Monday, 31 July 2006

[AFL-Review] AFL Round 17

Just got my [AFL-Review] newsletter. The author is a tiger's man. He doesn't seem too happy.

At the MCG:

St. Kilda  5.5   14.6   23.6   27.12.174
Richmond   2.2    6.7    8.9    10.11.71 

And the stinkers kept on comin’. The Tiges have been Sinkilda’s ‘biatches’ for several years now. The Stain’s poor recent form and a feeling Richmun were about to rebound from a couple of bad performances proved very misleading as the Saints thumped the Tiggers from pillar to post. Fraser ‘Bourbon Train’ Gehrig booted 10 goals to cap a dominant performance, which delivered a healthy chunk of percentage too. The Tiges, weakened by injury, lacked confidence, intensity and decent disposal skills. Pat Bowden and Greg Tivendale may as well have worn Sinkilda guernseys.  Sinkilda made one tactical change in selection, ruckman Michael Rix dropped for midfielder Andrew Thompson. The Tiges’ cause wasn’t helped by a host of late withdrawals, key defenders Darren Gaspar (knee), Andrew Kellaway (injured hamstring while surfing - jeez) and forward Andrew Krakouer (er, finger) joined Kel Moore (groin strain) on the sidelines. Joel Bowden returned from suspension, Mark Chaffey was called up for his first game of the season along with Greg Stafford and Ray Hall.

The ball spent the opening 5 minutes in the Stains’ attacking half. Running half-back Jason Gram enjoyed the first term (and the rest of the game too), he booted the opening goal by starting and completing a move involving Rob Harvey and Nick Riewoldt. The Tiges’ belated first thrust saw Tivendale run a long way without a bounce before his shot hit the post. Tiger Mark Chaffey was busy early, his smart kick found Jay Schulz alone for the Tiges’ first goal. Despite dominating possession the Saints struggled to kick goals for a while, Gram was their most effective attacker. In sequence Gram missed a shot, blasted a 50m goal following a slow build-up, then sliced another running shot on-the-full. Riewoldt missed awfully after marking right in front. The Tiges clung on until Shane Tuck’s good kick found Schulz again, he booted his and the Toigs’ second goal and they trailed by 3 points. The Saints won the ball away from the restart and Gram booted his third, long goal. Tige Richard Tambling came on to tag Gram. The Stainers got a move-on now, Andrew Thompson floated a kick for Gehrig to run onto, mark and boot his first. Soon G-Train had his second, a free-kick against grappling opponent Hall. Stafford missed woefully for the Tiges late in the stanza and the Saints went to the first break 21 points ahead. Goals rained through in the second term. The Tiges scored one straight from the opening bounce, Nathan Brown passing for leading Matty Richardson to mark and kick his first major for a few weeks. Only 15 points ahead, the Saints. They cleared the next centre-bounce and Riewoldt snapped a goal, then Brendon Goddard kicked a very easy one under no pressure. Harvey and Riewoldt combined to create a comfortable goal-square mark for Gehrig, he converted and the Saints jumped 33 points ahead. Tivendale broke the run with a goal following some very good roving, but the Saints were doing it in third gear. A sharp Stinkilda move from a kick-in saw Sam Fisher run afield under no pressure and pass to Riewoldt, on to leading Gehrig for his fourth goal. The Tiges suffered a further blow as Brown damaged a hamstring, his day ended. Tigger Tambling booted a goal after marking Richo’s wobbly punt, the Tiges were still clinging on 25 points behind. Gehrig added two goals to the tally in rapid succession, one an off-ball free-kick against battling Ray Hall, the other a mark of Gram’s pass. Tiger Richo benefited from the umps’ vigilance in punishing off-ball holding, Saints 30 points ahead. Saint man Goddard was flattened by Stafford with a decent shirt-front, the game was held up for a while as Goddard was stretchered off. But he wasn’t hurt badly and returned later. The Saints bagged three late goals, a pair of mysterious 50m penalties allowed Brett Voss to kick the first. Busy Leigh Montagna cleared the restart and Gehrig out-marked Joel Bowden to boot another, a poor turnover by Tigger David Rodan led Montagna to punt a major of his own. After Richo missed a late shot the Saints led by 47 points at half-time, G-Train with 7 goals already.

Sinkilda ruckman Cain Ackland kicked a goal straight from the opening bounce of the third term, a soft free-kick and 50m penalty the causes. Richmun ruckman Troy Simmonds won just about every hit-out on the day but the Saints took the ball away almost every time. As Ackland and his sidekick Jason Blake are largely useless as tap-ruckmen, the Saints bank on that happening. Nick Dal Santo free-kicked a goal after being ploughed into the ground by Patrick Bowden and the Saints were 59 points ahead. Richardson’s third goal, a good lead to Brett Deledio’s pass, affected a dead cat bounce before the margin expanded rapidly. Great length-of-the-ground running by Stephen Milne set up Gehrig’s eighth goal, Gram roosted another long sausage and soon Riewoldt’s pass set up Gehrig’s ninth. Goddard returned to cheers from Stainer fans, prior to Milne taking a good mark in traffic and playing-on to snap it through. Pat Bowden’s appalling turnover allowed Montagna to kick a goal and a second later Montagna had another, snapping truly from a throw-in. The Stainers 87 points ahead before Tige skipper Kane Johnson marked and converted. Once again Johnson had been good, winning his battle with Dal Santo. The Saints had won everywhere else, though. Ex-Tiger Aaron Fiora restored the 87-point lead before the final change. Mercifully, the Saints missed a few shots in the last korter. The Saint players must’ve wagered on Gehrig winning the Coleman medal as they looked for him at every opportunity, but G-Train ignored the plan by passing off for Harvey to kick the first goal of the ultimate Mario. But a minute later Gehrig marked Milne’s lobbed kick and booted no. 10, they led by 99 points. Gehrig’s first miss of the day brought up the triple-digit margin. Majors alternated to the end, Richardson and Tivendale goaled for the Toigs, Goddard and Riewoldt majored for the Stains. Frustrated Tige ruckman Simmonds biffed Riewoldt, which might cost him a game or two.

Plenty of good players for the Stains, headed by Fraser Gehrig with 10.1 from 12 marks and 15 kicks (2 handballs). Jason Gram (29 disposals, 4 goals) helped build the early momentum and Leigh Montagna (34 touches, 3 goals) cashed in after half-time. Nick Riewoldt (11 marks, 14 kicks, 2 goals) was happy to play the traditional CHF and set up others to kick goals - G-Train particularly - while Luke Ball (28 possies, 10 tackles), Stephen Powell (24 disposals), Robert Harvey (23 handlings, a goal) and Brendon Goddard (22 touches, 2 goals) all saw plenty of it. Sam Fisher (25 touches, 8 marks) ran downfield to get a kick. Brett Voss was alright too. Only two Tigers really worth mentioning, Kane Johnson (15 disposals, a goal) did his job again on Dal Santo and Andrew Raines (22 disposals) played well. Matty Richardson (9 marks, 13 touches, 4 goals) did alright when the Tiges could get the ball to him. Brett Deledio (24 possies) was best of a beaten midfield. Jay Schulz and Greg Tivendale kicked 2 goals each. Plough sighed though the press conference. "I could tell after about five minutes the game was heading that way . . . It was disappointing to lose Gaspar and Kellaway late in the week but they (the rest of the team) should still be going in with the right attitude and the right psychological approach. It's in those circumstances that mental strength arises and they have just got to handle those situations better." Grant Thomas said "I think the consistency of the four-quarter effort where we continued to attack and probably the most pleasing thing from a coaching perspective, we all agreed, was the fact that we stuck to our plans and worked together as a team. We stuck to our structures and we didn't collapse those sorts of things when the game was no longer in the balance which I think we've been guilty of in the past. You get a bit greedy and a bit selfish which teams can do, but we were really pleased with our selflessness and our team effort."      

The AFL Review is sent via an automatic email list.   To join / leave
the list is easy.

Either visit our website at



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Mozart and the Whale

poster image from the latest film release and dvd of mozart and the whale with josh hartnett

We heard about Mozart and the Whale a while back and have been waiting for the movie.

It is the story of two people with Asperger's syndrome whose emotional dysfunction impacts their relationship.

Sounds good, and as parents of a child with Asperger's syndrome, we''ve been keen to see it

It didn't make it to the cinemas here in Australia and I had been watching Amazon for it's release.

Moira tracked it down to JB Hi-Fi today and we finally got it today.

We'll be watching it later this week.

And don't forget the program on SBS INSIGHT : Understanding Autism next week. Big week for autism awareness.

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FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 1st – 7th August 2006 NSW only

Big win to the Saints v Richmond has given the team a sniff of 2nd place on the ladder. To get there we need to win on Friday against the West Coast Eagles. This is another crunch game!

Our record hasn't been good againts the Eagles, but the last time we played at the Telstra Dome, we slammed them by 101 points

Since 1987 All
Last 5
St Kilda 12 2 169 29 101
West Coast 18 3 175 29 92

Since the game is on Friday night, it's a bit delayed (again). Can I resist until 9.30pm to watch the game 'live'?

Friday 04/08/2006

  • 3.00a  Round 17 St Kilda v Richmond
  • 3.30p  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 1 West Coast Eagles v St Kilda
  • 9.30p  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles

Saturday 05/08/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles
  • 9.30a  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles

Monday 07/08/2006

  • 8.30a  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles
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  Sunday, 30 July 2006

Ladder Predictor

I've been playing with the ladder predictor.

I really like this particular scenario (Note the # reflects the team's current position on the ladder)

Predicted Ladder

 # Team Pl  W  L  D   PF   PA Pt  Perc
1 Adelaide 22 17  5  0 2347 1712 68 137.0
4 St Kilda 22 16  6  0 2192 1725 64 127.0
3 Melbourne 22 16  6  0 2205 1939 64 113.7
2 West Coast 22 16  6  0 2191 1992 64 109.9
6 Sydney 22 13  9  0 2094 1817 52 115.2
5 Collingwood 22 13  9  0 2343 2066 52 113.4
7 W Bulldogs 22 12 10  0 2261 2140 48 105.6
8 Fremantle 22 11 11  0 1982 2088 44  94.9
9 Geelong 22 10 12  0 2039 2025 40 100.6
12 Port Adel 22 10 12  0 2008 2134 40  94.0
11 Bris Lions 22 10 12  0 2014 2208 40  91.2
14 Hawthorn 22  9 13  0 1864 2223 36  83.8
10 Richmond 22  8 14  0 1845 2219 32  83.1
13 Kangaroos 22  6 16  0 1885 2181 24  86.4
15 Essendon 22  5 16  1 2033 2389 22  85.0
16 Carlton 22  3 18  1 1861 2306 14  80.7

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Cartesian Painting with Cabbage 2000

The exhibition opened and it was a full house.

Christopher Beaumont
Christopher Beaumont
Cartesian Painting with Cabbage 2000
Oil on linen
152 x 183cm

Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

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The 2006 Census is coming

The Census is coming

We had an unexpected visitor today.  It was the dude delivering the census forms.

Tuesday August 8st is Census night.  woohoo!!!! And this year, it can be completed online, thanks to eCensus. w00t++ . I wonder how many Jedis live in Australia?

The 2006 Census is coming...

The Census aims to take a "snapshot" of Australia every five years - collecting vital information on the social, economic and housing characteristics of Australian society.

A successful Census provides benefits to all Australians and the communities they live in.

To find out more about the 2006 Census; why we have one, what you have to do and how the information is used - start here with What you need to know

There are links to Census Data from 2001 and 1996, Census Products, or Census Reference and Information.

If you have a question about the Census, check out the Available Assistance

Hope those Russian hackers stay away from the ABS

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Footy Tipping Results : Round 17

Average result with my tips this week. Only got 4 right. A few unexpected results

Week 17
Home Draw Away
Magpies (16.17 113) Hawks (11.2 68)
Saints (27.12 174) Tigers (10.11 71)
Eagles (26.9 165) Crows (12.11 83)
Bombers (25.10 160) Lions (18.15 123)
Power (7.8 50) Swans (10.17 77)
Kangaroos (13.12 90) Cats (8.12 60)
Blues (13.11 89) Dockers (15.17 107)
Demons (18.11 119) Bulldogs (9.14 68)

I've now had 89 correct tips and I've lost even more ground in my tipping comp.

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National Tree Day : July 30

National Tree Day

National Tree Day is Australia's biggest community tree-planting event.

Did you plant a tree today?

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On This Day : Jul 30

July 30: Independence Day in Vanuatu (1980)

NASA orbital photo of Malden Island

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Saints Big Winners But Kosi Comeback Could be Delayed

The Age
St Kilda's planning starts a late-season surge
RealFooty, Australia - 16 hours ago
WHEN St Kilda coach Grant Thomas spoke at length to The Age this week about his team's prospects for the rest of this season, he made much of the Saints' bigger scope for improvement than its top-eight rivals.
St Kilda in 103-point win over Richmond The Age
St Kilda ends Tigers' finals hopes
Gehrig kicks bagful as Saints run riot The Age
ABC Online - FOX SPORTS - all 19 related »
Kosi's season may be over
RealFooty, Australia - 16 hours ago
ST KILDA coach Grant Thomas has conceded Justin Koschitzke may not play again this season, despite speculation earlier this week that the valuable big man might have returned to the Saints' line-up for yesterday's game against Richmond at the MCG.
Kosi indefinite again
Koschitzke conjecture set to continue The Age
Saints pin faith in defence The Australian
Sydney Morning Herald - Courier Mail - all 23 related »

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  Saturday, 29 July 2006

The Chaser’s War on Everything – now available everywhere

I found this email in my inbox. it's funny

The Chaser’s War on Everything – now available everywhere

ABC New Media & Digital Services have made The Chaser team’s dubious Friday night comedy show, The Chaser’s War on Everything, available for download each week via a video podcast (vodcast).

Combined with a portable video player (mp4 player), the new service, available from, allows viewers to watch and complain about the show anywhere.

“All year long, people have been telling us that they’d love to watch our show, really they would, but that their social life just doesn’t allow them to be watch TV on a Friday night,” Chaser Executive Producer Julian Morrow said.

“So we’ve come up with a way that they can watch it anytime they like. Now the only excuse is that they just don’t like it.”

Many rugby league fans have recently clarified for the team that it’s the latter.

One of the show’s stars, the Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy, was typically excited by the new service.

“The Chaser team’s gone completely insane and they’re giving away content that other shows only flog off on DVD,” he said. “That’s right, this new video podcast is free, absolutely free. This price is never to be repeated. It’s free.”

“Bring your truck, bring your trailer, bring your mp4 player or just watch it on your computer,” he said.

But the Guy warned fans that they absolutely must download the video podcast “by midnight tonight”. However he later admitted that if they didn’t, they could also download the podcast by midnight on any subsequent night.


The Chaser’s War on Everything vodcast will be available at from 10pm on Friday 28 July.


Catch the latest Chaser episode by clicking here:

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High School Musical : Grease for the Tweenies

High School Musical

For Tweenies, Disney's High School Musical is the new hotness.

As the parent of a Tween, High School Musical is on high rotation at our place. And the High School Musical Soundtrack is the only CD in the family car when we all head out together.

Haven't heard of High School Musical? Well this thing is big and it's going to get bigger.

Moira reckons it's going to be like Grease, and the story has parallels with that Travolta/Newton John classic - boy meets girl while on holodays, they then meet up at school but are from different gangs. There's songs and a happy ending. 

High School Musical - it's the next big thing.

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Saints Thump Tigers by 17 goals

Great result in the footy today.

The Saints thumped the Tigers by 17+ goals. (Not bad for Round 17). Fraser Gehrig kicked 10 goals for the game. The Saints kick 9 goals in the second and third quarters. Jason Gram played his best game. I could go on


AND I missed the game on the telly, because of Chris' exhibition. So, I relied on the coverage from ABC radio and a little known Scoreboard page from Sportsdata

ST KILDA: 5.5, 14.6, 23.6, 27.12 (174)
RICHMOND: 2.2, 6.7, 8.9, 10.11 (71)
GOALS - St Kilda: Gehrig 10, Gram 4, Montagna 3, Goddard 2, Riewoldt 2, Dal Santo, Ackland, Milne, Voss, Fiora, Harvey
Richmond: Richardson 4, Schulz 2, Tivendale 2, Johnson, Tambling
BEST - St Kilda: Gehrig, Gram, Montagna, Ball, Powell, Goddard, S Fisher, Harvey, Voss
Richmond: Raines, Johnson, Chaffey, Richardson, Deledio,
INJURIES - St Kilda: Hudghton (knee strain)
Richmond: Brown (hamstring)
CHANGES - Richmond: Gaspar (knee) replaced in selected side by Hall, Kellaway (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Stafford, Krakouer (finger) replaced in selected side by Chaffey
UMPIRES - Vozzo, Rosebury, Allen
CROWD - 43,250 at the MCG

St Kilda in 103-point win over Richmond
The Age, Australia - 1 hour ago
... haul to Fraser Gehrig has helped St Kilda thump Richmond ... The Saints cruised to a 27.12 (174) to 10.11 (71) victory, effectively ending Richmond's hopes of ...
Tigers' finals hopes take a dive ABC Online
Gehrig kicks bag as Saints run riot The Age
Gehrig stars, Saints run riot FOX SPORTS
all 10 related »

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Still Life with Potatoes 2005

Today's the day!!!

See his other paintings @ Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

Christopher Beaumont
Christopher Beaumont
Still Life with Potatoes 2005
Oil on linen
41 x 51cm

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  Friday, 28 July 2006

Chaser : Now Vodcasting

Gotta Love the boys from The Chaser

Now they are vodcasting.

Their latest episode is online and available to be downloaded

If you intend watching it only on your computer, the Windows Media WMV version might be the way to go. Copy-and-paste this link into your podcast software... Otherwise, your new portable video player will love the MP4 version. Copy-and-paste this link into your podcast software...


  • Download the WMV video directly   [WMV, 76MB]
    (Right click, then 'Save As')
  • Download the MP4 video directly   [MP4, 76MB]
    (Right click, then 'Save As')
  • Go ABC!!! You guys get it!

    BTW - if you watch this, pay attention towards to end of the program. It has something to do with my recent Brush with Fame.

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    Imaginary weapons

    I gotta get this book


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    "Arrested Development" Lives!

    I saw this news doing the rounds today. I just cant get over the news than MSN has licensed the rights to broadcast Arrested Development. It was such a sad day for me when Arrested Development was canceled.

    Anyways, let's hope this terrific show will find a new audience and we may see some new episodes.

    Cinema Blend
    "Arrested Development" Lives!
    E! Online - 14 hours ago
    The syndication rights of the critically acclaimed yet criminally unwatched Arrested Development have been simultaneously licensed by Microsoft's and ...
    Arrested Development in internet syndication deal CBC News
    The Return of 'Arrested Development' ... Sort of andPOP
    "Arrested Development" Licensed To Three Companies All Headline News
    Deadbolt - - all 120 related 
    [listening to: chaserep22 - mark ]
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    More on SBS: INSIGHT : Understanding Autism

    Some more info about the upcoming program on SBS, which is to broadcast on TUESDAY 8st August  at 7.30pm

    INSIGHT – Understanding Autism

    A staggering 100,000 Australian children are directly affected by autism and an even greater number of adults. The incidence has dramatically increased in the last decade and affects boys in three out of four cases.  The traits include a lack of social skills, communication difficulties, and obsessive behaviour.

    Often a diagnosis of autism is not given until the child is around two.  Up until then families believe their child is normal – they reach all milestones like crawling, walking and first words. But then the child changes, leaving families shattered.

    Many questions surround what has been dubbed the ‘silent epidemic’. Why is it on the increase? What causes autism? And is there a cure?  Research is still in preliminary stages, and although a series of therapies have been tried – all of them are costly and controversial.   Some families have been forced to shell out their life savings, sell their family home and dig into their superannuation, to fund these treatments.

    And what happens to these children when they become adults? What sort of life can they expect to lead?

    INSIGHT brings together desperate families searching for answers, autistic adults who can reflect on their struggle as well as leading experts and researchers.

    “Understanding Autism” will be broadcast on TUESDAY 8st August  at 7.30pm on SBS.

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    [AFL-Preview] Preview of St Kilda V Richmond – MCG Saturday

    I am a big fan AFL Preview mailing list . It continues to be an entertaining read, as it's written by fans for fans.

    I had to share this weeks preview, since the author is a tiger fan. I love his last sentence.

    St Kilda V Richmond  – MCG Saturday

    Yes you can say the Tigers were woeful against the Swans last week but then so were the Saints against the Power in Tassie. Richmond have done it all year, that is, follow up a poor performance with an unexpected win due to a change in form. I believe they can do it this week in a game where you expect them to hold sway in the ruck with Symonds on a roll but it will be how the teams play the game above their shoulders in this match. Richmond would need to win nearly every game to make the finals while the Saints have notched 4 wins in a row to put themselves 5th on the ladder and with a bit of momentum. I’ll kick myself if Richmond gets up but the sensible selection will be St Kilda.

    St Kilda by 21

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    Still Life with Grapes and Skull 2005

    Another featured painting from the Chris Beaumont exhibition opening on Saturday.

    Have a look at his other paintings @ Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

    Christopher Beaumont
    Christopher Beaumont
    Still Life with Grapes and Skull 2005
    Oil on linen
    41 x 51cm
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    SBS: INSIGHT – Understanding Autism

    SBS has an interesting show coming up next week. As a parent of 2 children diagnosed with Autism, I'm going to be watching.  

    INSIGHT – Understanding Autism

    A staggering 100,000 Australian children are directly affected by autism and an even greater number of adults. It has been dubbed the ‘silent epidemic’. Why is it on the increase? What causes autism? Is there a cure? 
    And why are some families pushed over the edge in trying to deal with it?
    Jenny Brockie speaks to Daniela Dawes about what drove her to suffocate her ten year old son two years ago. Former Deputy Prime Minster Tim Fischer reflects on his life with his autistic son Harrison.

    “Understanding Autism” will be broadcast on TUESDAY 1st August  at 7.30pm on SBS.

    BTW Moria reckons I am an undiagnosed one too.

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    Still Life with Chicken Stock 2006

    A featured painting from the Chris Beaumont exhibition opening this week.

    Christopher Beaumont
    Christopher Beaumont
    Still Life with Chicken Stock 2006
    Oil on linen
    76 x 84cm

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      Thursday, 27 July 2006

    FinalSiren has a makeover

    My favorite AFL site FinalSiren has had a makeover.

    Looks slick!

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    Brush with Fame

    George Negus

    Today I took Moira's car to the local dealer to get it serviced.

    This evening, while I was waiting to pick it up, George Negus sat down next to me.

    He nodded, I smiled, and then he started talking on the phone to someone.

    I would never have picked George as a Volvo Driver

    [listening to: Never Tell - Violent Femmes ]
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    Pandora's Cabinet 2005

    Todays featured painting from the Chris Beaumont exhibition opening this week.

    Christopher Beaumont
    Christopher Beaumont
    Pandora's Cabinet 2005
    Oil on linen
    76 x 84cm

    His exhibition of his work opens in Sydney on Saturday 29th July 2006

    Have a look at his other paintings @ Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

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      Wednesday, 26 July 2006

    the Internet is a series of tubes

    Senator Ted Stevens made a speech where he said the Internet is a series of tubes.

    AlterNet has a DJ remix of the speech.

    The Daily Show had Jon Stewart deconstruct the speech.

    Amazingly. this had had no coverage that I have seen in the local media.

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    On This Day : Jul 26

    July 26: Independence Day in Liberia (1847) and Maldives (1965)

    King Afonso I of Portugal

    John Howard

    [listening to: Good Feeling - Violent Femmes ]
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    Still Life with Quince, Artichoke and Ivy 2006

    Another painting from the Chris Beaumont exhibition opening this week.

    Christopher Beaumont
    Christopher Beaumont
    Still Life with Quince, Artichoke and Ivy 2006
    Oil on linen
    76 x 84cm

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      Tuesday, 25 July 2006

    Good News : Kosi Back??

    Koschitzke to take on Tigers
    FOX SPORTS, Australia - 22 hours ago
    KEEP your fingers crossed, but St Kilda's walking headline, Justin Koschitzke, seems likely to make his long-waited AFL return on Saturday.
    Thomas wants intensity to return Melbourne Herald Sun
    Thomas keen to play star Melbourne Herald Sun
    Thomas wants intensity to return FOX SPORTS - all 8 related »

    [listening to: Church Of The Poisoned Mind - Culture Club ]
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    The Daily Show on TheComedyChannel

    I'm loving The Daily Show on TheComedyChannel.

    Finally we get to see this superb program on the telly "hot" off the wire.

    What's odd is that it is only on 4 nights a week - Monday to Thursday, which causes a weird timewarp on the commentary.

    For example

    Anyways, it's good to see this downunder in almost realtime.

    FWIW, there's a good summary of recents guests in Wikipedia

    [listening to: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine - The Killers ]
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    Still Life with Chillies and Eggplants

    In the lead up to the Chris Beaumont exhibition opening this week, I thought I would feature a painting or two from the collection each day.

    Christopher Beaumont
    Christopher Beaumont
    Still Life with Chillies and Eggplants 2005
    Oil on linen
    41 x 51cm

    [listening to: To the Kill - Violent Femmes ]
    1:21:47 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Family

      Monday, 24 July 2006

    FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 25th – 31st July 2006 NSW only

    The Saints got out of jail last round. The game this week is against the Tigers, who are fighting for a place in the final 8 and who will be keen to atone for their loss on the weekend. A real danger game.

    The Saints have had a good run against the Tigers recently, which makes it such a danger game.

    Since 1980   All
      Last 5
    St Kilda   22   5   157   57   80
    Richmond   22   0   222   37   152

    Since it's on Saturday afternoon, this will be live on the telly on Channel 10.

    Tuesday 25/07/2006

    • 11.00a  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide

    Wednesday 26/07/2006

    • 2.00a  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide

    Thursday 27/07/2006

    • 8.00a  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 2 Richmond v St Kilda

    Sunday 30/07/2006

    • 1.00a  Round 17 St Kilda v Richmond
    • 11.30a  Round 17 St Kilda v Richmond

    Monday 31/07/2006

    • 11.00a  Round 17 St Kilda v Richmond
    [listening to: Ugly - Violent Femmes ]
    5:28:51 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My HobbiesTV
    On This Day : Jul 24

    July 24: Pioneer Day in Utah, Simón Bolívar Day in Ecuador and Venezuela.

    Machu Picchu

    [listening to: Add It Up - Violent Femmes ]
    5:05:56 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • GeekRandom

      Sunday, 23 July 2006

    Quiz : What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
    Your Birthdate: November 18
    You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
    You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
    Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
    You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

    Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years

    Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities

    Your power color: Crimson red

    Your power symbol: Snowflake

    Your power month: September
    [listening to: Promise - Violent Femmes ]
    8:51:29 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Random
    On This Day : Jul 23

    July 23: Parents' Day in the United States (2006), Revolution Day in Egypt.

    Sultan Qaboos of Oman

    [listening to: I Hear the Rain - Violent Femmes ]
    8:48:11 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • GeekRandom
    Footy Tipping Results : Round 16

    Average results this week, just 5 winners. The draw would have stuffed most tipping comps.

    Week 16
    Home Draw Away
    Crows (19.10 124) Kangaroos (7.10 52)
    Bombers (16.9 105) Blues (15.15 105)
    Magpies (19.13 127) Eagles (13.12 90)
    Swans (14.17 101) Tigers (7.11 53)
    Lions (11.18 84) Hawks (11.8 74)
    Saints (8.16 64) Power (8.12 60)
    Cats (13.12 90) Bulldogs (13.11 89)
    Dockers (15.6 96) Demons (9.13 67)

    So, I've got 85 correct tips and am sitting 4th in the tipping comp. I lost some ground overall - grrrrr

    [listening to: The Longest Time - Billy Joel ]
    8:10:09 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies
    Saints fall over the line in Tassie

    What a terrible game. The Saints had it in the bag by half time, and somehowalmost lost the game.

    Poor kicking at goal.  Poor Disposal.   Poor decision making.

    But they won. The team has now won 10 games, including the last 4.

      Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
    St Kilda 3. 4 (22) 6. 7 (43) 7.11 (53) 8.16.    64
    Port Adelaide 0. 2   (2) 2. 5 (17) 6.10 (46) 8.12.    60

    St Kilda:
    Goals: - F.Gehrig 3, N.Riewoldt 2, S.Milne, R.Harvey, J.Blake.
    Best: - N.Dal Santo, J.Gram, M.Hudghton, J.Blake, N.Riewoldt.

    Port Adelaide:
    Goals: - J.Mahoney 2, D.Motlop, D.White, S.Salopek, D.Pearce, K.Cornes, B.Ebert.
    Best: - C.Cornes, K.Cornes, B.Lade, T.Logan, S.Burgoyne.

    Injuries - St Kilda: R.Harvey (corked thigh). Port Adelaide: nil.
    Reports - St Kilda: nil. Port Adelaide: nil.

    Umpires - B.Rosebury, D.Sully, S.Wenn.
    @ Aurora Stadium, Launceston. Crowd: 16,588


    Motlop miss gives St Kilda a narrow win
    The Age, Australia - 15 minutes ago
    Port Adelaide's Daniel Motlop missed a simple set shot after the siren to allow St Kilda to escape ... The Saints won 8.16 (64) to 8.12 (60) and while it was ...
    Saints get out of jail
    FOX SPORTS, Australia - 20 minutes ago
    PORT Adelaide's Daniel Motlop missed a simple set shot after the siren to allow St Kilda to escape ... it was an important victory for the Saints, the style ...
    Saints sneak home, Australia - 22 minutes ago
    St Kilda has broken its nine-game losing streak against Port ... had a chance to snatch victory for Port after the ... right for a behind to give the Saints an 8.16 (64 ...
    Motlop chokes, Saints hold on, Australia - 24 minutes ago
    ... a four point victory after Port Adelaide's Daniel Motlop ... away Essendon last week, the Saints looked sluggish ... players for the clash - perhaps St Kilda's last in ...

    [listening to: Sister Christian - Night Ranger ]
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      Saturday, 22 July 2006

    5417 users online, 553728 registered in total
    5417 users online, 553728 registered in total.
    Top Searches
    1. pirates of the caribbean
    2. superman returns
    3. little man
    4. cars
    5. windows vista
    6. lost
    7. stargate
    8. silent hill
    9. da vinci code
    10. tokyo drift
    11. psp
    12. windows xp
    13. prey
    14. naruto
    15. over the hedge
    16. click
    17. nero
    18. dcp
    19. eureka
    20. dead mans chest

    7:30:01 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Random

    Zune Coming Soon

    Microsoft confirms 'Zune' device to compete with Ipod
    TG Daily - 2 hours ago
    "Today we confirmed a new music and entertainment project called Zune," Stephenson said later in a statement released by request to reporters. ...
    Microsoft confirms existence of Zune Ars Technica
    Microsoft's Zune Announcement
    Microsoft's Zune: Its Answer to iPod/iTunes PC World
    CIO - Seattle Post Intelligencer - all 217 related »
    BULLETIN: Microsoft confirms Zune music player: will be iPod rival
    ZDNet - 3 hours ago
    ... Chris Stephenson, who is Microsoft's company's new general manager of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business,said the company sees the Zune-branded portable ...
    Microsoft Confirms Zune's Existence BetaNews
    Here comes Zune (press release)
    all 3 related »

    10:07:20 AM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • GeekMy Organization

      Friday, 21 July 2006

    Animaniacs soon on DVD

    So So cool !!!

    Animaniacs, Vol. 1

    As listed on, the first 25 episodes are:

    1. De-Zanitized, The Monkey Song, Nighty Night Toon
    2. Yakko's World, Cookies For Einstein, Win Big
    3. HMS Yakko, Slappy Goes Walnuts, Yakko's Universe Song
    4. Hooked on a Ceiling, Good Feathers (pilot episode)
    5. Taming of the Screwy
    6. Flipper Parody, Temporary Insanity, Operation Lollipop, What are We?
    7. Piano Rag, When Rita Met Runt
    8. The Warner's Lot Song, The Big Candy Store, Bumbie's Mom
    9. Wally Llama, Where Rodents Dare
    10. King Yakko
    11. No Pain, No Painting, Les Miseranimals
    12. Garage Sale of the Century, West Side Pigeons
    13. Hello Nice Warners, La Behemoth, Little Old Slappy From Pasadena
    14. La La Law, Cat On a Hot Steel Beam
    15. Space Probed, Battle For the Planet
    16. Chalkboard Bungle, Hooray for Slappy, The Great Wakkoroti: The Master & His Music
    17. Roll over Beethoven, The Cat and the Fiddle
    18. Pavlov's Mice, Chicken Boo-Rhyshnikov, Nothing But the Tooth
    19. Meatballs or Consequences, A Moving Experience
    20. Hitchcock Opening, Hearts of Twilight; The Boids
    21. The Flame, Wakko's America Song, Davey Omelette, Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago
    22. Guardin' the Garden, Plane Pals
    23. Be Careful What You Eat, Up the Crazy River, Ta Da Dump
    24. Yakko's World of Baldness, Oppurtunity Knox, Wings Take Heart
    25. Disasterpiece Theatre, Hercule Yakko, Home On The Nile, A Midsummer Night's Dream


    11:38:23 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My InterestsTV

    Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

    The kids got together and bought their mum a Nintendo DS Lite and the Brain Age game


    Haven't heard of Brain Age? Where have you been? Living under a rock??? 

    Nintendo sent President Bush a DS Lite with Brain Age for his birthday! LOL

    So, what are the kids telling their mother??

    BTW -- This now takes the number of Nintendo DSs in our house to 5

    5:15:37 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • FamilyGeek

    Intriguing - Former Yahoo chief takes ninemsn reins

    Sydney Morning Herald
    Former Yahoo chief takes ninemsn reins
    Australian IT, Australia - 4 hours ago
    NINEMSN has appointed former Yahoo Australia and New Zealand boss Tony Faure as its chief executive officer. Ninemsn said Mr Faure ...
    ninemsn appoints new CEO
    Ninemsn appoints Tony Faure as new CEO The Age
    Online veteran to run ninemsn Sydney Morning Herald
    all 17 related »

    5:05:12 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Organization

    My Latest Cock and Bull Story

    On the weekend, Moira and I wanted to go to see the movie, "Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story"  which we had heard about. It had a nice review in The SMH, and the gang from "At The Movies" said nice things about it too.

    A rollicking adaptation of the classic 18th Century comic novel THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF TRISTRAM SHANDY, GENTLEMAN, by Laurence Sterne. Set on a modern film set complete with insecure actors, scandal-hunting reporters and balky investors, the story folows the fortunes of one blood and one professional family, revealing the calamities, crises and flirtations that transcend the centuries...

    Margaret: four stars David: four-and-a-half stars

    But when we were checking movies times, it was no longer playing in the cinemas. What The??

    So, I did what any self respecting geek consumer would do, I went over to Amazon and ordered it on DVD. It arrived yesterday.

    The Long Tail Rules!

    Oh, while I was at Amazon, I got a bunch of other DVDS, as one does.

    My order consisted of:

    [listening to: Weapon of Choice - Bootsy Collins ]
    9:10:48 AM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • FamilyGeekTV

      Thursday, 20 July 2006

    My Life Is A Circus

    I saw this headline on a newspaper recently and had to take a photo


    11:17:28 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Random

    Happy *belated* 150th Birthday Dr Tesla

    Here's something I missed last week.

    It was Dr Nikola Telsa's 150th Birthday last week.

    How did I miss that!

    Lucky for me, I spotted this sign at Questacon at the Tesla coil in the exhibition Awesome Earth

    [listening to: They Got Lost - They Might Be Giants ]
    4:51:05 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Geek
    Tyre Woes - A great start to the day

    I was driving out of the garage this morning and 'Rigo noticed my rear left tyre was a little flat. So I went to the local servo and filled it with air. We drove off and the car wobbled and shook at bit. What The? Maybe I had over-inflated one tyre? I stopped at another servo and check the air pressure in all the tyres. Off we went again. Now it was shaking and rattling even more.

    Panic sets in and I drive to the nearest tyre place I can find.

    Luckily for me, they had no customers when I drove in and they looked at the car immediately.

    Turns out there was a HUGE bubble on the tyre (which I couldn't see since it was on the underside of the car). This was a tyre blowout waiting to happen.

    So, I waited for them to replace the tyre. $300 later, we're back on the road. Shakes have gone

    And the good news, I got 'Rigo to school on time.

    BTW - This isn't the first time

    [listening to: Song for Shelter - Fatboy Slim ]
    11:00:05 AM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Family

      Wednesday, 19 July 2006

    Christopher Beaumont ; Still Life Paintings 2006 in Sydney

    Christopher Beaumont

    My brother in law, the oh so talented Christopher Beaumont, has an exhibition of his work opening in Sydney on Saturday 29th July 2006

    Have a look at his paintings @ Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

    Christopher Beaumont

    Head over to for more details.

    [listening to: Lasagna - Weird Al Yankovic ]
    10:45:55 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Family
    On This Day : Jul 19

    July 19: President's Day in Botswana

    Princess Mary Tudor in 1544

    [listening to: I Was Only Kidding - Weird Al Yankovic ]
    9:23:59 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • GeekRandom
    Kosi Curse Keeps on Keeping on

    Sydney Morning Herald
    More bad news at tribunal for Kosi
    The Australian, Australia - 17 Jul 2006
    INJURY plagued Justin Koschitzke is facing another hurdle before being able to resume at the elite level. The St Kilda star forward must first be cleared by the VFL tribunal before he can re-start his senior career.
    Koschitzke's AFL comeback halted by ban The Age
    Kosi faces another blow at tribunal The Age
    Another knock for Koschitzke, one match out RealFooty
    all 43 related »
    [listening to: Polkas on 45 - Weird Al Yankovic ]
    9:21:48 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies
    Book : Everything Bad is Good for You

    Over my little holiday, I spotted the following book - Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter"

    As I am a big fan of popular culture, I just had to get it.

    So, what is it about :

    Drawing from fields as diverse as neuroscience, economics, and literary theory, Johnson argues that the junk culture we're so eager to dismiss is in fact making us more intelligent. A video game will never be a book, Johnson acknowledges, nor should it aspire to be -- and, in fact, video games, from Tetris to The Sims to Grand Theft Auto, have been shown to raise IQ scores and develop cognitive abilities that can't be learned from books. Likewise, successful television, when examined closely and taken seriously, reveals surprising narrative sophistication and intellectual demands.

    I found it a quck, easy to read, well argued little book.

    But not everyone agrees

    Oh, I've started reading the author's blog too - An interesting character

    [listening to: I Lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic ]
    7:45:54 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Interests

      Tuesday, 18 July 2006

    St Ives in the news for all the wrong reasons!

    Moira called me at work this morning to tell me that there were lots of police cars in our local street, with news helicopters circling above.

    Oh No! Has my use of µTorrent drawn some interest from the powers that be??

    Not this time. My secret is safe

    Turns out a local resident got raided and been arrested. I drive pass this house every day.

    More news here .......

    Pot bust a family affair
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 5 hours ago
    ... charged over a $2 million hydroponic marijuana setup across ... the drug squad and local police raided four ... in Cowan Road and Killeaton Street, St Ives, about 6.30 ...
    Four arrested over hydro crop
    all 27 related »

    [listening to: City of Blinding Lights - U2 ]
    10:34:04 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • FamilyRandom
    FinalSiren continues to do great stuff : Adds RSS feed of AFL Results

    I sent an email to the FinalSiren webmaster, asking if he could add an RSS feed of the latest AFL results.

    A few days later I got an email back with good news for me

    The feed  includes the last 16 games results

    Chris - love your work!


    [listening to: One of Those Days - Weird Al Yankovic ]
    8:16:41 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies

      Monday, 17 July 2006

    Predictions for the remainder of the AFL Season

    There is an article in The Age following Round 15, predicting the final standings of the teams at the end of the season.

    Rohan's ladder looks like this:

    1. Adelaide
    2. West Coast
    3. Melbourne
    4. St Kilda
    5. Western Bulldogs
    6. Collingwood
    7. Sydney Swans
    8. Fremantle
    9. Richmond
    10. Geelong
    11. Brisbane Lions
    12. Hawthorn
    13. Port Adelaide
    14. Kangaroos
    15. Carlton
    16. Essendon

    Looks like a good call.

    Let's see what it looks like in another 7 weeks.

    [listening to: XTC Vs. Adam Ant - They Might Be Giants ]
    4:36:00 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies
    My Kids make a Movie

    I put the idea in their head and they went for it

    Watch the movie that Brice and Antony made

    [listening to: Till My Head Falls Off - They Might Be Giants ]
    4:05:08 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • FamilyGeek
    FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 18th - 24th July 2006 NSW only

    The Saints meet Port Adelaide in Tassie this weekend. It's live on Channel 9 on Sunday at 1pm.  I believe they have fixed the siren there too.

    Will the Saints beat Port for the first time since 2000??. These guys have become our Hoodoo team recently.

    Since 1997   All
      Last 5
    St Kilda   5   0   126   47   65
    Port Adelaide   9   5   139   45   83

    Friday 21/07/2006

    • 3.00a  Round 15 Essendon v St Kilda
    • 8.00a  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 4 Port Adelaide v St Kilda

    Sunday 23/07/2006

    • 11.00p  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide

    Monday 24/07/2006

    • 5.00a  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide
    [listening to: About Me - They Might Be Giants ]
    2:54:53 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My HobbiesTV
    Chaser in Hot Water for Prank

    Chas Licciardello

    I am a big fan of the folks from The Chaser. Their TV show on the ABC is an absolute pisser, full of parady, pranks and general shenangans. Their logies stunt was a classic.

    Last week, one of their pranks backfired. Chas got arrested

    Seeing blue: Police confiscated a number of fake weapons that were
being hawked by The Chaser team to Bulldogs supporters.

    The Age
    Readers' Comments Chaser knife prank backfires
    Sunday, Australia - 23 hours ago
    A COMEDIAN with ABC TV's The Chaser's War on Everything has been charged with ... Chas Licciardello was filming a prank at Friday night's NRL clash in Sydney ...
    TV prank results in charges Melbourne Herald Sun
    Cops make war on TV comedian Melbourne Herald Sun
    TV prank backfires
    Queensland Sunday Mail - all 24 related »

    I can't wait to see what gets said on their show.

    ** Update ** Chas has his own section on Wikipedia, with news of this event!

    [listening to: XTC Vs. Adam Ant - They Might Be Giants ]
    2:12:06 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • TV

      Sunday, 16 July 2006

    Saints shine but Kosi's curse continues

    Two major pieces of news about the Saints this weekend - one was the result against the Bombers, and the other the continuing saga of Justin Koschitzke

    The Age
    Bombers lead, and lead, and lead, and then...
    The Age, Australia - 20 hours ago
    Goals: St Kilda: F Gehrig 3 S Milne 3 N Riewoldt 2 B Voss J Gram C Ackland. Essendon: A Lovett 3 S Lucas 2 J Reynolds 2 J Watson D Peverill J Johnson.
    Close win has major significance for Saints coach The Age
    St Kilda scrapes a win over Essendon FOX SPORTS
    Saints shine on Dons' dirty day FOX SPORTS
    RealFooty - - all 20 related »

    Thomas concedes Kosi delay, Australia - 6 hours ago
    St Kilda coach Grant Thomas has conceded that Justin Koschitzke's latest injury setback could delay his much-anticipated AFL return.
    Koschitzke to return when 'fit and ready' ABC Online
    Koschitzke collision a cruel blow Melbourne Herald Sun
    Kosi runs into trouble again RealFooty
    Daily Telegraph - RealFooty - all 37 related »

    8:33:08 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies

    Footy Tipping Results : Round 15

    A really interesting round this week. A few close games. The Saints stole the game from the Bombers. Sorry Sheeds.

    I scored 7 correct tips - aaarrggg

    Week 15
    Home Draw Away
    Tigers (7.10 52) Demons (9.16 70)
    Bombers (10.11 71) Saints (11.8 74)
    Crows (16.13 109) Hawks (11.7 73)
    Kangaroos (11.18 84) Lions (12.13 85)
    Eagles (9.13 67) Swans (9.11 65)
    Cats (9.14 68) Power (8.10 58)
    Magpies (15.14 104) Dockers (18.11 119)
    Blues (11.14 80) Bulldogs (16.14 110)

    80 correct tips for the season now. I am now equal 2nd in the tipping comp!

    8:27:24 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies

    Footy Tipping Results : Round 14

    I got my tips in before I went away. 

    When we were down in Melbourne, we went along to the Telstra Dome to see the Saints meet the Magpies. It was wonderful to see the Saints beat the Magpies by almost 10 goals!.

    I got 6 right again.

    Week 14
    Home Draw Away
    Dockers (19.11 125) Bombers (12.16 88)
    Hawks (16.8 104) Eagles (17.12 114)
    Blues (11.11 77) Cats (23.4 142)
    Demons (14.14 98) Lions (13.12 90)
    Power (6.15 51) Tigers (13.7 85)
    Swans (8.14 62) Crows (15.11 101)
    Bulldogs (12.10 82) Kangaroos (13.16 94)
    Saints (19.8 122) Magpies (9.9 63)

    73 Correct tips for season now. I am coming equal 3rd in the tipping comp!.

    8:15:25 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies

    Back in Sydney after Road Trip

    We're back home, following our latest family road trip. I joined Moira and the kids in Melbourne last Saturday, after they had spent the week in Narooma.

    We had a fun time in Melbourne - even getting to go to the footy to see the Saints thrash the Magpies.

    The kids go back to school this week, and Moira has some chores planned for me -- oh joy

    7:47:06 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Family

      Friday, 7 July 2006

    On Holidays

    I'm taking a week off.

    It's school holiday's here in NSW, so it's time for me to spend some time with the kids.

    No email.

    No blogs.

    No computer

    A return to more simple things.

    We've got a bunch of board games, a deck of cards and lots of lego. If the weather is fine, we may even go outside for a walk.

    See you in a week or so

    11:22:08 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Family

      Thursday, 6 July 2006

    news about upcoming Saints V Magpies

    Excellent news this week Oh, did I mention I'll be at the game on Sunday

    Melbourne Herald Sun
    AFL round-up
    The Age, Australia - 20 hours ago
    ST KILDA Saints utility Justin Koschitzke could return to action as soon as this weekend, it was revealed yesterday. Teammate Nick Riewoldt suggested that Koschitzke was likely to take the field for Springvale ...
    Kosi's return imminent
    Koschitzke raring to go for Saints Melbourne Herald Sun
    all 10 related »
    Saints players go hi-tech
    FOX SPORTS, Australia - 4 Jul 2006
    ST KILDA is using revolutionary pocket-sized video players to swot up on the opposition before games. Every player and coach at the Saints has an Archos machine, which offers the luxury of ...
    Saints players go hi-tech Brisbane Courier Mail
    all 7 related »

    8:48:59 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • My Hobbies

      Wednesday, 5 July 2006

    On This Day : Jul 5

    July 5: Independence Day in Venezuela (1811), Algeria (1962) and Cape Verde (1975); Saints Cyril and Methodius Day in the Czech Republic and Slovakia; Tynwald Day on the Isle of Man.

    Isaac Newton

    11:10:41 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Geek

    53 hot dogs in 12 minutes

    A few weeks ago we watched a show on MTV featuring the lesser known sport of Competitive Eating.

    The program featured the superstars of the sport, such as Crazy Legs Conti and Takeru Kobayashi who holds the world record for eating hotdogs.

    Well, I spotted a news story about Takeru Kobayashi today:

    Takeru Kobayashi / AP53 hot dogs in 12 minutes
    JAPAN'S pint-sized dynamo Takeru Kobayashi
    has smashed his own world record at the
    hot dog eating titles - but he really prefers tofu.

    [listening to: Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants ]
    10:32:37 AM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Geek

      Tuesday, 4 July 2006

    On This Day : Jul 4

    July 4: Independence Day in the United States, Filipino-American Friendship Day in the Philippines

    The Grand Union Flag of the Thirteen Colonies in 1776

    [listening to: Doctor Worm - They Might Be Giants ]
    5:30:13 PM    comment []  trackback []  G!   • Geek

      Monday, 3 July 2006

    I told you "My Name Is Earl" was good

    Way back in November, I called it - My Name Is Earl rocks!

    The show is finally on the telly in Australia and guess what, it rated well. Made it into to the top 10 for the week

    I told you it was good! If only those in Willougby had listened to me back then


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    Bet Pay Back!

    Wonderful singing by Molly, as payback to our recent bet.


    AFL Podcast - Molly's Monday Machinations - Special Edition - Paying out my Bet with Frank Arrigo

    Hi Guys,

    In this Special Episode, I come through on payment for my bet with Frank Arrigo, a St. Kilda Saints support. Sorry about the sound quality, recorded it on my iRiver (been rushed the last week or so) and the quality was back to its poor level. Last time I record one like this (well actually I have last weeks in the can and will listen to it before releasing it).

    Okay, with out any more time wasting, here it is


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    FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 4th – 11h July 2006 NSW only

    The upcoming round sees the Saints meet the Magpies on Sunday 9th at the Dome

    I'm going to be in Melbourne that weekend, and we're going to the footy again.

    I've got crappy seats up on Level 3 at Telstra Dome, but I don't care. The game will have over 50,000 people in attendance.

    The recent record between the two has been interesting

    Since 1980   All
      Last 5
    St Kilda   14   3   148   28   73
    Collingwood   30   2   211   51   104

    It would great to score 148 and have the pies score 51. That would be a nice result

    Wednesday 05/07/2006

    • 11.30p Round 13 St Kilda v Hawthorn

    Friday 07/07/2006

    • 10.30a Last Time They Met 2005 Rnd 17 St Kilda v Collingwood

    Sunday 09/07/2006

    • 8.30p Round 14 St Kilda v Collingwood

    Monday 10/07/2006

    • 6.30p  Classic Quarters 1993 Rd 4 Collingwood v St Kilda

    Tuesday 11/07/2006

    • 12.30  Round 14 St Kilda v Collingwood

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      Sunday, 2 July 2006

    Footy Tipping Results : Round 13

    Round about 3pm today I was feel pretty confident. I was on track for 6 winners and felt that the other two games would go as expected.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    6 tips for the weekend, I missed out on the last 2 results, which were the 'upsets' of the round.

    Week 13
    Home Draw Away
    Kangaroos (14.12 96) Bombers (13.11 89)
    Saints (18.17 125) Hawks (8.7 55)
    Demons (18.12 120) Power (12.10 82)
    Swans (12.19 91) Dockers (9.4 58)
    Lions (8.23 71) Blues (7.14 56)
    Crows (21.21 147) Cats (8.7 55)
    Tigers (13.14 92) Magpies (6.9 45)
    Eagles (8.16 64) Bulldogs (10.13 73)

    67 Correct tips for season. The good news, I am coming 4th in the tipping comp, trailing by 3.

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    Hasta La Vista Krispy Kreme, Beard Papa is now in Town!

    My kids have a new sweet treat. 

    It's the cream puffs from Beard Papa


    These little choux pastries filled with cream have become their new addiction and the store in Chatswood Westfield is like a scene from a Miyazaki movie.

    Beard Papa staff

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      Saturday, 1 July 2006

    On This Day : Jul 1

    July 1:

    Flag of Canada

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    The Saints thumped the Hawks

    The Saints thumped the Hawks at the Telstra Dome today.

    ST KILDA: 5.7, 10.9, 16.13, 18.17 (125)
    HAWTHORN: 0.1, 3.3, 3.6, 8.7 (55)
    GOALS - St Kilda: Gehrig 5, Riewoldt 4, Harvey 3, Voss 2, Milne 2, Baker, Fiora
    Hawthorn: Dixon 2, Barker, Bateman, Franklin, Croad, Vandenberg, Brennan
    BEST - St Kilda: Harvey, Dal Santo, Hudghton, Voss, Maguire, Riewoldt, Gehrig, Milne Hawthorn: Mitchell, Roughead, Hodge, Brown, Birchall, Hodge, Vandenberg
    INJURIES - St Kilda: Schwarze (hamstring)
    Hawthorn: Guerra (gashed head)
    CHANGES: Nil
    REPORTS - Guerra (Hawthorn) reported by umpire Ryan for unduly rough play against Dal Santo (St Kilda) in the first quarter
    UMPIRES - Margetts, Donlon, Ryan
    CROWD - 33,869 at Telstra Dome

    A 100+ point thrashing was on the cards, but the Saints took their foot off the pedal in the last 5 minutes which allowed the Hawks to score a few easy goals.

    Still a 70 point win is a nice result.

    This post on Saintsational sums it all up

    Fiora was good. made one blue but played his role well and ran and created.
    Harvey a freak.
    Riewoldt brilliant
    Goddard just keeps on getting better.
    Gram, both Fishers, Max and Goose gave us great drive from defence.
    Ackers and Rix won the hit outs.
    Milne was lively, Voss back in form.
    A good day at the office

    Molly, I look forward to your rendition of the Saints Theme Song
    Riewoldt stars in St Kilda AFL win
    The Age, Australia - 38 minutes ago
    ... Hawthorn's lack of a dangerous target up forward made it look directionless, with Saints key defenders ... and defensive pressure applied by St Kilda, which Thomas ...
    Saints annihilate hapless Hawks ABC Online
    Saints scorch Hawks
    Riewoldt dominates against Hawthorn FOX SPORTS
    Border Mail - all 14 related ?

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    News about Saints v Hawks
    Saints model to follow, says Hawk
    Border Mail, Australia - 7 hours ago
    HAWTHORN’S Alastair Clarkson has the chance to post an overdue win against one of the AFL clubs he holds as a model of rebuilding when the Hawks play St Kilda at Telstra Dome today.
    Thomas pins faith in B-grade big men
    The Age, Australia - 14 hours ago
    WITH shades of his coaching predecessor condemning his ruckman as the most pathetic he had seen, Grant Thomas yesterday damned his ruckmen with faint praise by conceding that today's match would be a battle of the B-grade big men.
    Paths emerge from Top End
    RealFooty, Australia - 15 hours ago
    Nine players from the Northern Territory's 2001 under-18 side are in the AFL, Emma Quayle writes. TEAMS need time, and Kevin Morris did not have much of it.
    Thomas pins faith in B-grade big men
    RealFooty, Australia - 15 hours ago
    WITH shades of his coaching predecessor condemning his ruckman as the most pathetic he had seen, Grant Thomas yesterday damned his ruckmen with faint praise by conceding that today's match would be a battle of the B-grade big men.
    Fewer goals, more work for forwards
    RealFooty, Australia - 15 hours ago
    IN A changing game, we are seeing fewer and fewer bags of goals being kicked. Years ago, every team had a recognised full-forward.
    Saints commit to future, Australia - 19 hours ago
    With St Kilda perched on six wins, six losses and inside the eight by percentage only, coach Grant Thomas is wary of his club's predicament.
    A Grade game required
    AFL, Australia - 23 hours ago
    With St Kilda perched on six wins, six losses and inside the eight by percentage only, coach Grant Thomas is wary of his club's predicament.

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