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  Tuesday, August 10, 2004

David Huffaker's research, as documented in an article called "The Educated Blogger: Using Weblogs to Promote Literacy in the Classroom", in the online journal, First Monday, has received some coverage by the BBC. I'm glad to see weblogging getting some attention in terms of its educational potential.
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  Sunday, February 22, 2004

Jenny's Blog and RSS Presentations. One of the best things about this community is its willingness to share. Jenny has put up her two recent presentations on blogging and RSS in .pdf format, and they are both worth a look if you're thinking of doing any training on this stuff or if you just want to clarify your own practice a bit. Great stuff! [Weblogg-ed News]
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  Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bot A Blog.

People invariably ask me for resources that will e-mail them new entries in weblogs (this usually happens after I push aggregators). I usually point them to Bloglet, which has been around for a while (although I'm still not sure if it is still running), but now I can add Bot A Blog, which has similar features.

Bot a Blog will only work with sites that have RSS feeds. You enter the URL for the site (Bot a Blog has auto-discovery so no need to know the URL of the feed) and your e-mail address and it will e-mail you whenever the weblog is updated. I signed up for my blog, so hopefully I'll receive an e-mail shortly after I publish this.

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  Saturday, November 22, 2003

Still Baffled By RSS?. For those of you who may have missed this on the myriad of other blogs posting on this, Karen G. Schneider (a.k.a. Free Range Librarian) has posted a "no-brainer" tutorial on RSS... [TechnoBiblio]
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  Saturday, November 15, 2003

Bibliography of weblog articles.

Amanda has a nice list going of articles dealing with libraries and weblogs, with some RSS stuff thrown in as well. If you know of an article that you think should be in there, give her a buzz.

[Library Stuff]
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  Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Blogs and your library.

Darlene Fichter has written an article about using weblogs to market your library. She mainly discusses Weblogs 101, which is the same old stuff that has been written about many times before. The marketing aspect is at the end.

There hasn't been alot written about librarians using weblogs to market themselves as professionals which, in some aspect, is what my article discusses. I'll try to write about that subject here from time to time. (link via Be Spacific)

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  Saturday, November 8, 2003

Weblogs for currency.

In her rant entitled, "What Has Your Blawg Done For You, Your Clients, Your Profession, Lately?", Denise writes:

"One of the biggest benefits I derive from Bag and Baggage, and people are constantly surprised by this, is the way it keeps me informed as a lawyer. I guess it's non-obvious if you're not doing it. By this I mean, for the last two years I've found blogs to be incomparably more effective at keeping me up to speed on developments (societal, business, and legal) touching on my practice than the combination of newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and CLE events which used to serve this function for me on their own. The benefits of having information filtered by people you trust to recognize what you would probably find important if you read it firsthand are enormous. I used to sift through a mishmash of paper and online resources to make sure I knew quickly about developments that might affect my clients or my practice. I still check those things, but now they take a back seat to reading what some knowledgeable blogger already has written up."

Very nice, Denise. As Jenny would say, you "get it". I have mentioned so often here that it bores me sometimes, weblogs are one of the easiest mechanisms for keeping current. When I preach about weblogs, I ask the audience to try reading 5-7 library related weblogs everyday to see if they are more up-to-date in less than half the time. To me, its a no-brainer.

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