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daily Monday, December 06, 2004

something stinksProgrammer says he wrote the vote-rigging software [American Samizdat]

open quote Sworn Affadavit Signed

Shady figure alleges he wrote the vote-rigging software for the 2000 and 2004 elections. Signs sworn affadavit that Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) paid him. Other wonderful aspects of the story include (illegal) shipments of Hellfire missile parts to China.

... Folks, this is part of what the Electoral College is for. If Bush's people cheated for him, and it is proved, the Electors must (by the standards of virtue, so sorely lacking) vote for the real winner. close quote

The article the link points to is by the prolific and controversial Wayne Madsen (Google). I tried to read it, but I must admit I got bogged down. The material is so dense it would need a months-long (if not years-long) Commission to hear the case.
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Dylan on the invisibleBob Dylan on 60 Minutes [40MB WMV]

In case you missed it, last night 60 Minutes showed an interview Dylan gave to Ed Bradley. For those with broadband, here's a 40MB Windows Media capture of it. Dylan didn't smile very much, but when at the end he was talking about making a "bargain" for his "Destiny", and it went along like this, I snapped this:
open quote BRADLEY: "Should I ask who you made the bargain with?

DYLAN: "Ha, ha ha. With the Chief... you know, the Chief Commander.

BRADLEY: "On this earth?"

DYLAN: "This earth, and a world we can't see." close quote

UPDATE, found over at the Dylan site, Expecting Rain, a CBS link that gives a lot of the text of the interview. Oddly enough, they seem to have picked the exact same moment to do a still capture.

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