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"Conversation. What is it? A Mystery! It's the art of never seeming bored, of touching everything with interest, of pleasing with trifles, of being fascinating with nothing at all. How do we define this lively darting about with words, of hitting them back and forth, this sort of brief smile of ideas which should be conversation?" ~ Guy de Maupassant ~


Qualitative research services and consultancy, established in November 1998 by Dina Mehta.

Company mission - to provide personalised consultancy and research services with emphasis on quality, through sensitivity, maturity, knowledge and experience.

The Explore team personally handles the entire project from conception to data collection, and interpretation to presentation with strategic insights.

Types of research we conduct :

Some of our clients :

·         Unilever, ESPN Star Sports, MTV, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Eureka Forbes Limited, JWT India, MPhasis, Standard Chartered Bank, Godfrey Philips, Hallmark Channel, Godrej SaraLee Limited

What Clients have to say :

"I have recently completed a multi-country project for New Zealand Dairy Board that included three cities in India for which I worked with Dina Mehta of Explore Research. So impressed was I with Dina that I have since forwarded her name to another international colleague for possible market research work in India.  Dina is clearly a specialist in her chosen field. She displays a strong empathy with, and genuine interest in, her respondents such that they immediately warm to her and open up. What stands her apart from many other qualitative researchers is her ability and willingness to probe beyond surface consumer responses therefore collecting far more insightful and useful information. She distilled this information into informative and strategic conclusions.

Undertaking international research projects are unique in that one must understand a foreign brief, interpret this into a local context and then re-interpret the results back into 'foreign' language for foreign understanding.  We therefore rely a great deal on the foreign moderator's ability to effectively understand and work within two cultures. Dina excels at this and because of this one is able to confidently place all trust in her ability to collect, distill and feedback research findings that fully meet research objectives. Having undertaken international market research for over six years, I have a fair basis for comparison of moderators in various countries, and I can honestly say that Dina Mehta is one of the best."  Tracey Rankin, Yellow Door Research, Australia

"In March 2004, Pitney Bowes contracted Dina Mehta of Explore Research and Consultancy to provide ethnographic research for a three month project in India.  This research included work in a wide variety of rural and urban settings.  Because of the high quality of results, Explore's contract has been extended into 2005.  Dina has become a thoroughly integrated member of our project team.


Dina's work in the field has consistently provided insightful and valuable learnings resulting directly from her high level of observational skills.  Dina's participation on our team has enabled American team members to understand Indian culture, and has delivered useful insights for our business.  Dina has been able to provide the ethnographic foundation from which we have innovated a wide range of potential concepts.  This valuable work continues as this letter is being written.


Pitney Bowes would highly recommend Dina as a contractor to provide ethnographic research services in India, based on her highly developed skills in deep ethnographic research and her ability to translate observations into business opportunities.  Philip W. Swift, Manager and Project Lead, Pitney Bowes, Inc.



"We have had an excellent relationship with Explore research. They have an excellent understanding of the Indian Media scene and in our opinion are one of the best for programming research and tracking. They bring a degree of focus and competency which is noteworthy" Raghuraman Venkatraman, ESPN

'We (MTV) have had the pleasure of working with Explore for the last 4-5 years and will continue to do so for years to come. The attention to detail and focus that we get from all our projects is second to none. From initial proposal, discussion guides right through to final analysis, Explore fulfils my requirements of what a quali agency should be about!'  Raj Rana, MTV India

New Developments :

More recently we've been exploring avenues to use our skills as facilitators in working with groups - creativity sessions at a corporate level and in running playgroups and workshops for young minds.

We use many techniques .... borrowing concepts from psychology, anthropology, ethnography, semiotics, and even stuff like synaesthesia.  Currently we're working with inkblots and colour ! The whole attempt is to allow the mind to wander, shedding rational reasoning, thinking out-of-the-box.

Our company has also been studying the area of social software in the context of creating and adapting tools for research, getting companies to blog - both for internalproject management and external communications with the hope that new cultures of communication would be initiated and nurtured through the intelligent and effective use of community and collaboration technologies.

As part of their research on social software, Explore has been researching, prototyping and experimenting with several collaboration tools and workspaces like blogs and wikis, VOIP offerings, and many of the social networking services.

Previous Work Experience (Dina Mehta) :

Was with Probe Qualitative Research, IMRB from 1989 and resigned as a Research Director to set up Explore. Independently handled Clients such as the Unilever group, De Beers, Parle, MTV, HPCL, Kodak, Mahindra & Mahindra, Kelloggs, Star TV.

Experience in the field : 17 years.

Contact :

Address : 402 Bajaj Onyx, Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai 400052, India

Tel no : 91 22 26488032 

Email : explore@vsnl.com

Weblog : Conversations with Dina