Friday, 30 April 2004

Heading down to Melbourne to see the Saints

I'm excited. I'm heading down to Melbourne on Saturday with my big boy Billy to see the Saints play the Brisbane Lions. It will be a huge game! 

Lots of interesting articles have been written about this, but the one that I really like was the opinion piece by Michael Malthouse  - Why young Saints can't lose

Carn the Saints!!!

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  Wednesday, 28 April 2004

Kangaroo wins award for saving farmer (Reuters). Reuters - A kangaroo named Lulu is to receive a national bravery award after raising the alarm to save an Australian farmer knocked unconscious by a fallen tree branch. [Yahoo! News - Oddly Enough]

And people used to laugh when Skippy the Bush Kangaroo helped Sonny to save people every week!

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Krispy Kreme will be opening its first store in the heart of Sydney on the corner of York Street and Wynyard Street (opposite Wynyard Park) on Friday 28th May at 7.00am.

Mark it in your diaries!

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  Monday, 26 April 2004

Oh brother, he's quite a player. Justin Leppitsch has been driving me crazy lately, calling me "Bob". Or "Brother of Brett".  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Ball says Lions will be tough. St Kilda will find it hard not to be intimidated by the Brisbane Lions when the two sides meet next Saturday night at Telstra Dome, according to Saints midfielder Luke Ball.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Fantastic Footy Website - finalsiren

Last week I posted about my dream app on my other blog.

I had a comment posted which refered to a site called final siren - what a fantastic site!

It has news, rss feeds from all the major afl sites, as well as stats galore!

It looks pretty average on the XDA II, but it is a fantastic site. I've registered and will be a regular visitor.

All that I now need is a .net cfx smart client app which caches the info and allows me to view on my XDA II.

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  Saturday, 24 April 2004

Saints make it five straight

St Kilda has again confirmed its fast-growing reputation as the hottest AFL ticket in town, by keeping its unbeaten start to the 2004 season intact with an 11-goal mauling of the Kangaroos at Telstra Dome on Saturday.

And befitting the Saints’ new-found status as a power team of the AFL, the match was watched by a record home-and-away crowd of more than 38,000 between these two clubs.

The Saints’ 20.10 (130) to 8.17 (65) victory ensures they remain the only unbeaten team after five rounds, ahead of their biggest test of the season next week against reigning triple premiers Brisbane Lions at Telstra Dome. [more]

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St Kilda defeat Kangaroos
St Kilda Kangaroos
20.10 (130) Score 8.17 (65)
13.8 (86) Q3 7.13 (55)
8.6 (54) Q2 3.12 (30)
7.4 (46) Q1 1.5 (11)
Gehrig 4, Hamill 3, Milne 3, Guerra 2, Black 2, Riewoldt, Goddard, Thompson, Ball, Harvey, Powell Goals McKernan 2, Jones, Wells, Grant, Harvey, Motlop, Rawlings

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Saints double Roos' score

St Kilda 20.10 (130) Kangaroos 8.17 (65)
ST KILDA continued their winning start to the AFL season today with a 65-point win over the Kangaroos at Telstra Dome.

The Saints made it five in a row and are the only unbeaten team.

Trent Knobel dominated the ruck and young onballer Luke Ball was also outstanding for St Kilda, while full-forward Fraser Gehrig kicked four goals.

Kangaroos captain Adam Simpson worked hard through the midfield and team-mate Daniel Harris did well off the bench. [more]

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Saints' famous five

Lenny HayesSt Kilda has won its first five matches of the season for the first time since 1966 – the Saints’ only premiership season – thanks to a 65-point victory over the Kangaroos at Telstra Dome.

It wasn’t the most impressive four-quarter performance by the Saints thus far in 2004, but it was a convincing win nonetheless, defeating the Kangaroos 20.10 (130) to 8.17 (65).


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Gehrig the gun


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Saints march along on winning way

ST KILDA continued its winning start to the AFL season here today with a 65-point win over the Kangaroos at Telstra Dome. [more]

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St Kilda 20.10 (130) v Kangaroos 8.17 (65)

After kicking the first 5 goals of the game, and leading by 24 points at half-time, the Saints defeated the Roos by 65

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  Tuesday, 20 April 2004

Sneak Preview
I'm so excited about this!!!

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  Sunday, 18 April 2004

Tonight is Logies Night

Australian TV night of nights - the Logies

What a joke!

I much prefer the Fugly Awards - Eddie scooped the pool!!

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  Saturday, 17 April 2004

Saints too committed for Crows

St Kilda remains unbeaten and on top of the premiership ladder after defeating the Adelaide Crows 18.5 (113) to 15.8 (98) at AAMI Stadium on Saturday night. Adelaide – with its season teetering on the brink - fought hard to snatch its first win of the campaign but could not match the aerial superiority of the Saints and was out-marked 111 to 76.  


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Saints march to tune of 66

Fraser Gehrig St Kilda has won its first four games for the first time since 1966, adding Adelaide to its list of 2004 victims with a 15-point success at AAMI Stadium.

It was a significant win for the Saints as they matched the deeds of their famous 1966 premiership side with another example of why they are genuine contenders.

The Saints 18.5 (113) downed the Crows 15.8 (98) with Fraser Gehrig booting six goals and Brent Guerra four.[more]

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Saints crowing at top of ladder

ST KILDA'S flying start to the AFL season continued with spearhead Fraser Gehrig tonight booting six goals as the Saints downed Adelaide at AAMI Stadium for the first time in 13 seasons. [more]

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Fraser Gehrig Starred with 6 Goals


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St Kilda 18.5 (113) defeated Adelaide 15.8 (98)
Adelaide St Kilda
15.8 (98) Score 18.5 (113)
12.6 (78) Q3 15.3 (93)
8.3 (51) Q2 10.2 (62)
6.2 (38) Q1 5.1 (31)
Johncock 3, McGregor 2, Edwards 2, Ricciuto 2, Burton, Gallagher, Massie, McLeod, Jericho, Carey Goals Gehrig 6, Guerra 4, Ball 2, Powell, Knobell, Riewoldt, Voss, Milne, Koschitzke
Match Comments
St Kilda 18.5 (113) defeated Adelaide 15.8 (98)

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moblog - recent image added to nav

I've added the recent image from my moblog to my right hand navigation

You should see an image like the one below

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Updating DVD Collection

My DVD collection has been growing (matrix revolutions, the critic, dilbert, etc), but we haven't been keeping the inventory up to date. Last time we did this job was last year.

We tackled this challenge today and the results are available online.

And of course, I have this permanent article which links to the list of DVDs owned, as well.

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  Friday, 16 April 2004

Bricey got Impetigo

I have been on holidays this week and we all went down to Melbourne for the Easter break.

ImpetigoHowever our plans for the rest of the week had to quickly change, as we had an few ill children - mostly the flu, but Bricey has gone one better. He has impetigo, a rather nasty skin infection caused by bacteria and it is contagious. Impetigo forms round, crusted, oozing spots that grow larger day by day. The hands and face are the favorite locations for impetigo, but it often appears on other parts of the body.  As a result. we have been locked up at home dealing with Brice's condition.

Luckily for us, the antobiotics have worked well and the little fellow is feeling better. If only I could shake off this bloody flu!

Want to know more about Impetigo - here's a google search for you.

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Foxtel Digital Installed Successfully

After a few false starts, the new Foxtel Digital service was installed today.

The guy arrrived at 8.30am and it was all done by 9.30am - quick and painless. I was fortunate that I had a spare phone line in the same room as the TV.

So far so good - I've spent some time studying the offering :) Daniel wrote a good review too.

The EPG is the best part of the service, but Channel 7 and Channel 10 haven't stepped up and aren't providing program information.

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  Thursday, 15 April 2004

Foxtel Digital Installation T-1

Tomorrow is the big day - the rescheduled installation of our Foxtel Digital service.

I will again be waiting all day at home, for the installer to arrive. Hopefully my experience will be similar to Daniel

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  Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Saints are #1

A picture named 20040412_00157.jpgI was very fortunate to get to go to the football on Monday to see the Saints tackle the Tigers at Telstra Dome

I took my dad, my brother Dan and my boy Bill to the game.

We had a great time and to top it all off, the Saints won!!

3 weeks into the season and the Saints are still at the top of the ladder - a very unfamiliar place. The next 3 weeks will really challenge the team, and if they win those, the we can get really excited.

The best coverage of the game was in The Age :

  • Thomas's true call
    Grant Thomas invoked the ire of the football world by claiming his beaten Saints were the better side in last Easter's clash with Richmond. Since then it's been only onward and upward for St Kilda. more
  • Tigers, Saints in off-field war
    A livid Richmond coach Danny Frawley has described as "absolute crap" a declaration by his St Kilda counterpart Grant Thomas that his onballer Steven Baker had been targeted by the Tigers. more
  • Unbeaten Saints have high standards these days
    The Saints duly defeated Richmond by 45 points, but they and their fans were only mildly pleased. more
  • Tigers tumble in wrestlemania
    As St Kilda and Richmond fought for the premiership points, the bash and crash was all unscripted, and there was plenty of it more

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  Thursday, 8 April 2004

On Vacation

I'm on vacation for the coming week.

No blogging from me.

But, I'll have my XDA II and I will be posting photos to my moblog.

See Ya!

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  Monday, 5 April 2004

New DVD - Matrix Revolutions

movieThe Matrix Revolutions came out on DVD on the weekend, and we had to buy it.

It feels like the other day that I took my boys to see it at the cinema, but it was the 7th of November!

I now have the trilogy and am scheduling some time to watch all 3 movies with my boys over the school holidays.

[listening to: A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way - Reel Big Fish ]
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  Sunday, 4 April 2004

Saints on top of ladder after 2 rounds

The last time we saw the saints on top was after Round 14 1998!

Team P W L D For Ag % Pts
St Kilda 2 2 0 0 216 121 178.5 8
Kangaroos 2 2 0 0 252 148 170.2 8
Port Adelaide 2 2 0 0 276 177 155.9 8
Brisbane 2 2 0 0 184 161 114.2 8
Sydney 2 1 1 0 180 151 119.2 4
Hawthorn 2 1 1 0 193 173 111.5 4
Fremantle 2 1 1 0 178 162 109.8 4
Melbourne 2 1 1 0 205 195 105.1 4
Carlton 2 1 1 0 164 157 104.4 4
West Coast 2 1 1 0 259 255 101.5 4
Richmond 2 1 1 0 173 192 90.1 4
Collingwood 2 1 1 0 163 194 84.0 4
W. Bulldogs 2 0 2 0 234 250 93.6 0
Adelaide 2 0 2 0 157 253 62.0


Geelong 2 0 2 0 111 226 49.1 0
Essendon 2 0 2 0 122 252 48.4 0

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  Saturday, 3 April 2004

Saints banish Bomber demons

Lenny Hayes St Kilda has notched its second-straight win, defeating Essendon by 34 points at Telstra Dome.

The Saints won 13.16 (94) to 8.12 (60) in a tight, low-scoring yet entertaining contest.

St Kilda got off to a flyer when Nick Riewoldt kicked truly within the opening minute of the match, but the early stages of the match were highlighted with several spot fires breaking out across the ground.


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Saints prevail in torrid affair

Essendon was tipped by many to be Victoria’s best premiership hope in 2004, but it may well be a dynamic St Kilda that leads the charge, after the Saints rolled the Bombers by 34 points in a spiteful affair at Telstra Dome on Saturday night.

St Kilda controlled the run of play most of the night, but did not pull away from Essendon until midway through the final quarter, to win 13.16 (94) to 8.12 (60).

The Saints led by 17-points at half-time, but this could arguably have been doubled, having 15 scoring shots to eight.

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St Kilda's Xavier Clarke


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Saints' winning ways becoming a habit

ST KILDA'S banner start to 2004 continued when it prevailed over an injury-reduced Essendon by 34 points in an at-times spiteful Round 2 encounter at Telstra Dome. [more]

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Essendon 8.12 (60) lost to St Kilda 13.16 (94)

The Saints led by 17 points at half-time and kicked 8 goals to 5 in the 2nd half to record a 34 point victory.

Looking forward to watching the game later tonight!!!! Yes, it wasnt live into Sydney. Don't get me started on this!!!!!

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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

I took the kids to see Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed today.

The gang enjoyed it. Bricey sat through the whole movie and didn't ask to go to the toilet once. Emma, on the other hand made me take her twice!!!

If you want to know what the movie is like The SMH has a good review.

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Sun and Microsoft resolve their differences.

Wow. Microsoft and Sun resolve their differences. No, this had nothing to do with Sun Microsystems' employee Tim Bray and me having lunch earlier this week. Just a wild coincidence.

Glad to see that we'll be working together to make our customer's lives better.

[Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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  Friday, 2 April 2004

Slideshow : Nonno Visits Sydney

I found all these photos and realized I hadn't processed them from the last time my dad visited Sydney earlier in the year, for Bricey's birthday.

I have taken my dad to see the opera house so many times and each time he claims it's the first time. well, here's the proof!!!! now you can say you have been there!

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Slideshow : Bricey Preschool Dress Up Day 2004

I finally got around to uploading some new photo slide shows. This one is fantastic. We call it Bricey Preschool Dress Up Day 2004.

All the kids dressed up - some were fairies, some were superheroes. we even had a pirate.

Since it's almost easter, the kids also had 8 eggs come into classroom. Over the course of 2 days little chicks hatched. It made an impression on Bricey.

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Hello to my moblog

I finally get around to setting up a moblog.  With a Moblog I can post pictures, video and text from a camera phone direct to web instantly

I'm using a free service from textamerica. It's really easy to setup and use. Lots of predefined templates and layouts. Very slick.

To use, it's pretty simple. I take a photo with my XDA and then use the builtin MMS service to email the message to my account at textamerica.

This weekend we are off to the Easter Show  - I can feel many photos coming!

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Australian IT - Porn image on kids' footy CD (Andrew Ramsey, APRIL 02, 2004)

Funny, yet sad....

THE AFL has been forced to recall 40,000 CD-ROMs given to young children to promote Australian football because it secretly included a picture of a topless woman.

Officials became aware of the image when a child stumbled across it among myriad football-related files on the disc, distributed to 5 to 12-year-olds in NSW and South Australia.

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  Thursday, 1 April 2004

Foxtel Digital Installation Resheduled

So the folks from Foxtel have finally called me and rescheduled the installation service. The industrial dispute is over and the installations can continue. Hurrah

The annoying thing about this process is the how the fools from the call center kept calling my home during the day, and kept asking for 'Frank Arrigo'. My wife would answer and tell them that I was at work, however she could assist. The call center monkeys wouldn't speak to my wife, because they could only speak to "Frank Arrigo", even though the account is in both our names. This is such an example of really poor customer service - not doing what is right for the customer and following the letter of the law. So typical of a poorly run organisation who forgots what business they are in.

April 16 2004 is the magical date - some time between 12pm and 5pm an installer will come and make the magic happen.

Finger's crossed.

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Google to Test E-Mail in Challenge to Rivals (Reuters). Reuters - Google Inc., the world's No. 1 Internet search provider, said on Wednesday it will begin testing a free search-based e-mail product called Gmail, as it battles rivals Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN. [Yahoo! News - Most Viewed]

sounds like an april fool's story to me!

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