Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Multimedia Ebooks - The Future of Internet Marketing!

I just had a strange conversation with top selling author
James Maduk....

He hates writing! Even though he's done incredibly well selling
books online. Last month, a single mailing
pulled in over $2,700.00!

To some of you that might come as a bit of a surprise when
you consider he just finished writing his third book "52 Secrets
My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing".
(100,000 words and 260 pages)

Right now you might be saying to yourself - "I couldn't
possibly create an ebook. I have trouble figuring out
what to write in a Birthday card. How am I going to write a

It is a lot of work writing books. If you've tried it you'll know...but
then who said the only way to sell your information online was
by writing a book?

What about creating your own MULTIMEDIA EBOOK!

Who wouldn't love selling multimedia information products online with
all these benefits:

* Instant Publishing - your ebook is finished as soon as you stop
talking! Stop waiting for time consuming edits and layout changes.

* Unheard of Profit Margins - which costs more, a text book or an
audio CD/tape set?

* No Competition - easily differentiate yourself from everyone else
selling boring "text only" ebooks.

* Build Your Brand - become recognized as a speaker, author and

* Work From The Basement - James built a studio in his basement.
All you need is a microphone/telephone and a PC.

* Little or No Investment - very little money is needed to get
started. Your product is information. No franchise fees, setup
costs or store fronts. Your business is a voice.

Here's YOUR chance to become a 'best selling' online
information publisher!

James just released the most incredible, quick-start tool on the
subject of creating, publishing and selling multimedia ebooks... and
getting it done while you're still able to enjoy the rewards.

He's showing people exactly how he created 330 Multimedia
Ebooks in the last 12 months!

How-To Author, Create, Publish and Sell
Your Own Multimedia Ebooks In Only Minutes!

That's a pretty big claim...but he's comfortable making it
because he's already done it. Now, he'll walk you through
the exact system he uses to create a stream of multimedia
ebooks that don't require you to write a thing!

He lays everything out for you. Step-by-step instructions on
how to earn thousands of dollars selling your own information
products online -- everything is laid out for you.

There's nothing left to chance... He included links to all
the free resources you need.

* The fastest and BEST strategy to generate so many products.
Your biggest challenge will be deciding which one you want
to sell!

* 5 things you must do before you start your audio ebook.

* 7 ways to create audio ebooks without having to say a
single word.

* 22 free software tools that make creating an audio ebook
a breeze.

* How to use royalty free audio clips that make your audio
ebooks sound like they came from a professional recording

* Where to get the right equipment (all you really need is
a microphone/telephone and your PC).

* How to set up your own personal studio for recording your

* How to create audio ebooks in a "Single Take".

* How to turn a regular phone call into an avalanche of cash.

* The 5 Cheapest Ways to Distribute your audio ebook that
virtually guarantees success.

* Which audio formats are available and which one is right
for you!

* Where you should host your audio files - (the worst place
is with your web pages).

* How to make sure your audio files can't be copied or
passed along - If that's what you want!

* How to embed your audio files into any type of ebook.

* How bundling and combining your audio files and products
skyrockets your income!

* How to structure your audio ebook so it creates not
only sales, but "a steady stream of income you don't
have to work for!"

and much, much more...

And your audio ebook doesn't have to have anything to do
with 'making money'. Pick a topic that interests you and start
publishing for profit today!

If you have the least bit of interest in getting your own,
highly profitable audio ebook and all the prestige and
accomplishment that goes with being a 'best selling'
publisher... you owe it to yourself to get more FREE

I don't want you to miss out on this spectacular opportunity to
not only create your audio ebooks as quickly as one day from
now... but to take advantage of the tremendous introductory
price savings as well.

P.S. -- I know you've probably been thinking about creating an
audio e-book some day. Well, now you can create as many as you
want as quickly as you need.

If you get this new multimedia ebook, hours later you can show
your friends how you created your own product---and show them
the money you made, too! It is that easy, AT LEAST go look at
the FREE details!

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