Sunday, 27 June 2004

Birthday Present for Antony : Robosapien

A Robosapien.

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AFL Ladder : End of Round 13

Team P W L D For Ag Pts
St.Kilda 13 11 2 0 1546 1039 44
Melbourne 13 10 3 0 1355 1086 40
Brisbane 13 9 4 0 1409 1143 36
Port Adelaide 13 9 4 0 1447 1245 36
Geelong 13 8 5 0 1237 1120 32
Essendon 13 8 5 0 1383 1361 32
Fremantle 13 7 6 0 1139 1078 28
Sydney 13 7 6 0 1152 1131 28
Kangaroos 13 6 7 0 1322 1230 24
Carlton 13 6 7 0 1170 1376 24
West Coast 13 5 8 0 1208 1371 20
Adelaide 13 4 9 0 1208 1236 16
Western Bulldogs 13 4 9 0 1233 1406 16
Collingwood 13 4 9 0 1033 1231 16
Richmond 13 4 9 0 992 1373 16
Hawthorn 13 2 11 0 1002 1410 8

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  Saturday, 26 June 2004

Swans end Pies' finals hopes

The Saints didnt play this weekend, but there was good news. Collingwood lost. I love it when Collingwood looses. Thanks Swannies

"Swans end Pies' finals hopes Saturday June 26, 10:11 PM Collingwood saw its 2004 AFL campaign grind to a halt at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday night after a desperate six-point loss to the Sydney Swans. The lead see-sawed throughout the match, with Pies coach Mick Malthouse throwing all his men forward in the dying minutes after the Swans grabbed the advantage. But the Swans turned a five-point three-quarter time lead into eventual victory on the back of a seven goals to four final period. A total of 50,091 fans saw the match end 13.7 (85) to 11.13 (79) in the Swans' favour. Flying Irishman Tadhg Kennelly broke the Pies' spirits late in the final quarter when he grabbed the lead through a superb goal. Running flat out and under pressure from black-and-white-clad bodies, Kennelly booted the ball between the uprights from 50 metres out to send the home fans into raptures. The loss effectively ended the Pies' hopes of making the finals this season, leaving them at 14th on the ladder with just four wins so far this year. Ryan O'Keefe, Barry Hall and Matthew Nicks kicked three goals each for the Swans, while Josh Fraser, Ryan Lonie and Brodie Holland each put two on the board for the Pies."

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  Friday, 25 June 2004

A weekend without footy

This weekend there is only one game of AFL -- all the other teams have a break. So, I am faced with a weekend without footy.

What shall I do? Clean my cupboards?? Rearrange my DVD collection ??? Talk to my wife????

I'll think of something

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  Monday, 21 June 2004

Shortest Day of the Year

I mentioned it last year and I will mention it again now.

Today is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere - otherwise known as the winter solstice.

And those pesky Northern Hemisphere dwellers see things differently, so this is the summer solstice.

It's funny that the post I did last year has been one of the most read posts.

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Gmail invites gone

Got a few requests for invites to gmail. All my invites have gone, but I have a hint for you who want to try it.

Go to blogger and signup for an account. As a blogger user you will be invited to join gmail and voila! A place to blog and a place to store 1000MB of email. It cant be easier

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  Sunday, 20 June 2004

Gmail invites

I've got 2 GMail invites - anyone want one??

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Ladder after part Round 13

W L D F A % Total
1 ST KILDA 11 2 – 1546 1039 148.8 44
2 MELBOURNE 10 3 – 1355 1086 124.8 40
3 BRISBANE 9 4 – 1409 1143 123.3 36
4 PORT ADELAIDE 9 4 – 1447 1245 116.2 36
5 GEELONG 8 5 – 1237 1120 110.4 32
6 ESSENDON 8 5 – 1383 1361 101.6 32
7 FREMANTLE 7 6 – 1165 1109 105.0 28
8 KANGAROOS 6 7 – 1322 1230 107.5 24
9 ** Sydney 6 6 – 1067 1052 101.4 24*
10 Carlton 6 7 – 1170 1376 85.0 24
11 West Coast 5 8 – 1208 1371 88.1 20
12 Adelaide 4 9 – 1208 1236 97.7 16
13 West.B'dogs 4 9 – 1233 1406 87.7 16
14 ** Collingwood 4 8 – 954 1146 83.2 16*
15 Richmond 4 9 – 992 1373 72.3 16
16 Hawthorn 2 11 – 1033 1436 71.9 8

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Happily Married Couple

Shrek and the gang return for Dreamworks' Shrek 2

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The inimitable Puss-in-Boots ( Antonio Banderas ) in Dreamworks' Shrek 2

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Shrek 2 - Absolutely Fabulous

Shrek 2I took the boys to see Shrek 2 yesterday.

They all loved it!

We got the soundtrack a few weeks back, and it was good to see the music in context with the rest of the movie.

I would say that Fairy Godmother stole the show. And how cute was Puss-in-Boots. The new characters in the movie were great.

The movie has done amazing business in Australia and will break all the records. We had to queue up at the cinema for 1 hour before the session, and it was a full house. I can't remember the last time I went to the movies and it was a full house.

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  Saturday, 19 June 2004

Off to see Shrek 2 with the kids

Still image from: Shrek 2

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  Friday, 18 June 2004

Saints storm back to sink Hawks

Stephen Milne celebrates for Saints v Hawks St Kilda kicked nine goals to two in the final quarter to storm to a 66-point win over Hawthorn as AFL Round 13 kicked off at Docklands in Melbourne on Friday night.

The Saints won 19.13 (127) to 9.7 (61) to shore up their place at the top of the table with 11 wins and two losses.

Stephen Milne and Fraser Gehrig led the way for the Saints with five goals apiece.

The Saints had trailed by as much as 25 points in the first quarter and at the half-time break they were eight points behind.

But they sealed the win on the back of a sizzling second half which saw them kick no fewer than 14 goals.

In contrast the Hawks kicked six goals in their best opening quarter of the season, but were without a six-pointer in the second quarter and added just three more in the final two stanzas.

The loss leaves the Hawks at the foot of the ladder with 11 losses and just two wins to show for their 2004 campaign so far.

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Saints swamp hapless Hawks

Jon Hay spoils Fraser Gehrig St Kilda has ended a two-match losing streak by defeating an initially spirited, but ultimately inadequate Hawthorn by 66 points at Telstra Dome.

The Hawks led after the first half of the battle between first and last on the table, but were besieged and eventually battered after the major break when the Saints kicked a whopping 14 goals to three. 


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Saints belt Hawthorn

Stephen Milne

St Kilda has bounced back from consecutive loses to thrash Hawthorn by 66 points at Telstra Dome.

The Saints 19.13 (127) defeated the Hawks 9.7 (61), with St Kilda's Fraser Gehrig and Stephen Milne booting five goals each.

St Kilda kicked the first goal of the game via Stephen Milne, but it was the underdogs who dominated the first quarter.


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  Thursday, 17 June 2004

Saints lose Maguire. St Kilda’s awesome spine, a key to its sensational 10-2 record so far in 2004, has been weakened for Friday night’s Telstra Dome clash against Hawthorn. Aaron Hamill will be joined on the sidelines by emerging centre half-back Matt Maguire who has groin soreness. In other selection news, Fergus Watts is set to make his AFL debut for Adelaide.  [Official AFL Website]

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  Wednesday, 16 June 2004

My glasses broke....

Click for details!I broke my glasses last week.

A major inconvenience.

I have those funky rimless specs, which are meant to be unbreakable. I proved that wrong!

So, I used some strategically placed sticky tape to connect the arm back to the specs, so that I could wear them on my drive home. They were a bit crooked and blurry, but they were functional.

Somehow I managed to get home and went searching for one of my other older glasses. I found a pair that I reckon is 10-15 years old. They have a 80s vide to them. My kids reckon I look like Harry Potter.

The other problem is the prescription on the lenses is out of date, which makes me see things in a different perspective. Time to update the prescription, me thinks.

To top it all off, the folks have no idea how long before I get them repaired (great customer service). Definite incentive to update prescription of geeky old glasses.

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  Monday, 14 June 2004

AFL Ladder : End of Round 12

Team P W L D For Ag % Pts
St Kilda 12 10 2 0 1419 978 145.0 40
Brisbane 12 9 3 0 1344 1051 127.8 36
Melbourne 12 9 3 0 1260 1017 123.8 36
Port Adelaide 12 8 4 0 1335 1143 116.8 32
Essendon 12 8 4 0 1314 1266 103.7 32
Geelong 12 7 5 0 1145 1055 108.5 28
Fremantle 12 7 5 0 1037 966 107.3 28
Sydney 12 6 6 0 1067 1052 101.4 24

Kangaroos 12 5 7 0 1214 1155 105.1 20
West Coast 12 5 7 0 1133 1263 89.7 20
Carlton 12 5 7 0 1046 1283 81.5 20
W. Bulldogs 12 4 8 0 1132 1273 88.9 16
Collingwood 12 4 8 0 954 1146 83.2 16
Richmond 12 4 8 0 899 1249 71.9


Adelaide 12 3 9 0 1075 1135 94.7 12
Hawthorn 12 2 10 0 941 1283 73.3 8

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SMH: Sydney in top 20 expensive cities: survey

I read in the SMH today that Sydney is in the top 20 expensive cities.

Here are the top 25 cities (with last year's ranking):

  1. Tokyo (1)
  2. London (7)
  3. Moscow (2)
  4. Osaka, Japan (3)
  5. Hong Kong (4)
  6. Geneva (6)
  7. Seoul, South Korea (8)
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark (15)
  9. Zurich, Switzerland (9)
  10. St Petersburg, Russia (12)
  11. Beijing (5)
  12. New York (10)
  13. Milan, Italy (17)
  14. Dublin, Ireland (21)
  15. Oslo, Norway (13)
  16. Shanghai, China (11)
  17. Paris (23)
  18. Istanbul, Turkey (42)
  19. Vienna, Austria (34)
  20. Sydney, Australia (67)

I'm not surprised. The cost of living in Sydney, especially the cost of housing, is outrageous.

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Queen's Birthday Long Weekend

Today is a public holiday in most Australian states - it is Queen's Birthday. This weekend marks the start of the snow season and it is when Australian's are honored for their efforts in the community.

For me and my family, it's an extra day of fun and games - the sun is out today, so we will go on a picnic.

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  Sunday, 13 June 2004

Cool free graphic design software for Windows

Very Cool Application. Microsoft bought the company last year and the s/w has just been released. I'll be playing with it this weekend...

Expression 3 is the coolest free app I've seen since Art Rage. Oh, Microsoft bought the company? Awesome. Can't wait to see what this team does.  [Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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No panic stations at Moorabbin

St Kilda coach Grant Thomas is far from panicking about his team's sudden form slump describing it as "just a blimp."

The Saints were on the wrong end of the upset of the season on Saturday, losing to last year's wooden spooners the Bulldogs by 23 points at the MCG.

And after a club record 10 successive wins to start the season, the league leaders have now lost their past two matches and their lead at the top of the ladder will be cut to just one game by the end of the round.

However Thomas is far from worried, even though the Saints also lost Aaron Hamill to hamstring soreness on Saturday - which Thomas is hoping won't keep his inspirational former skipper out of next week's clash against bottom-placed Hawthorn.

"We've been beaten by two better sides (Sydney and the Bulldogs) who have worked harder than us and gone the extra yards for a win, which is something we used to do automatically," Thomas said.

"But we haven't done that the last two weeks and it's my job to find out why and rectify it."

"We didn't have any flow, we didn't have the quick ball movement, we weren't winning the ball at ground level and we weren't putting anywhere near the pressure on them that we put on other sides."

"But we have won 10 games and lost two so we will focus on the 10 wins.'

"This is a bit of a blimp and next week we have the chance to get back to where we've been."

Thomas dismissed the theory his team is only a dominant force at Telstra Dome, with the past two losses having come away from the Saints' home ground, but conceded his team was "flat" at present.

"We were really poor today and we need to bounce back," he said.

He also admitted star spearhead Fraser Gehrig, who kicked 50 goals in the first nine rounds but only one in the past fortnight, was "not 100 percent (fit) right now" as he again battles his on-going foot problems but he quickly added "there are a lot of players out there (from all clubs) that aren't 100 percent fit."

And he said the decision to start skipper Lenny Hayes on the bench - which backfired as the star midfielder subsequently managed only 15 touches for the game - was no different to the way he has also eased the likes of Robert Harvey, Stephen Powell, Luke Ball and Andrew Thompson into games this season.

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  Saturday, 12 June 2004

Dogs spring upset of 2004

The Western Bulldogs have pulled off the upset of the season by beating league leaders St Kilda at the MCG as the Saints juggernaut threatens to derail.

After a club record 10 straight wins to start the season - 14 if you include their Wizard Cup success - the Saints have now lost two in a row following the Dogs' heroic 15.13 (103) to 11.14 (80) victory.  [more]

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Bulldogs maul Saints

The Western Bulldogs have caused the biggest upset of the year, downing St Kilda by 23 points at the MCG.  [more]

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Dogs Upset Saints (and Frank)

The Western Bulldogs beat St Kilda by 23 points at the MCG in the upset of the AFL season to date.

Midfielder Nathan Eagleton starred and Rohan Smith kicked four goals as the Bulldogs held off the Saints in the last term for their fourth win, 15.13 (103) to 11.14 (80).

St Kilda suffered its first loss of the season against Sydney last weekend and this game will start raising questions about its ability to build on the first half of the year.

The Saints looked flat-footed and their skill level was well down on a month ago. [more]

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Round 12 : Western Bulldogs vs. St Kilda

Joy!!!!!!!   The Saints are live on Fox Footy!!!!!!! Today they face the Bulldogs at the MCG.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A picture named hp3.jpgI took my big boys to see the new Harry Potter movie today.

It was a different, darker movie to the previous two. More adult.

Plot Outline: It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he learns that a convicted murderer, Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban prison, and could be coming after him next.

My boys enjoyed the movie and can't wait to see it again. I liked the Maruader's Map - a great example of a location based application :)

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  Friday, 11 June 2004

Using NewsGator's posting plugin

I've been using NewsGator for ages to read all my rss feeds - I love it.

I decided to use the available plugin to post to my own blog

This is the first!!!

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  Thursday, 10 June 2004

Collection of StKilda Stories - RealFooty

Saints have a new mark for courage. Grant Thomas will not tell his star centre half-forward Nick Riewoldt to stop hurling himself into packs against the flight of the ball, instead encouraging the rest of his team to learn from the fearless youngster.

Saints learn a hard lesson. St Kilda has leapfrogged the Dockers this season in many ways

A Saint's fearless step. Will Nick Riewoldt still be playing in the AFL when he's 30? I hope so;

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  Sunday, 6 June 2004

AFL Ladder : End of Round 11
Team    W    D    L    For    Against    Pts   %
St Kilda   10   0   1   1339 (202.127)   875 (127.113)     40    153.03
Melbourne   8   0   3   1178 (170.158)   944 (138.116)     32    124.79
Brisbane Lions   8   0   3   1182 (171.156)   955 (139.121)     32    123.77
Essendon   8   0   3   1218 (181.132)   1104 (162.132)     32    110.33
Port Adelaide   7   0   4   1203 (177.141)   1083 (155.153)     28    111.08
Sydney   6   0   5   1007 (147.125)   920 (135.110)     24    109.46
Geelong   6   0   5   1051 (155.121)   971 (144.107)     24    108.24
Fremantle   6   0   5   956 (137.134)   895 (128.127)     24    106.82
Kangaroos   5   0   6   1130 (167.128)   1061 (157.119)     20    106.50
West Coast   4   0   7   1025 (151.119)   1187 (178.119)     16    86.35
Collingwood   4   0   7   881 (125.131)   1064 (154.140)     16    82.80
Carlton   4   0   7   946 (142.94)   1195 (177.133)     16    79.16
Richmond   4   0   7   828 (121.102)   1168 (172.136)     16    70.89
Adelaide   3   0   8   999 (143.141)   1027 (152.115)     12    97.27
Western Bulldogs   3   0   8   1029 (147.147)   1193 (172.161)     12    86.25
Hawthorn   2   0   9   853 (125.103)   1183 (171.157)     8    72.10
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Swans upset Saints in masterful display

Sydney has caused a major boilover by defeating the previously unbeaten St Kilda by 36 points at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The Swans won the round 11 AFL match 17.10 (112) to 11.10 (76)

Before the match, Swans coach Paul Roos asked for an even contribution from all his players and by full-time he had got such an effort.

Whether or not he has provided the other 14 teams in the AFL with a blueprint on how to beat the Saints is another question.

But what Roos and his players have shown is how effective a short-kicking game plan can be and how important commitment in defence is in combating an attacking force such as St Kilda.

The Swans got off to the perfect start to the match kicking four goals to one in the opening 10 minutes.

Barry Hall kicked two of these goals, marking strongly and taking advantage of Sydney's excellent clearances out of the midfield.

Sydney was employing their short-kicking game early on and Matthew Nicks' first goal was an example of its smart use.

The Swans defence was on song against a St Kilda forward line that has run rampant in recent matches.

They had numbers back in the defensive 50, frustrating St Kilda's midfield who were looking for plausible targets.

Brent Guerra's major was the only scoring highlight for the visitors in the first term.

The Swans were also pressuring the Saints into mistakes across all parts of the field.

Steven Baker lazily hand-balled to Sydney's Heath James when trying to clear the ball out of its own 50, allowing the young Swan, who had replaced the injured Nick Davis before the match, to kick a major unopposed.

The home side had a chance to extend their lead in the final moments of the quarter when O'Loughlin marked right of the posts.

But the talented Swans forward skewed the ball to kick a behind, leaving the score at 4.4 (28) to 1.1 (7) at the first change.

St Kilda coach Grant Thomas got stuck into his players during the break, and at least for the first 15 minutes of the second term it seemed to have worked.

They kicked three straight goals through Nick Dal Santo, Matt Maguire and Justin Koschitzke to close the gap on the scoreboard.

But as the momentum looked to have switched to the competition leaders, the Swans struck back with three goals of their own.

Hall kicked his third for the match, finishing off a great run from Ben Matthews up the left flank and Jarrad McVeigh goaled himself soon after.

Veteran Paul Williams rounded out the quarter to keep the Swans comfortably ahead at half-time, 7.7 (49) to 4.5 (29).

Second half

As with the second quarter, Sydney answered any challenge the Saints threw at them after the main break.

Dal Santo kicked his second for St Kilda via Fraser Gehrig's first disposal of the match but the Swans replied with three goals through O'Loughlin, Mathews and Hall to take a 32-point lead.

The Saints worked on reducing the gap on the scoreboard and goals to Luke Ball and Robert Harvey helped their cause.

Harvey's major was courteous of a spectacular running mark from Nick Reiwoldt, displaying the aerial skills of the blond-headed Saint.

Again, though, Sydney showed their composure to respond appropriately.

Nicks added three goals to his match-total and a brilliant snap from Jude Bolton saw the Swans near the century mark.

Aaron Hamill goaled in the final minute of the term to give St Kilda fans a glimmer of hope, although they still trailed 14.9 (93) to 8.7 (55) at the three-quarter time.

But whatever chance the Saints had of coming back, it was dispelled early in the final term.

Hall kicked his fifth goal and Nick Fosdike "stole" a major from O'Loughlin after the Swans forward was tackled on the line before placing the ball just inside the field of play.

As O'Loughlin went to tap it through the posts, Fosdike ran through to get his boot to ball for his only goal of the match.

Late goals to Koschitzke, Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna improved the score line as the Swans ran out 36-point winners.

For Sydney, Hall and Nicks were impressive while Leo Barry did what every other team has struggle to do so far this season, keeping Gehrig goal-less.

While the loss would be a blow for St Kilda, they will still maintain an eight-point buffer on top of the AFL ladder after the completion of round 11.

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Swans Stop Saints

Back from the SCG.

The Saints were beaten all over the ground by the swans - dunno what was wrong. I guess the swans wanted to win more....

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Off to see the footy at the SCG

Billy and I are going to the SCG today to see the Saints play the Swans

Lot of stories about the game:

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  Wednesday, 2 June 2004


I had a bit of a spill yesterday. Didn't think much of it.  I did get a nasty bruise on my right hand side - no, I promise i wont post any photos.

During the day though, things started to hurt. Best go to the doctor, just to be sure.

Turns out I broke a rib. The doctor had a bit of a chuckle and told me that there isn't much he can do and that it would hurt for a couple of weeks. Thanks doc! Glad I amused you.

So I am now carrying a box of Panadol for the pain during the day, and I got a prescription for Panadeine Forte for night time. Hopefully the pain will go away soon!

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