Friday, 30 June 2006

On This Day - June 30

June 30: Independence Day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1960)

Albert Einstein, ca. 1905.

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The bet is on!

We have our friendly bet with Molly, regarding the upcoming Saints v Hawks game.

The loser records themselves signing the winning teams theme song. The Song can be put on both our sites and on Molly's AFL podcast

Molly, here's the lyrics to the Saint's theme song.

Oh when the Saints, go marching in,
Oh when the Saints go marching in,
Oh how I want to be with St Kilda.
When the Saints go marching in.

Oh when the Saints, go marching in,
Oh when the Saints go marching in,
Oh how I want to be with St Kilda.
When the Saints go marching in.

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  Thursday, 29 June 2006

Shopping on Amazon : New DVDs

Moira allowed me to go shopping on Amazon.

So, what did I get??


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On This Day : June 29

June 29:

Space Shuttle Atlantis & the Mir Space Station

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  Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Yet More Thinkgeek tshirts

 I went shopping on Thinkgeek again, and got some more tshirts - I Love ThinkGeek!

404 Not Found hacker No, I will not fix your computer

Moira wants to know if these will be the last ones I get, following this and that. I don't know. There's so many cool things there

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Mid Season Review of the Teams

Another gem from Saintsational, a mid season review of all the teams

Adel: Clearly the best team in the comp atm. Fast, great backline, lots of depth, no obvious weakness. Look to me like they are just starting to turn it on a bit after playing a long period of no-frills get the job done footy.

Bris: Look out of their depth. They're injury rattled, and turning on their own. Don't appear to have much young talent coming through... will make up numbers in the final 8 at best.

Carl: Performed better than most of us expected but still a rabble. Pagan is the worst coach in the AFL atm... no plan, just last year they wanted to trade off Whitnal and Fevola and this year those guys are carrying the team.

Coll: Flash in the frying pan. They're a good team, coached well and have had a bit of luck. Not the real deal IMO, will be found wanting when the pressure is applied.

Ess: Didn't think they were this bad. Boy did Matty Llyod carry this team or what?

Freo: Marginally better than they were last year but can't compete with the big boys. Too much flash not enough substance. Will tail off towards the end of the year and pbly miss the finals.

Geel: A shadow of themselves but are in a position to turn it around. There's something about them to me that just urges caution... can still grind out the wins from time to time. I predict that they'll make a play 4 the 8 but just miss out.

Haw: Good nucleus and on the up and up. That being said not this year they ain't. Will finish bottom 4.

Melb: Is my prediction for surprise fall away. It just seems to me that they have to play spectacular football to win... to date they have but I can't see it lasting. Do have a good run home though.

Kan: not worth my time... wish we played them twice.

Port: Not enough depth but good to c some youngins coming through. Battle hardened enough to make the finals but will go home early.

Rich: Promising. Could possibly make the 8 but they're simply not tough enough to trouble any1 that counts.

St.K: Look very much like the sleeping giants of the comp but doubts are growing as to whether or not they will ever wake up. Capable of winning every game for the rest of the season but at the same time look vulnerable enough to drop 5 or 6 of them. Will be interesting to see the team perform when they get a few more regulars back.

Syd: Look 50/50. Could go either way. Considering they're not really banged up you would imagine that they lift in time for the end of the business season but they just look like falling away.

WCE: Don't rate them. They're beatable. A very solid team but you would just rather play them instead of Adel or the other top teams. Heaven help them if they have a few injuries.

WB: Remind me of that movie "Cool Runnigs" where the Jamaican team are on world record pace to complete the course but the sled begins to fall apart and you know it's only matter of time before they crash.

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  Tuesday, 27 June 2006

On This Day : June 27

June 27:

Muhammad Ali

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  Monday, 26 June 2006

FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 27th June – 3rd July 2006 NSW only

The split round is over, and Round 13 beckons. The Saints meet the up and coming Hawks at the Telstra Dome on Saturday. Channel 10 will be showing it live, and I may head out to join the other Sydney Harbour Saints.

Since the Hawks are involved, I wonder if I should have a bet with Molly again? We all know how it ended last time.

Thursday 29/06/2006

  • 10.30a  Last Time They Met 2005 Rnd 12 Hawthorn v St Kilda

Sunday 02/07/2006

  • 1.00a  Round 13 St Kilda v Hawthorn
  • 11.30a  Round 13 St Kilda v Hawthorn

Monday 03/07/2006

  • 1.30p  Round 13 St Kilda v Hawthorn

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  Sunday, 25 June 2006

Quiz : Could You Pass 8th Grade Geography?

 Phew - that was lucky!!

You Passed 8th Grade Geography
Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

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On This Day - June 25

Custer's last stand!!

June 25: Statehood Day in Slovenia

George Armstrong Custer

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Footy Tipping Results : Round 12

This split round has brought my tipping streak to a dramatic halt.

I only picked 2 winners. What was I thinking??

Week 12
Home Draw Away
Saints (8.12 60) Crows (18.15 123)
Dockers (6.16 52) Cats (18.10 118)
Lions (14.19 103) Bulldogs (22.13 145)
Power (13.19 97) Eagles (8.12 60)
Hawks (16.9 105) Tigers (8.16 64)
Bombers (10.15 75) Demons (16.15 111)
Kangaroos (18.13 121) Blues (15.12 102)
Swans (11.16 82) Magpies (14.11 95)

I've now have 61 correct tips for the season. I have tumbled in my tipping comps. I was challenging for the lead, and now I am back to the middle of the pack

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  Saturday, 24 June 2006

If AFL Teams were Girls

Hilarous post on Saintsational

If Teams were Girls

Sydney would be J-Lo - Quality all over, but especially good down back.

West Coast would be Kylie Minogue - very decent despite not having much up front.

Fremantle would be Danii Minogue - Always trying hard to be as good as her big sister, but will never measure up. The butt of everyone's jokes.

St Kilda would be Krystal from Big Brother - has the biggest and best assets going around, but we all know they're not the real deal.

Brisbane would be Elle MacPherson - past her glorious best but still easy on the eye and an old favourite with most.

Port Power would be Madonna - also past her glorious best, but refuses to accept it gracefully.

Carlton would be Whitney Houston - has not looked after herself in recent years and has gone completely off the rails.

Adelaide would be Delta Goodrem - tidy, attractive, professional and uncontroversial. Nice to look at, but for some reason just makes you want to yawn.

Geelong would be Britney Spears - at times can look stunning, at others it can get ugly.

Essendon would be Katie Holmes - has a certifiable psycho in charge of her every move. Has lost credibility in recent times.

The Kangaroos would be Paris Hilton - lays down way too easily.

Richmond would be Annabel Chong - can cop a pounding and keep coming back for more, all in the name of self-improvement.

Western Bulldogs would be Shakira - proof that being short is no barrier to getting you excited. Will only get better too.

Hawthorn would be Christina Aguilera - looks like she enjoys it rough and dirty.

Melbourne would be Camilla Parker Bowles- may be a blue blood, ordinary to say the least but has come up with the goods.

Collingwood would be Amelie Mauresmo - last woman on Earth scenario: you still wouldn't.

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  Friday, 23 June 2006

On This Day : June 23

June 23: Victory Day in Estonia, Jani held in ancient Latvia, Saint Jonas' Festival in Lithuania.

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

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Socceroos Through to the next round

Wonderful result!

2 all draw against Croatia sees the Socceroos advance to the next round of the World Cup.

Finally Harry Kewell shows what he can do

Group F - Match #44 - Final

Croatia Australia
(2 Pts) 2 2 (4 Pts)
Simunic 93 min Emerton 86 min
Simic 84 min Emerton 80 min
Pletikosa 69 min Kewell 77 min (Cahill)
Simunic 61 min Moore 37 min
Kovac N 56 min
Tudor 37 min
Simic 31 min
Srna 01 min
Babic, Kovac N, Kranjcar (Leko J 64 min), Olic (Modric 72 min), Pletikosa, Prso, Simic, Simunic, Srna, Tomas (Klasnic 82 min), Tudor Cahill, Chipperfield (Kennedy 73 min), Culina, Emerton, Grella (Aloisi 62 min), Kalac, Kewell, Moore, Neill, Sterjovski (Bresciano 70 min), Viduka

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  Thursday, 22 June 2006

Quiz : What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?
Your Emoticon is Cool
You're not feeling particularly up or down, just relaxed and calm. You're ready for whatever is going to happen next!

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  Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Shortest Day Of The Year / Longest Day Of The Year

I love the Winter solstice - I don't know why, I just do

June 21: Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (12:26 UTC), Midsummer in northern Europe

Flag of Greenland

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  Tuesday, 20 June 2006

FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 20th – 26th June 2006 NSW only

Quiet week on the footy front. The Saints have a week off. I think I will avoid the footy for the weekend.

Tuesday 20/06/2006

  • 1.30p  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide

Wednesday 21/06/2006

  • 11.30  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide

Thursday 22/06/2006

  • 10.30  2006 Mid-season Review Rnd 1 WC Eagles v St Kilda
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Holes-in-one - What the?

I got this today in email

Newark Star Ledger - NJ, USA
... James played with Mike James, Frank Arrigo and Hugh Reynolds. BOB MASSA On the 165-yard 11th hole at Twin Brooks, Watchung; using a 6-iron. ...

I don't remember getting a hole in one

[listening to: Till My Head Falls Off - They Might Be Giants ]
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  Sunday, 18 June 2006

Saints in the News

Those Saints just can't keep out of the news.

Today it's all about Kosi collapsing and player injuries

Melbourne Herald Sun
St Kilda waits on Ball scans
RealFooty, Australia - 23 hours ago
ST KILDA, already facing three weeks without champion midfielder Robert Harvey, will sweat on results of scans that will determine whether captain Luke Ball's osteitis pubis has recurred.
Harvey out three, Hudghton clear Melbourne Herald Sun
all 3 related »

Melbourne Herald Sun
St Kilda's Harvey to miss next 3 games
The Age, Australia - 16 Jun 2006
Veteran St Kilda star Robert Harvey will miss the next three weeks with a hamstring injury. Harvey suffered the left leg injury during the Saints' demoralising loss to Adelaide at Telstra Dome.
Crows catch Saints in vice Advertiser Adelaide
Crows throw down gauntlet The Australian
Ruthless Crows destroy Saints The Age
Advertiser Adelaide - The Age - all 34 related »

The Age
Koschitzke collapses during interview
ABC Online, Australia - 12 hours ago
Injured St Kilda footballer Justin Koschitzke collapsed this morning while filming a live television spot for Channel Seven program Sportsworld.
Koschitzke collapses on-air
AFL star collapses in TV studio
all 18 related »
Saints' 1966 win taught a child a vital lesson
RealFooty, Australia - 23 hours ago
FRIENDS scoff at my ardour for Aussie football, I'm afraid. They seem to think that, as a psychologist, I should seek out a psychologically sophisticated pastime rather than barracking for the St Kilda Football Club.

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The Arrigos discover fire

After 6 and a half years in our house, we finally lite a fire in the fireplace.

Bricey seemed to enjoy the flames a bit too much. The start of pyromania perhaps?

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Quiz : How Gross Are You?

 Once you have kids, you put up with a lot ;)

You Are 72% Gross
You're pretty dirty, and there's a good change you're living in a total dump.
And your body? Not too clean either. Watch out for killer bacteria, Pig Pen!

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On This Day : June 18

June 18:

Alfred Russel Wallace

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Upcoming Movies - Lots of talking animals

I've taken the kids to see Cars last weekend and Over The Hedge this weekend.

We saw trailers for a bunch of kids movies coming out in Australia and they all feature talking animals.

Was there a memo or something that was sent around Hollywood a few years back??

Before Cars

Before Over The Hedge


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Over The Hedge

Over the hedge

I took Bricey to an advance screening of Over The Hedge. Emma didn't want to come. She wants to see it when it's officially released for some reason.

Cute movie. Kinda like a Looney Toon. Talking animals, my favorite genre ;)

The soundtrack was by Ben Folds, which was a nice touch - featuring "Rocking The Suburbs" in the end credits, with different lyrics!

I find it really curious that all these computer rendered movies make the animals, creatures, objects all look so good, and yet they can't get the people to look anything but cartoony.

Over the Hedge
Moviehole, Australia 
... In Dreamworks’ case, “Over the Hedge” is going to make money, regardless of how many man-hours were put in, so they just decided to not to put their ...

Sydney Morning Herald
Over the Hedge
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 
... depelted". In Over the Hedge, the new animated feature from Dreamworks, the hedge appears with the alarming suddenness of a Berlin Wall. ...
'Over The Hedge' over the top Jamaica Gleaner
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  Saturday, 17 June 2006

Mid Season report

We've passed the midway mark of the season. 12 rounds in, the Saints have a 6 win 6 loss record.

Middle of the road result.

Hopeful that we will make the finals, but we need to string together a bunch of wins.

Let's look at the data of the past 12 results, thanks to the guys from FinalSiren

2006 Wins

Round 8 v Carlton   18.18 (126) to 4.10 (34) by 92 points at Melbourne Cricket Ground
Round 3 v Brisbane Lions   19.10 (124) to 12.15 (87) by 37 points at Telstra Dome
Round 9 v Kangaroos   10.14 (74) to 8.9 (57) by 17 points at Telstra Dome
Round 6 v Western Bulldogs   14.8 (92) to 12.6 (78) by 14 points at Telstra Dome
Round 2 v Richmond   13.10 (88) to 11.11 (77) by 11 points at Telstra Dome
Round 11 v Sydney   7.10 (52) to 7.8 (50) by 2 points at Sydney Cricket Ground

Average margin: 28.83

2006 Losses

Round 12 v Adelaide   8.12 (60) to 18.15 (123) by 63 points at Telstra Dome
Round 1 v West Coast   9.12 (66) to 11.18 (84) by 18 points at Subiaco
Round 7 v Geelong   9.10 (64) to 12.10 (82) by 18 points at Telstra Dome
Round 10 v Melbourne   13.12 (90) to 15.13 (103) by 13 points at Melbourne Cricket Ground
Round 4 v Port Adelaide   18.10 (118) to 19.8 (122) by 4 points at AAMI Stadium
Round 5 v Fremantle   13.15 (93) to 14.10 (94) by 1 points at Aurora Stadium

Average margin: 19.50

2006 Quarter Stats

Quarter W D L For Against %
1st 7 0 5 41.41 (287) 37.26 (248) 115.73
2nd 4 1 7 35.36 (246) 41.38 (284) 86.62
3rd 6 0 6 41.33 (279) 36.30 (246) 113.41
4th 8 1 3 34.31 (235) 29.39 (213) 110.33
Total 25 2 21 151.141 (1047) 143.133 (991) 105.65

Ah - we're not having good 2nd quarters.

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Thoughts on Corporate Entertainment in Sport

I got to go to an official AFL function on Friday night. I sat in in a room full of men in suits. Who goes to the footy in suits, FFS.

At my table, I was sat with a people that supported other teams (Not St Kilda or Adelaide who were playing), or werent even interested in the game. Some even told me that they couldn't bear AFL and prefer a good game of Rugby League. I couldn't get any conversation going about the game. They were more interested in the kind of beer being served than the result of the game,AFL Record round 12

There were speeches from different folks. Round 12 is "Welcome to the AFL" round, part of a broader multicultural football program run by the AFL. We had the multicultural ambassadors interviewed by the host, Stephen Phillips. He spoke to two good wog boys Angelo Lekkas and Steven Alessio. Lots of blah blah blah and not much else

Then there was a guest speaker from the AFL, who was responsible for the new media rights discussions. The guy knew nothing about technology and he is the one who will be negotiating the new media rights. It was embarassing listening to him stumble over acronyms and describe how they are going to get so much more money for new media. 

Harrumph. Fix the broadcast fiasco in New South Wales, so I can watch my team live, or nearly live. Not at midnight.

Later I went out to watch the game, most of the folks from the function stayed indoor. They didn't venture out and sit amongst the fans., They stayed in the room. There were literally rows and rows of empty seats. The tickets were sitting on tables and the folks who had them werent using them. What were they all doing here. It was a game of footy. An important game in the overall scheme of things. And these folks didn't really care. They were there to smooze, to network, to have a drink.  Want to smooze - go to Spearmint Rhino, or one of the other establishments in King St and elsewhere. Let the fans get the tickets to the games.

Is this the future of sport? A corporate shindig? Of course it is. Listening to that AFL dude you could tell that it is all about the money. It's no longer about the game. I know this is the case, I just hadn't experienced this.

The room next door was the St Kilda Social Club. Everyone was dressed in the team colors. They were talking about the game. There was passion everywhere. That's where I would have liked to have been. At least I would have had some other folks to commisserate over the result.  


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  Friday, 16 June 2006

On This Day : June 16

June 16: Bloomsday in Dublin, Ireland; Youth Day in South Africa

Valentina Tereshkova
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Saints Destroyed by Crows

The Saints had their biggest loss of the season tonight. The crows were just too good. The crows were a machine - well drilled, well executed. The Saints were a shambles.

And I was there live to witness this carnage.

I felt good going to the game. It had been 2 seasons since I had witnessed a loss.

I'm going to be miserable for a while. My tipping is going to suck this week too.

ST KILDA: 2.1, 3.7, 5.10, 8.12 (60)
ADELAIDE: 5.3, 10.7, 13.12, 18.15 (123)
GOALS – St Kilda: Riewoldt 2, Milne 2, Goddard, Gehrig, McQualter, Ackland
Adelaide: Hentschel 3, Ricciuto 2, Thompson 2, McGregor 2, Biglands 2, Reilly 2, Bode, Goodwin, Stevens, McLeod, Shirley
BEST – St Kilda: Goddard, Baker, Ball, Peckett, S Fisher
Adelaide: Goodwin, Massie, Edwards, Stevens, McLeod, Mattner, Johncock, Shirley, Reilly
INJURIES – St Kilda: Harvey (hamstring), Hudghton (knee) Adelaide: Nil
CHANGES - Adelaide: Burton (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Vince
UMPIRES - Vozzo, Meredith, McInerney
CROWD - 34,170 at Telstra Dome

Ruthless Crows destroy Saints
FOX SPORTS, Australia 
ADELAIDE clinically steam-rolled St Kilda by 63 points at Telstra Dome tonight, leaving the Saints barely hanging in the top eight, let alone looking like premiership contenders.
Crows crush Saints
McLeod wait-and-see on surgery Advertiser Adelaide
Crows destroy Saints by 63 points Sydney Morning Herald
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  Thursday, 15 June 2006

Stories in the lead up to the R12 game between the Saints and the Crows
Saints v Crows, Australia 
... The Crows' Telstra Dome record stands at a respectable five wins from their last six games, but the Saints better that with nine from 10. ...
Ball cleared to play
all 3 related »
Saints regain X-Man
AFL, Australia 
... the sidelines for St Kilda's match against the Crows at Telstra Dome on Friday night. Clarke and Andrew McQualter are the inclusions for the Saints, in place ...
St Kilda's Koschitzke on track to return
The Age, Australia 
... St Kilda is currently seventh on the ladder and one win outside the top-four ... week's hard-fought win over Sydney by beating premiership fancy Adelaide at Telstra ...
Saints' skipper deemed fit to play ABC Online
St Kilda skipper Luke Ball ... fit to play. (Getty) ABC Regional Online
all 10 related »
Crows to pit Stevens against Riewoldt
The Age, Australia
... Adelaide's analysis of St Kilda has taken in more from those games, and from the Saints' meeting with Melbourne a fortnight ago, than from last week's St Kilda ...
McLeod wait-and-see on surgery Advertiser Adelaide
Crows defenders primed: Craig AFL
Crows back to the front Advertiser Adelaide
all 8 related »
Crows to challenge Saints in healing powers
Border Mail, Australia 
On Saturday night the Crows shrugged off a concerted effort by the Brisbane Lions at a soggy Gabba, while the Saints gained some revenge for their 2005 ...
Strength in depth Advertiser Adelaide
all 3 related »

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Victory Room, Telstra Dome : Afl Round 12 : Saints V Crow

I am feeling very fortunate today.

I have a pass to a function at the Telstra Dome for the Round 12 game between the Saints and the Crows.

It's going to be a tough match, but I'm hopeful for a win.

Go Saints!!!

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  Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Qulz : What Do People Envy About You?


People Envy Your Compassion
You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain.
People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.

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On This Day : June 14

June 14: Liberation Day in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (1982)

Charles Babbage

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The Simpsons Personality Test

 Hmmmmm, no surprises here!

You Are Homer Simpson
You're just an ordinary, all-American working Joe...

With a special fondness for pork rinds and donuts.

You will be remembered for: your little "isms" and philosophies on life

Your life philosophy: "Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel."

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  Tuesday, 13 June 2006

On This Day : June 13

June 13:

Launch of the Pioneer 10
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Socceroos Beat Japan: 3 to 1

Been watching the Socceroos tonight play Japan

It looked all over at the 82 minute mark. Japan lead 1 - Nil, and that goal was questionable.

But, the Socceroos scored 3 goals in 8 minutes to win the game!!!!

Awesome result.

Group F - Match #12 - 90 min

Australia Japan
(0 Pts) 3 1 (0 Pts)
Grella 33 min Miyamoto 30 min
Moore 57 min Takahara 39 min
Cahill 68 min Nakamura 25 min
Aloisi 77 min
Cahill 83 min
Cahill 88 min (Aloisi)
Aloisi 91 min (Aloisi)
Bresciano (Cahill 51 min), Chipperfield, Culina, Emerton, Grella, Kewell, Moore (Kennedy 60 min), Neill, Schwarzer, Viduka, Wilkshire (Aloisi 74 min) Alex, Fukunishi, Kawaguchi, Komano, Miyamoto, Nakamura, Nakata, Nakazawa, Takahara, Tsuboi, Yanagisawa (Ono 78 min

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  Monday, 12 June 2006

FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 13th – 19th June 2006 NSW only

We've crossed the halfway point of the season, and the Saints are sitting at 6 wins and 5 losses.

The upcoming round is the split round. The Saints face Adelaide in Melbourne and then they have a week off.

The record against Adelaide since 1991 favours the Crows, but we beat Adelaide last year in the 1st Qualifying Final at AAMI Stadium

Since 1991   All
  Last 5
St Kilda   9   3   162   26   131
Adelaide   16   2   156   31   97

I'm heading down to see the boys play at the Telstra Dome on Friday night.

Tuesday 13/06/2006

  • 4.00p  Round 11 Sydney v St Kilda

Thursday 15/06/2006

  • 2.00a  Round 11 Sydney v St Kilda

Friday 16/06/2006

  • 1.00p  Last Time They Met 2005 1st QF Adelaide v St Kilda
  • 9.30p  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide

Saturday 17/06/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide
  • 6.30a  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide
  • 9.30a  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide

Monday 19/06/2006

  • 8.30a  Round 12 St Kilda v Adelaide

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Footy Tipping Results : Round 11

I was heading to a perfect round, until Ben's Demons stuffed it for me. That'll teach me for picking the Magpies - what was I thinking??

Week 11
Home Draw Away
Cats (20.10 130) Bombers (13.10 88)
Tigers (15.12 102) Kangaroos (9.13 67)
Swans (7.8 50) Saints (7.10 52)
Lions (8.12 60) Crows (10.15 75)
Power (22.13 145) Hawks (7.7 49)
Bulldogs (15.10 100) Dockers (12.14 86)
Eagles (16.15 111) Blues (15.11 101)
Demons (22.9 141) Magpies (14.10 94)

I've now got 59 correct tips this season. But it could have been 60!!

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Watching the Wallabies

On Satutrday night, I ventured out to Telstra Stadium to see the Wallabies meet England. It was the first time I've been to see a Rugby Union International. Wallabies Scarf

I had been invited by James McCutcheon from J3 Technology - Thanks for the invite James.

I've had to learn about Union this year, because Billy has started to play Rugby, so it was good to see a real game.

What impressed me was seeing all the spectactors wearing their "gold". It looked pretty cool in the stadium. Made me want to go out and get my own scarf

For the record, the Wallabies won 34-3.

Less is more for Wallabies, says Larkham
The Age, Australia - 1 hour ago
... opening Test of the season but five-eighth Stephen Larkham claims the KISS method - keep it simple stupid - is the way forward for the Wallabies backline. ...
Wallabies Expose England's Lack of Ruthlessness in Rugby Test Bloomberg
Wallabies home, but work needed Melbourne Herald Sun
A win is a win for new-look Wallabies Sydney Morning Herald
Advertiser Adelaide - - all 176 related »
Wallabies crush England, Australia - 19 hours ago
The Wallabies put last November's rugby demons to bed with a crushing 34-3 win over England in the Cook Cup match at Telstra Stadium, Sydney. ...
Gregan does it again
Gregan wants win
all 5 related »

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Cars go Brmmm

I went with the kids to see Cars on Saturday morning. We went to the first session at Hornsby, to beat the rush.

I really liked the movie. Typical story arc of The Hero's Journey, featuring talking cars. Owen Wilson who voiced the fast talking hero Lightning McQueen, just played his usual character.

What was amazing about the film was the look of it all. The realism of the scenery and the shiny appearance of the cars. The racing scenes were just unreal. It was hard to believe this whole movie had been rendered on computers.

Brice sat through the whole movie (again) which is a hilight for me, and he even waited through all the credits for the little fun things that Pixar always do

The movie is having mixed reviews from critics, but I reckon it's going to be a block buster

"Cars" marks Disney-Pixar's third biggest opening
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Lisa Baertlein. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Cars," the latest animated feature from newly merged Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation ...
'Cars' races to top but box office misses forecasts MSNBC
Disney-Pixar creation 'Cars' grosses $62 mln MarketWatch
"Cars" Goes Vroom! E! Online
San Jose Mercury News - USA Today - all 189 related »
"Cars" races to top of North American box office
People's Daily Online, China - 1 hour ago
Pixar's animated comedy "Cars" raced to the top of box office in North America over the weekend, bringing in an estimated 62.8 million dollars, according to ...
Pixar's Cars Takes Checkered Flag! - 8 hours ago
The big release this weekend was Pixar Animation Studios' seventh computer animated movie, Cars, featuring the voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman and Larry the ...

"Cars": A beautiful film
EiTB, Spain - 11 hours ago
... Cars rolls along like an animated, automotive version of that 1991 Michael J. Fox gem, from its basic plot points to its feel-good conclusion. ...
Cars, Latest Pixar’s Creation, Well Received By Media And ...
Movie Review: Cars TexasGigs
Route 66 comes alive in Cars movie Toronto Star
Voice of America - Ukiah Daily Journal - all 209 related »

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  Sunday, 11 June 2006

Saints beat the SCG flood

Ugly game in the rain and mud last night. Good to see the Saints hold on and win the game. They lead all night, and deserved the win.

I went to the game with Fletch. We sat in the Nohle stand surrounded by Sydney Swans supporters. I think I was the only Saints fan in the entire stand. It was terrific when the siren went off. Complete silence around me!

It's good to see a win.

Next week, I'm going to Melbourne to see the Saints meet the Crows at Telstra Dome

  Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
St Kilda 2. 3 (15) 5. 5 (35) 7. 6 (48) 7.10.   52
Sydney 0. 1 (1) 3. 3 (21) 5. 5 (35) 7.08.   50

St Kilda:
Goals: - F.Gehrig 3, M.Rix, B.Goddard, J.Blake, L.Montagna.
Best: - L.Ball, N.Riewoldt, L.Fisher, M.Maguire, F.Gehrig, S.Fisher.

Goals: - A.Schneider 3, B.Hall, L.Roberts-Thomson, J.McVeigh, B.Kirk.
Best: - J.Bolton, A.Schneider, B.Kirk, T.Kennelly.

Injuries - St Kilda: L.Ball (cheekbone). Sydney: nil.
Reports - St Kilda: nil. Sydney: nil.

Umpires - M.Vozzo, J.Schmitt, M.Ellis.
@ the Sydney Cricket Ground. Crowd: 31,146.

Sydney Morning Herald
Saints reign in rain
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 8 hours ago
WE know about the ugly defensive flood, but the natural version almost blighted the game at the SCG last night. The heavens opened up and ironically shed light on the Saints' season in what was a wet weather thriller.
Saints wet their whistle The Age
Saints sink Swans in the wet The Age
Saints end Swans' winning run ABC Online - ABC Online - all 36 related »

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  Saturday, 10 June 2006

Off to the SCG

Heading out to the S.C.G

I'll be going to the Saints Pre Match Function first, and then Sydney Swans vs. St Kilda at S.C.G.

Go Saints!!!

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  Friday, 9 June 2006

Heaps of news this week about the Saints
Rix on debut as St Kilda goes tall
The Age, Australia 
ST KILDA has bitten the bullet and gone with three ruckmen for its SCG clash against Sydney tomorrow night, selecting Michael Rix to make his AFL debut. ...
Saints stocks thin on ground FOX SPORTS
Saints belong in top group: coach The Age
Swans v Saints
all 12 related »

Football and the dollar divide
The Age, Australia 
... next highest spender, Sydney ($888,000). In 2005, the Lions spent nearly three times that of the Kangaroos ($453,000) on fitness/medical. ¦St Kilda ran the ...
Roos wants less lethargy from Swans The Age
all 9 related »
What the papers say...
AFL, Australia 
... Age hasn't stopped St Kilda ruckman Michael Rix, who will make his debut for the Saints against Sydney at the SCG on Saturday night. ...

Missing pieces in Saints' puzzle
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 
... a lukewarm 5-5 record, and drawn to play top-four teams Sydney, Adelaide and ... Part of the critical analysis of St Kilda is that they have struggled in the ruck. ...
Injured Kosi says bump should stay Sydney Morning Herald
all 16 related »

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FIFA World Cup 2006

The FIFA World Cup Trophy, which has been awarded to the world champions since 1974.

The 2006 FIFA World Cup kicks off tonight. Wondering who the past winners were, I went to my favorite information source, Wikipedia

The Last 10 Series

Year Winner Runner Up Score
2002 Brazil Germany 2 - 0
1998 France Brazil 3 - 0
1994 Brazil Italy 3 - 2
1990 West Germany Argentina 1 - 0
1986 Argentina West Germany 3 - 2
1982 Italy West Germany 3 - 1
1978 Argentina Netherlands 3 - 1
1974 West Germany Netherlands 2 - 1
1970 Brazil Italy 4 - 1
1966 England West Germany 4 - 2

World Cup summaries & Successful national teams

Don't forget about Microsoft Football (Soccer) Scoreboard Gadget for World Cup 2006


Follow your favorite teams and players during the FIFA World Cup tournament with Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard. This fun program allows you to access all the latest tournament news and information with the click of a button! Live game data allow you to monitor your favorite teams progress in real-time. Want more? Check out your team's fixture (schedule), standing, and news as they advance through the tournament. If you are a soccer fan, don't miss a minute of the action. Download Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard today!

Customize your experience with RSS

Do you have a favorite web news feed? Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard acts as a RSS reader. Enter your favorite sports-related RSS feed into the application and watch it display the news headlines all on its own.

All times local

The Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard displays all dates and times according to your Windows XP'
s time zone setting. No more calculating start times only to find out you are off by an hour or more.

Available in multiple languages

Microsoft Football Scoreboard is available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, and Ukrainian.

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Puns aplently thanks to Cars

Jason Kotte muses Media races to make the perfect Cars pun.

It's so true - just look at this effort from The SMH - Pixar's latest movie puts wheel emotion into its cutting-edge animation.

What a punny pun. Wheel Emotion! LOL

Here's a bunch more:

Christian Science Monitor
Start your engines: ‘Cars’ races past silly script to an ...
Boston Herald, United States - 3 hours ago
... flat-footed or, more correctly, flat-tired than such Pixar triumphs as “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles” and “Monsters, Inc.,” “Cars” isn’ta ...
Pixar's joy ride finally stalls with 'Cars' Christian Science Monitor
all 7 related »

East Valley Tribune
Classic 'Cars' finds the soul in the machines
USA Today - 4 hours ago
By Claudia Puig, USA TODAY. Cars lionizes the lure of the open road and the appeal of a simpler time in a way that is both technically impressive and touching. ...
These Cars run on puns Toronto Star
Top Off the Fun Tank With Cars Wired News
Hot wheels Pixar fuels its delightful "Cars" with lots of ... Seattle Times
Boston Globe - Chicago Tribune - all 147 related »

Metro Toronto
'Cars' is a joyous ride
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 7 hours ago
And the buzz in the weeks since an advance trailer underwhelmed the ShoWest Convention has been that the studio's summer '06 offering, "Cars," might be the one ...
"Cars" to box office also-rans: Eat my dust Reuters
Auto fan Lasseter puts his passion into 'Cars' Indianapolis Star
'Cars' to also-rans: Eat my dust Hollywood Reporter
Forbes - Inside Bay Area - all 26 related »

We're all off to see the movie this weekend

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On This Day - June 9

June 9: St. Colmcille's Day in Ireland

Roman bust of Nero, now at the Glyptothek in Munich.

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  Thursday, 8 June 2006

news in the leadup for Swans V Saints

Sydney Morning Herald
Saints belong in top group: coach
The Age, Australia - 36 minutes ago
... a 5-5 ledger but must beat reigning premier Sydney, at full ... best, despite their plight, against the Swans, who won ... All of June will test the Saints' mettle, as ...
Swans v Saints
Swans coach holds no grudges Daily Telegraph
Hall, Maguire battle of strength Brisbane Courier Mail
AFL - Sydney Morning Herald - all 13 related »

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The show is being repeated starting tonight. If you missed it the first time - make sure you catch it

-----Original Message-----
From: Nerds FC Fan Club []
Sent: Thursday, 8 June 2006 4:37 PM
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: Nerds FC Fan Club






Hi Gang!


Just thought I'd remind you about the Nerds FC encore performance starting

tonight at 8.00pm - then every night for the next week! Now’s your chance

to re-live the whole adventure, catch any episode you foolishly missed or

get your mates to watch the show you were quacking on to them about the

first time round. Do yourself a favour: don’t miss the Nerds FC experience!



And don't forget we still have lots of prizes to give away over the next

few weeks so stay registered for a chance to win a Centrex Digital Set-Top

Box or an authentic Nike football used by the Nerds FC! Congratulations to

the winners so far: Silika Baselala, Jeremy Brown, Matthew Morgan, Peter

Kennelly, Deborah Muchamore, Susan Gorton, Marian Stoney, Rachie Gray, Mark

Barnier, Jeffrey Stanyer, Monica Constable, Paul Song and Lucia Barone!


Stay on-side.


Yours in football,



Treasurer, NFC Fan Club




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Latest batch of ThinkGeek TShirts

I got some more Tshirts from Thinkgeek to add to my collection


Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys


They're quite spiffy, don't you think?

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  Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Melbourne is in need of a very big thing

A former high school friend of mine has an opinion piece in The Age. Anthony O'Neill (we knew him as Shane) has gone on to be an author, with a number of books published.

His opinion piece - Melbourne is in need of a very big thing - ponders how Melbourne is in need of a world-renowned landmark (or some other Big Thing).

His conclusion, which he calls the Tower of Baiame:

Consider this. A great lattice tower netted with ivy and other creepers for as high as they will climb and bloom. Bedecked with overflowing flowerboxes - the most vibrant flowers on Earth. Interchangeable flora, too, so that the tower's colour scheme would change every season, and a return visitor might never see the same tower twice.

Rainbow lorikeets feed on the decks. Irrigating water gurgles through transparent pipes and fills the air with mist. At night the tower lights up with softly glowing floral lamps.

As a location, anywhere from Royal Park to Fawkner Park or even Herring Island in the middle of the Yarra. But really, there are a thousand empty spaces around the city begging to be ornamented.

I like it. Good work Shane, oh I mean Anthony.

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Wee Frank

I'm a big fan of little cyber avatars.

I've made many of them - Lego Frank, Southpark Frank,  Stortropper Frank, Southpark Frank on Holidays.

It's great fun

Here's my latest - Frank in WeeWorld (i know, it sounds rude)

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  Tuesday, 6 June 2006


Alas, Nerds FC has come to an end. It was wonderful.

SBS will be repeating it

-----Original Message-----
From: Nerds FC Fan Club []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 June 2006 7:39 PM
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: Nerds FC Fan Club






Greetings Fan Club Member!


Well, how good was the final episode of SBS’s smash hit series Nerds FC?

Round our way streets were deserted, the pubs were empty and the 24 hour

Laundromat/LAN computer gaming centre shut for the night because they knew

there’d be no business. Everyone was watching to see how the boys did and

hear how they’d changed from day one. You can imagine the club feels a bit

strange right now – now that it’s all over. But don’t get me all emotional,

I thought I’d cried myself out till I started writing you this exclusive

members-only newsletter. Let me concentrate on giving you the skinny on

stuff that didn’t make the show. For example:


- Before Nerds FC went on to the pitch, they were waiting in the tunnel

area of the stadium. NSW Premier Morris Iemma was just leaving and he shook

hands with a few of the boys and wished them well for their game.


- John Truong and a number of the other lads have joined local football

clubs following the series. Also, they see each other socially every few



- After the show, the boys took on the production team who made the show. I

saw the game and can verify that it was an entertaining game to watch and

the scoreline was 6 – 4 to the production team. The boys maintained they

let the crew win but lawyers are looking into that claim…..


Okay, that’s my lot. I’ve got subscriptions to look into and next season to

consider but before I go let me say thank you for not putting me in the

automatic spam filter section of your inbox. I hope you enjoyed the show

and have found the newsletters interesting. If you see me in the street,

don’t hesitate to come up and say hello and who knows, maybe we’ll be

following the boys in blue again on another campaign.


STOP PRESS: Hold on, I’ve just found out SBS are re-running the whole Nerds

FC series every night at 8.00pm from Thursday 8th – 15th June! Now’s your

chance to re-live the whole adventure, catch any episode you foolishly

missed or get your mates to watch the show you were quacking on to them

about the first time round. Do yourself a favour: don’t miss the Nerds FC



Stay on-side.


Yours in football,



Treasurer, NFC Fan Club



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On This Day : June 6

June 6: National holiday of Sweden observed.

D-Day landing

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FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 6th – 12th June 2006 NSW only

The Saints come up against the Swans on the weekend. They play in Sydney at the SCG, which means I can finally get to see the team live, as well as get to the Saints Pre Match Function

The Saints record has been pretty average versus the Swans

Since 1980   All
  Last 5
Sydney   27   3   199   47   110
St Kilda   19   2   158   36   101

The coverage on the telly this week

Tuesday 06/06/2006

  • 4.00p  Round 10 Melbourne v St Kilda

Wednesday 07/06/2006

  • 8.30a  Round 10 Melbourne v St Kilda

Thursday 08/06/2006

  • 1.00p  Last Time They Met 2005 1st PF St Kilda v Sydney

Saturday 10/06/2006

  • 10.30p  Round 11 Sydney v St Kilda

Sunday 11/06/2006

  • 6.30a  Round 11 Sydney v St Kilda
  • 2.00p  Round 11 Sydney v St Kilda
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Today it's 6/6/6

That's freakier than 050505 and a bit more biblical.

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  Sunday, 4 June 2006

On This Day : June 4

June 4: Independence Day in Tonga (1970)

Miday Atoll
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Footy Tipping Results : Round 10

Just 6 winners this week. I was hoping the Lions would beat the Magpies, and the Saints to defeat the Demons. Bad Call.

Week 10
Home Draw Away
Crows (30.8 188) Bombers (6.14 50)
Bulldogs (16.13 109) Hawks (13.10 88)
Cats (15.8 98) Eagles (16.5 101)
Magpies (16.13 109) Lions (12.11 83)
Dockers (15.10 100) Tigers (13.11 89)
Kangaroos (14.14 98) Swans (16.9 105)
Demons (15.13 103) Saints (13.12 90)
Blues (12.12 84) Power (17.16 118)

52 correct tips for the season.

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A distopian future...

Since seeing V for Vendetta, I've been introducing Antony to movies which have a distopian vision of the future.

So far, we've seen:

What's Next??? I guess there's A Scanner Darkly coming out soon. He also wants to see Fahrenheit 451

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Demons knock off the Saints

Well, the Demons defeated the Saints this afternoon at the MCG.

Ben, I'm sure you were in the long room with a beer and some 85 yr old octogenarians yelling

This was a really important game for the Saints, but they came up short. They are now 5-5 after 10 games, and need to win 10 of the next 12 to get a top 4 slot. A tough ask, but they did it last year.

Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
Melbourne 4. 4 (28) 10. 9 (69) 12.10 (82) 15.13.   103
St Kilda 2. 2 (14) 5. 3 (33) 10.08 (68) 13.12.   090

Goals: - D.Neitz 8, R.Robertson, C.Bruce, M.Whelan, B.McLean, L.Dunn, B.Pickett.
Best: - D.Neitz, C.Bruce, J.McDonald, B.McLean, A.Yze, J.White, J.Rivers, C.Bartram, N.Carroll.

St Kilda:
Goals: - N.Dal Santo 3, F.Gehrig 2, T.Schwarze 2, N.Riewoldt 2, L.Montagna, L.Ball, J.Blake, B.Voss.
Best: - N.Dal Santo, J.Gram, S.Baker, L.Ball.

Injuries - Melbourne: nil. St Kilda: Thompson.
Reports - Melbourne: nil. St Kilda: Goddard (St Kilda) reported by field umpire McLaren for striking McDonald (Melbourne) in the second quarter.

Umpires - S.McLaren, S.Meredith, S.Wenn.
@ the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Crowd: 41,665.

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  Saturday, 3 June 2006

On This Day : June 3

June 3: Shavuot (until sundown) in Judaism (2006)

 Wallis Simpson

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Billy meets Joey's U13b

Billy's adventure in Rugby Union continues. Last week he was played inthe U13d team against Waverley. He played well and was promoted to the U13c team, which faced the U13b team from Joey's (even though the majority of the teams were playing Cranbrook)

It was an away game for Knox, which meant we headed out to St Joseph's College at Hunters Hill. The boys played well, and weren't totally disgraced in the result (57 to 0)

While at the game, I spoke to some of the dads on the sidelines. One of the dads had gone to school at Joeys. We chatted a bit more and found out he went to school with Iain McDonald - small world!

Next week, I am taking Billy to see the Wallabies meet England. Hopefully this will inspire him

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  Friday, 2 June 2006

"Whoa, whoa. Um ..." : A classic moment in radio

I was listen to Nova 96.9 Breakfast Show this morning while I was driving into work. The boys had been talking about the book "Red Velvet", a memoir in three parts by former call girl Lisa Lou.

They had a caller who identified herself as "anonymous" who said she was a sex worker. They were having a little chat, when Merrick asked about the code of ethics when it comes to keeping secret the names of clients.

Well, she named a high profile person

They guys were lost for words and then cut to a song.


The SMH has it all - What the beep! Prostitute names politician on air, including the audio:  What she said & Nova's apology

Sydney Morning Herald
Nova's red-light blooper
Daily Telegraph, Australia - 20 hours ago
NOVA 96.9 morning boys Merrick and Rosso had a nasty surprise during a live-to-air interview with a lady of the night this morning after she named a NSW ...
Prostitute names pollie on air Sydney Morning Herald
Prostitute names politician on-air The Australian
all 12 related »

[listening to: She's an Angel - They Might Be Giants ]
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Preview : Melbourne V St Kilda – MCG Sunday 4/6/6

I subscribe to a mailing list which has the AFL Previews & Reviews. It's always an entertaining read, as it's written by fans for fans. I had to share the preview of the upcoming game.

Melbourne V St Kilda – MCG Sunday

This game is definitely the second best of the round with an in-form Melbourne against a more talented but out of form St Kilda. The Saints are not helped by the loss of Lenny Hayes and his weekly 20 plus possessions for the season. I cannot work out what the problem is with the Saints this year but unless they throw off their ordinary form they will not be playing in the grand final. The Demons looked pretty good against the Eagles last week and but for a tired looking last quarter they were right there almost to the end. I must admit I find this game a coin toss to work out a winner. Apparently Neitz will be breaking Robbie Flower’s playing record although I can’t see a great deal of motivation in that. Both teams boast useful forward lines with Neitz and Robbo against Reiwoldt and Gehrig so it will up to the midfields to provide the opportunities. I’m tipping the Demons to come back from their disappointing loss last week to the ladder leaders while I think the Saints might flounder for a week without the drive of Hayes until they work out how to fill the gap.

Melbourne by 11

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  Thursday, 1 June 2006

news about upcoming Saints V Demons

The Age
Saints still strong: Daniher, Australia - 30 May 2006
Melbourne coach Neale Daniher expects the Saints to be as hard and competitive as ever ... It was a bad loss with Lenny (Hayes) out, but … St Kilda probably haven ...
Hayes absence won't derail title bid, vows Thomas Sydney Morning Herald
Hayes knee blow heads heavy toll Australian
all 17 related »

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