Saturday, 22 July 2006

Zune Coming Soon

Microsoft confirms 'Zune' device to compete with Ipod
TG Daily - 2 hours ago
"Today we confirmed a new music and entertainment project called Zune," Stephenson said later in a statement released by request to reporters. ...
Microsoft confirms existence of Zune Ars Technica
Microsoft's Zune Announcement
Microsoft's Zune: Its Answer to iPod/iTunes PC World
CIO - Seattle Post Intelligencer - all 217 related »
BULLETIN: Microsoft confirms Zune music player: will be iPod rival
ZDNet - 3 hours ago
... Chris Stephenson, who is Microsoft's company's new general manager of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business,said the company sees the Zune-branded portable ...
Microsoft Confirms Zune's Existence BetaNews
Here comes Zune (press release)
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  Friday, 21 July 2006

Intriguing - Former Yahoo chief takes ninemsn reins

Sydney Morning Herald
Former Yahoo chief takes ninemsn reins
Australian IT, Australia - 4 hours ago
NINEMSN has appointed former Yahoo Australia and New Zealand boss Tony Faure as its chief executive officer. Ninemsn said Mr Faure ...
ninemsn appoints new CEO
Ninemsn appoints Tony Faure as new CEO The Age
Online veteran to run ninemsn Sydney Morning Herald
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  Tuesday, 6 June 2006


Alas, Nerds FC has come to an end. It was wonderful.

SBS will be repeating it

-----Original Message-----
From: Nerds FC Fan Club []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 June 2006 7:39 PM
To: Frank Arrigo
Subject: Nerds FC Fan Club






Greetings Fan Club Member!


Well, how good was the final episode of SBS’s smash hit series Nerds FC?

Round our way streets were deserted, the pubs were empty and the 24 hour

Laundromat/LAN computer gaming centre shut for the night because they knew

there’d be no business. Everyone was watching to see how the boys did and

hear how they’d changed from day one. You can imagine the club feels a bit

strange right now – now that it’s all over. But don’t get me all emotional,

I thought I’d cried myself out till I started writing you this exclusive

members-only newsletter. Let me concentrate on giving you the skinny on

stuff that didn’t make the show. For example:


- Before Nerds FC went on to the pitch, they were waiting in the tunnel

area of the stadium. NSW Premier Morris Iemma was just leaving and he shook

hands with a few of the boys and wished them well for their game.


- John Truong and a number of the other lads have joined local football

clubs following the series. Also, they see each other socially every few



- After the show, the boys took on the production team who made the show. I

saw the game and can verify that it was an entertaining game to watch and

the scoreline was 6 – 4 to the production team. The boys maintained they

let the crew win but lawyers are looking into that claim…..


Okay, that’s my lot. I’ve got subscriptions to look into and next season to

consider but before I go let me say thank you for not putting me in the

automatic spam filter section of your inbox. I hope you enjoyed the show

and have found the newsletters interesting. If you see me in the street,

don’t hesitate to come up and say hello and who knows, maybe we’ll be

following the boys in blue again on another campaign.


STOP PRESS: Hold on, I’ve just found out SBS are re-running the whole Nerds

FC series every night at 8.00pm from Thursday 8th – 15th June! Now’s your

chance to re-live the whole adventure, catch any episode you foolishly

missed or get your mates to watch the show you were quacking on to them

about the first time round. Do yourself a favour: don’t miss the Nerds FC



Stay on-side.


Yours in football,



Treasurer, NFC Fan Club



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  Tuesday, 27 December 2005

My Memories of the late Kerry Packer

The big news of the day has been the death of Kerry Packer. I posted earlier ths morning, before anything was online about the news. By the end of the day, that's all you can find.

It's funny reading the news on all the media outlet - they are all being kind and respectful, like Australia's richest man, media mogul Kerry Packer, dead at 68

I have my own experience of Mr Packer. It happened a few years back, during my time at ninemsn. I was the CTO of the newly formed venture and I would do the rounds, meeting the executives from our parents, which were mainly PBL executives.

One project I was involved in, was setting up a demo of WebTV for Kerry Packer, back in 1998. Microsoft had just purchased WebTV and the local folks were keen to introduce it to Australia, BUT they wanted the seal of approval from the big man. I worked with engineers at both Channel 9 and WebTV. We arranged a live satelite TV feed direct from Los Angeles. We tricked a modifed WebTV box to dial a local phone number and then connect back to the WebTV servers in Mountain View. We tested this over and over again. I spent a few long hours in the executive boardroom over at Channel 9 in Willoughby getting this demo just right. We rehearsed a demo scenario and made sure the path through the demo worked flawlessly. After a few days, we were ready and a time and date was set for the demo to the big man.

The demo was set for 1pm. I arrived at 10am to make sure all the bits were in place. I connected, refreshed the electronic program guide with the latest from LA, make sure it was in sych with what we were watching (which it was). We rehearshed again and again and it was perfect. We were ready.

1pm rolled around. No Kerry Packer.

2pm. Still no Kerry. A few frantic phone calls and we had a new ETA of 3pm. OK, we adjuted our demo to included the shows that were going to be on at that time - no problem, we could cope. While we were preparing, the catering arrived, including lamingtons, a big cream sponge cake with pink icing, sandwiches, cocktail franks, tea and coffee. It was quite surreal. 

3pm rolled on and still no Kerry. The phone rang. It was his driver. They were not far, and Kerry wanted a roast beef sandwich. We relayed the message to the catering folks and waited.

3.30pm and Kerry arrived with his people. He sat down at the boardroom table, put his feet on the table and tucked into his roast beef sandwich, while we introduced ourselves and started the demo. It all worked as advertised, but he seemed more interested in his sandwich and whether it had mustard or horseradish.

At the end of it, he wasn't impressed with what he and questioned the value of people being able to surf the web from their television. When I made the argument that it was about time shifted viewing of television, and putting people in control, he scoffed at the suggestion. When I said that an up to date electronic program guide (epg) would make this time shifted viewing possible, he yelled back - "Over my dead body".

He then left to go to yet another late appointment and I was left to pack up from the demo. WebTV never did launch in Australia.  However a complete EPG is now a very real possibility.

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  Sunday, 6 November 2005

Early Birthday Present for Me

Out Of My Comfort ZoneI got a nice surprise this week at work. I got an early birthday present from one of my team members.

It was a signed copy of the Steve Waugh autobiography "Out Of My Comfort Zone".

Yes, it was signed by the great man himself. The dedication read:"To Frank, Come on The Saints", complete with signature.

Well, I was lost for words.

Thanks Andrew for this most thoughtful gift!

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  Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Journey home

I'm back following my trip to MGB in Atlanta. Here's my return leg

Local Time What Where How Long
1500 AA1023 Atlanta to Dallas 2 Hrs
1600 Waiting   2 Hrs
1800 AA2465 Dallas to Atlanta 3 Hrs
1900 Waiting   2 Hrs 30 Min
2230 QF012 Los Angeles to Sydney 13Hrs 30 Min
0600 Transit Get Home 2 Hrs
    Time Travelling 25 Hours

I found it a tiring trip, but a tremendous event. And after a good night sleep, all will be well.

I've written a few posts about ths trip over on my other blog:

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  Tuesday, 19 July 2005

On the way to Atlanta

I'm at the airport, getting ready to head over to Atlanta for a Microsoft event, we call MGB.

This is what my travel schedule looks like, which is worse than last year :

Local Time What Where How Long
1140 QF0043 Sydney to Auckland 2 hrs 50 minutes
1630 Waiting Auckland 1 hr 10 minutes
1755 QF0025 Auckland to Los Angeles 12 hrs
1045 Waiting Los Angeles 4 Hrs
1400 AA2450 Los Angeles to Dallas  3 Hrs
1900 Waiting   2 Hrs
2100  AA0310 Dallas to Atlanta 2 Hrs
0015 Transit Get To Hotel 1 Hrs
    Time Travelling 28 Hours

I'm not looking forward to 28 hours of travel and arriving at my hotel post midnight. I just got an email that my hotel has changed, so I need tio check-in, sleep, check-out and travel to the next hotel. Joy.

I don't expect any pity.

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