Thursday, 31 August 2006

Yumm, Canolli

We've finally found a good place for Canolli in Sydney - Pasticceria Papa


Pasticceria Papa

145 Ramsay Street Haberfield

Sun-Thur 7am-10pm,
Fri & Sat 7am-12 Midnight

There is a common thread that runs through the local businesses of Haberfield, a timeless formula of quality, hard work, tradition and community. Each business, be it coffee or cake, has its own story, and remains faithful to its roots.

Pasticceria Papa is perhaps Haberfield’s greatest example of this. Its Sicilian born owner Salvatore Papa migrated to Australia 17 years ago and for the last 13 years has been sharing with us his homemade recipes.

Pasticceria Papa is a patisserie, bakery and a café. Its display cabinet is longer than the eye can see and filled with fresh cannoli, profiteroles, biscotti and more. It also sells savoury food like pizza, as well as gelato and large cakes.

A world unto itself, Pasticceria Papa offers something genuinely unique. The atmosphere is always lively and bustling, and the quality of the food, consistently excellent. Perhaps this is why there is no better place for indulgences, however big or small.


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Emma in Costume


I went to see Emma perform in a play today. Isn't she cute!

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From the Mouth of babes

Yesterday, while I was visiting Brice's classroom, I spotted the following on the class room notice board.

I so wanted to grab an eraser......

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news about upcoming Saints V Lions

Some news in the lead up to the big game.

Hamill to face Lions, and more game time
The Age, Australia - 14 hours ago
ST KILDA forward Aaron Hamill trained solidly yesterday alongside fellow forwards Fraser Gehrig, Nick Riewoldt and Justin Koschitzke and looks certain to line up against the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba on Saturday night.
Hamill set to tackle Lions AFL
Saints star in doubt Courier Mail
Hamill set to play, despite injury worry The Age
AFL - Border Mail
all 10 news articles »
Voss keeps retirement decision quiet
The Age, Australia - 20 hours ago
Brisbane Lions skipper Michael Voss may play his last AFL game against St Kilda at the Gabba on Saturday but he won't make it official until after the grand final.
It's all in the timing
AFL, Australia - 22 hours ago
Although St Kilda is yet to get on any great run this season, coach Grant Thomas is well aware it's all about timing your run heading into finals.
Crackers' Rant
all 2 news articles »

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  Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Dad and Kids Night


Those guys from Bunnings Warehouse have a bunch of great ideas for Father's Day (which happens this Sunday, Sep 3)

Dad and Kids Night
Join in the fun and build a tool box together with dad at all Bunnings Warehouses on August 31st from 6pm – 8pm.
Download an invite for dad

Colouring-in Competition
Colour in the picture and if your entry is drawn you will be our winner.
Colouring in Competition

Colouring in Card
Print off our father's day card, colour it in and give it to dad
Colouring in Card

My Dad is the Best Certificate
My dad is the best because......

I'll be at our local Bunnings with Bricey on Thursday. We have a ToolBox to build!!

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On This Day : Aug 30

August 30: St. Rose of Lima's Day in Peru; Victory Day in Turkey.

Prince Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly

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Father's Day Breakfast with Brice

Today was one of those days that really brings me joy.

I got to go to Brice's new school and be part of their Father's Day Breakfast. All the kids where there with their dads.

Brice was happy to have me there with him too.


I bought a ticket in the raffle and I won 3rd prize - a bottle of Irish Whiskey. Too Funny.

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FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 29 August – 5 September 2006 NSW only

The last round of the season is here. It's getting close. The Saints meet the Wounded Lions at the Gabba, which has not been a happy hunting ground for the team. They have only won there once.

Overall, the Saints record againts the Lions hasn't been that good either, but we have won the last 2 games againts them!

Since 1997 All
Last 5
Brisbane Lions 12 3 154 44 97
St Kilda 6 2 186 52 139

Wednesday 30/08/2006

  • 1.00p  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Thursday 31/08/2006

  • 1.00p  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 3 St Kilda v Brisbane Lions

Friday 01/09/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Saturday 02/09/2006

  • 10.30p  Round 22 Brisbane Lions v St Kilda

Sunday 03/09/2006

  • 11.30a  Round 22 Brisbane Lions v St Kilda

Monday 04/09/2006

  • 4.00p  Round 22 Brisbane Lions v St Kilda
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  Monday, 28 August 2006

Quiz: How Pure Are You?
You Are 44% Pure
You're usually the typical girl or guy next door...
But you also have a secret naughty side!
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On This Day : Aug 28

August 28:

Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles

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  Sunday, 27 August 2006

Footy Tipping Results : Round 21

What a round! Another draw and a few unexpected results.

Week 21
Home Draw Away
Bulldogs (13.14 92) Saints (22.10 142)
Hawks (7.16 58) Kangaroos (4.12 36)
Cats (14.10 94) Demons (14.10 94)
Swans (14.13 97) Lions (6.4 40)
Tigers (20.9 129) Bombers (16.17 113)
Power (14.11 95) Crows (11.15 81)
Magpies (24.12 156) Blues (17.10 112)
Eagles (8.13 61) Dockers (18.10 118)

5 correct tips this week gives me 104 correct tips for the season.

Unfortunately the result didn't benefit the Saints, as we are still in 7th spot. The cats didn't do us any favours this week. Grrrrr.

 Club P W L D Home Wins Away Wins Points For Points Against Points
 Eagles 21 16 5 0 9 7 2084 1789 64
 Crows 21 15 6 0 8 7 2179 1546 60
 Dockers 21 14 7 0 8 6 1928 1821 56
 Demons 21 13 7 1 8 5 2052 1805 54
 Swans 21 13 8 0 5 8 1962 1586 52
 Magpies 21 13 8 0 8 5 2206 1894 52
 Saints 21 13 8 0 7 6 1966 1695 52
 Bulldogs 21 12 9 0 6 6 2164 2048 48
 Tigers 21 11 10 0 6 5 1842 2069 44
 Cats 21 10 10 1 6 4 1910 1869 42
 Power 21 8 13 0 4 4 1836 1993 32
 Hawks 21 8 13 0 5 3 1701 2068 32
 Lions 21 7 14 0 4 3 1787 2131 28
 Kangaroos 21 7 14 0 5 2 1683 2028 28
 Bombers 21 3 17 1 3 0 1896 2322 14
 Blues 21 3 17 1 2 1 1747 2279 14

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Snakes on a Plane - Do as I say and you'll live!

I took my two big boys - Antony & Billy - to see Snakes on a Plane. We went to Macquarie's Gold Class, as a belated birthday present for both of them.

Samual L. Jackson has some great lines

Overall, It was a hoot!

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  Saturday, 26 August 2006

Fox Footy Finished

This bit of news coming out of Melbourne has been quite sad for me, as an AFL fan based in Sydney.

Kevin Taylor over at Footystats Diary says it all ;

AFL is out of touch, and out of step

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou is quoted in an AAP report today in The Age and confirms just how out of touch he is with reality – "Everyone has got a free-to-air television set, and for us to be going into NSW and Queensland on a Friday night will be fantastic and we're looking forward to it."

Demetriou and his team may have gathered $780 million from the Seven-Ten consortium for a new TV broadcasting deal but are guilty of overseeing the death of the most important innovation for football – the Fox Footy channel.

The impact from the disappearance of the Fox Footy channel is incalculable and people in the south are simply not aware of what Fox has meant to the game and those who live north of the River Murray.

We were able to turn on at any time of any 24 hours and see our game being telecast, talked about, its history retold from vintage clips, but most of all it was its presence – which was not on the local radio, not in the local newspaper and not in the local TV newscast.

The AFL are guilty of lacking commercial savvy to have been party to all of this going under their noses.

And, to now come along with a proclamation befitting the great messiah of how wonderful it will be to see all eight games on free-to-air –
WHEN ...

When will the shift workers in the early hours of the morning, or those in the rural areas – when will we see the replay of the Hawks-Kangaroo match?

Not bloody likely Mr Demetriou, ever again.

Farewell to Fox Footy and the dream that our game will ever be more than a curiosity piece outside of Melbourne.

More news on this story...

Border Mail
Fox Footy's demise is irrelevant: Ten
The Age, Australia - 4 hours ago
... all eight AFL games next year in a deal with Seven, but Ten was continuing to negotiate with Foxtel despite the imminent demise of the Fox Footy channel. ...
Footy channel axing piles pressure on broadcasters ABC Online
Fans left howling after Foxtel pulls plug The Age
Footy fans furious at Foxtel The Age
Sydney Morning Herald - The Australian
all 35 news articles »
Fox Footy channel set to be switched off
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 22 Aug 2006
While Foxtel is still trying to secure subscription rights beyond this year, it announced the Fox Footy channel would cease to exist. ...
Siren blows for Foxtel Footy
The Age, Australia - 23 Aug 2006
... Oh yeah, and go EAGLES for the '06 Flag!! We should not forget why Foxtel is closing the Fox footy channel. ... We need a channel like Fox Footy. ...
Ten and Seven shut Foxtel out of footy
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 23 Aug 2006
... new rights partners Seven and Ten and its pay TV provider reached a new low yesterday when Foxtel announced the closure of the Fox Footy Channel and partially ...
No more Fox Footy, Australia - 23 Aug 2006
Foxtel will close the its AFL-only Fox Footy Channel at the end of the season because of the uncertainty over pay-TV rights to televise AFL football from next ...
Our man at headquarters
RealFooty, Australia - 20 hours ago
Settled in for a quality night of television, with Channel Seven showing all these ... exasperated, then asked: "Do you realise the whole future of Fox Footy is at ...
Broadcasters brawl as Foxtel axes AFL
The Age, Australia - 23 Aug 2006
... The big initial losers were about 50 staff at the Fox Footy channel, whose working futures are now uncertain, and AFL fans, who will lose their 24-hour service ...
Coaches concerned over Fox demise
AFL, Australia - 23 Aug 2006
Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade and St Kilda coach Grant Thomas have both expressed their disappointment over the demise of Fox Footy Channel – Eade going ...

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On This Day : Aug 26

August 26:

An early 19th century image of Krakatoa.

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flickr toy : cool!

Found a link to fd's FlickrToys

I like the profile widget

frankarr. Get yours at

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Saints dominate the Dogs 142-92

Outstanding win by the Saints on Friday night. They dominated the dogs. It was the most complete team effort for the season. And it was great to see Hamill, and Kosi up front with Reiwoldt and Gehrig.

Are the boys peaking at the right time of the year? A top 4 spot is looming.

  Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
St Kilda 3. 4 (22) 13. 5 (83) 18.08 (116) 22.10.   142
Western Bulldogs 6. 3 (39) 9. 5 (59) 12.10   (82) 13.14.   092

St Kilda:
Goals: - F.Gehrig 8, N.Riewoldt 5, B.Voss 2, S.Milne 2, R.Harvey 2, N.Dal Santo, J.Koschitzke, C.Ackland.
Best: - F.Gehrig, N.Dal Santo, N.Riewoldt, L.Ball, R.Harvey, L.Montagna.

Western Bulldogs:
Goals: - B.Johnson 6, C.Grant, B.Montgomery, S.West, P.Street, M.Robbins, L.Gilbee, W.Minson.
Best: - B.Johnson, D.Cross, S.West, C.Grant, M.Boyd.

Injuries - St Kilda: nil. Western Bulldogs: L.Gilbee (knee).
Reports - St Kilda: nil. Western Bulldogs: nil.

Umpires - H.Kennedy, B.Allen, S.Jeffery.
@ the Telstra Dome, Melbourne. Crowd: 47,120.

Advertiser Adelaide
St Kilda flogs Western Bulldogs 142-92
The Age, Australia - 15 hours ago
St Kilda key forwards Fraser Gehrig and Nick Riewoldt kicked 13 goals between them as the Saints roared back into form with a 22.10 (142) to 13.14 (92) AFL win over the Western Bulldogs to keep their top four hopes alive.
Twin peaks dominate Dogs The Age
Saints burn Dogs at Dome
Saints confirm finals spot ABC Regional Online - ABC Online
all 44 news articles »
Umpires cop Eade rocket
The Australian, Australia - 12 hours ago
WESTERN Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade will approach AFL umpires' coach Rowan Sawers about the lack of protection star centreman Scott West received in the 50-point loss to St Kilda last night.

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Been Busy.

The past week has been hectic and personal took a back seat to work, due to TechEd.

Normal programming returns now.

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  Monday, 21 August 2006

Brice continues to STAR!

Following the Merit Card, Brice came home with another award - The Star Student of the Week


As part of the award, he got to bring the class room mascot - Cuddles the Bear - home for the weekend


Cuddles went on a number of adventures. I wanted to start a Blog for Cuddles, but the family said "NO!"

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FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 22 – 28 August 2006 NSW only

Another big week in footy coming up. The Saints meet the Bulldogs. The game is on Friday night, which means *another* delayed telecast. Oh, how I miss the footy on a Saturday afternoon!

The Saints have had a good recent record against the Doggies recently.

Since 1980 All
Last 5
Western Bulldogs 24 1 154 30 79
St Kilda 20 4 157 34 65

However the Saints have had a crap record this season with night games. They have only won 3 of the past 9 night games - not a good record.

Tuesday 22/08/2006

  • 8.30a  Round 20 Fremantle v St Kilda
  • 11.30p  Round 20 Fremantle v St Kilda

Friday 25/08/2006

  • 3.30p  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 6 St Kilda v Western Bulldogs
  • 9.30p  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Saturday 26/08/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
  • 6.30a  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
  • 9.30a  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Monday 28/08/2006

  • 8.30a  Round 21 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
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On This Day : Aug 21

August 21: Independence Day in Latvia (1991), Ninoy Aquino Day in the Philippines.

Mona Lisa

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  Sunday, 20 August 2006

Footy Tipping Results : Round 20

Another crappy round for tipping. Just 3 correct tips this week. I am in a slump

Week 20
Home Draw Away
(12.15 87) Magpies (12.17 89)
Bulldogs (16.9 105) Crows (14.14 98)
Cats (14.6 90) Swans (9.9 63)
Bombers (15.16 106) Hawks (19.10 124)
Dockers (17.12 114) Saints (7.14 56)
Lions (7.10 52) Eagles (16.18 114)
Kangaroos (12.10 82) Demons (20.12 132)
Blues (14.11 95) Tigers (21.14 140)

99 correct tips for the season. There is no way I am going to win the tipping comp now, as I trail the leaders by 9.

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Speed Test : How fast is your connection?

Do your own at

How crappy is my uplink. I need to investigate that one

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On This Day : Aug 20

August 20: St. Stephen's Day in Hungary.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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  Saturday, 19 August 2006

Saints Shockers Againsts the Dockers

What a shocker of a game. It was a belting. I can't even watch the replay, it's so painful.

The Saints are now out of the top 4, and facing 2 more tough games ahead.

  Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
Fremantle 6. 4 (40) 9. 5 (59) 14.10 (94) 17.12.   114
St Kilda 2. 1 (13) 2. 4 (16) 5.08 (38) 7.14.   056

Goals: - J.Farmer 4, M.Pavlich 3, S.McManus 3, J.Longmuir 2, D.Headland 2, B.Schammer 2, M.Carr.
Best: - A.Sandilands, P.Bell, L.McPharlin, H.Black, M.Pavlich, S.McManus, B.Dodd, B.Peake.

St Kilda:
Goals: - F.Gehrig 2, J.Koschitzke, N.Riewoldt, R.Harvey, N.Dal Santo, B.Goddard.
Best: - R.Harvey, N.Riewoldt, B.Goddard, L.Montagna.

Injuries - Fremantle: J.Farmer (hamstring), R.Hayden (hamstring). St Kilda: nil.
Reports - Fremantle: nil. St Kilda: nil.

Umpires - D.Woodcock, S.McInerney, D.Goldspink.
@ Subiaco Oval, Perth. Crowd: 39,069.

Freo dreaming of September
The Age, Australia - 22 minutes ago
Fremantle's surge towards September continued in impressive style tonight, the Dockers beating St Kilda 17.12 (114) to 7.14 (56) to burst into the AFL's top four and genuine premiership contention.
Freo smashes sorry Saints 114-56
The Age, Australia - 23 minutes ago
Fremantle's surge towards September continued in impressive style, the Dockers beating St Kilda 17.12 (114) to 7.14 (56) to burst into the AFL's top four and genuine premiership contention.
Freo in seven heaven, Australia - 35 minutes ago
Fremantle has secured its second finals berth and a chance of a top-four finish after it thrashed an unimaginative St Kilda by 58 points at Subiaco Oval on Saturday night.
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Daleks Invade


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Happy Birthday Rigo :15 Today

Today my eldest turns 15.

It feels like only yesterday he was a little guy sitting on my lap staring at my computer


Happy 15th 'Rigo. Have fun making movies

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  Friday, 18 August 2006

St Kilda flys the flag for Victoria

Go Sainters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly That Flag
St Kilda ready to fly flag for Victoria
The Age, Australia - 2 hours ago
St Kilda coach Grant Thomas says the Saints are building towards their best form as September approaches and are ready to "fly the flag for Victoria" in the AFL finals series.
Dockers looking for seven-straight ABC Online
Never a dull moment when Saints play Freo The Australian
New aim for Dockers is to keep it simple The Australian
The Age - AFL - all 15 related »
Saints fly Vic flag, Australia - 4 hours ago
With St Kilda poised for another finals assault, Grant Thomas has urged his players to dig deep and take their game to the next level - even drawing up battlelines along state borders
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David Tench Tonight. It Stinks!

The viral marketing campaign should have been a warning.

The man himself, David Tench

David Tench - More like David Stench (sorry couldn't resist the terrible pun)

The show was a big disappointment, despite the talk of a world first. It wasn't funny. It was banal.

Too much like what has come before. A poor copy of orignal shows such as Max Headroom and Space Ghost.

And I reckon the man behind the voice of David Tench is infact Tim Ferguson - former member of Doug Anthony AllStars.

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On This Day : Aug 18

August 18:

Marguerite de Valois

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Mr Al Kyder and Mr Terry Wrist - you're flight is boarding

Those Chaser Boys are at it again.

Another week and another prank. This time on airport security.

Just plain danger ruse ... Al Kyder's boarding pass.

The Chaser’s War on Everything is on tonight.

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  Thursday, 17 August 2006

On This Day : Aug 17

August 17: Independence Day in Indonesia (1945), Gabon (1960)

Hermann von François

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Look who got a Merit Card

So, it's been 10 days since we dragged Brice out of one school and dropped him into another

He seems to have coped with it really well.

He scored a merit card.

200608151917_00023 fix

What a champ!

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  Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Footy News : Saints v Freo

A really really big round of footy coming up this weekend. The Saints and Dockers have played a few tight games recently. The one on Saturday night will be a beauty.

The Age
What next for Saints v Freo?
AFL, Australia - 22 hours ago
Is it any wonder St Kilda coach Grant Thomas' number one ... for this weekend's blockbuster clash against Fremantle is for ... As the Saints and Dockers prepare to do ...
St Kilda carries Big V flag Melbourne Herald Sun
Saints jump into top four ABC Online
Freo aim anchor at the four Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald - - all 24 related »

The run home
AFL, Australia - 13 Aug 2006
... And if the Saints get over the Dockers, they will fancy their chances ... with their two biggest rivals for fourth spot in Fremantle and St Kilda squaring off ...
Fremantle lurking as wild-card The Australian
all 31 related »

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Happy Birthday Madonna

Madonna performing during the 2006 Confessions tour

48 Today!

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  Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Why Do You Work So Hard?

Saw a link to this article over at Nick Hodge's blog. I think it was the title that got me - Anti-antidisestablishmentarianism

Why Do You Work So Hard?
Is it maybe time to quit your safe job and follow your path and infuriate the establishment?

Food for thought............

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On This Day : Aug 15

August 15: Victory over Japan Day (1945); Independence Day in North Korea & South Korea (1945), India (1947), and Congo (1960); Flooding of the Nile in Egypt.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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  Monday, 14 August 2006

FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 15th – 21st August 2006 NSW only

Saints prevailed on the weekend. They are now back in 4th place on the ladder.

Tough game next week, againts the rampaging Dockers. The game is on the telly, but it will delayed on Fox Footy. I don't think Channel 10 will show it live into Sydney.

Our record against them has been interesting and the last 3 games controvertial!

Since 1995 All
Last 5
Fremantle 9 2 131 58 71
St Kilda 7 3 118 56 39

Tuesday 15/08/2006

  • 1.30p  Round 19 Geelong v St Kilda

Wednesday 16/08/2006

  • 6.00p  Classic Quarters 2001 Rd 1 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Thursday 17/08/2006

  • 3.30p  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 5 St Kilda v Fremantle
  • 9.30p  Classic Quarters 2001 Rd 1 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Friday 18/08/2006

  • 7.30a  Classic Quarters 2001 Rd 1 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Saturday 19/08/2006

  • 10.30p  Round 20 Fremantle v St Kilda

Sunday 20/08/2006

  • 3.30a  Classic Quarters 2001 Rd 1 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
  • 11.30a  Round 20 Fremantle v St Kilda

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  Sunday, 13 August 2006

On This Day : Aug 13

August 13: Independence Day for the Central African Republic (1960)

Map of Tenochtitlan

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Footy Tipping Results : Round 19

My dreadful tipping run continues. This week I just got 4 right. But, the Saints won, so that's all that matters,

Week 19
Home Draw Away
Bombers (10.14 74) Magpies (9.7 61)
Demons (10.3 63) Swans (14.11 95)
Eagles (14.23 107) Kangaroos (12.9 81)
Tigers (21.16 142) Lions (8.12 60)
Bulldogs (13.13 91) Power (14.21 105)
Crows (10.20 80) Dockers (13.17 95)
Cats (11.14 80) Saints (15.13 103)
Hawks (17.11 113) Blues (13.12 90)

Overall I got 96 tips correct this season. Still 6 tips from the lead.

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Saints Defeat the Cats 103-80 and are back in the top 4

Go the Saints! A triumph over their recent nemesis the Cats.

I haven't seen the game yet. It's on the telly later tonight. Time to savour the victory.

Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
St Kilda 3. 1 (19) 7. 5 (47) 12._7 (79) 15.13.  103
Geelong 2. 5 (17) 6. 7 (43) 8.11 (59) 11.14.    80

St Kilda:
Goals: - F.Gehrig 3, J.Koschitzke 2, N.Riewoldt 2, A.Fiora, B.Voss, J.Peckett, N.Dal Santo, S.Fisher, L.Montagna, R.Clarke, S.Milne.
Best: - N.Dal Santo, N.Riewoldt, J.Gram, L.Ball, R.Harvey, S.Fisher, L.Montagna, F.Gehrig.

Goals: - S.Johnson 2, A.Mackie 2, C.Ling 2, J.Hunt, C.Mooney, S.Byrnes, B.Ottens, C.Enright.
Best: - A.Mackie, C.Ling, T.Harley, J.Corey.

Injuries - St Kilda: nil. Geelong: P.Riccardi (hamstring).
Reports - St Kilda: nil. Geelong: nil.

Umpires - S.McBurney, J.Quigley, J.Schmitt.
@ Telstra Dome, Melbourne. Crowd: 40,986.

Townsville Bulletin
Saints jump into top four
ABC Online, Australia - 3 hours ago
St Kilda moved into the top four on the AFL ladder following a 23-point victory over Geelong at Docklands this afternoon. The Saints won the round 19 clash 15.13 (103) to 11.14 (80), the result effectively ...
Saints down Cats to reach top four The Age
Saints end Cats' season
Saints end Cats' hopes with 103-80 win The Age
The Age - The Australian - all 19 related »
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  Saturday, 12 August 2006

Quiz : How Geeky Are You?

Low in General Geekiness - LOL

Your Geek Profile:
Academic Geekiness: Highest
Geekiness in Love: Highest
Movie Geekiness: Highest
Internet Geekiness: High
Music Geekiness: High
Fashion Geekiness: Moderate
Gamer Geekiness: Moderate
SciFi Geekiness: Moderate
General Geekiness: Low

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Adelaide poised to lead WiFi pack

Finally a reason to visit Adelaide again

Good to see Mike Harbison deliver on a dream he has had for a number of years.
And nice to see Internode still making waves too

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Dr Who

Billie Piper and David Tennant

How good is the current Dr Who.?

We're loving it. It's actually better than the last one, which is hard to believe.

And this series just keeps getting better. However, I can't wait to see the next one with the new assistant.

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  Friday, 11 August 2006

Kosi Back!

How exciting - Kosi is going to play on Sunday

The Australian
St Kilda abuzz as Koschitzke given green light
The Australian, Australia - 20 hours ago
JUSTIN KOSCHITZKE is no certainty to play against Geelong despite being named in an expanded St Kilda squad of 25 for Sunday's game at Telstra Dome.
Koschitzke may be shock inclusion for Saints The Age
Kosi back in Saints line-up Border Mail
all 8 related »

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On This Day : Aug 11

August 11: Independence Day in Chad (1960)

Alan Greenspan

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We have a rising star in the family

While on the subject of Billy.

He won an award for his inaugural Knox Rugby Union season.


He scored the "Most Improved Player" for all of the U13 teams. That's so cool!


A momentous occassion.

The first Arrigo to win a sports award that wasn't just for turning up and playing each week.

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Happy Birthday Billy : 13 Today

My Big Boy Billy turns 13 today.

Santa 2005 - billy

Happy Birthday and welcome to the teenage years

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  Thursday, 10 August 2006

Geelong to expose Saints' defensive frailties
Big Game On Sunday!
Geelong to expose Saints' defensive frailties
The Age, Australia - 21 hours ago
GEELONG, still clinging to hope of playing in the finals, took the unusual step yesterday of cancelling its usual training session at Skilled Stadium and opted instead for an indoor session.
Ablett a likely starter for do-or-die clash Border Mail
Cats to punt on Ablett against Saints Sydney Morning Herald
AFL ROUND 19 2006: GEELONG V ST KILDA; ABLETT, MOONEY, ROOKE ... The Cattery - Geelong Advertiser - all 11 related »
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I'm five times more efficient

I would like this to be my slogan. I have no idea what I need to do to make this improvement


a quickr pickr post

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On This Day : Aug 10

August 10: Independence Day in Ecuador, International Biodiesel Day

Tuileries Palace, circa 1851~1870

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  Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Spotted in Traffic

I had to take a photo of the car in front


a quickr pickr post

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Saints news in leadup to R19 Clash

Ho hum - it's obviously a slow news week, as the pundits speculate on injured players returning
Thomas sweats on Kosi clearance
The Australian, Australia - 19 hours ago
LUCKLESS St Kilda big man Justin Koschitzke faces another barrage of tests this week to determine his immediate playing future. Saints coach Grant Thomas said yesterday the club awaited ...
Hamill 'struggling' says coach
Is Kosi's season over? Courier Mail
all 5 related »

Cats to punt on Ablett against Saints
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 41 minutes ago
... the Cats' finals hopes still alive provided they can win their last four games, Geelong is considering taking the risk on its match-winner to play the Saints. ...
King warns rivals not to get too cosy FOX SPORTS
all 15 related »

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  Tuesday, 8 August 2006

On This Day : Aug 8

August 8: Ghost Festival in the Chinese calendar (2006); Father's Day in Taiwan.

Warsaw radio mast

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Census Night Tonight

Tonight is Census Night! 

The Census is coming

I wanted to complete the eCensus, but I was over-ruled by my wife who likes it 'old school'.

We sat around the table and filled in the form.

Most of the questions were fine and I tried really hard to not muck about with my answers.

However, I couldn't resist the following.

  • Q38 - Evangelism Manager
  • Q39 - Manage a Team of Evangelists

LOL - I wonder if ABS has a taxonomy for that!

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Brice's withdrawl from school letter

This is the letter we sent to Brice's old school

8th August 2006

Mr Fulcher 
St Ives North Primary School 
Memorial Ave
St Ives, NSW 2075

Dear Mr Fulcher:

We wish to advise you that we have withdrawn Brice Arrigo from St Ives North Primary School. Brice was not coping with the playground life at the school and we felt that he was not suited to such a large school.  We have moved him to Wahroonga Preparatory School which is a much smaller school with only 150 children attending. 

We would like to thank Miss Munro for her support and help throughout this year, we have appreciated her commitment to Brice’s education and he will miss her deeply.

Brice’s last day at St Ives North was Friday, 4 August 2006.

Yours sincerely,

Frank & Moira Arrigo

What we are saying without saying it, was that Brice was bullied at school. He was picked on because he was different. He stuck out and the kids picked on him and the school let it happen.  This happened to Rigo as well, and we put up with it. Well, this time, we did something.

It is a sad end to a 10 year association at the school, but bullying is rife in primary schools and no amount of rhetoric by principals and teachers are going to stop it. It starts at home. If there is intolerance at home, it comes to the school - simple as that.

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  Monday, 7 August 2006

FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 8th – 14th August 2006 NSW only

Disappointing Round 18, and it's not going to get any easier. The pundits are starting to write the team off

Next weekend we meet our nemesis, Geelong. They had a big win on the weekend and will be feeling pumped.

Our recent record has been average. Geelong has the upper hand. Plus, we lost to the Cats earlier this year for Robert Harvey's milestone game. Maybe this is what the team needs to lift them a grand win.

Since 1980 All
Last 5
Geelong 33 3 228 55 122
St Kilda 14 2 177 27 71

Wednesday 09/08/2006

  • 1.00p  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles

Friday 11/08/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 18 St Kilda v West Coast Eagles
  • 10.30a  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 7 St Kilda v Geelong

Sunday 13/08/2006

  • 8.30p  Round 19 Geelong v St Kilda

Monday 14/08/2006

  • 5.00a  Round 19 Geelong v St Kilda
  • 6.30p  Classic Quarters 2001 Rd 1 Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

Tuesday 15/08/2006

  • 12.30a  Round 19 Geelong v St Kilda

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Brice's first day

Moira and I took Brice to his new school - Wahroonga Prep School  - today.

I think he was happy


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  Sunday, 6 August 2006

Ram Raid - St Ives

There's was a bit of an incident at our local shops this weekend.

What's going on in my sleepy suburb?

First we had the drug bust and now we have this ram raid!

What's next??

Police investigate Ram Raid - St Ives
NSW Police Online, Australia - 4 Aug 2006
Police are investigating a ram raid incident at St Ives in Sydney’s north this morning. About 4.50am today (Saturday 5 August ...
Ram-raiders target mall Melbourne Herald Sun
all 8 related »

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Footy Tipping Results : Round 18

What a shocker! 3 correct tips this week. I think this has been my worse round of the season. I was picking based on results that would favour the Saints.

Week 18
Home Draw Away
Saints (8.11 59) Eagles (14.14 98)
Tigers (10.18 78) Bulldogs (15.10 100)
Blues (12.8 80) Demons (10.13 73)
Swans (17.14 116) Bombers (11.7 73)
Crows (7.16 58) Magpies (7.12 54)
Lions (13.9 87) Cats (14.20 104)
Kangaroos (12.12 84) Power (9.11 65)
Dockers (14.20 104) Hawks (7.9 51)

I've now got 92 correct tips for the season. I have fallen to the middle of the pack of my tipping competition. How embarrasing.

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Brice is going to a new school.

Bricey starts a new school this week.

He wont be going to St Ives North Primary School anymore. This ends our 10 year association with the school.

He starts at Wahroonga Prep School on Monday, and he is really excited. We are too. It's nice to see him enthusiastic about going to school.

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Feeling Poorly

I woke up this morning feeling congested and generally pretty poor,

Moira let me stay in bed.

I got up at about 4pm.

I'm still feeling average. I'm in need of some pseudoephedrine

Pseudoephedrine chemical structure

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  Saturday, 5 August 2006

Æon Flux - Better than Expected

Charlize Theron as Æon, in a fight scene from the film.Rigo convinced us to get Æon Flux on DVD.

You know, it's not a bad movie.

Kinda like a cross between Dr Who and Star Trek TNG -  a cerebral science fiction action film.

Or maybe we're just suckers for Charlize Theron in spandex.

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Saints Hopes Crushed By Eagles

Disappointing result tonight for the Saints. It was close up to three quarter time.

Poor kicking in the 3rd quarter by the Saints (5 points in a row) kept the door open for the the Eagles who got 2 goals in the last 90 seconds of the 3rd qtr and then powered away in the last quarter.

  Qtr Time Half Time 3 Qtr Time Final
West Coast 2. 5 (17) 4. 9 (33) 7.11 (53) 14.14.    98
St Kilda 1. 2   (8) 3. 4 (22) 5.10 (40) 8.11.    59

West Coast:
Goals: - C.Judd 3, A.Sampi 2, D.Kerr 2, Q.Lynch, S.Armstrong, B.Staker, A.Hansen, C.Fletcher, T.Stenglein.
Best: - D.Kerr, B.Cousins, C.Judd, B.Waters, D.Wirrpanda, T.Stenglein, A.Selwood.

St Kilda:
Goals: - N.Riewoldt 4, F.Gehrig, A.Fiora, J.Gram, L.Montagna.
Best: - J.Gram, N.Riewoldt, N.Dal Santo, S.Powell, L.Fisher.

Injuries - West Coast: nil. St Kilda: M.Maguire (broken leg).
Reports - West Coast: nil. St Kilda: nil.

Umpires - B.Rosebury, B.Allen, S.Ryan.
@ the Telstra Dome, Melbourne. Crowd: 40,177.

And another player out for the rest of the season

Eagles power away from Saints
ABC Online, Australia - 1 hour ago
... and Chris Judd were outstanding for the Eagles, who backed up last week's thrashing of the Crows with a 14.14 (98) to 8.11 (59) triumph over the Saints. ...
Eagles halt Saints' streak
West Coast eyes top-two finish after win The Age
The Age - - all 26 related »

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  Friday, 4 August 2006

Ego Surfing and Googling Myself

I was on the phone talking to a journalist today and while we were chatting, I decided to google myself (as one does)

First I searched on Frank

Not Bad - #5


Then I Searched on Arrigo

Wow - I'm the number one Arrigo on Google


Finally, a search on Frank Arrigo

Double WOW. 


a quickr pickr post

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  Thursday, 3 August 2006

Baker loses striking appeal

Oh Crap!

The Australian
St Kilda's Baker loses striking appeal
Ninemsn, Australia - 2 hours ago
St Kilda midfielder Steven Baker has lost his appeal against a two-game AFL suspension for attempting to strike an opponent. Baker was suspended for two games for attempting to strike Richmond's Greg Stafford at the MCG last Saturday.
Saints' Baker denied 'fair hearing' The Age
Define jumper punching, Thomas tells AFL The Age
Baker appeal dismissed ABC Online
RealFooty - all 46 related »

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Latest Amazon Order

I got my latest batch of Amazon Goodies.



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  Wednesday, 2 August 2006

ABC to *finally* show Extras

While watching my regualr wednesday night shows on the ABC,

8:00 The New Inventors
8:30 Spicks & Specks
9:00 Absolute Power
9:35 The Glass House
10:05 At The Movies

there was an ad for Extras, which is 'coming soon'.


Haven't heard about Extras? It's great. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it

Extras is a sitcom about extras working on movie sets and in theatre. It is written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The series is filmed in a more traditional sitcom style than the mockumentary style used by Gervais and Merchant's previous award-winning series The Office. The series is a BBC/HBO co-production which first aired on July 21, 2005 on BBC Two in the UK and premiered on September 25, 2005 on HBO in the U.S.. The first series DVD was released in the UK on October 31, 2005.There were 6 episodes in the first series, all containing a different celebrity in each.

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On This Day : Aug 2

August 2:

Bust of Hannibal

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  Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Saints lose Baker for two

The Saints gambled. Rather than take the one week suspension from the match review board, they went to the tribunal

They gambled and lost. Baker is now out for two

Saints lose Baker for two
ABC Online, Australia - 1 hour ago
St Kilda midfielder Steven Baker will miss the club's next two matches after his striking charge was upheld by the AFL tribunal on Tuesday night. ...
Tigers risk Raines
Baker outed for two
Stafford, Raines, Baker to fight charges The Age
FOX SPORTS - The Age - all 32 related »

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Boston Legal and the lawyer with Asperger's Syndrome

So I was watching Boston Legal on the telly last night (don't ask) and the particular episode had a story line with a lawyer who has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

Turns out it's a recurring character with an ongoing story line.

Jerry 'Hands' Espenson (Christian Clemenson) - a brilliant lawyer with Asperger's syndrome who earned his nickname by constantly placing his hands on his thighs. He was so irate over missing out on partner status that he pulled a knife on Shirley Schmidt, only backing down when Alan Shore agreed to be his lawyer. Shore convinced Schmidt to drop any charges against Jerry when his condition became known. He is currently working on his own, having left the firm after the incident.

Autism continues to move into the mainstream

BTW Boston Legal is a pretty good show. Anything with William Shantner is just pure gold.

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QuickrPickr : A quickr way to pick Flickr Pictures

I spotted a really cool service called QuickrPickr, which is "a quickr way to pick Flickr pictures, generate HTML code, and post them to blogs, web pages, and forums."


frankarr MeeGo 3

a quickr pickr post

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