mandag 26. mai 2003
Multiple learning environments.

For an online course in instructional design, David Cillay created synchronous and asynchronous learning environments, used both audio and video components to enhance lessons, and offered content in both graphic and text form to reach students with a wide range of learning styles and technical expertise. Cillay describes his ?multi-modal? approach and offers tips to instructors interested in such rich course delivery. [Technology Source]

I love Technology Source... it just keeps on hitting the mark. Y'know what it needs though, a bit of xplanaing, especially in terms of that little orange button. Also, who wants to sign a petition forcing James L Morrison to keep a weblog :o)

[James Farmer's Radio Weblog]
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Broadband balloons take to the skies. An affordable broadband service available all over the UK could soon be available in a sky near you. The answer to providing broadband for all could lie in the skies with balloons offering a new way to deliver fast internet services.

It has long been assumed that affordable, high-speed broadband to every area of the UK was only possible via road-disrupting cable laying or expensive satellite connections.

But a company called SkyLinc has found a happy medium in base stations, floating 1.5km above the surface of the Earth on balloons, or tethered aerostats as they are more technically known.

The York-based firm has tested the technology and found that it works well.
[BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]
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Oliver Wrede: Weblogs and Discourse. [Scripting News]
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