Saturday, 31 May 2003

No stories for a while

No stories for a while

ive been slack in posting any stories this week.

sorry :(

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  Sunday, 25 May 2003

Saints lose to the Magpies

My AFL team lost last night. I'm pretty much over it.
Have a read of what all the papers have to say

  • Saints thumped by the Pies
  • Thomas laments lame first term

  • Pies' stunning return to form
  • Tarrant's gradual growth in stature
  • Malthouse a satisfied coach
  • herald sun

  • Tazzling show puts Pies on high
  • Magpie great still game
  • Tarrant wears mark of a star
  • Early dominance sets up Pie win
  • real footy

  • Pies win a tribute to ailing Rose
  • Pies strike best form at Saints' expense
  • Magpies display true colours
  • sportal

  • Pies punish slow Saints

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      Saturday, 24 May 2003

    The fun continues

    the fun continues with more widgets

    now, ive added my imood -- which is currently The current mood of at

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    fun with widgets

    i'm having fun finding blogging widgets.

    just found the weather pixie - most excellent

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    i know, you are wondering how i got the music info into my post if i could get the macro working.

    I'm using a little app created by Duncan MacKenzie over at MSDN, which has been  featured in latest Coding4Fun article. It's a VB app that can add "currently playing song" info to Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger or even the clipboard.

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    i've failed miserably with getting the windows media player blog plugin connected with radio.

    i followed the guidance from Brandon Fuller but it just wont work.

    i get an error when i load the macro

    Can't import to because the table doesn't exist

    It is such a cryptic error message!

    im getting frustrated!!!!!

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    testing the windows media plugin

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    Microsoft prepares reply to iTunes. As the recording industry swoons over Apple's 99 cent download store, the software giant renews its bet on more-advanced subscription services. [CNET]

    Interesting - this is something that has caught people of guard. Could it be the cost?? Pressplay has been a flop, which makes the whole iTunes phenomenon even more surprising.

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    This is my new blogchalk listing:
    Australia, NSW, Sydney, St Ives, English, Italian, Frank, Male, 36-40, Australian Football (AFL), Kids. :)

    Apparently this helps with indexation. Is that a word???

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    who am i?

    read the CHRONOLOGY OF ME

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      Friday, 23 May 2003

    and so it begins - playing with radio

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