Thursday, 30 October 2003

MSR Keynote

I always love listening to Rick Rashid. His keynote speech is excellent.

I would love to see the demos!

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Developer Productivity Takes Center Stage

"We are focused on making information easier to find, organize and act on, and at the same time on making developers as productive as possible building connected and information-driven applications," said Eric Rudder, senior vice president of Servers and Tools at Microsoft, at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003. (PressPass)

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  Wednesday, 29 October 2003

Microsoft shows off Yukon
Microsoft's Yukon got its moment in the spotlight at the company's Professional Developers Conference with public demonstrations of the product's built-in development and debugging capabilities   more

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  Tuesday, 28 October 2003

BillG keynote from PDC online

that didnt take long - billg's keynote speech

can't wait for the video....

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  Monday, 27 October 2003

At least I can see photos

thx to all who are posting to the PDC 2003 moblog

it kinda feels like im there.

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  Sunday, 26 October 2003

I wont be at the PDC

As much as it pains me, I wont be attending the PDC in LA this year. Yes it's true. I wont be there, but my team is over there and they will be part of this event, attending these sessions.

I'll follow it online on the new MSDN PDC Central and MSDN Longhorn Dev Center sites.

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  Saturday, 25 October 2003

Frankarr's DVD Collection

I asked Antony to index all of our dvds, using a cool product, called DVD Profiler.

It has a great feature which lets me publish the list online.

As of this evening, has done 156 of them!

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Very cool!! Hand-size Windows PCs
Hand-size Windows PCs within your grasp. Start-up Antelope Technologies is getting ready to release the Modular Computing Core, a Windows XP computer that fits into a person's hand. [CNET - Front Door]

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  Saturday, 18 October 2003

ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant

The ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is designed to help you convert ASP pages and applications to ASP.NET.

Give it a try!!

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Try Visual Studio.NET
Ever wanted to try Visual Studio.NET for free? Here's your opportunity to try it online.

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Photos from snow trip

Finally got around to posting the photos from our trip to the snow.

I have more family photos online too.

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Liberty Alliance, Passport still at odds

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Representatives from the two major initiatives to build a common infrastructure for verifying identity on the Internet said Tuesday that while a standard system is necessary, the sides may not be able to work together anytime soon.

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big xbox news

good announcement this week for xbox games developers in victoria.

Victorian developers set sights on XBox
A scheme operated jointly by the Victorian government, Microsoft and the Victorian branch of the Games Developers Association of Australia (DGAA) will put Xbox development kits (XDK) into the hands of local games houses at no charge

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  Saturday, 11 October 2003

Thanks, from Michael Moore, on Saddam Statue Toppling Day

found this in my inbox

From: []
Sent: Friday, 10 October 2003 13:45
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: Thanks, from Michael Moore, on Saddam Statue Toppling Day


Thanks, from Michael Moore, on Saddam Statue Toppling Day

October 9, 2003

As I head out on my book tour this morning, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for making my new book #1 on, a place it's held now for the past week.

By now, most of you have probably seen the "Dude, Where's My Country?" cover of the Bush statue being toppled. Today is the 6-month anniversary of the Baghdad photo-op where the Saddam statue came a tumblin' down ("We won! We won! did we do? Right! WE WON!"). We thought we'd celebrate by taking out a full page ad in today's New York Times -- of us toppling Bush! It doubles as a great poster that you can just rip out of the paper and hang on your wall. If you live anywhere near a New York Times box, pick up a copy today (Oct. 9 -- it's on the back page of the Arts section). If not, you can download here.

Well, I'm off to Boston on the first leg of a 35-city tour. Hope you can come see me if you have the time ( click here to see the tour schedule). I'll be keeping a tour diary on my web site, and I'll be adding new stuff to the site every couple days.

In the meantime, don't be depressed about Arnold. The people are pissed off and they have every right to be. They are in a "removal" mood. That is a good thing. As soon as we do our work to inform our friends and neighbors how Bush has wrecked the country, the economy and our standing in the world, they will be more than ready for "Terminator IV: Hasta La Vista Bush." And, please, let this be the end of wimpy, wishy-washy Democrats like Gray Davis who are really Republicans. The American public hates b.s. and hates fakes. We -- you -- need to think about getting people to run for office who STAND for something. Time is running out.

See you on the road!

Michael Moore


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My Bloginality is ENFP!!!

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Dude Where's My Country? - Part 2

Well I ordered this from AMAZON, but it has also been released in Australia.
We bought a copy of it in a newsagent in Canberra across the road from our hotel,  of all places!!
My wife has finished it and i'm about half way through it. what a great read!!

Gotta get back to the book.

Some Links about the man and his book:

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  Sunday, 5 October 2003

Dude Where's My Country?

Michael Moore's New Book, Dude Where's My Country? Hits the Streets This Tuesday in the states.

The Book

I wonder when we can find it in Oz? Maybe I should visit Amazon and order it.

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No posts for a while

I've been on the road for the past 2 weeks, and havent had much of a chance to keep this updated.

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