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What's On My Treo 600?

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What's On My Treo 600?

This page documents the applications I've installed on my Treo 600 in addition to the software that came with the PDA:

  • pToolSet: Among the many other things pToolSet does, it provides just about completely stylus-free operation of a Treo 600, even with applications that are hostile to the 5-way navigation buttons (like Agendus Pro). Right now I'm using the pRotatorTool, pPointerTool, pInfoTool, pMagiPad, and pTextTool functions all the time, and that's just scratching the surface of the very versatile tool.
  • Mind Manager Mobile: This is a very nice mind mapping application that interfaces seamlessly with the PC version of the same application.
  • Palm Reader: Allows me to read ebooks in the Palm Reader format.
  • BalanceBook: I use this program to manage my checking and savings accounts.
  • Agendus Pro: I use this program, along with its Window companion, to manage my life! I particularly like its contact management and logging functions.
  • Documents To Go: Allows me to receive and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
  • Hand/RSS: A great Palm OS RSS new aggregator program that allows me to check updates to my favorite Web pages.
  • BackupMan: A great backup program that automatically backs up my Treo to a 256MB SD card every morning at 5:00 AM.
  • Filez: A very nice freeware file manager.
  • Documents To Go: This program allows me to read and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents, even when they are sent to me as email attachments.
  • Kinoma: This freeware program allows me to view surprisingly good quality videos on my Treo 600. The companion PC-based Kinoma Producer costs money, but allows me to create my own videos for the Treo.
  • Pocket TV Browser: If you watch any television at all, this is a must-have program. It's simply the best "TV guide" software available for Palm OS devices.

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