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"Conversation. What is it? A Mystery! It's the art of never seeming bored, of touching everything with interest, of pleasing with trifles, of being fascinating with nothing at all. How do we define this lively darting about with words, of hitting them back and forth, this sort of brief smile of ideas which should be conversation?" Guy de Maupassant

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Girls Teach Teen Cyber Gab to FBI Agents

This is so cool .... Girls Teach Teen Cyber Gab to FBI Agents

"As undercover assignments go, posing as a teenage girl online to catch pedophiles has its share of challenges for the typical FBI agent. Should he ever capitalize words in instant messages? Is it okay to say you buy your clothes at 5-7-9? And what about Justin Timberlake? Is he still hot or is he so two years ago?

For those investigative details, the FBI calls on Karen, Mary and Kristin -- Howard County eighth-graders and best friends. During the past year, the three have been teaching agents across the country how to communicate just like teenage girls, complete with written quizzes on celebrity gossip and clothing trends and assigned reading in Teen People and YM magazines. The first time the girls gave a quiz, all the agents failed.

"They, like, don't know anything," said Mary, 14, giggling.

"They're, like, do you like Michael Jackson?" said Karen, 14, rolling her eyes at just how out of it adults can be.

Thanks to the girls, Bald said, the FBI has gathered such valuable information as: never begin a chat with "hello"; never use proper grammar in instant messages; and "pos" stands for "parent over shoulder." After the ceremony, several parents talked excitedly about finally finding out what "pos" meant. Karen shot Mary a worried look: "Our classmates are going to kill us."

Am just visualising the face of an Indian Law Enforcement Officer when he or she hears the term "Dude Bitch" !

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'Dude Bitch'

Was chatting with my 19 year old niece online today. 

She usually calls me 'maami' (mother's brother's wife - for the uninitiated in Indian family relationships)

She says i'm the coolest "30+ chick" she knows. 

They have a term for this - 'dude bitch'

She said i was a dude bitch!!

Asked her what's the equivalent for a cool guy - pat came the answer - "there are no cool guys" !!

Any suggestions on what a 'cool guy' can be called?

Oh this generation :):):) !!!

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OhMyNews - A new paradigm for Journalism

Influential South Korean Internet site uses ``citizen reporters'' to cover news

The Internet has spawned a new type of journalism in South Korea -- an increasingly popular news Web site where doctors, students, professors and housekeepers work as "citizen reporters."

Three-year-old Internet news service OhMyNews -- where the public reports on everything from local happenings to gossip and national politics -- has become so popular that Roh Moo-hyun granted it his first interview after being inaugurated as president in February. /EM>

"With Ohmynews, we wanted to say goodbye to 20th century journalism where people only saw things through the eyes of the mainstream, conservative media," said its editor and founder, Oh Yeon-ho.

"Our main concept is every citizen can be a reporter. We put everything out there and people judge the truth for themselves."

Dan Gillmor reviews it here. "A new brand of journalism is taking shape in South Korea, and it may be the killer app for a new age. It's called OhmyNews, and after a visit I'm just dazzled"

Sounds interesting ... wish they had an English version.

A new paradigm for journalism ?


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Round up of Blogosphere Stories of interest

Aaaaah back to blogging!

Some really interesting stuff in the blogosphere while i've been away - having scanned them, will just link now and comment later :

Thought-provoking Stuff:

I love Dave Pollard's blog - he writes across so many issues - always interesting and thought-provoking.  Some posts i've scanned and marked for further reading :

Why Innovation Happens in Waves

A Quiz - Is Your Country War-Prone?

The Post-Consumer Economy - A Model for our Future

On Blogs and Wikis:

More excellent comments on What Makes a Weblog a Weblog, including a pointer to a Russ Lipton essay. (Scripting News)

Ross Mayfield takes the discussion on wikis vs weblogs further into comparing the Individual Voice and the Group Voice

Two posts on 'Getting Up to Speed on Wikis' from Jim McGee : here and here

Stuart picks up on wikis and blikis in his post Collaborative Roadmaps.  Watch out for more from him.

On Corporate Blogging - strengthening the case for it - and discussions on tools :

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto (The Scobleizer Weblog)

Chat without frontiers. The IM story keeps on growing. (iWire)

More links on Weblogs and KM from Jim McGee

David Weinberger, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, in his article The Truth of Weblogs weighs in on the issue of trust in corporate blogging.

Allan Karl on When Corporate Blogging is Done Right. Everyone Benefits. (May 29 ... the permalink does not seem to work).  He also starts a series of posts on Corporate Blogs :  the first one called Why does Barbie Blog : Corporate Weblog Series #1.  Will be following them with interest ... while looking for stories from Indian shores!

Between Bloggers and their Employers at Lilia's blog : A lot of thinking about problems that could happen between bloggers and their employers by Joshua Allen [via Serious Instructional Technology]

On Ryze Changes :

My views hereStuart (see the comments too) and Ross at the Many to Many blog discuss them further.

Some Cool Stuff :

The Geek Test : and no .. am not publishing my result!

Sona Matchmaker : An Indian Friendster : thanks Marc.  'Matrimonials' form a huge part of our daily newspapers ... and many of our leading dailies devote entire supplements to them. Its also a tremendous business here ... with the matchmakers raking it in. Today's kids want to DIY ... i suspect Sona Matchmaker would be a terrific success here!

More links from Marc ... he always has some really cool stuff at his blog ... i blogged Teen Tribes ... he found more - Taste Tribes and Speed Tribes.

Phew !  Now onto reading ....

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