Friday, 30 January 2004

Australia wins Olympic spot after 1-1 draw with NZ -

The Australian under 23 soccer team has secured a trip to the Olympics after keeping New Zealand to a one-all draw in the second leg of the Oceania play-off series at North Harbour Stadium on Friday. [more

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'CtrlAltDelete' Inventor Restarts Career (AP). AP - David Bradley spent five minutes writing the computer code that has bailed out the world's PC users for decades. [Yahoo! News - Reader Ratings]

dude - enjoy your retirement!

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Phew - what a week!

What a week!

My boys went back to school - Antony started high school and is loving it. Billy is in Grade 5, and Brice now goes to 3 days of preschool. Emma starts later (of course)

I went back to work after 6 weeks of vacation! Complete with 1000s of emails.

And the antibiotics are working - thanks for all the kind emails!

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  Monday, 26 January 2004

I'm ill

I'm been sick the past few days.

Diagnosis is Diverticulosis - more info

Sounds awful. Feels pretty bad too!

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  Sunday, 25 January 2004

2004 AFL Fixture - ready for importing into Outlook

Every year when the AFL publishes the fixture, I look for ways to get that information into my calendar. The AFL in all their wisdom, don't make it readily available in a convenient format, so I need to get creative.

For the past few years, I've used an application found here, which reads fixtures from the AFL website and reformats them in a comma separated values format, for easy importing into Outlook, Access, Excel and other programs. However, The AFL changed the layout of their website and this no longer works exactly as planned (some fields are no longer filled in). I tried it for the 2004 fixture and it didn't work!

So, i turned to google and searched for alternatives.

I thought I hit jackpot when I found the icalshare site, and it had a afl section. BUT outlook didn't accept the file. BUMMER!

Then I found a fellow tragic, such as myself who does the same thing - but he is a Tiger supporter and only did a fixture for the Tigers. Good one Dude - What about me!!!

Then I found this site and was really excited, since someone there has been doing this for years - but not 2004!


So, I spent the next 30 minutes in excel and created my own. It is a CSV file which can be imported into Outlook.

Now, you can enjoy the fruits of my labour!!

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  Saturday, 24 January 2004

More Krispy Kreme Stores coming

I got the recent Krispy Kreme newsletter, and it has some news about new store openings in Sydney. No dates, but locations have been announced!!!

Australia Openings

December 2: 2-20 Orange Grove Road; NSW 2750; Liverpool
Sydney CBD - TBA
Mascot, Sydney - TBA

Did you notice Sydney CBD ???? Yummy

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Australia Day Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is getting into the Australia Day spirit!!!


Get into the Australia Day spirit with our Australia Day Sprinkled Doughnuts.  Perfect for that celebratory picnic, barbeque or even breakfast, your friends will love our national day even more with Krispy Kreme.

Call into one of our stores on Australia Day Monday 26th January and enjoy an Australian Sprinkle Coloured Doughnut

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The DaVinci Code

I finished reading The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, last night.

The book centres on one of the greatest mysteries of humankind, a 2000 year-old conspiracy, clues to which are encoded in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.

I really like some of the elements of the story - especially the use of PHI. 

It will make an excellent movie! But please, not Russell Crowe as Robert Langdon!!

Read some of the reviews on Amazon

I liked it, but lots of folks dont

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  Thursday, 22 January 2004

Tablet Developer resources

We have been nurturing Tablet PC ISVs.  Late last year, we ran a series of developer workshops, and 1:1 sessions. I'm keen to see the results of these in the coming months.

The person who helped put this together is Dr Neil Roodyn, an active member of the developer community down under. Dr Neil has put together all the information on this site, which includes an ebook and a number of training courses.

Good one Dr Neil!

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I've been scobled!


Robert Scoble, The Geek Aggregator, posted about me, regarding this post on my other blog.

My wife thinks I'm mad, and that I should get a life.

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  Tuesday, 20 January 2004

Brice and the Jumping Castle

Note, Brice is under his sister Emma

A picture named Brice and Jumpingcastle.jpg

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Brice and Batman

A picture named Brice and Batman.jpg

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Brice and his Nonno Salvatore

An image called

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Brice Arrigo is 4 Today

An image called

Today is Bricey's Birthday - he turns 4!!!

Big party planned - jumping castle, batman, food, friends & family. Even a visit from his Nonno Salvatore!

It will be fun!

He's has a pretty interesting few months -  1st tantrum of the holidays • Brice is home! • Bricey - The Saga Continues • Update on Bricey's Woes. • Bricey's Woes • Brice Arrigo

Happy Birthday Little Man!!

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  Monday, 19 January 2004

Dude, Check This Out!

Dude, Check This Out! is an entirely new application for finding, storing, and retrieving all the great stuff that you find on the Web. The Dude is the easiest way to share that stuff with your friends and other contacts, and it’s also a great way to meet people who think like me & you.

This combines blogging with Social Networking. And the site is in ASP.NET!!!

I have installed the toolbar and have started mine at

Dude, Check it Out!

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  Saturday, 17 January 2004


I'm back from 2 weeks away.

no phones. no broadband. no net access. no blogging for 2 weeks.

lots of stories soon....

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  Friday, 2 January 2004

surly: Word of the Day

Wasn't Surly one of the Seven Little Duffs

Simpsons/ Seven Little Duffs

[ Word of the Day]

[listening to: Erotica - Madonna ]
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Test in balance at end of day one [Sydney Morning Herald]

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ABC Sport - Cricket - Defiant Tendulkar gives India upper hand

"India has rained on retiring Australian skipper Steve Waugh's parade, dominating the opening day of the fourth and final Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar has finally found some much needed runs, compiling a streaky 73 not out as the tourists reached 3 for 284 at stumps. VVS Laxman, sent out ahead of skipper Sourav Ganguly, was unbeaten on 29." [more]

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FOX SPORTS | TOP STORY | Tugga faces true Test (January 2, 2004)

STEVE Waugh's chances of making a victorious farewell to Test cricket hung in the balance after day one at the SCG, with India reaching the powerful position of 3-284. Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar is also threatening to make the overdue big score Australia had feared, unbeaten at stumps on 73  After India captain Sourav Ganguly won the toss, openers Akash Chopra (45) and Virender Sehwag (72) survived a tough first session of the fourth and final Test when emotions among the Australian players and the capacity crowd were running highest for Waugh's 168th and final appearance in the baggy green cap. With Tendulkar at stumps was VVS Laxman not out on 29. [more]

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New DVD's

Santa was kind to the Arrigo family, and we have a bunch of new DVDs. Something for everyone - some new, some classics :

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Not Again

Flights Canceled, Tailed by Jets on U.S. Terror Fears (Reuters). Reuters - Britain and Mexico canceled flights to the United States while U.S. warplanes have been tailing in-bound Air France flights for fear attackers might try to crash them into American targets, U.S. officials said on Thursday. [Yahoo! News - Most Viewed]

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  Thursday, 1 January 2004

That's a Big Snake!

PhotoPark Puts World's Longest Snake on Show (Reuters). Reuters - A recreation park in Indonesia is displaying a 49-foot python -- making it the longest ever captured -- that was revered as a tribal ruler and has a huge appetite for dogs. [Yahoo! News - Most Viewed]


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'Simpsons' episode gagged by Blair's staff [Sydney Morning Herald]

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Colour and light greet new dawn

Dec 31 - NYE

[listening to: Merry Christmas Baby - James Brown ]
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 2003 Year In Review [listening to: Love Me - Elvis Presley ]
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Fireworks light up the sky at Melbourne's Federation Square at midnight.

[listening to: Live to Tell - Madonna ]
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Melbourne lights up with a river of fire

[listening to: Live it Up - Mental as Anything ]
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New Year fireworks light up Sydney

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is lit up with fireworks /AP

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Sydney celebrates New Year

[listening to: Little Mama - Big Brovaz ]
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Australia welcomes 2004

Sydney celebrated with fireworks over the harbour.

[listening to: Rubbernecking - Elvis Presley ]
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New Years Eve fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

[listening to: A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Vs JXL ]
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No words needed to say Sydney's still the best


[listening to: The Little Drummer Boy - Anne Murray ]
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