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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We have a post up there which says How can we help you - some of the bloggers there have been working non-stop to help folks touch base with their loved ones - this is really tremendous.

The wiki is up too - here are the links:

The MumbaiHelp Wiki

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7 deadly bomb blasts, 190 people dead, over 400 injured.

Western railway services are back on track between Andheri and Churchgate, services between Virar and Borivli not running. Many long distance trains to Gujarat have been cancelled. More details on inbound and outbound train schedules available here.

Additional security is being provided in the trains.

Many long distance trains to Gujarat have been cancelled -

People are going to work - although shaken, many say they are not going to sit at home.

Sources: NDTV, CNN-IBN

Update at 2 pm:

DGP Maharashtra talks to media - says 183 dead and 714 injured.  The CRPF, RAF and Home Guards have been called in for additional security.  Metal detectors and sniffer dogs are in use at stations.  High alert in the state of Maharashtra.

Additional information:

Police sources have suggested that RDX was used in the blasts, operated by remote timer devices.
The stock market is stable - that's a good sign


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My husband works at Dadar, on Tulsi Pipe road and we are at Khar. His route home passes Bandra, Matunga and Mahim stations, all affected by the blasts. I was nervous when he said he was leaving, but surprise surprise, he was home in an hour (which is as long as it takes for less than a 10 km run on a normal working day). He described to me what he saw ....

Lots of chaos as expected on the roads, many people walking home, cars stopping to offer lifts to people, locals - men, women, children - offering assistance right outside the stations where the blasts occured - with bottles of water and food and helping in any way they could. He said it was a sea of humanity.

There are reports that the railways will re-open the Western line late tonight or tomorrow - and i'm certain Bombay will be back to its business tomorrow. I just hope we stay calm through this, and there is no backlash as we saw in 1992-93.

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