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root.cellar is taterhead's personal web log - a daily journal pointing to rich veins of information, experience, sometimes anomalous, sometimes puzzling, often timely, often timeless. If you have arrived here via a search for an image or information, you are almost sure to be on one of the back pages, as you can see from the date of the post you are viewing. There are literally thousands of posts in reverse chronological order. If you'd like to see the latest, go to the HOME page, AKA and more simply

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Why the name "root.cellar"? It all started years ago with a mailing list I started and administered, The Usual Suspects. At one point I needed to change hosts and had an impulse for a new list name as well. I settled on COGITATERZ, a computeriZed and sPBUDDYfied derivative of Descartes' COGITO ERGO SUM, for spudly buddy thinkerz, don't you know.

Being the list admin, TATER-HEAD seemed a good nick for myself. Then, when blogging came along, I wanted a blog name that had some continuity with the mailing list. What do TATERZ concern themselves with?


Main Entry: root
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: base
Synonyms: basis, bedrock, beginnings, bottom, cause, center, core, crux, derivation, essence, essentiality, footing, foundation, fountain, fountainhead, fundamental, germ, ground, groundwork, heart, inception, infrastructure, mainspring, marrow, more, motive, nub, nucleus, occasion, origin, pith, provenance, provenience, quick, quintessence, radicle, radix, reason, rhizome, rock bottom, seat, seed, soul, source, starting point, stem, stuff, substance, substratum, tuber, underpinning, well

What do TATERZ like to do?

Main Entry: root
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: dig
Synonyms: burrow, delve, embed, ferret, forage, grub, grub up, hunt, ingrain, lodge, nose, place, poke, pry, rummage, search

Where do TATERZ hang out?

A CELLAR is an underground shelter, protection from the elements. A ROOT CELLAR is a storage area for anything one needs to KEEP COOL to prevent spoilage.

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