Saturday, 1 October 2005

Don Adams : RIP

DonFirst Gilligan, now Maxwell Smart!

Don Adams passed away during the week, which saw two of my favourite icons from the 60's passing away.  I guess it is a reminder we're all getting old.

I absolutley loved Get Smart. That style of humour has stuck with me all my life. It's one of my pillars.

The Chief, 99, Fang Hymie, Larabee, Agent 13, The Admiral, Seigfreid, Shtarker - all great characters. CONTROL and KAOS formed the two powers. The Shoe Phone. The Cone of Silence. The wacky bad guys. The entrance via the multitude of doors.  The gadgets. The catchphrases. The passphrases

Ahh, Happy Memories. The SMH has a nice piece on memories of Max.

I found a terrific  tribute site, which is one of Max's catch phrases - Would You Believe.  It has A Complete Episode Guide, Frequently Asked & Answered Questions. Cast and Character Biographies, Show History, Home Addresses of the Cast, Photos from the Get Smart Gathering - a cast & crew reunion! And much, much, more!!

Some things I didn't know about the late Don Adams:  He was an inveterate horse-player. His leisure time was largely spent either at racetracks or in card games at the Playboy Mansion, and with pals such as 'Hugh Hefner' , James Caan, and Don Rickles. Divorced for the third time, he lived alone in a luxury apartment in Century City. He was a devoted history buff, and was an amateur expert on the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. He was a talented poet and painter.

So, from the collection of catchphrases:

Chief: Max, you realize you'll be facing every kind of danger imaginable.
Max: And loving it!

I loved it too!!!!

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Quiz: How much do you match your zodiac sign?

Thanks to Geoff Appleby for indirectly reminding me to do some more quizzes.

The result of this one is definitly not in question.

You are 100% Scorpio
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Sky High

I took the gang to the movies today.

Bricey wanted to see Sky High, so that's what we went to see.

It was a movie, like those old fashioned Disney live action ones from my youth, which also starred Kurt Russell.

I liked it. The critics at THE SMH, on the other hand, didn't.

The main character, Will Stronghold, reminded me of my big boy Billy - starting High School, basically a good kid, a bit awkward, trying to live up to the weight of expetactions, son of super hero parents, his super powers not quite there...

Watching the film, it sure felt like a pilot for a tv series, so I wont be surprised if we see it on the Disney Channel soon. Time will tell.

Anyways, this is the first of the next batch of movies we will be seeing over the holidays -- bring it on!!!

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Scrubs TV Show - Scrubs Television ShowWe took a DVD of [Scrubs] Series 2 on holiday with us. It was a great decision.

The whole family loves the show. It's funny, smart and fresh.

It's another one of those programs (See my earlier rant about Curb Your Enthusiam) that has been destroyed by the commercial FTA networks (thanks for nothing, Channel 7), but we continue to ignore the networks and watch the shows we want, when we want. I know that I an early early adopter, but my kids represent the next generation.

Anyways, this is what TV.COM has to say about the show

This half-hour comedy focuses on the bizarre experiences of fresh-faced medical intern John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff) as he embarks on his healing career in a surreal hospital crammed full of unpredictable staffers and patients where humor and tragedy can merge paths at any time.

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Back from the Beach

We spent the past week at Jervis Bay. It was lovely.

We rented a house that was right on the beach at Hyams Beach. The kids would wander out the back and be onto the sand in 45 steps. Awesome!!! The photo is the view from the deck of the house. They house even had a name - Baywatch. Alas, there was no Hoff.

I took the kids out on a Dolphin Watch cruise and we got to see dolphins and a whale

Jervis Bay is a very beautiful place, and makes me wonder how different things would have been if it had been chosen as the location for the nation's capital, rather the barren wasteland that is Canberra (apoligies to all my friends who live in Canberra).

It would have been an awsesome nation's capital and would have rivaled Sydney for a beautiful bay. As the sign at the local pub said - "It's Another Great Day at the Husky Pub". 

I've posted a bunch of photos onto my flickr, and I have more on my other camera, which I will post when I get around to it.

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