Tuesday, 13 February 2007

FIG - A Footy Digg

That Molly has been busy - he's putting the finishing touches to Fig, a user voted AFL Stories site.

He's got a FIG Blog and a Tag cloud and a revenue sharing model for registered users. That's cool.

My job is to make Saints the biggest tag!

Nice one Molly!

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  Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Dad and Kids Night


Those guys from Bunnings Warehouse have a bunch of great ideas for Father's Day (which happens this Sunday, Sep 3)

Dad and Kids Night
Join in the fun and build a tool box together with dad at all Bunnings Warehouses on August 31st from 6pm – 8pm.
Download an invite for dad

Colouring-in Competition
Colour in the picture and if your entry is drawn you will be our winner.
Colouring in Competition

Colouring in Card
Print off our father's day card, colour it in and give it to dad
Colouring in Card

My Dad is the Best Certificate
My dad is the best because......

I'll be at our local Bunnings with Bricey on Thursday. We have a ToolBox to build!!

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  Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Why Do You Work So Hard?

Saw a link to this article over at Nick Hodge's blog. I think it was the title that got me - Anti-antidisestablishmentarianism

Why Do You Work So Hard?
Is it maybe time to quit your safe job and follow your path and infuriate the establishment?

Food for thought............

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  Monday, 3 July 2006

Bet Pay Back!

Wonderful singing by Molly, as payback to our recent bet.


AFL Podcast - Molly's Monday Machinations - Special Edition - Paying out my Bet with Frank Arrigo

Hi Guys,

In this Special Episode, I come through on payment for my bet with Frank Arrigo, a St. Kilda Saints support. Sorry about the sound quality, recorded it on my iRiver (been rushed the last week or so) and the quality was back to its poor level. Last time I record one like this (well actually I have last weeks in the can and will listen to it before releasing it).

Okay, with out any more time wasting, here it is


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  Sunday, 18 June 2006

Over The Hedge

Over the hedge

I took Bricey to an advance screening of Over The Hedge. Emma didn't want to come. She wants to see it when it's officially released for some reason.

Cute movie. Kinda like a Looney Toon. Talking animals, my favorite genre ;)

The soundtrack was by Ben Folds, which was a nice touch - featuring "Rocking The Suburbs" in the end credits, with different lyrics!

I find it really curious that all these computer rendered movies make the animals, creatures, objects all look so good, and yet they can't get the people to look anything but cartoony.

Over the Hedge
Moviehole, Australia 
... In Dreamworks’ case, “Over the Hedge” is going to make money, regardless of how many man-hours were put in, so they just decided to not to put their ...

Sydney Morning Herald
Over the Hedge
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 
... depelted". In Over the Hedge, the new animated feature from Dreamworks, the hedge appears with the alarming suddenness of a Berlin Wall. ...
'Over The Hedge' over the top Jamaica Gleaner
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  Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Melbourne is in need of a very big thing

A former high school friend of mine has an opinion piece in The Age. Anthony O'Neill (we knew him as Shane) has gone on to be an author, with a number of books published.

His opinion piece - Melbourne is in need of a very big thing - ponders how Melbourne is in need of a world-renowned landmark (or some other Big Thing).

His conclusion, which he calls the Tower of Baiame:

Consider this. A great lattice tower netted with ivy and other creepers for as high as they will climb and bloom. Bedecked with overflowing flowerboxes - the most vibrant flowers on Earth. Interchangeable flora, too, so that the tower's colour scheme would change every season, and a return visitor might never see the same tower twice.

Rainbow lorikeets feed on the decks. Irrigating water gurgles through transparent pipes and fills the air with mist. At night the tower lights up with softly glowing floral lamps.

As a location, anywhere from Royal Park to Fawkner Park or even Herring Island in the middle of the Yarra. But really, there are a thousand empty spaces around the city begging to be ornamented.

I like it. Good work Shane, oh I mean Anthony.

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  Sunday, 6 November 2005

Early Birthday Present for Me

Out Of My Comfort ZoneI got a nice surprise this week at work. I got an early birthday present from one of my team members.

It was a signed copy of the Steve Waugh autobiography "Out Of My Comfort Zone".

Yes, it was signed by the great man himself. The dedication read:"To Frank, Come on The Saints", complete with signature.

Well, I was lost for words.

Thanks Andrew for this most thoughtful gift!

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