Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A New Member of The Family - Roland

We got a new member of the family over the weekend

Roland the ShihPoo Puppy

He came to us from a place called Fluffy Puppies.

This is our second puppy - the last one didn't fare too well.

Good Luck Little Puppy - I hope you survive longer than a week.

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Nintendo Nails It

Santa brought the kids a Wii this past Christmas.

It just rocks.

The last time I saw all 4 of them playing together was when they all got a Nintendo DS

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1st Amazon Delivery of 2007

I put in a small order on 27/12/06 on Amazon - some stuff to keep the family entertained over the holidays

The goods arrived today - that's just so cool.

I got a bunch of DVDS and books





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