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Deflowered by gardener

New to Mexico and new to sex
Or on how I lost my virginity to a mexican hunk.

I find it most embarrassing that I am writing this, but some secrets can't be kept to oneself. I am the daughter of a well-known CEO, and he, wishing that I have the class that his money couldn't buy for himself, sent me to a very strict New England Boarding School. Their rules managed to keep me a virgin (not even a French kiss!) until my 18th birthday. Even though I had flowing blonde hair and rather perky breasts, men were not allowed on our secluded campus. With the exception of the help, that is.

Now, one afternoon before graduation I was sitting by the lake studying Shakespeare for an exam. I admit, my short plaid skirt and knee socks must have been more appealing than I realized at the time. In the distance I saw Juan, the Mexican gardener, blowing leaves. I pretended to be studying the sonnets but I really couldn't keep my eyes off of his bare, muscular chest and his hands smeared with dirt. And he kept raking coming closer and closer to me. My heart was pounding harder than the leaf blower was blowing. Then he walked right up in front of me (such bravery!) and blew up my skirt, revealing my white panties. My face became red but I didn't move. Instead, I ripped open my shirt, showing him my pink bra. He set down the blower and got on all fours and began to not suck on my nipples through the bra, but bite them. I screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He rammed his knee into my crotch and rubbed my pussy rhythmically until I felt a wave of pleasure explode over me. Then he unzipped his dirty work pants and shoved his erect member into my face. "Chupamela".

Thank heavens I summered in Cancun and knew that he meant "suck on it" which I did, placing my pink lips on his dark, throbbing member. Then, without warning, he pushed me away and I thought: oh, no, did I do something improper? But then a second later I realized that no, he was pushing me away so that he could get at my steaming pussy. As he inserted me I screamed out as my hymen broke but he kept on pushing inwards, and in a few minutes the pain turned to pleasure. Just as he was finishing up I heard the sophomore girls heading towards the lake for botany class. Juan got up and continued blowing leaves as if nothing happened.

So, if you see a certain rich young lady, with an "adopted" Mexican baby, you know who I am.


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