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Saturday, September 4, 2004
Copyright Materials
ALA to launch copyright course. To stem the influx of peer-to-peer file-sharing lawsuits cropping up in schools, the American Library Association (ALA) plans to roll out a nationwide curriculum designed to help students navigate the murky waters of copyright law. [eSchool News Top Stories]
This looks like a good initiative. School librarians can certainly use some help with teaching students about intellectural property rights.
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Collection Development Tool for Secondary Libraries
I have long been a fan of an excellent tool that has come across my desk every year, University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries. Published by the Association of American University Presses (AAUP), this free volume contains hundreds of books that have been reviewed and selected by representatives from the AASL and PLA divisions of ALA. I have always found material in these lists that would be valuable for high school students, especially those doing AP and IB level research, but they also give grade ranges from elementary on up.. I was thrilled, therefore, to see that this publication is now offered online at
A joint project of AAUP, AASL and PLA, this bibliography is a popular and trusted acquisitions resource. The almost 500 books listed in the 2004 edition include works on a wide variety of subjects -- Eskimo architecture, zinfandel, camembert, Spanish-language science fiction, The Simpsons, dragons, mummies and the American presidency to name only a few.
The selection committee was chaired by Ken W. Stewart of Blue Valley High School, Stilwell, Kan., for AASL and Rex Miller of the Petoskey (Mich.) Public Library for PLA.
[AASL Hotlinks, Sept. 2004]
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