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What's On My Treo 300?

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What's On My Treo 300?

This page documents the applications I've installed on my Treo 300:

  • AIM: My company uses AOL's Instant Messenger as its standard IM application, so I can't be without the Palm version on my Treo.
  • Mind Manager Mobile: This is a very nice mind mapping application that interfaces seamlessly with the PC version of the same application.
  • Palm Reader: Allows me to read ebooks in the Palm Reader format.
  • TreoHelper: A wonderful freeware utility that gives much better control over the Treo in dealing with the SprintPCS phone and data networks.
  • Treo300SMS: A shareware package that enables the Treo to send SMS messages in addition to receiving them.
  • BalanceBook: I use this program to manage my checking and savings accounts.
  • Directory Assistant: Allows you to do white/yellow page lookups and get maps and directions using addresses you have in your Treo address book.
  • Continental PQA: A Palm Web clipping application that allows me to access Continental Airlines (my favorite airline) flight information.
  • X-Master: A freeware program that allows the Treo to run Palm "hacks", which are small extensions to the Palm OS.
  • MarknDial: A shareware hack that allows you to select a phone number in virtually any Palm OS application and have the Treo dial it.
  • PowerJog: This is an extremely handy shareware utility that allows you to launch programs, click on buttons, and select menu items all from the Jog Wheel and without a stylus.
  • LapTopHack: LapTopHack is designed automate the activities normally requiring a stylus so that they can be performed directly from your keyboard. Between this program and PowerJog, I virtually never need to touch my stylus!
  • SecureIt: A freeware program allowing confidental data (credit card numbers, logins, etc.) to be stored encrypted on my Treo.
  • Agendus Pro: I use this program, along with its Window companion, to manage my life! I particularly like its contact management and logging functions.

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