Sunday, 30 May 2004

AFL Ladder after Round 10
Team P W L D For Ag % Pts
St Kilda 10 10 0 0 1263 763 165.5 40
Melbourne 10 7 3 0 1085 882 123.0 28
Brisbane 10 7 3 0 1059 869 121.8 28
Port Adelaide 10 7 3 0 1117 960 116.3 28
Essendon 10 7 3 0 1064 1024 103.9 28
Fremantle 10 6 4 0 894 802 111.4 24
Sydney 10 5 5 0 895 844 106.0 20
Geelong 10 5 5 0 938 904 103.7 20

Kangaroos 10 4 6 0 976 981 99.4 16
West Coast 10 4 6 0 950 1094 86.8 16
Richmond 10 4 6 0 748 1014 73.7 16
Adelaide 10 3 7 0 912 936 97.4 12
W. Bulldogs 10 3 7 0 962 1080 89.0


Collingwood 10 3 7 0 788 989 79.6 12
Carlton 10 3 7 0 855 1108 77.1 12
Hawthorn 10 2 8 0 773 1029 75.1 8

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St Kilda romp home over Blues

St Kilda continue on their merry way, smashing Carlton by 108 points in their clash at Docklands Stadium to increase their unbeaten streak to 10 matches.

The Saints won the clash 31.10 (196) to 13.10 (88), their second consecutive win of more than 100 points.

In-form Fraser Gehrig led the way for the Saints with nine goals, having kicked five of his final total in the first quarter.

But as with last week's massive win over West Coast, the goal scoring was shared around with nine other players kicking major scores.

Stephen Milne kicked six, while Nick Riewoldt, Aaron Hamill and Stephen Powell all contributed three goals.

After leading 7.5 (47) to 3.2 (20) at quarter-time, the Saints exploded in the second term.

They kicked 12 goals and restricted Carlton to only two, taking an 87-point lead into the main break.

Not much changed in the second half, as the Saints virtually went through a training run, scoring with relative ease.

However, to Carlton's credit they did make the scoreboard look a little more respectable, kicking 8.7 in the final two terms.

Playing against his former club, Matthew Lappin was the best of the Blues kicking three goals and recording 27 disposals.

But it was to no avail, as Carlton were simply outclassed.

Lenny Hayes and Nick Dal Santo were in the thick of the action for St Kilda, with 37 and 32 disposals each.

Aussie Jones continued his rich vein of form with 21 kicks and five handballs, showing Saints fans he is playing as well or if not better than he did in 1997, the last time St Kilda made the AFL grand final.

The big loss will hurt Carlton, damaging their already low percentage as they languish near the bottom of the ladder.

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Stephen Milne celebrates a goal

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Unstoppable Saints

Fraser GehrigSt Kilda has kept its unblemished season intact, annihilating a lacklustre Carlton by 108 points at Telstra Dome.

The match was little more than a training run for the Saints, who broke the record for their highest ever score in a quarter - kicking 12.1 in the second - on their way to a 31.10 (196) to 13.10 (88) win. [more]

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Sizzling Saints make it 10 in a row

UNDEFEATED St Kilda stretched its AFL winning run to 10 games today, slaughtering Carlton by 108 points at Telstra Dome. [more]

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Saints down Blues by a ton

St Kilda 31.10 (196) Carlton 13.10 (88)

UNDEFEATED St Kilda stretched their AFL winning run to 10 games today, slaughtering Carlton by 108 points at Telstra Dome.

The Saints were unstoppable with full forward Fraser Gehrig kicking nine goals and Stephen Milne six.

St Kilda's 196-point haul was the highest score of the 2004 season, with the Saints now two wins clear at the top of the table.

St Kilda set up their victory with a stunning second term, unleashing one of the best quarters of football in the club's history on the hapless Blues.

With captain Lenny Hayes, Aussie Jones and Nick Dal Santo picking up possessions at will, the Saints kicked 12 goals to Carlton's two as the league leader opened up an 87-point halftime lead.

They extended that to 97 points at three-quarter time, going on to kick the biggest score against Carlton in history.

Not since the Kangaroos kicked 193 points against the Blues in 1983 has Carlton conceded as many points.

Gehrig kicked five of his nine goals in the opening quarter, playing on a surprise opponent in Carlton's regular full forward Brendan Fevola.

But while Fevola battled manfully without luck to hold Gehrig, coach Denis Pagan abandoned the experiment at the start of the second quarter and sent his leading goalkicker back up front.

Gehrig now has 50 goals for the season and maintains a clear break over his rivals as the league's leading goalkicker this year.

Hayes gathered 37 possessions for the match, while Dal Santo (32) and Jones (25) were also outstanding.

Only Matthew Lappin could hold his head high in an outclassed Carlton side, with three goals and 27 disposals.

ST KILDA 7.5 19.6 26.7 31.10 (196)
CARLTON 3.2 5.3 10.6 13.10 (88)

Goals: St Kilda: F Gehrig 9 S Milne 6 A Hamill 3 S Powell 3 N Riewoldt 3 L Hayes 2 N Dal Santo 2 L Ball J Koschitzke R Harvey. Carlton: M Lappin 3 B Fisher 3 K Norman 3 S Camporeale B Fevola H Scotland S Wiggins.
Best: St Kilda: F Gehrig L Hayes A Jones S Milne N Dal Santo R Harvey N Riewoldt T Knobel M Hudghton. Carlton: M Lappin B Fisher D Teague K Norman.
Umpires: J Schmitt C Rowston A Coates.
Official crowd: 37,136 at Telstra Dome.

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Saints crush Blues in record win

Stephen Milne snaps for goal It's official - The Saints of 2004 are playing the best football in the club's 107 year history.

And all that stands between Grant Thomas' team and the honor of being the greatest St Kilda side ever is emulating the premiership heroes of 1966. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn after St Kilda's demolition of a hapless Carlton on Sunday. 


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Saints win 10 in a row
Carlton St Kilda
13.10 (88) Score 31.10 (196)
10.6 (66) Q3 26.7 (163)
5.3 (33) Q2 19.6 (120)
3.2 (20) Q1 7.5 (47)
Norman 3, Fisher 3, Lappin 3, Scotland, Fevola, Camporeale, Wiggins Goals Gehrig 9, Milne 6, Riewoldt 3, Hamill 3, Powell 3, Hayes 2, Dal Santo 2, Koschitzke, Ball, Harvey
Match Comments
St Kilda 31.10 (196) defeated Carlton 13.10 (88)

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Saints Blitz Blues - kick their 2nd highest ever score!
Carlton 3.2 5.3 10.6 13.10 (88)
St. Kilda 7.5 19.6 26.7 31.10 (196)

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  Friday, 28 May 2004

Krispy Kreme Krowds

A picture named 20040527_00324.jpg

A picture named 20040527_00323.jpg

A picture named 20040527_00322.jpg

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We did the trip to the new Krispy Kreme

I got home last night, packed the family into the car and we headed into the city to visit the newly opened Krispy Kreme, in York St, Sydney CBD.

We got there about 7pm and there was a queue of about 100 people waiting to get their donuts.

20 minutes later, we were the happy holders of a Krispy Kreme Sampler - 1 Dozen Orginal Glazed & 1 Dozen mixed. And the queue behind us was as big, if not bigger, than when we joined it!

We had a happy trip home, eating just one donut each. We had to save some for a late night snack, and then maybe one or two for breakfast.

My kids went to school happy this morning!! Its amazing what a bit of sugar & fat can do....

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  Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Orkut Newsletter

Further to my Orkut update from a few days ago, I got a nice newsletter from Orkut this morning....

Hey Frank,

You have 85 friends:
- 1 best friends
- 15 good friends
- 18 friends
- 18 acquaintances
- 33 haven't met

New members in your network since May 17th:
- 8 new friends
- 40 new friends of friends
- 2021 new friends of friends of friends

stay beautiful, team

* * *

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  Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Footystats Diary, Footy's best kept secret ...

One of my favorite AFL reference sites is Footystats Diary, Footy's best kept secret ... This site is maintained by a wonderful fellow called Kevin Taylor who is based in Sydney.

This week there was some interesting trivia about the Saints win.....

<> St Kilda equalled their best run of nine successive wins from 1997 ... the Saints registered its eighth 100+ points victory of 2034 VFL-AFL matches since 1897 –

109pts 1950-R2-JO St Kilda 20.24-144 v Hawthorn  5.5-35
102pts 1963-R14-JO St Kilda 16.21-117 v Fitzroy 2.3-15
110pts 1970-R2-JO Fitzroy 7.9-51 v St Kilda 23.23-161
131pts 1991-R7-M St Kilda 24.18-162 v Adelaide 4.7-31
120pts 1991-R23-M St Kilda 27.12-174 v Brisbane 7.12-54
108pts 1992-R10-M St Kilda 25.18-168 v Brisbane 9.6-60
101pts 1998-R10(n)-SCG Sydney 8.5-53 v St Kilda 24.10-154
101pts 2004-R9-Dok St Kilda 26.13-169 v West Coast 9.14-68

... the Saints shattered the highest score, and biggest winning margin records in the 28th contest between the two ... 100 LENNY HAYES (St Kilda) 1999-2004 ... 50 CALLUM CHAMBERS (West Coast) 2000-04 ... umpires wore orange shirts ...

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Latest DVDs added to collection

I had a parcel arrive from Amazon today, with some new DVDs for the family:

As usual, I got my son Antony to update and publish the list online.

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  Monday, 24 May 2004

Orkut Stats - Update

Haven't posted an update on my Orkut stats since March

My current stats are as follows:

  • I am connected to 337,330 people through 63 friends.  
  • Profile views: 339, Average path:2.9, Number of Friends: 80

Let me know if you too would like to be part of Orkut. Just leave a note in the comments and I will get you connected.

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  Sunday, 23 May 2004

Thommo bolts lid on flag favourite

ST KILDA's streak has taken another step into history-making territory, but coach Grant Thomas last night slammed the lid shut on any celebrations. ...

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Nick Riewoldt flies high

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Super seven


Super seven: Brent Guerra celebrates one of his seven goals during the Saints' 101-point demolition of the Eagles at Tesltra Dome in Round 9

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Saint Fraser Gehrig tangles with Quinten Lynch.


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Saints cruise to big win

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Saints juggernaut rolls over Eagles

Stephen Milne, Mark Nicoski

The Saints took the game 26.13 (169) to 9.14 (68).

St Kilda were in a different class to the Eagles, taking control of the game from the first bounce.

Brent Guerra led the goal-scorers with seven while Fraser Gehrig notched five.

Aaron Hamill and Stephen Milne each kicked four goals.

The shared nature of St Kilda's goal scoring typifies the teamwork coach Grant Thomas has been trying to achieve over the past few seasons and which is now bearing fruit.

Brownlow medal favourite Nick Riewoldt had a solid game with two goals, 27 disposals and 15 marks.

His excellent form continues, despite attracting growing attention in defence from opposition teams.

Eagles captain Ben Cousins and star midfielder Chris Judd did their best to stem the raging Saints tide, leading their side in kicks and disposals.

But it was to no avail.

The Eagles have won only three games this season and their finals aspirations are slipping away rapidly.

They are now in 13th position on the AFL ladder, only one win ahead of Hawthorn, Adelaide and Collingwood.

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Awesome Saints crush Eagles

Stephen Milne St Kilda has achieved its greatest start to any AFL season and equalled its record for most successive wins in its 107 year history after annihilating the West Coast Eagles at Telstra Dome on Sunday. In another awesome performance the 2004 Wizard Cup winners made it nine straight to start the season after beating the Eagles 26.13 (169) to 9.14 (68).


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St Kilda

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Slick Saints roll on

Stephen Milne St Kilda has continued its unbeaten start to 2004 with an easy 101-point win over the West Coast Eagles at Telstra Dome.

The Saints were never really threatened throughout the contest, their forwards proving too strong for a wafer-thin West Coast defence.

Their goal-kicking power was just overwhelming. Led by former Port Adelaide player Brent Guerra with seven, the Saints posted a season-high 26.13 (169), easily surpassing last week's effort against Collingwood. By contrast, West Coast could only manage 9.14 (68). [more]

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High-flying Saints cruise to big win

WITH its all-star attack purring like a well-oiled machine, St Kilda cruised to a 101-point point victory over a desperately disappointing West Coast in the AFL match at Telstra Dome today.

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Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Cannes' Top Prize (AP).

AP - American filmmaker Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," a scathing indictment of White House actions after the Sept. 11 attacks, won the top prize Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival. [Yahoo! News - Most Viewed]

How amazing, yet not surprising. I can't wait to see this movie

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Saints win by 101 points over WCE

St Kilda  26.13 (169)  Guerra 7, Gehrig 5, Milne, Hamill 4, Riewoldt 2    

West Coast  9.14 (68)  Matera, Sampi, Gaspar 2       

The Saints led by 41 points at half-time and kicked 13 goals to 3 in the 2nd half to remain unbeaten aftethe first 9 rounds. They also equal their winning streak record from 1997.

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  Friday, 21 May 2004

Blogging for 12 months with Radio

Wow - Is it really 12 months since my first post on this blog?

Time really flies!

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only 5 more sleeps until Krisy Kreme at Wynyard opens!

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  Sunday, 16 May 2004

Eurovision 2004

Big night in the Arrigo household!

We're watching Eurovision 2004 on SBS TV. We even download the scorecard!

And this year, we can get the whole show on DVD!!!

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St Kilda full of finals ambition. Comparisons with St Kilda's sole premiership season have heightened, with the Saints bringing up an eighth straight win to start 2004, equalling its record from that famous 1966 campaign.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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It just gets worse for the Pies. St Kilda coach Grant Thomas has criticised the AFL decision that resulted in a "confusing" jumper clash at Telstra Dome last night, when the Saints continued their early-season dominance and consigned Collingwood to its seventh loss of the year with a 47-point win.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Saints condemn Pies to another loss

Aaron Hamill tackles Matthew Lokan Ladder leaders St Kilda have made it eight on the trot with a 47-point win over cellar dwellers Collingwood in their round eight AFL clash at Docklands.

Stephen Milne and Fraser Gehrig kicked five goals apiece in the 21.12 (138) to 13.13 (91) victory.

The defeat keeps the losing grand finalists of the past two seasons firmly rooted to the bottom of the standings with just one win.

A rampant Saints team had threatened to demolish them when they had racked up 10 goals to four at half-time, but to their credit the Pies fought hard, outscoring the Saints in the third term.

St Kilda however had too much power and when Gehrig stood up in the final quarter with four goals they had retained their unbeaten start to the season.

Brent Guerra and Justin Koschitzke kicked four majors each in providing good support up front for Milne and Gehrig.

Aussie Jones and Nick Dal Santo were busy for the Saints with 21 and 20 touches respectively.

For Collingwood, Chris Tarrant booted four goals and Anthony Rocca three, including two in the opening term.

Shane Woewodin (28 touches) and Ben Johnson (26) kept busy for Collingwood, but ultimately they greatly missed the influence of injured skipper Nathan Buckley in the middle.

Koschitzke started the rot in the first quarter, and he and Milne had two by the first siren.

Aaron Hamill and Gehrig had also got on the score sheet.

Tarrant and Rocca had Collingwood's two majors.

They improved their play in the second quarter, restricting the Saints to four goals, but could not stop them from extending their lead.

Koschitzke got two for the quarter and Milne one.

Rocca grabbed his second and Mark McGough soccered one through to keep Pies fans interested, but Nick Riewoldt had the last say for the Saints.

The Pies stood up in the third term with six goals to five but it was not enough to peg back the Saints who had amassed a 39-point half-time lead.

Perhaps the highlight of the term was a miraculous mark to Alan Didak, a contender for mark of the season.

His drop punt sailed through for six points for good measure.

St Kilda finished off with six goals to three in the last term, including four to Gehrig, who keeps his spot on top in the race for the Coleman Medal.

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  Saturday, 15 May 2004

Saints steamroll Magpies

Saints steamroll Magpies

St Kilda remains undefeated in 2004 after winning its eighth consecutive game of the home-and-away season, overcoming a spirited Collingwood by 47 points at ...

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On the march: Stephen Milne and Nick Riewoldt celebrate.


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Saints keep Pies on the bottom

COMPARISONS with St Kilda's sole premiership season have heightened, with the Saints bringing up an eighth straight win to start 2004, equalling its record from that famous 1966 campaign.  [more]

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Saints on track

ST KILDA 6.3 10.7 15.10 21.12 (138) defeated COLLINGWOOD 2.1 4.4 10.9 13.13 (91)

Goals: St Kilda:
F Gehrig 5 S Milne 5 J Koschitzke 4 B Guerra 4 A Hamill 2 N Riewoldt. Collingwood: C Tarrant 4 A Rocca 3 P Licuria L Davis A Didak S O'Bree B Johnson M McGough.
Best: St Kilda: A Jones F Gehrig N Dal Santo J Blake J Koschitzke A Hamill. Collingwood: B Johnson A Rocca S Woewodin.
Umpires: B Allen C Rowe D Woodcock.
Crowd: 47,898 at Telstra Dome.

Comparisons with St Kilda's sole premiership season have heightened, with the Saints bringing up an eighth straight win to start 2004, equalling its record from that famous 1966 campaign.

The Saints blitzed Collingwood early and thereafter held their undermanned opponent at arm's length to win 21.12 (138) to 13.13 (91) in round eight at Telstra Dome.

The loss condemned the Magpies to a 1-7 record - their worst start to a season since their 1999 wooden spoon.

Combined with their Wizard Cup win, it has been a flawless year so far for St Kilda, which has ably covered its regular suspensions.

The Magpies were without six first-pick players tonight including vital contributors such as captain Nathan Buckley, on-baller Scott Burns and ruckman Josh Fraser, but would still have been disappointed with its start tonight.

St Kilda's intimidating forward line overstretched an undermanned Collingwood, particularly given the Magpies' surprise decision to start Shane Wakelin on the bench.

With match-ups such as Ryan Lonie on Justin Koschitzke and James Clement on Fraser Gehrig, the Magpies looked fragile in defence and it told in the opening 40 minutes.

The lead exploded to 44 points just nine minutes into the second quarter, and it was looking ugly for Collingwood.

However the Magpies belatedly found some purpose in the latter part of the second term to keep the margin to 39 points at half-time.

There was even a glimmer of an unlikely comeback when the Pies closed within four goals 18 minutes into the third term.

Leading by 31 points at the last change, the Saints put their foot down to begin the final quarter, with Gehrig booting three goals in eight minutes to put the result beyond doubt.

Aussie Jones was a key for the victors, continuing his superb rebounding season, while Stephen Milne (five goals) and Koschitzke (four goals) shared the goalkicking load with Gehrig.

Nick Dal Santo was prominent in midfield while it mattered, and Jason Blake was the most effective ruckman.

Dual Brownlow Medallist Robert Harvey took no part in the second half with a suspected hamstring injury.

Ben Johnson and Shane Woewodin performed ably in midfield for the losers, with Anthony Rocca a strong presence up forward.

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Saints thump Magpies

Milne St Kilda has claimed its first win over Collingwood in nearly six years with a 47-point success at Telstra Dome.

The Saints led from the opening bounce, inspired by the run of Nick Dal Santo and Aussie Jones in the midfield and five goals each from Fraser Gehrig and Stephen Milne to win 21.12 (138) to 13.13 (91).

The game was won in the first 40 minutes when a marauding Justin Koschitzke, playing his first game back from suspension, kicked four goals and Milne three to help the Saints to a 44-point advantage just ten minutes into the second quarter.

The Pies, who trailed by 26 points at the first change and 39 at the main break, didn’t put together consecutive majors until midway through the second term. Chris Tarrant finished with four goals and Anthony Rocca three, but they were the only Pies to pose a threat in attack, while Shane Woewodin was the best in the midfield.

To its credit, Collingwood battled manfully but never looked like closing the gap, despite kicking five goals in the first 18 minutes of the second half and moving within four goals.

The Saints seemed to have an answer to every challenge and when it wasn’t Gehrig or Milne, kicking goals, Brent Guerra (four goals) or Aaron Hamill (two) were happy to lend a hand.

Leading by 31 points coming into the final change, the game was finally put to rest by three goals in the first eight minutes from Gehrig, who had only been a bit-part contributor to that point with two goals.

It was St Kilda’s eighth-straight success to begin 2004 but its first over Collingwood since Round 12, 1998 and its first-ever over the Pies at Telstra Dome.

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  Tuesday, 11 May 2004

AFL aims for Friday night fix. The existing TV rights agreement is only half way through being completed, but negotiations for the next deal are about to start. The AFL will soon meet with TV broadcasters to start the process for the rights from 2007, with Andrew Demetriou saying that coverage into northern Australia make take priority over the highest bid.  [Official AFL Website]


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  Monday, 10 May 2004

Windows Media Center continues overseas march. Microsoft plans to announce on Monday that its Media Center OS is moving into new countries, even as the software maker works to make it more ready for prime time. [CNET]

So, based on the above article in CNET, Australia will have Windows Media Center in the local market before the end of the year!!!!!


If you want to see Windows Media Center in action, head to the Sydney Home Show for a sneak preview. Tell'em you read it on Frank's blog :)

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Thomas denies Saints must tone down aggression. St Kilda coach Grant Thomas has denied that his side - the most reported in the AFL this year - needs to tone down its aggression, adding he was confident about the case midfielder Heath Black would take to the tribunal this week.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

You tell'em!!! Hit'em hard saints

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  Saturday, 8 May 2004

Saints immune to Pain

St Kilda stormed the 'House of Pain' as their incredible winning streak in 2004 continued at the expense of a hapless Fremantle. ...

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German Police Hold Computer Virus Suspect (AP). AP - A high school student has been arrested in Germany on charges he created the "Sasser" computer virus that infected computers worldwide, an official said Saturday. [Yahoo! News - Reader Ratings]

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Still Emma's Birthday

A picture named Emma with Pink Hat.JPGI had to post this fantastic photo of Emma. Did you know it's her birthday today?

Happy Birthday! The saints won for you today!!!!


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Saints snare biggest scalp

Fraser Gehrig

There is no doubt about it; St Kilda is the real deal in 2004.

In the top-four clash at Subiaco on Saturday afternoon, the Saints as they did enough to win by 23 points and took their record to 6-0 for the season, which took them to 11 straight wins, including the Wizard Home Loans Cup.
In the end, the Saints won 14.11 (95) to 11.6 (72), after they survived a Fremantle fight-back in the last term which saw the Dockers get to just 15 points down after five consecutive goals, before steadying with a late goal to spearhead Fraser Gehrig. [more]

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Self-belief the key [AFL - St Kilda News]

St Kilda was coming off an emotional win over Brisbane and a turbulent week off the field.

The Saints were making one of the toughest trips in the AFL, to Perth, and were facing an in-form Fremantle side.

They were without captain Lenny Hayes and key defender Justin Koschitzke and supposedly due for a loss after a 10 match winning streak stretching back to the Wizard Cup.

There were plenty of reasons why the Saints were going to lose to Fremantle, but one main reason they won today. That reason was self belief, according to Saints veteran Andrew Thompson.

“We were top of the ladder before this game,” he said. “People were saying we had to lose one and that no-one wins at Fremantle.

“But we have got a real good belief at the club that we can come over and win these kind of games now. It doesn’t matter where we play, that is our attitude.”

“We just want to play the footy we can be playing and that’s the aggressive, hard at the contest, kind of football and it worked today.”

Thompson said the Saints also wanted to make a statement against the Dockers.

“The other thing was that we were really keen for people back in Melbourne to stand up and take notice by being a team that can win anywhere,” he said.

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Saints unstoppable, even in the West

ST KILDA responded to another major test of its AFL premiership credentials in commanding style today, overcoming Fremantle 14.11 (95) to 11.6 (72) at Subiaco Oval to remain undefeated this season.

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Happy Birthday Emma

Today is my daughter Emma's 7th Birthday.

In her 7 years of life, many many things have happen:

  • We have moved house 3 times
  • We have bought 4 different cars
  • I have had 4 different jobs within Microsoft
  • Bricey the tornado was born
  • The Saints played in a Grand Final (and lost) and then lost their way for a few seasons
  • I could go on, but its not about me -- it's all about Emma

Happy Birthday gorgeous!

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  Friday, 7 May 2004

Butterss expresses Saints' relief. St Kilda president Rod Butterss says the club is relieved that no charges have been laid against players Stephen Milne and Leigh Montagna over allegations of sexual misconduct. Speaking at Melbourne Airport where the Saints were preparing to fly to Perth to play Fremantle, Butterss was guarded in his response to a barrage of questions from the media.   [Official AFL Website]


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  Thursday, 6 May 2004

Disney Blocks Distribution of Film

Disney Muzzles Moore Doc (E! Online). E! Online - Under orders from the Walt Disney Company, Miramax has dropped distribution of Michael Moore's upcoming documentary that links Osama bin Laden and the Bush family. [Yahoo! News - Most Viewed]

What an outrage! In this day and age!

This is what Mike has to say

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
Disney Has Blocked the Distribution of My New Film... by Michael Moore


I would have hoped by now that I would be able to put my work out to the public without having to experience the profound censorship obstacles I often seem to encounter.

Yesterday I was told that Disney, the studio that owns Miramax, has officially decided to prohibit our producer, Miramax, from distributing my new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11." The reason? According to today's (May 5) New York Times, it might "endanger" millions of dollars of tax breaks Disney receives from the state of Florida because the film will "anger" the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. The story is on page one of the Times and you can read it here (Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush).

The whole story behind this (and other attempts) to kill our movie will be told in more detail as the days and weeks go on. For nearly a year, this struggle has been a lesson in just how difficult it is in this country to create a piece of art that might upset those in charge (well, OK, sorry -- it WILL upset them...big time. Did I mention it's a comedy?). All I can say is, thank God for Harvey Weinstein and Miramax who have stood by me during the entire production of this movie.

There is much more to tell, but right now I am in the lab working on the print to take to the Cannes Film Festival next week (we have been chosen as one of the 18 films in competition). I will tell you this: Some people may be afraid of this movie because of what it will show. But there's nothing they can do about it now because it's done, it's awesome, and if I have anything to say about it, you'll see it this summer -- because, after all, it is a free country.

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Saints consider leading question. Former St Kilda skipper Robert Harvey admits Saturday's away assignment without at least two key players looms as perhaps the Saints' most challenging to date.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Ali vs Frazier? Dockers vs Saints!. Ever the salesman, Dockers coach Chris Connolly has likened Saturday's blockbuster against St Kilda as the start of what could become an enduring rivalry. "The exciting thing about this game is that this is the first round of a 15-round title fight...we’re going to be great rivals over a decade, and … be a part of it right now, see round one," he said on Wednesday.  [Official AFL Website]

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  Sunday, 2 May 2004

Dream now a reality for slick Saints. The Saints can start to believe now. In the biggest game of the season, against the best team of the era, before the second-biggest crowd yet at Telstra Dome, they stood the test.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Saints make emphatic point. St Kilda sits unbeaten atop the AFL ladder after an extraordinary one-point win over reigning premiers the Brisbane Lions at Docklands last night.  [Real Footy - St Kilda]

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Magnificent Saints hold off Lions. St Kilda remains unbeaten after a stirring one-point win over the Brisbane Lions in front of the second largest Telstra Dome crowd in history on Saturday night. Troy Schwarze bombed the match-winner home for the Saints with a minute to go. The Saints had held sway all night before the gritty Lions snatched the lead thanks to some Alastair Lynch heroics.  [Official AFL Website]

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Villain turns hero for Saints. IT is only May and Leigh Matthews says you can forget all about that month's form when the finals come around. But we would rather not forget this game between St Kilda and the Brisbane Lions, thanks Lethal. [Herald Sun News]

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Matthews: Saints best - for now. BRISBANE Lions coach Leigh Matthews conceded last night only that St Kilda are the best side "at this period in time", after coming away from a one-point loss at Telstra Dome buoyed by his players' fighting spirit. [Herald Sun News]

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Back from Melbourne and the game of the year!


I just got back from Melbourne, after heading down to see StKilda play the Brisbane Lions.

It indeed was a huge game. The saints winning by 1 point, after leading for most of the 2nd half. Lot of stories here

I was also fortunate to go down to the players rooms before the start of the game and see them warm-up. I took a few snaps with my handy XDA II


More photos on my moblog

Phew -- what a weekend!!!!!

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