Saturday, 30 August 2003

Stats tell fibs for Saints
From a statistical point of view, St.Kilda's effort against Geelong on Saturday was sound; it's just that it didn't translate into a win. "All of our key indicators indicate we’ve probably had one of our best games for the year…we just couldn’t score inside 50," coach Grant Thomas said after his club’s final match of the year. 

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Cats burst Saints' bubble

It took the Cats 40 minutes to kick their first goal of the match, but that breakthrough started a mini-rush that set up Geelong's 19-point win.  more

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Cats end the record run
St Kilda's record-breaking run to end the 2003 season was brought to a halt by Geelong at Skilled Stadium on Saturday, with the Cats cruising to a 12.12 (84) to 9.11 (65) victory. The Saints’ much-vaunted youngsters, who were coming off a run of four consecutive victories of ten goals-plus, met their match in a bunch of Cats who had come through the system at much the same time. [FULL STORY]

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Cats pop big-talking Saints' bubble
GEELONG burst St Kilda's late-season bubble, beating the Saints by 19 points in their Round 22 AFL game at Skilled Stadium today. <more>

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the season ended with a loss for the saints

the cats were more desperate to finish with a win

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  Sunday, 24 August 2003

Saints win easily

St Kilda thrashed the Western Bulldogs by 65 points in their AFL match today at York Park in Launceston.  more

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Dogs' boss slams wooden spoon effort
Hearld Sun 
THE Western Bulldogs were held to the lowest score of the AFL season by St Kilda today to firm as favourites for their first wooden spoon in 21 years.

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Saints smash Dogs

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Saints flog Dogs in bog
St Kilda has all but condemned the Western Bulldogs to their first wooden spoon in 21 years after recording a 65-point victory at York Park, Launceston on Sunday. The young Saints again displayed their immense potential with a dominant opening to the match which saw them hold a 30-point lead at quarter-time, before going on to win 13.17 (95) to 3.12 (30). 

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  Saturday, 16 August 2003

St Kilda marks up historic win
St Kilda posted its highest score against Carlton in today's 91-point AFL mauling at Optus Oval.  more

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Saints spin record win over light Blues

ST KILDA posted its highest score against Carlton in today's 91-point mauling at Optus Oval.

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Saints smash sorry Blues


Carlton has plunged deeper into crisis after crashing to a 91-point loss at the hands of St Kilda at Optus Oval.

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Saints have Blues for dessert
The Saints were decked out in custard yellow, but it was the Blues who were reduced to a tepid, milky mess at Optus Oval. The young Saints were in awesome form, securing only the club’s second victory at Carlton in 40 years. They smashed the Blues in a club record – 26.10 (166) to 11.9 (75). Boththe winning margin and score were the Saints’ highest-ever against Carlton.
It was awesome

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Fun with smartphone

i got myself a smartphone this week. another gadget to add to my growing collection of gadgets.

it is branded i-mate, which i find pretty amusing.

last night i spent some time hotting it up, with new skins and looking for some games. i have found a few good sites -, and 

more later

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  Thursday, 14 August 2003

australian teched all over

im sitting here in the qantas airport lounge, next to adam cogan. teched is over for another year. i've said goodbye to a bunch of speakers(bye datagrid girl & dr peter), as they head off to new zealand for the next leg of the teched tour.

the final keynote finished with a lightshow and dancing girls -- just what we needed after 3 days of technical content

now back to 'normal' life.

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  Wednesday, 13 August 2003

dr pete has some fans in the audience
tim talks about his #1 session so far. my favorite quote "hearing Peter Stanski talk, I'm almost wishing I could go to his UNI classes!".

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adam cogan's suggestions to make visual studio better

adam cogan has put some effort into documenting some things to make visual studio a better product.

we had a chat about this at last night's 'ask the experts' session here at teched, and next thing i know adam has sent me a link to the document.

what a guy!! btw -- there are some pretty good suggestions here - especially his subform suggestion. (yup, you can see adam's roots as an access developer)

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teched news stories slowly growing

here's a good bunch of stories from teched

im sure there's more news out there - let me know if you find anything of interest

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teched party photos

this is cool. the photos of the teched party have been published

here's sandman....

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  Tuesday, 12 August 2003

great feedback from an attendee...

i'm having a read of the blogs from some of the australian teched attendees, and came across this excellent one by tim walters.

thank you for your honesty tim - this is fabulous. (and i am sure that matty will be pretty chuffed too)

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Lunchtime antics at teched

so, im sitting at lunch with a bunch of our fabulous mvps, when along comes Adam Cogan (who datagrid girl says is 'a very funny guy'), who flops down on our table spilling food all over dotnetdan and then he knocks a bottle of juice all over nick randolph!

i guess you had to be there to appreciate the humour in it all

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lasers, mirrors & spandex

these 3 words are certain to excite any red blooded geek. when  you mix in beer, it's something else.

the tech-ed attendee party on monday might covered all this and a star wars theme to boot. it was a geek's dream come true - light saber included.

the venue was a night club in fortitude valley, the attendees were all given laser pointers, which were used very creatively during the evening. special gueat host was the sandman. he entered the venue dressed as obi-one.

the party was a blast. a good time was had by all. 

if anyone has photos - pls leave a comment!

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  Monday, 11 August 2003

adam cogan - a "very funny" guy?

so, datagrid girl met mr adam cogan last night.

i too would describe adam as a "very funny guy".

it is up to you, as to whether i mean funny haha or funny peculiar.

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cool smartphone applicatiion by dr neil


What do you want?

i'm sitting next to dr neil roodyn, here in the hands-on lab at teched

he is showing me a cool app he has written for the smartphone.

when  i get a smartphone, i may install this !

nice one dr. neil!

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labs, labs and labs

wow - these hands-on labs are popular.

people started queuing up before the doors were open at 7.30am, and the traffic flow has been pretty consitent.

most popular labs? gotta be developer!

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Brian Keller in da house!

hey welcome to brisbane brian.

hope to meet up with you soon

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teched2003 hands-on lab

im one of the proctors for the hands-on lab at teched. there are 26 self paced labs, which range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

i'm covering the developer labs - and there's heaps of different ones to try out -- if you are in brisbane, come on by. i'm the guy in the loud flowery shirt.

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hello datagrid girl
last night i had the pleasure meeting datagrid girl, so let me return the hi - hi there marcie from frank. welcome to australia!!!

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dontnetdan @ teched2003

i am been meeting lots of the speakers at teched. one of my favorites is dotnetdan. he is one of the stars at, and soon to become a krispy kreme addict.

yes, australia finally has a krisy kreme. it's out in penrith, which is an outer suburb of sydney. really outer.... :)

more news about teched soon

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  Saturday, 9 August 2003

Saints farewell Burke in style
St Kilda has given club games record-holder Nathan Burke the ideal ending to his magnificent 323-game career, as his side produced a crushing 80-point victory over Richmond at Telstra Dome on Saturday night. The Saints 20.10 (130) defeated the Tigers 7.8 (50) in front of a crowd of 41,514 to give the former captain the perfect send-off. 

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Saints farewell Burke in heavenly manner

ST KILDA honoured Nathan Burke and again showed its rich potential with an 80-point AFL demolition of Richmond tonight at Telstra Dome.

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Saints do it for Burkey
St Kilda has given Nathan Burke the perfect send off, belting Richmond by 80 points at Telstra Dome. Full Story
Nathan Burke

i have tears in my eyes!!

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i forgot another special speaker for teched

dr peter stanski! RD extraordinaire will also be at teched in Brisbane!!!!

sorry pete - pls forgive me for not including you in my previous post :)

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more speaker "rock stars" at teched

i mentioned tim huckaby yesterday but i feel bad about not raving about some of the other speakers.

well, here's a selection of some others:

what i want to know, why havent they all registered with ????

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  Friday, 8 August 2003

Tim Huckaby on TechEd 2003

A terrific interview with Tim Huckaby, CEO of InterKnowlogy, MSDN regional director of the year and guest speaker at Microsoft's Tech.Ed 2003 conference in Brisbane. He talks to ZDNet Builder in Australia on this year's event and life as a CEO on the road.,2000035027,20276932,00.htm 

I'm looking forward to meeting an "International .NET Association Rock Star"

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  Thursday, 7 August 2003 builder to cover teched 2003

cool!!! zdnet is going to cover teched.

Tech.Ed Australia 2003
Microsoft's Tech.ED 2003 technical conference runs in Brisbane this year from August 10-13. Builder AU will cover the event live in this special report.
Full Story

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  Wednesday, 6 August 2003

Tech Ed 2003 in Brisbane

We're getting ready to head up to Brisbane for teched.

I love teched, it's where I get to meet the folks who use our technology every day. This year I've got a bunch of different jobs -- from working as a chairperson in some of the sessions, to chasing speakers for their presentatins, and hanging out at the J.A.M stand.

it will be fun!!!

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  Sunday, 3 August 2003

Saints too good for Eagles

Real Footy

St Kilda belted West Coast by 61 points today in the AFL match at Telstra Dome.  more

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Saints stun Eagles
St Kilda has caused a massive upset trouncing the West Coast Eagles by 61 points at Telstra Dome.

The Saints set up the win with an eight-goal second term to take a 44-point half time lead. After a brief rally from the visitors, the Saints then put the result beyond all doubt by kicking six last-quarter goals and taking a 19.14 to 8.13 victory.

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Heavenly Saints keep finals hopes alive

Herald Sun

ST KILDA belted West Coast by 61 points in their AFL match at Telstra Dome.

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Saints home at the Dome again
The West Coast Eagles are out of the top four and in danger of missing the double chance come September after being humiliated by St Kilda at Telstra Dome on Sunday.

The Eagles produced arguably their worst performance in coach John Worsfold?s two-year reign in succumbing meekly 19.14 (128) to 9.13 (67) to a side that went into the game in 12th place on the ladder.

And while the Eagles went into the game with a weakened side with key players Michael Gardiner, Chad Fletcher and Andrew Embley all out injured ? this performance was simply dreadful.

Not only were they goalless in the opening term, they had managed just 2.7 by half-time and after a brief rally in the third quarter, the Eagles then allowed the Saints to run away with the game in the final term with six goals to one.

And just to cap off a disastrous day, star defender David Wirrpunda had to be helped from the field in the dying seconds after twisting his knee in a tackle.

Incredibly it was the Eagles? best players who let them down most in a match which could really come back to haunt the Western Australian club come the end of the season.

Their four best players ? Ben Cousins, Chris Judd, Daniel Kerr and Phillip Matera - had managed just 16 possessions between them by half-time with Judd, Kerr and Matera failing to win even a single possession between them in the first quarter.

The Saints could have had the game won by quarter-time, if not for atrocious kicking for goal, as they totally dominated the visitors but could manage only 1.7 to two behinds for the term with Xavier Clarke the worst offender with four behinds.

But when the Saints finally found their range in front of goal in the second term, the match was as good as over as they slammed on 7.2 to 2.5 to lead by 44 points at half-time.

The Saints? effort was even better considering inspirational skipper Aaron Hamill left the field with a back injury in the first quarter and did not take any further part in the game.

But he was scarcely missed as Fraser Gehrig with four goals, Clarke with three and Lenny Hayes, Leigh Montagna, Nick Riewoldt and Brendon Goddard all with two, ensured the Saints would have no trouble kicking a winning score.

The victory continued the Saints? great record at Telstra Dome this season against non-Victorian opposition with this victory following on from wins earlier in the season against other top sides in Adelaide and Brisbane.

And despite this victory being just their eighth in 18 games this season ? the Saints suddenly have an outside chance of making the finals.

While this victory and the much-needed percentage boost still only lifted them up to 11th place on the ladder ? the Saints last four matches are all against teams below them in Richmond, Carlton, the Western Bulldogs and Geelong.

The Saints would have to win them all of those matches to even have a chance of sneaking into eighth spot but on this performance they would be favoured to win all four.

With former skipper Robert Harvey leading by example in having the better of Cousins, every St Kilda player contributed to this win in which Grant Thomas? improving side played some exciting football.

Tough tagger Steven Baker was so effective against Chris Judd that the young Eagles dynamo played possibly the worst game of his brilliant career to date while Lenny Hayes again starred and Brendon Goddard showed why he was last year?s number one draft choice.

And a St Kilda side bursting with some of the AFL?s best young talent looks to have produced another potential star in 19-year-old first gamer Leigh Fisher, who capped off a great debut with a goal in the final term.

As for the Eagles they suddenly face a huge battle to finish in the top four with tough matches against Adelaide next week at Subiaco and Fremantle in the last round still to come.

And they badly need the inspirational Gardiner back in the side as soon as possible as they were exposed as a side lacking in depth by the Saints on Sunday.

ST KILDA: 1.7 9.9 13.11 19.14 (128)
WEST COAST: 0.2 2.7 8.7 9.13 (67)

GOALS: St Kilda: Gehrig 4, Clarke 3, Goddard 2, Hayes 2, Montagna 2, Riewoldt 2, Ball, Dal Santo, Fisher, Wulf
West Coast: Haynes 3, Cousins 2, McDougall 2, Matera, Sampi
BEST: St Kilda: Riewoldt, Hayes, Gehrig, Clarke, Koschitzke, Hudghton, Baker, Dal Santo
West Coast: Braun, Cousins, McDougall, Haynes, Chick
INJURIES: St Kilda: Hamill (back)
UMPIRES: McBurney, Head, Margetts
CROWD: 21,531 at Telstra Dome

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What IS the ouroboros?

i watched adaptation on dvd last night. its a wacky film by Charlie Kaufman which stars Nicolas Cage who plays the author, who is trying to adapt a story to a movie.

during the film, the Charlie character mention ouroboros, which is the snake that eats itself.

i found this cool image from this site

[Egyptian ouroboros]


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  Saturday, 2 August 2003

i bought fmradio

i have been using a trial of fmradio station and i really like it.

so i did the right thing and paid my hard earned $$ for it.

i feel good.

and to top it all off - i got sent the registation key as an email attachment, which was blocked by outlook. the ever helpful team from SocialDynamX resent me my key as a zip file. good customer service. i like these guys.

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