue. Bare-assed at last, both busty babes dropped to the thickly-carpeted floor and worked themselves into a modified 69. Adrienne lay on her back while Susan's sweater-busters smothered her face. Susan was likewise able to feast on the 'treasure chest' lying directly beneath her.
The women suckled and fondled each other. Their whimpers and grunts began quietly, then increased in volume and urgency as an erotic crescendo loomed near.
Susan came first, squealing with almost hysterical cries. Adrienne's wracking explosion was only a moment behind hers. When Susan tried to roll off, her vision dimmed.

When she awoke, Susan found herself lying on the padded fitting room bench. Adrienne walked in with a damp towel, which she laid on the dazed shopper's forehead. "I'm all right. Please don't stay closed any longer because of me."
The storekeeper hugged the beautiful, prone bra buster. "It's okay. Business is crummy."An hour later, Susan was back ..home. She anxiously awaited Jeff's return from work. His car arrived as Susan pranced to her bureau to change into some fresh clothes. Taking a man's size 4XL 'muscle' shirt from a drawer, she squeezed herself into it, and changed her panties. The girl girl fuck session with Adrienne had left Susan hungry for cock. She promised herself not to attack Jeff, having almost broken the poor bastard's back upon his arrival home yesterday. She scooted to the front door, opening it just as Jeff reached for the knob from outside.
"Hi, honey! How was…" Jeff managed to say, before his mouth was stuffed with tongue. Susan heaved her shirt-ripping jugs against his stomach. Even though Jeff was her husband, she felt like a whore. He usually initiated their lovemaking, but lately she'd been throwing herself at him every afternoon-morning and evening, too! With her last ounce of restraint, Susan backed off. "I missed you so much, baby."

"Same here, Sue!" Jeff held her close as he walked to the couch. "What's new, milady?" He sat her on his lap.
"I went to see Doc Allen this morning. She told me the same old shit. I'm turning into one of those Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons and nobody has the slightest clue why!"
"Now-now! You always had a terrific figure, but now there's more of you to love!" Jeff kissed Susan's neck, just under her ear. Her breath rushed out, as the wetness in her panties increased and her nipples hardened. He smiled. "Let's change the subject. I'm up for a promotion!"
"Really?" Susan whispered.
"Yeah. I deserve it, but that dickhead Harrison will probably get it."
"That's nice… Let's fuck!"
Jeff's eyes popped wide open. Susan clamped her hands over her mouth and turned bright red. A shy person despite her recent physical and sexual development, she disliked this kind of bluntness and vulgarity.
After a split-second of utter silence, Jeff began roaring with laughter! "Come on, Sue, tell me...tell me what you really want!" He could barely talk between giggles. Susan shrunk away from him a little embarrassed, but Jeff stopped her. "Oh, no you don't! If you wanna fuck, we're gonna FUCK!"
He jumped up, lifting Susan in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck, squashing her billowy boobs together. Jeff pushed the bedroom door open with his foot and placed Susan's pert rump on the king-sized waterbed. Stripping to his underwear, Susan's horny hubby slipped into the bed next to her. She crawled on top of him and they necked like teenagers. Jeff caressed Susan's tittie-filled shirt and whistled softly.
The dark-haired hussy turned over and slid down between his legs. She wiggled her buns against the lump in Jeff's briefs. She smiled at him over her shoulder. "You play with my boobies so much, you forget I've got an ass!" .

Jeff smirked at the mild rebuke. He piled some pillows under his back and grasped Susan's slender hips. With an "umph!" he hoisted her into his lap, making her panty-covered pussy bump his underwear-tenting boner. She reflexively cupped his cock in her hands and humped her sopping wet muff against his hardness.
Watching from her rear, Jeff gasped as Susan's monster tits bounced and jiggled under his much-too-small shirt. He reached into the oversized armholes and around her voluminous bust. As Susan continued her powerful grinding, Jeff filled his arms with Susan's staggering abundance.
When his groping hands found her sprouting nipples and tweaked them firmly, Susan groaned with pleasure,. "Uhhh, God! Help me get this shirt off…please!" Jeff continued to fondle her breasts, enjoying the feel of her warm flesh and stiff dugs. Susan squirmed her pussy harder against Jeff's tented manhood, repeating her request while fumbling around for a grip on the restraining fabric.
Releasing his grip on Susan's free-standing dugs, Jeff slowly lifted the hem of the shirt, bunching up the cloth under Susan's jutting breasts. Then, in one swift movement, he whipped the shirt off over her head, causing her trapped torpedoes to explode from the restraining garment and wobble in awe-inspiring fashion.
"You son-of-a-bitch!" Susan chuckled as she cursed. Too horny to be truly angry, she ripped off Jeff's underwear, yanked her panties aside and impaled herself on him.

Jeff moaned helplessly as Susan pounded her pussy down onto his dick. He convulsed spastically as his carnal eruption rapidly approached. Susan bit her lower lip and screamed as she creamed on Jeff's steel-hard beam. Moments later, her tight cunt triggered a spunk-spattering orgasm from Jeff's overheated cock.
Exhausted, Susan rolled over onto her back. Jeff guided her to the mattress. She caught her breath while he headed into the bathroom.
Susan listened to Jeff sing in the shower. She wondered if he-as virile as he was-could continue to fulfill her increasing sexual appetite. Her high spirits mellowed. Jeff's happiness was her only…wish.
"WISH!" Susan bolted upright-as quickly as her hot tits would allow her. In a fleeting instant, she had realized what was happening to her body-and why.
"Wish what, hon?" Jeff stood in the doorway, blow-drying his hair.
"I, uh, wish to see your parents."
"Okay! 'Big Ed' and Betty will be glad to see us. We can go see them anytime…perhaps next weekend!" Susan shook her head. The weekend was three days away. At the rate she was growing, she'd be as big as a bus by then! "I'd rather visit them alone this time-if it's all right with you, sweetheart. I'll drive out tomorrow."
Jeff's brow wrinkled. "Is there something wrong, Sue?"
"Oh, no! I want your folks to see me now-just in case I really blow up!" She took his hand and kissed it lovingly. "If I go alone, it will be less awkward for me, and less of a shock for them when they see these."

Jeff thanked her for being so considerate of his parents.
After dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, Susan got Jeff back in the sack as soon as she could.
It took little more than a deep breath for her to pop out of the simple yellow sun dress she'd bought at the big girls' store. Laying on the bed, she guided Jeff's five-and-a-half-inch pecker into the deep crevasse between her bulging bazookas. Susan watched his face glow with satisfaction as she tit fucked him, regretful that she couldn't lick his manhood at the same time; her cleavage swallowed him up!
Jeff came with a heaving shudder. Cum splattered Susan's chest. She scooped it up with her fingers and sucked them dry. He fell asleep nestled between her tits. She joined him in slumber after finishing herself off with a passionate dildo session.
Next morning, Susan woke up first, and her breasts felt more swollen than ever-like overinflated truck tires! Shaking from a combination of lust and anticipation, she wrapped a five-foot tape measure around her chest. As she suspected, its ends wouldn't touch. She'd finally busted the 60-inch mark!
Though tempted to awaken Jeff for a quick morning bang, she saw he was deeply asleep and didn't want to disturb him. She tiptoed down to the laundry room. With a load of clothes in the washer, she sat in an old chair and fingered herself off. The soft rumbling of the machine and a washcloth stuffed in her mouth helped cover the sound of her shrieks.
Jeff offered to do the breakfast dishes. Susan could see he was still pretty beat from yesterday's fuckfest, and pushed him back into his chair.
They walked to the driveway and exchanged car keys-Jeff insisted she use his full-size car for her trip.
"You'll need the breathing room!" he joked, pointing to her boobs.
"Oh, fun-nee!" Sue pinched his butt, then kissed him goodbye.
Normally, it took two hours to drive to Jeff's hometown on the interstate. Susan's trip was longer because of a 'comfort stop' which didn't involve the use of a restroom.
"Big Ed" Montgomery gave his daughter-in-law his traditional greeting; a rib-cracking bear hug. He stopped in mid-squeeze. "Holy shit, Susie! Where'd you get those?"
Betty also noticed the change. "Heavens! Did you get one of those 'inducement' operations?"
Susan smiled. "No, I didn't get an 'enlargement.'" The older couple hugged her between them as they entered the small but carefully-maintained house. The Montgomerys were poor, but warm-hearted people, who treated their only daughter-in-law as their own flesh and blood. When everyone was seated at the kitchen table, Susan got to the real reason for her trip. "Ed, could you tell me how to get to the picnic grove-the one Jeff and I visited during our last trip?"
Ed and Betty looked at each other, communicating silently. "We'd be happy to take you there," said Betty.

Susan patted her mother-in-law's shoulder and shook her head. "I need to go alone this time-but, thanks for the offer." Ed drew a simple map while the women chatted.
The friendly threesome spent over an hour catching up on all the gossip. Then, Susan picked up the map and prepared to leave. She intended to drive straight home after going to the grove, but Betty insisted she return for a late lunch. Big Ed folded his arms sternly. "Little gal, you come back here or I'll carry you back!" Touched by their sincere hospitality, Susan held up her hands in defeat. "Okay, you're the boss! I'll be back in about an hour."
The grove was about a mile away. Susan had no trouble finding it, nor finding a parking space in the deserted lot. Apparently, few people picnicked on weekdays. She hoisted herself out of the car and wandered down a narrow, overgrown pathway.
Within ten minutes, Susan located the object of her search. Sitting beside the wooded path was an old-fashioned well. The circular stone structure sat about five feet high, with a weathered, red-shingled roof and a bucket on a winch…a 'wishing well.'
Susan sat on the rim of the stone wall, remembering her last visit.

Jeff brought her here when she suggested they have a picnic "under some trees." After they ate, she playfully knocked him on his ass and took off. While hiding from him, she'd stumbled upon the well. On a whim, she tossed in a coin and made the first wish that came to mind. Jeff had been gently teasing her about her modest endowment just before she swatted him, so she closed her eyes and said, "I wish my boobs would grow."
Hollering like a banshee, Jeff had charged out of the bushes and scared her half to death! She ran to him, laughing and tearing at his clothes. Her wish was forgotten in the midst of their subsequent 'outdoor recreation.'
Now, sitting beside the old and forgotten well, Susan realized her wish had come true. All too true!
Fumbling in her bag, she found a coin. "I hope this works." She tossed the coin in the well. "I wish my boobs would STOP growing!"
Immediately, she felt the flesh-bursting pressure in her bosom subside. Susan wiped her brow with the back of her hand. "Whew! I'm glad that's over with!" She began to walk down the path toward the car, but abruptly stopped. "What's my hurry?" Susan stuck her hand in her bag and rummaged for another coin…
A week later, Susan was sitting her living room with Adrienne. "It's the damnedest thing," the busty blonde store owner said. "Until the day you came in, business stunk. You enter my life and all of a sudden, I'm mobbed with customers! You're my 'good-luck' charm, Susan!"
Adrienne was planting a very friendly kiss on Susan's lips when Jeff entered the house. He dejectedly grinned at his wife. "Like I figured…I didn't get the promotion."

Susan introduced her ladyfriend. "I asked Adrienne to come over and help us celebrate if you got it…and help console you if you didn't!"
Jeff and Adrienne examined each other. Both smiled approvingly.
"I gotta tell you," Jeff said, "even though I'm disappointed, I'm randy as a goat!" He wanted to tell Susan about his visit to a doctor regarding his mysteriously lengthening penis and swelling balls, but was reluctant to do so in front of a stranger.
Susan took Adrienne's hand with one of her own, and the randy goat's with the other. "If you're really that excited, I'm glad Adrienne's here to share in the fun!' She led the horny parade to the bedroom.
Susan and Adrienne put on a magnificent strip show for their one-man audience. Jeff hooted and applauded as two superb examples of full-blown femininity came teasingly into view! Once totally nude, the lust-fired floozies turned on Jeff. They hungrily tore the 'randy goat's' clothes off.
Susan spread out on the bed. She beckoned Jeff to straddle her chest. His stiffening prong sank deeply into her tit-crack. Next, she guided Adrienne to a kneeling position, directly over her head and facing Jeff.
Her boob-loving hubby started to play with Adrienne's big jugs, while Susan nuzzled the moistening box that wriggled above her. The tip of Jeff's hard cock poked out from between her boobs. Susan tickled it with a fingertip while rubbing her tits together in a fabuluous threesome.
Jeff's well-practiced breast-sucking and clit-fondling were having a profound effect on the bouncing blonde, judging from the rising intensity of her wailing. Susan held her mouth open for the inevitable gush of girl goo.
She didn't wait long.

"Cum...Oh, Jesus, I'm cumming! AHH!" Adrienne howled with delight. Jeff increased the speed of his tit fucking, while Susan took a faceful of cunt juice. She moaned in expectation of Jeff's impending blast. Jerking forcefully, Jeff's dick spurted its sticky load. Gobs of jizz landed on Susan's neck, face and wildly bobbling breasts. She herself convulsed and moaned with ecstasy, drowning in the intoxicating warmth of her lovers.
They lay in a pile of arms, ass and tits. Susan kissed and nuzzled her lusty bedmates. As they relaxed, she thought about the future…
Adrienne's recent business boom was no coincidence, and would continue in record fashion. Susan was indeed her 'good-luck' charm!
Jeff's disappointment would be short-lived. Before leaving his hometown, Susan bought two identically-numbered tickets for next week's record-breaking, multimillion-dollar lottery. She kept one ticket and gave Big Ed the other.
In roughly a few months, Jeff's joint will be twice its previous length-long enough to titfuck AND blow at the same time! Susan's spine tingled at the prospect! With his stamina increasing as well, he'll fuck like a prize bull…
…Adrienne stirred. The buxom blonde thoughtfully cuddled her own breasts, shaking her head in disbelief. "It's strange, but I think my boobs are getting bigger! Can you believe it?" Susan Montgomery flashed a knowing smile. "Yes, I can!"

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