Tuesday, 7 November 2006

What's Been Happening?

Boy, it's been quiet here.

2 weeks ago I had been feeling crook in the guts - that's a technical term.

I went to see my local GP and he thought it could be appendicitis

Yuk. Appendicitis isn't a pleasant option. Especially since I had an overseas trip coming up

The next day I went and saw a local surgeon and he felt 95% confident of that diagnosis. Good Odds I guess.

So, off to hospital I went for an appendectomy

The next day, the surgeon came to see me and told me it actually wasn't appendicitis!

What The?

Now I have a big scar, no appendix and I still have a pain in the guts.

A few days later I am feeling better, but still in hospital. I suspected I had this.

I was discharged from hospital and went home to recover, which is where I am now and I haven't really been in the mood to blog.

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  Sunday, 6 August 2006

Feeling Poorly

I woke up this morning feeling congested and generally pretty poor,

Moira let me stay in bed.

I got up at about 4pm.

I'm still feeling average. I'm in need of some pseudoephedrine

Pseudoephedrine chemical structure

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  Tuesday, 13 June 2006

On This Day : June 13

June 13:

Launch of the Pioneer 10
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  Thursday, 11 May 2006

Time: Inside the Autistic Mind

Fascinating coverage in the latest edition of Time, regarding the The Hidden World of Autism

Table of Contents
May 15, 2006

New Insights Into The Hidden World of Autism

  • Cover Story: Inside the Autistic Mind A wealth of new brain research--and poignant testimony from people who have autism--is lifting the veil on this mysterious condition
  • A Tale of Two Schools Early intervention in a well-run program is the key to helping autistic children reach their potential. A close-up look at two approaches
  • The Most Difficult Decision of My Life
  • Photo Essay:  Only Connect
    An inside look at the Celebrate The Children School for children with autism

I wonder if we will see this in the local edition of Time ?

UPDATE: I picked up the aussie edition today and it had this section in it as well!

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  Thursday, 13 April 2006

One year ago today

I had my surgery one year ago today. It's really hard to believe it was only a year ago, the scar on my belly is a constant reminder of the 64 staples.

Here's a recap - @ home again, facing the inevitable, Incredible Shrinking Frank, It's official - I have a date with my surgeon, Post From DIARIST on my XDA II, surgery over, Unexpected benefit of MSN Spaces, big news day

So, how am I doing these days?   Well, I'm feeling much better, that's for sure!

I have slacked off with my exercising for the last few months, which isn't good. I need to get back into that.I've put a bit of the weight back on, which also isn't good.

I'm taking some time off over the next few weeks. It's school holidays in NSW, so I need to help my wife wrangle the 4 kids. Well actually my 2 big boys will be playing with the XBOX 360 for the next little while, so I'll be wrangling the 2 little ones. The odds are in our favour - 2 adults to 2 kids. Or are they??

I will be posting photos to my flickr account of the holidays, so keep an eye open for them.

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  Saturday, 20 August 2005

Getting Down to Healthy Business

My recovery from surgery has been progressing nicely. I saw my surgeon this week for my final check and he said that everything was going well. This is reassuring, as I wont need another minimally invasion examination for a while.

I've put on a bit of weight following my operation, following my dramatic weight loss earlier in the year,  so I need a routine to help get the weight off AND keep it off.

Solution -- I joined a local gym.

I met with the folks there and we worked out a plan. I will go swimming at the pool 2 times a week, and I will do a 90 minute work out in the gym for another 2 days a week, with a rest midweek, AND I will continue my 30 minutes a day walk, which I had been doing in the morning.

This is all part of my rehabiliation, as well as establishing some new habits and routines.  I've given myself a target to drop another 10kg in the next 4 months. I feel confident I can do this, without having to resort to The Hacker's Diet

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  Saturday, 25 June 2005

Fillings, teeth and dentists

I was brushing my teeth rather vigoursly the other evening and a filling popped out. I went to my local dentist on Friday to have the damage inspected and hopefully get it repaired.

As I sat in the chair, I was amazed at the amount of technology he had available - he was using a poking around in my mouth with what looked like a handheld mini camera and was looking at the image on a lcd monitor above my head. It was really cool.

He then, somehow, had a model of my mouth and was zooming around in what looked like a 3rd vrml world inhabited by giant teeth, a tongue and a river of saliva -- OMG it was my mouth!. He showed me what the gap looked like, how my bite was affected and what the options were to repair the damage. It was like looking at a model of a soon to be built house, but it a visualization of my teeth and gums. Amazing.

I wanted a picture of it (so that I could post it on my blog of course) but he didnt give it to me. Maybe it's for the best.

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