Monday, 31 January 2005

2005 AFL Fixture - ready for importing into Outlook

As is my tradition, please find the following CSV file for importing into Outlook which contains the 2005 AFL Fixture. The AFL site has a series of Excel files for download, but they are useless for importing into other applications, so I needed to tweak the info to make it useful.

I did this last year as well, because there is no other way to get this information into my calendar.

Only 52 days to go before the premiership season starts ...

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Back to School 2005

It's a big week in the Arrigo household this week.

All our kids are heading back to school -  Billy starts Grade 6 today, on Tuesday Antony goes into Year 8 and Emma starts Grade 2 and on Wednesday, our baby Brice goes in for his first day of school!

All 4 kids at schools - what is their mother to do with herself now?? Time to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons???

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